7:30 AM
As we check in on the Houseguests this morning, we find that Shelly is once again the first one up.

Brendon comes out and talks to the cameras, reporting it is day 9 of missing Franklin (the pool turtle).

The rest of the morning is mostly various rehashes of yesterday’s drama between Rachel and Cassi. Brendon and Shelly discuss it and also throw in some Kalia bashing particularly for her Diva like attitude and crying so much in the Food Comp.

9:00 AM
Adam makes an appearance and spends time worrying to Lawon that Dominic might not use the Veto. He is 99.9% sure he will use it though.

10:00 AM
Cassie tries to clear the air with Brendon, but he will have none of it. He says she is lying. She mentions deals that have been made and Brendon tells her there are no deals, rather its how Big Brother is played and he offers to draw her a picture. The conversation does not end well.

Brendon reports back to Rachel and then Dani. Cassie reports back to Kalia and Shelly.

11:00 AM
Veto Ceremony.

12:30 PM
Feeds return with Shelly in tears. She and Cassi are replacement nominees. Shelly is assured by several others that she is safe.

Rachel thanks Jordan for not putting her and Brendon up. Jordan reports to Jeff that it's good Rachel had doubts about her safety.

Cassi and Shelly share a cry.

Lawon gives Cassie his word that he will take care of Shelly.

1:00 PM
Dominic realizes the Regulators may be the worst alliance in BB history. Keith gets the blame.

2:00 PM
Shelly is still crying. She worries her daughter is seeing her so upset.

Dani, Rachel and Dominic make artwork with the jelly beans. Dominic lets it be known he is color blind.

3:00 PM
Rachel gets a pep talk from Brendon. She notes the only way to get anyone in this house to like you is to give them sob stories, whispering that was the reason she went to Jordan last night and cried.

Let the Pranks Begin
The Houseguests are trying to figure out good practical jokes to pull on each other.
Jeff is the initial target, but figures it out and joins in the plotting.


They note that Adam still hasn’t found the bacon they put in his pillow yesterday (It’s wrapped in plastic).

Meanwhile in the HOH Kalia feeds Jordan’s worry that Shelly might flip on them and plants seeds about not trusting Lawon.

4:30 PM
An elaborate prank is hatched on Adam (He’s sleeping in the Have Not room). Great thought is put into what should be done. At one point Jeff quips, “There's too many cooks in this joke-stew”.

They decide to put all the house keys and the Veto necklace on the Fortune Teller. They have also put a line of red tape diagonally across Adam’s memory wall picture.

One of them screams loud and long before they all hide in the HOH and watch the spy screen.

Adam stirs, but every so slowly. He goes to the bathroom.

Finds the tape on his picture and takes it off.

He goes outside and smokes appearing not to care.

Everyone is taking bets on who will blow the prank first. They figure they have enough food to stay up there for a day and a half.

Adam fell asleep outside. BB seemingly helps move things along by announcing that “Sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms.” He stirs for a moment, then falls back to sleep.

Cassi is sent down to put the tape back on Adam's picture and also put on a pot a tea hoping Adam will hear the whistle and come back in.

Adam eventually hears the tea pot, comes inside and takes care of the pot and prepares himself some slop and jerky.

Well into the second hour and most Houseguests are asleep in the HOH while Brendon keeps a watchful eye on Adam.

Adam heads out to the backyard to eat.

He comes back in and cleans up the kitchen, joking to the camera that the joke is on them.

He goes back outside and the others try to think of how to get him to look for them. They eventually send Shelly out to ask him where everyone is. He says, “DKDC, Don't Know Don't Care". So Shelly takes the opportunity to make sure she has his vote to stay.

One by one the rest of the house comes out to find that Adam knew it was a prank and chose to enjoy the peace and quiet. Not the result they wanted, but it was entertaining to watch.

Adam seems satified "The pranks on you!"

7:00 PM
Lots of general chit chat with the major topic being where Lawon gets his wardrobe.

Rachel gets Porsche alone and asks why she suggested Brendon and Rachel be back doored this week. Porsche denies it happened and Rachel lets it go. (ed. Not what I have come to expect from Rachel).

Rachel and Dominic talk about next week. Dominic would throw HoH to the Veterans as long as his safety can be assured. He wants to be final 6 with them and then take out Jeff and Jordon.

8:00 PM
Dominic finds Cassi crying in the Have Not room. Cassi doesn't want to go yet. He plays with her hair to calm her down.

Daniele and Brendon talk outside while working out. They talk about using Dominic and think Kalia will start wearing on the others.

Later Dominic tries to get a secret alliance going with Adam that would include Dani and Shelly. It doesn’t take root before they are interrupted.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
Veteran Houseguest Jordan is the current HOH. Cassi, Shelly, Adam and Dominic are the Have Not Houseguests for the week and are allowed to eat beef jerky and jelly beans in addition to slop for the week. HoH Jordon nominated the Newbie Duo of Adam and Dominic. No one is suspecting Shelly of being on the Veterans’ side. Veteran Rachel and Newbie Cassie continue to have an awkward relationship. The next Veto competition and ceremony will air Wednesday night.

Dominic helps Dani work out while mildly suggesting the Adam/Shelly alliance idea. Dani mentions the DR has told her 3 times to 'beautify' herself.

Alcohol has arrived in the BB house. 12 assorted beers and a bottle of white wine. There are various conversations around the house with everyone getting along nicely.

Jordan apologizes to Cassi for nominating her. It’s hard because everyone is nice this season.

10:30 PM
The Houseguests play Bocce Ball using the pool balls.

Jeff beats Adam.
Dani plays Porsche.
Dom loses to Cassi.
Rachel plays Dani.

Kalia tells Jordan that after talking with Cassi some more, she wishes that Cassi could stay. Jordan says it's too late now. They make a deal to not put each other up once they get to singles. They pinky promised each other.

12:30 AM
A series of pillow fights begin in the purple room. They invite unsuspecting Houseguests in to sit and chat.

Then pounce!

They also talk about doing the Bruno voice on the live show when Julie says hello.

1:30 AM
Story Time. Jeff told a scary story then the others take turns. This goes on for quite some time.

Rachel tells Lawon she's thinking of evicting Cassi and she thinks it will be a unanimous vote. But she hasn't talked to Jordan about it yet and she'll let him know. Lawon is supportive of voting either way.

3:30 AM
Jordan and Jeff go to bed. She says if he wins HOH, he should put up Lawon and Kalia and then backdoor Dominic and Adam. She regrets not doing that this week.

Cassie joins Lawon on the couch and they strategize at length on ways she could stay this week. They finally head for bed just after 4:00 AM and the house goes quiet.

Will Cassie put up a fight? Can she turn it around? Don't forget to vote on the 'Make Your Mark' questions on CBS.com before midnight Pacific tonight. It could help your favorite become the next HOH.

Thanks as always to the Updaters. They are doing an excellent job!