It’s time another Power of Veto Ceremony, and drama in the Big Brother house is sure to be sustained no matter what the outcome is.

8:30 AM

By now, Mike Boogie, Ashley, and Jenn are awake. Boogie is the in backyard on the couches, and the girls are inside wandering the house as they do their morning routine.
Boogie gives a shout out to Dr. Will saying, “Dr. Will, we got a big one today brother! I really wish you had come along this summer for this mess! You have no idea how hard I’ve had to work this summer. Twice as hard as All-Stars! I’m nowhere near the finish line here. You are certainly glad you stayed home.” He then begins to express the importance of the day ahead hoping Shane sings things in his favor with the nominations.
Ashley Joins him in the backyard, and Jenn joins soon after. The three sit on the couches and talk about the different house guests and the game. Boogie mentions that his biggest obstacle is Shane’s relationship with Danielle, and how she will beg him not change the plan for nominations.

9:25 AM

Ashley and Jenn go inside and chit-chat in the kitchen. Boogie walks in the backyard. Frank wakes up.

9:40 AM

Frank and Boogie are in the backyard talking game (mostly about Dan). They can’t wait for the houseguests to wake up.

Joe eventually joins the two outside and they discuss Shane’s upcoming decision.

  • Boogie: I’m trying my absolute hardest to get Dan in the seat next to me.
  • Joe: I just can’t get Shane to budge and tell me what he’s doing.
  • Boogie: He won’t. I think maybe he’s just undecided. It’s a super hard decision to make. He doesn’t really watch the show, and it’s hard for him to find the bad in someone, such as Dan, who is so nice in here. If you’ve never seen this show, and you don’t know what [Dan] has accomplished...he’s smooth.

Joe thinks Shane has made his mind up, but he just doesn't want to say.

10:00 AM

All feeds cut to fish for 10 minutes for wake up call. When the feeds return, Ian is awake.

Frank is outside talking to the cameras saying, "I hope all this work we've put in was for good and not for for Jack Sh**. Mike and I have been hustling hard all weekend. We knew what we had to do. We are gonna get one of us off the block this morning. I think that it's gonna be Dan for sure, but even if it is Joe, that is not the worst thing. If Dan stays, I have to worry about him winning HOH. If Mike goes, I have to worry about more than him winning HOH."
Frank is upset that it's taking Shane so long to tell them his answer.

Ian joins frank outside and they talk about the Veto Ceremony.

Meanwhile, Boogie goes up to the HOH to try and convince Shane to put up Dan, and Shane tells him he brings up a lot of good points.
In addition to him reiterating Dan being shady, Boogie tells Shane that he'd like to be friends outside the house and help him with his career.

Boogie leaves the HOH room to tell Frank about his conversation with Shane.
Boogie tells him that he feels really good about Shane's decision. He says that Shane said Danielle is okay with Dan going up.
Frank goes up to the HOH to use the bathroom and says to Shane, "Why can't you just give us an answer, you big puss?"

11:00 AM

In the HOH, Frank tries desperately to find out what Shane plans to do, but Shane won't commit.

While he's trying to get in the last word, Big Brother comes over the speaker and calls Frank to the diary room.

Feeds Cut to Fish for the Veto Ceremony.

11:50 AM

The feeds are back. Jenn and Ashley are in the arcade room talking, and it's confirmed that Shane, sticking with his alliance, nominated Jenn. Jenn says the line is drawn, and she's going for blood.

Danielle, Britney, and Shane are in the HOH room. Britney leaves to tell Jenn that she's sorry and that she had no idea who the replacement would be, because she told Shane not to tell her after what happened post nomination ceremony. She tells Jenn that Shane wants to talk to her, and Jenn says she is waiting until after she calms down.

Boogie, Frank, and Ian are taking in what just happened at the Veto Ceremony in the bedroom. Clearly angry, Boogie says he needs to calm down so he doesn't scare the girls. Ian doesn't stay around long, and as soon as he leaves Frank and Boogie immediately begin discussing Joe's vote and how they can get it. Boogie drops insults about Shane, and then repeats how he needs to calm down.

12:00 PM

Jenn goes up to the HOH room to talk with Shane. When she enters, Danielle leaves.
Getting right to the point, Jenn says, "Tell me what the hell is going on." Shane tells her that she was put up because she has the best relationship with Boogie. Shane tells her that he did it because he was hoping it would be harder for Boogie to campaign against her. He tells her that he saw their relationship as better than his and Ian's.
Jenn tells Shane that she and Boogie aren't as close as he thinks, and that she would throw her under the bus.
They both make the usual "it's nothing personal, I like you" and the conversation begins to end.
Shane says, "Obviously I put a huge target on myself doing this." Jenn agrees, "You sure did."

12:30 PM

Boogie, Frank, Shane, and Joe are in the kitchen eating. Voices begin to raise, and tensions climb as Boogie starts to call out Shane.
  • Boogie: Shane, I'm very curious. Why did you have to give us the run around if you were just going to make that decision?
  • Shane: I wasn't, Boogie. I was taking every option int consideration.
  • Boogie: We talked to you right before, though. I mean, I just don't understand why you couldn't say it, ya know?
  • Frank: You told me you were leaning one way, and you insinuated it was our way. We feel like f***ing yo-yos right now.
  • Shane: If that's how you feel, I'm sorry.
  • Boogie: If you're worried about how you look on TV, you look like Dan's bitch right now. That's how everyone see's it. You're just Dan's bitch. I can't wait to see you get done wrong, dude.
  • Shane: No worries, if that happens I took a risk.
  • Boogie: You did. You took a big f***ing risk. You should be worried. You should be very f***ing worried. You're sitting on the side line with the f***ing key dangling around your neck while other people play for HOH. Now you captain America nice guy routine has been exposed, so everybody gets to see it now, and you're in a lot of trouble son!
  • Shane: Is that a threat?!
  • Boogie: I don't have a threat, I'm not in the game anymore. I think Frank can finish for me, though, because he's gonna be here playing, son.
  • Frank: Just the truth Shane, you werent my target at all but now it's great for Dan, because he goes from number 1 on my sh**list to number two.
  • Shane: That's okay. I knew that going into it, Frank it's alright. I'm happy with the decision I made.
  • Boogie: How bout on Thursday at 6:45?

1:00 PM

Boogie and Frank then move to the couches and begin mocking Dan (as he reads his bible.)
"Okay, Dan. We did a great job disguising our alliance!"
Boogie says that he hopes that Brit ends up in 4th place again behind Dan, Danielle, and Shane. He says that it's likely that one of team Boogie is in a good spot, if they get into final three, for jury votes, and that he will enjoy watching the final episode on his couch.

Joe calls Boogie out on his bullying, and leaves the couches to report to the house guests in the HOH what is happening downstairs.

1:30 PM

Danielle is crying in the arcade room about what Frank and Boogie told her, and Dan is trying to calm her down. Dan doesn't understand why she is so upset, because, inside, she should be laughing. He says that Shane showed him something today that he was willing to stand up to them, it impressed him.
Danielle says that Frank and Boogie told them that Dan said she wasn't a good player. She's upset that Dan would say that even though she knows he didn't mean it. Dan says the reason he picked her on his team is he knew she would be a good player, but the rest of the house doesn't need to know that. Dan says that he doesn't want her to cry. She says it hurts her feelings that people think she's worthless.

2:00 PM

Up in the HOH room, Britney, Shane, and Joe are bashing Jenn for how she reacted to being on the block. They mention the trip and the money she's won, and say how easy she's had it in this house up until now. Britney says Jenn is a baby who is just now realizing Big Brother is a serious game.

4:00 PM

Joe, Danielle, Shane, and Dan are in the HOH room talking. Joe says it's set in stone (his vote to evict Boogie) and that he's done talking game to anyone downstairs.
The group talk about different scenarios, and how they hope it's a double eviction week and Frank leaves right after Boogie. Dan thinks this is possible, but unlikely.
Joe says he will win HOH, but Shane says he won't because Frank wants it more. Joe insists he is going to "kick Franks ass" in the competition.

The rest of the afternoon, the house guests, Boogie especially, primarily laid low. Most of the talk throughout the house was a lot of rehashing the same conversations or speculating what will happen in the upcoming weeks.

7:15 PM

After things calmed down some in the house, Shane and Frank have a civilized talk in the arcade room.
  • Frank: I don't really want all this tension.
  • Shane: I know. I made the decision I made.
  • Frank:I just want to point out why boogie and I felt so heated. You said you don't want someone making you look like a fool in the DR, and we felt like we were runnning around like dancing bears.
  • Shane: I know but the DR wouldn't let me tell you.

Frank points out that he Shane is now the number one target, and the sad thing is that it is exactly what Dan wanted. Frank says they now they are probably going to just pick each other off and a floater will win this game. Shane is very agreeable throughout the conversation. Shane tells Frank there was more involved in his decision that he doesn't feel comfortable sharing with him until Boogie has left.
Frank says that people forget things in this house, and obviously there is a chance they may have to work together in the future, but the target is big on Shane's back for now.

8:20 PM

Frank and Boogie are talking about Dan on the backyard couches. Frank tells Boogie that Dan likes confrontation when he's watching it from home, but it makes him uncomfortable in the house. Boogie calls him a p***y, and insults his gameplay. Boogie says, "I may go to Michigan and f*** his wife." Frank mentions how heated Boogie is, but, while Boogie agrees, he says he needs to act like he isn't to have a chance of staying.
They also discuss how they will get Joe's vote. The two decide they have to get Joe and Ashley in the same room to get them both on the same page. They think they can persuade Joe by explaining that there aren't many people left in the game, and that the other side of the house would put up Frank and Joe next if Boogie leaves. Boogie says he is glad he didn't blow up on Joe in the backyard the day before like they were planning to.

9:30 PM

Dan and Shane are talking in the HOH about the day. Dan says he thinks Boogie sees the writing on the wall. Shane says that he has taken a lot of crap this week, and he could have just nominated Joe and Ashley. He's happy he made the big move, though. He says that he knew he was a target before, but now even more so, but he had to protect the alliance. They hope the others protect the alliance, but worry that Britney might not try for HOH next week.

Joe enters the HOH and says he thinks he may be having a panic attack, and then goes to the DR to have a medic check his heart (it is later learned he was having a panic attack).

Danielle joins them in the HOH room. She says she can't figure out why Jenn is mad at her. Dan tells her that it gives her a reason to put her up next week.
Others join, and they all discuss Jenn's attitude some more.

11:15 PM

Ian and Ashley touch base in the arcade room. Ian says he really wants Joe gone. Ashley talks about saving Boogie. She asks him if he will vote for Boogie no matter what. Ian reassures her that he is definitely voting to keep Boogie, even if they don't have the votes to save him.

Britney tells Joe that 24 hours ago, that whole side of the house was waiting on him to come outside so they could blast him for complaining about the veto comp and Frank & Boogie cheating.
Joe says that Ian was the first one to bring that up, and it is his smoking gun he has been hanging onto.

12:30 PM

Upstairs, Dan and Shane talk. Dan doesn't think Ian wants to work with the other side, and Shane agrees but says Ian doesn't want to pull the trigger.
Dan thinks Ian knows once the other side is gone, Ian will be the first to go. But then Dan says he doesn't know, because Ian is close with Britney. Shane asks if Ian is close with Dan and Dan says no, they play games but Ian admires Britney -- not in a sexual way but Ian has said he'd want to date a girl with Britney's sense of humor.
They also talked about how Britney, Ian, and Joe are "golden" (not being targeted by either side).

1:00 AM
Frank and Boogie are outside talking game. They devise a plan to try and scare Danielle into voting for him to stay. Boogie keeps saying he has nothing to lose at this point. lose at this point. "There's just no downside, if I just go for the gusto and roll the dice then it's winner winner chicken dinner!"

Boogie (mocking what he will say to Danielle),"Please vote my way, it's in your best interest Nurse Murphree. I'll scare the sh*t out of her, speak in a creepy voice, skull f*ck her eyes..."
They hope Jenn keeps digging herself into a hole.

Boogie also describes the alleged cheating incident from the Veto competition.

1:30 AM

Shane, Danielle, Dan, and Joe are still awake in the HOH room. Not much game talk happens, though.

2:50 AM

Only Danielle and Shane remain in the HOH. Danielle is massaging his back.

Outside, Joe, Boogie, and Frank talk. They are trying to convince Joe to come with them. Boogie says that they have Ashley's vote and it's realistic they could save Boogie this week.
Joe says he needs to clear some things up with them and Boogie says he'll tell him the truth about whatever he wants.
Joe asks Frank & Boogie if it's true that the last 2 weeks they have been gunning for him.
Frank says that the others wanted to get rid of Joe this week. Boogie says that they wanted Wil out last week because they thought that maybe they could work with Joe and that's why they kept him around.

Boogie "All we ask is that you do what is best for you!"

Boogie tells Joe that if he keeps him then Joe will at least have a free week no matter what because Joe would never be the target, because it would be himself & Frank.
Boogie tells Joe "The only thing I ask don't be fooled by Dan. He's good, he's so good!" Boogie says that they have Ian's vote to keep him. Boogie says it is time to go to war!
Joe keeps saying he needs to talk to Ashley tomorrow and Boogie keeps assuring him that Ashley is totally on board for this!

Joe says he will consider it and let them know tomorrow. He then heads to bed leaving Boogie & Frank outside.

Boogie to Frank, "Draw a line in the sand? We dug a motherf***ing trench! We're calling motherf***ers out while they are reading the Bible! Oh, God! Let this happen!

All house guests in bed by 4:00 AM

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