“Excuse me! I am making sense, you just aren’t keeping up!”
The Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who

07:12 AM

Mike is up and getting dressed, Shane is also awake & in the Bathroom. Sandwiched between flashes of “We’ll Be Right Back” we see Shane laying on the living room couch. Willie is called to the DR he gets up and heads downstairs as he passes Mike he says “DR” Mike says “me too”.

Mike makes iced coffee then heads outside, he says hello to random people causing fish. He then opens the awnings & does some leg stretches, sits down on the couch drinking his coffee & smiles to himself.

Willie gets back out of bed and heads downstairs for a smoke . He greets Mike.
Willie “’sup man?”
Mike “Early morning,starting the day here, a little iced coffee”
Willie “Crazy game yo”
Mike “Stay up late?”
Willie “yeah”
Mike “Who stayed up with you? Just a couple of people?”
Willie “yeah”
Mike “yeah it’s so bizarre with all the wake ups and pick ups”
Willie “did Shane go back to bed”
Mike “yeah, not sure how he’s going to get back to sleep on that slab”
Mike then tells Willie he had a dream about being on Big brother last night. Mike asks Willie about working on the tanker so Willie tells him about the work, shifts, being on call etc. There is no game talk for a bit. Then Willie says “something weird is going on here” Mike asks “did you see something last night?”
Willie “No I’ve been seeing it all week”
Mike “we’re good right?”
Willie “Yeah we’re solid”. “what would you do if you were me?”
Mike “you’ve set yourself up nicely”
Willie “something is weird”
Mike “who specifically?”
Willie “not the players it’s the coaches. It’s weird.”
Mike “Dan is scrambling, feel like you’re losing control?”
Willie “Nine players,two weeks in don’t make no sense”
Mike “you’re worried about someone coming back in?”
Willie “it’s weird it don’t make no sense”
Mike “you might be smarter than the average newbie”

Ashley is now up walking around the house.

Willie says the way Janelle is playing right now doesn’t benefit her at all. It’s weird. Mike tells Willie not to give Janelle too much credit because strategy didn’t get her to the end before. He tells Willie that Wil has to go, he is too entertaining and is in with a lot of people plus he is on Janelle’s side.
Willie pledges to Mike he will protect Frank at all costs “No Matter What”. He tells Mike that not even the players are running around as much as the coaches, it just doesn’t make sense to him.
Willie is called to the DR.

Mike sits alone in the backyard laughing to himself and says “alrighty Willie and Boogie rollin together, who would have thunk it? Janelle, Janelle,Janelle. My birthday must still be going on, first toward the end of my birthday Willie wants to form an alliance & save Frank this week Then I wake up, not even my birthday anymore & Willie is starting to distrust Janelle- Christmas is right around the corner,Whats next Willie doesn’t like Britney anymore? I love it, I love it, I love it Thursday cannot come soon enough”

Ashley,Willie & Frank in the bathroom, Ashley is painting her toes. Willie goes upstairs to change his clothes. Frank gets some coffee & joins Mike in the backyard. Mike tells him about the early DRs & how Willie kept saying something was up. He tells Frank Willie is still good with keeping him. Mike tells Frank he told Willie not to give Janelle to much credit, she isn’t a master strategist & that Willie really wants to get Wil out. He is happy he wants to go after Janelle’s player. Says Willie gets really paranoid about Jani talking to Dan

Big Brother announces it is time to get up for the day.

09:05 AM

Brit and Willie bring Shane into the lounge to “inform him about the “twist” that they think the coaches will enter the game at some point. They tell him they think that is why the other coaches are playing the game so hard.

Brit: “Shane I do not know for sure.”
Shane: “Do you think there will be one coach winner & one player winner?”
Brit: “No, I think there will only be one winner.”
Shane: “you know Frank and Boogie want to be in an alliance”
Willie: “no, he never told me that.”
Shane:”He told me he talked to you about that”
Brit:”I know Frank knows about the coaches coming in so why is he not telling anyone?”
Britney tells Willie and Shane that she thinks Janelle is playing with Dan. Brit leaves to find Mike so she can talk to him. Willie tells Shane she hopes Boogie is on board.

Brit asks Boogie if they could talk, She says there is a lot going on and Mike says eviction coming up. Brit tells him she thinks it’s more than that and asks him about the possibility of the coaches entering the game. Mike tells her he doesn’t think so because their contract is all about the coach thing. Brit tells him “the last line of the contract says “we can change anything at any time” Mike says if that was the plan the more they talk about it the less likely they’ll do it because the show is about the show having control & the element of surprise. Brit says Willie is freaking out about the possibility. Mike says Thursday can’t come soon enough.

Brit goes outside & asks JoJo how she is feeling, JoJo tells her good,better she got more sleep & thanks Brit for asking.

While Brit was talking to Mike , Willie told Joe,Wil,JoJo & Frank there was something going on with coaches. Frank asked “Do you think the coaches enter the game?” Willie replies “Yes” and that they need to get rid of them quickly. However none of them seem to take the possibility too seriously.
Brit sits at the kitchen counter as Willie walks by. She tells him “You need to chill out” Willie tells her “you’re pissing me off, I didn’t say *****!” He heads to the backyard.

Boogie tells Frank a bit about his conversation earlier with Willie.

Idol talk both inside and outside- in the kitchen they talk about nicknames. Outside Brit hates banana runts, loves gobstoppers & she doesn’t look up when washing her hands so she doesn’t look narcissistic. Wil reminisces about the summer of Cher “Believe”, Shania Twain “That don’t impress me Much” then they talk about how bad “Burlesque” was and how serious Christina Aguilera looked during the film despite how bad it is. Brit asks Joe how he is doin’. Joe tells her “I’m as happy as puppy with 2 peters!”

Joe takes Dan into the storage room, tells him Willie is cracking. That he cussed Brit out, telling her to get out of his face. Dan says he is going to get the vote and leaves.
Janelle is awake and Joe fills her in about Willie wanting to go against the coaches. Janelle says Willie is nuts and they have to vote Frank out. Frank tells Dan & Brit that Willie is going to start a revolt against the coaches.

10:55 AM

The gang heads upstairs for a newbie only meeting all present and accounted for.
Willie: “This is the deal” “I just want to let everyone know I think everyone in this room is an awesome person I don’t dislike anybody. I think we are being put against each other by our coaches . And I think that is the dumbest thing in the world, we’re here to win a half a million dollars for ourselves, not for the coaches to make the decisions for us. It makes no sense to me & I believe everything I’ve watched these coaches or old people come in and they just run things in the game. I don’t think that that is necessarily what we need to do,we can change this game,we can play like we don’t even have coaches in here”
Scattered applause

Willie: “Nobody playing in here but us. Let them talk to us all day long and it doesn’t **** matter, all that ****matters is US, in this game playing. Another thing is there is a possibility that the coaches are going to come back in her and play this game, I’m just letting ya’ll know that. That’s a strong possibility. Ya’ll see those keys by their names? Those keys could easily have a key in them. And I don’t know that’s going to happen but I know this much, we have 10 people left in this house and we’re only 2 weeks into the game”
A lot of cross talk begins.
Wil: “There is also the chance of a switch” more cross talk
Willie:”It doesn’t matter ya’ll, all they are doing is looking out for themselves they’re not protecting ya’ll. I’m telling you. Even Brit and I love Brit is only looking out for herself” more cross talk
Jenn:”We’re their golden tickets” everyone agreeing, talking over each other.
Willie:” This is the worst year for game play because we have coaches telling everyone to go do this, go talk to who & they are ***** paranoid about what’s going on” “This has been bothering me for a couple of days and it’s come to a head, I’m done- we need to play this game as a group don’t even listen to the coaches”
Frank:” They are spectators, until the join the game they are just spectators We need to look at them as that”
Willie:”And if they get thrown in the game we have a huge alliance, we can knock them out one at a time. We need to just stay focused, we need to stay strong as a group. I understand people are going to have alliances , I understand that, just don’t allow ya’lls coach to make your decision for ya’ll”
He goes on talking about them against us, don’t listen to them, don’t do what they say-pretty much repeating himself several times over. But every now and then one of the other newbies gets their point heard.
Wil:”A lot of times you hear them talking about targeting one of them”
Danelle:”I’m just tired of the coaches asking why are you talking to that person, I’m tired of people not talking to me because of their coach”

Willie says that people are in bad spots and people will be in bad spots next week but they need to know the coaches are looking out for their own best interests. Most everyone airs their grievances and frustrations about the coaches and say the coaches need them more than they need the coaches. Willie talks about how this happens on survivor to the all stars come in and the newbies let them run the game- they are our enemies if they come in here. He continues to tell them for instance “Wil,if you want to work with me come to me, if you want to work with Jenn talk to her don’t go to Boogie and ask him, and they are going to scramble and say whatever they can to turn you against that person-that’s what they are doing.”
Frank:”if you do tell your coaches everything if they do get thrown in the game they are going to know everything about how you are playing the game”
Willie talks more about all the reasons why the coaches could enter the game and Wil uses the example of the season with the Clicks- that it only lasted a few weeks then they were all for themselves. Willie says yeah somethings going to end after a couple of weeks. Everyone talking over each other some more, with reasons why the coaches are bad, what may or may not happen and they need to be prepared for anything. How each coach needs one of us to win the other 2 are expendable. Willie just keeps saying “We need to play our game not their game”. A lot of everyone venting their frustrations. They toss ideas back and forth- Someone finally asks Joe what he thinks.
Joe:”To be honest I think it’s playing too hard and to fast”

Willie defensively counters that it isn’t too hard or to fast then continues to repeat everything he has already said. Joe doesn’t want to cut the coaches off completely but does say he thinks they should tell the coaches the players need to do their own negotiating that the coaches doing for them bothers him. Joe says to tell the coaches that coaches don’t go in the game- he says to listen to their advice but to remember coaches ,coach they don’t play. Willie says if someone hasn’t been talked to by their coach it is because they are expendable.
Wil:”I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m taking a 24 hour break, I’m not talking game” they talk about how they aren’t teams and Wil says that it has been reiterated several times in the DR that they are not teams.
The meeting ends and people filter out of the HoH room.

Britney is on the hammock with Jojo,Wil and Kara she asks them the moral of the story/meeting explains to them she wanted a stress free summer . JoJo tells her they just wanted to hash things over, Brit says she is taking a 24 hour break from game talk.
Joe and Jani talk about the meeting. Joe tells her Willie claims to have information that the coaches will be coming into the game, Janelle tells him her contract says in bold print that she could only compete for the $100,000 and she wasn’t expecting to go to the jury house nor was she expecting a vote at the end-she gets scolded by BB for talking about her contract.

Joe tells her everything Willie said about working against the coaches. Jani asks him if that is why Willie wants to keep Frank, he tells her Willie wants powerful people to go against the coaches. Jani says she would never work with Boogie or Dan. Joe say he isn’t sure what is going on but Willie admitted he was Russell’s brother. Joe says he doesn’t think the coaches will enter the game because it would change the whole concept of the season. He tells her the whole house is buying it, even Wil. Jani says “that sucks” and says it doesn’t make sense and wonders who Willies source is.

Joe tells her it wouldn’t change much they would still need to form alliances. He also thinks he will be targeted now because he told Willie he was playing to hard and fast during the meeting & tells her Willie is telling them the coaches are causing all the problems and telling people what to do. Jani asks Joe about Ashely's reaction to the meeting he tells her she was agreeing with Willie.
Jani thinks Willie has been talking to Brit about the coaches coming into the game this morning and that is why Brit has been nervous. She says Willies Power is over the power is now in the hands of the house. Jani says Willie reminds her of “Cappy”. She asks what boogie thinks of all this “Joe:”he’s been sleeping”
House guests are scattered around the house talking about the meeting, & not trusting the coaches. Willie is saying they need to get rid of Joe,Jenn and Wil. Brit tells Willie and Shane that the person that caused all this is Janelle.

12:20 PM

Dan and Kara talk about the votes she says she think Jani would keep her, Dan says Willie didn’t think it was funny when Dan joked about flipping the votes. Kare feels she was in a good place yesterday but now she thinks she is leaving Dan tells her to hang out with JoJo and work on her by pointing out to her JoJo isn’t in those meets so she is the pawn.
Joe is telling Frank and Jenn he feels like they are being bullied, that it is what Evel Dick did running around and starting stuff getting everyone paranoid. He tells Frank that Willie wanted them to force a tie so Frank would go after Joe’s team. Frank is upset, he say Willie had told him it would be a clean sweap.
They talk numbers for starting an alliance if Frank stays. Joe says he is down with it but if Frank messes with Willie again he’s out. Frank says he can make Willie think he is safe, but they wouldn’t be with him.
Joe says he will try and get the votes..says he can get Wil and Ashley only if they can make this alliance. Frank says he’s down with it, but don’t talk about iit much until after Thurs. He thanks Joe for letting him know the stuff about Willie.

1:12 PM

Dan tells Brit he thinks Willie Pi**ed off too many people with the meeting. Brit thinks the game got played too fast, people start stuff, say too much, & make to many promises & promises have not been kept. Dan says “sure” Brit says she was loyal to her people that she isn’t a player she doesn’t want to be dirty. Dan says “you made promises to me” Brit says she wants to be able to walk out of the house with her head high.
Dan says he would bet money that someone will snap in the next 24 hours. Brit agrees. Dan tells her if Kara stays his team will go after Team Boogie. He tells her how to get information about the vote.
Willie and Kara talk about being mad with the twist, Kara says it messed up her game. He tells Kara “I don’t want you to go home, from the bottom of my heart”
Joe with Ashley and Wil, Joe says he has had it with Willie, wants him to go home asks if they are with him. He says they need to get Kara out and be in an alliance with Frank, Ian and Jenn. Both Ashley and Wil agree. Ashley says she is on board with that 100%. They don’t want Janelle to know about the conversations they have. Joe says the alliance would have two power houses-Frank and Wil. Then he says they need to backdoor Willie next week. Joe says if Willie attacks him he will attack right back and apologizes in advance for his actions toward Willie
Joe: "The f***ing minute his HOH is over, I'm drawing a line"
Wil: "I was so happy that you stepped up in the meeting this morning. I was just going along with everything"
Ashley: "It's hard trusting people, let alone the coaches. Only because of the Boogie thing."

Frank and Willie meet in the Hoh room and Willie tells Frank that they have the votes to keep him. Willie then just keeps talking and Frank just keeps agreeing with him. Willie says Joe is going home next week because he spoke out at the meeting.

Frank,Joe,Wil and Jenn in the bedroom and Frank fills them in on his talk with Willie- how he was mocking Wil (making and gestures and talking in his gay voice imitating Wil saying he wasn’t going to talk game for 24 hours) and that Joe is now a target because he spoke up in the meeting.

Boogie says to Jani, Dan and Joe “seems I missed a big meeting” they all laugh. Boogie says the last time he checked to get rid of the coaches they needed to get each other out first. Boogie thinks it must be a nightmare to be in Willies head right now.
Dan, Jani and Boogie chat about things from their past seasons and laugh about the big revolt of the morning. Jani says dinner will be awkward. Boogie talks about “babysitting” Ian and how Ian talks in riddles and limericks.. Jani heads inside. Boogie asks Dan if he started all this. Dan laughs and says no Frank did. They are surprised it happened so early in the game. Boogie wants Ian to win HoH just for the comedy of it.

Jani and Brit in the arcade room, Britney is crying. Says she is sad and over it all. Jani tells her Boogie is loving the drama of the day. Brit says she just wants to go home, she is sad today and misses her husband. Janelle says she misses her too. Britney says she knows how the game is a game and how it works, says she isn’t going to take things personally this time, she knows it looks like she is upset about the game but it just happened all at the same time she is just sad and missing home. She says she tried to sleep but her mind was racing- Brit continues to cry and say she shouldn’t be talking about this to Jani that Janelle is missing her baby and that is so much harder than what she is going through.

4:12 PM

Outside lock down.

We go to “Fish” but get a flash of the storage room. There is a chubby guy dressed as a robber in a Black and white striped shirt and a mask . A woman is picking stuff up and putting it in the corner behind the garbage cans. We heard audio leak of the man giggle and sounds of him eating- then we hear “potato, a pepper and an apple” they talk about doing another “take”, we also heard the words, Goggles and shoulder pads.

6:16 PM

Big Brother: “Willie, the Hoh room is ready for you”
Brit is crying to Janelle that she is all alone in the game. Jani says “no you’re not you have me.” Brit is worried she is going to get the blame for Willie holding that meeting and she has no idea why he did it. Brit says she doesn’t know where it leaves her.
Boogie and Frank talk outside about Willie and the votes. Franks says “I know Willie is lying to me”
Everyone starts talking about why Willie is in the Hoh and JoJo is upstairs trying to listen at the door. Jani says maybe they are announcing the coaches are not going in the game so everyone can stop being worked up.
Willie comes out of the Hoh with his “packed” bag (HoH is locked)and goes in the DR as he walks by he says he “can’t say” what is going on, says he is scared and that “things change all the time” he looks happy.

The House Guests think he got Pandora’s box or something and he is leaving the house. He comes out of the DR with his bag & takes it up stairs, grinning the whole way.
Willie tells Britney that BB just put a computer in his room and he did his blog, and that he has a camera to take pictures.
Dinner time! Everyone sits down to eat. Then they start to take pictures with the HOH camera.
Janelle, Joe and Ian in the BY talking about Willie bulling people & that he has now PO’d the coaches

Ian: To Joe ”He can’t play for HOH next week, you can” Joe says “That’s right!”
Willie calls a meeting of Ian, Jenn, Shane and Frank in the Have Not room. He asks them each how they are going to vote, they all say they are voting to keep Frank. Joe attempts to come in and is asked to stay out. Ian says “I am a man of my word. I said I’d vote to keep Frank” Jenn says she is a woman of her word too.
Willie:”I don’t think I’ll be goin’ home for the next couple of weeks. Janelle has taken over the house. I’m at the bottom of the barrel.” Everyone is on the same page and the meeting is adjourned.
JoJo and Frank in the mirror room
JoJo: “I want to know I can trust you. Kara's my friend.”
Frank:” I understand “
JoJo: “I didn't come here to play their game. I want to play my own”
Frank:” I've been waiting three years”
JoJo: “I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Willie's my boy”
Frank: “Kara's strong but she's going home. I like her.”
Frank: “I've been trying to separate myself from Boogie's game. I'd be guilty by association.”
JoJo: “I like you” “You're on the block because of Dan and Boogie”
Frank: “Willie isn't sure about Shane “
JoJo: “After this week we'll know about Shane. Danielle is here for the wrong reasons”
Frank:” Yeah , Willie told me to hold back (from coming to you). “
JoJo: “Willie wants to play dirty, It's too early to play dirty”
Frank: “I agree”
JoJo:” I don't want to tell Kara she's going home”
Frank: “I agree”
JoJo: “I'll tell Kara she's safe so she doesn't worry about it the rest of the week.”

Janelle, Joe and Wil in the storage room, they tell her about the Diversity alliance. Janelle is upset because Willie is making a deal with everyone. Joe and Wil think Frank would be good to have because of his athletic ability.
Janelle disagrees with this.
Wil: “Us three or Ian/Jenn have to get HOH next week.”
Janelle: “This is good until next week.”
Ashley comes in and is also commenting on the Willie problem. Everyone knows Wilie's gaming too hard.
Janelle: “Well, Willie's HOH power is over!”
Joe to Janelle: “You have my full (support) to tell Willie (it's over).”

Wil is with Jenn and Kara and he is crying. Jani comes in and gives him a hug. Wil is upset that someone “evil” like Willie has one up on them. Jenn felt there was something involving Wil’s sexuality in what Willie said. Jenn talks about how she feels like she is holding up the rainbow flag. Wil says what makes it worse is just yesterday Willie was telling him we wanted to help Wil make it far in the game.

Kara, Danielle & Ashley in the have not room. Kara just talked to JoJo and JoJo told her she would vote to keep her. Ashley says JoJo told her she was keeping Kara too. Ashley says the original plan from Janelle was to take out Frank but now she doesn’t know what to think. Ashley says Willie was giving her looks for hanging out with Janelle earlier. Kara says Willie wouldn’t look at her today. Danielle says she saw Willie and Boogie making a deal yesterday. Kara says the girls need to stick together, she has heard the guys are planning an alliance like the Brigade, she thinks if she leaves they are going to take all the girls out. Ashley says she doesn’t think Willie is genuine, says she has been avoiding Willie that he is always asking her for information, like “what did Joe say? What did Janelle say?” Kara thinks she can help the girls if she stays. Kara says she knows she has Ashley and Danielle, thinks she has Wil and Joe but she isn’t sure about Shane thinks she needs JoJo as the fifth vote.
Kara campaigns to Shane- he tells her he wants to vote with the majority but if he does vote to keep Kara no one will know made the vote. He tells her to talk to Willie & if the house majority votes to keep Kara he will too, even if that goes against Willie.

Willie in the Hoh room watching the HoH screen and getting antsy about everyone hugging Ashley, gets mad and tells JoJo everyone just uses Ashley he hopes she sees it. Willie still wants a F3 with her and Ashley.
Dan tells Wil and Kara he would want Janelle as a coach because she doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body. He says Britney sucks the life out of him whenever they talk because she is so negative.

Willie has Joe in the HoH room doing damage control. Joe doesn’t understand why Willie stirred everything up when their teams were sitting pretty. Willie says he knows he went to far with the meeting . He tried to make amends with Brit in the kitchen and found out he has gone to far. He just wanted everyone to know that the vets get to the end because they work the system. That is why he told them they needed to play their own game. They both try and figure out why Jani wants Frank out, Joe wants to ask her Willie says No No No don’t do that.
Brit is talking to Wil & Frank telling them everyone hates Willie right now and she had to spend her whole day doing damage control, She had nothing to do with the meeting or what was said about Wil.
JoJo come outside and plops down on the coach and proclaims “Hey America I smoke weed!”

9:46 PM

Brit, Willie and Ashley in the HoH. Brit says “Willie is screwed, everyone is talking bad about him, and Frank is getting Wil angry” She tells him Frank told Wil that Willie was mocking him by imitating Wil’s voice and mannerisms, saying “I’m not going to talk game for 24 hrs” (an incident that came about because someone saw Wil talking to someone from the other side of the house) Wil is very upset about it. Willie gets mad and said Frank made some of it up. Ashley says words are being twisted. Brit says the entire house is against Willie now.
Willie says Frank is going home for this- tells them to go get Frank. Brit tells him no not to do that. Willie “Kara is staying nobody is going to vote against her. Ashley says “What Frank is going home? I’m so confused” JoJo joins the group in the HoH and tells them Joe is now talking to Frank. Everyone freaks and they send JoJo to get the rest of the team.
Ian comes in and asks Willie what is going on? Did he say something about Wil. Willie says it got blown out of proportion. Britney is blaming it all on Janelle & calls Dan a bad player.
Willie says Dan & Boogie are trying to get him out ”They better not say anything to me I’ll knock a Ni*** out.”
Boogie, Shane, Danielle, Frank & Joe are sitting on the couches in the BY, just chit chatting about cars and speeding tickets. Wil and Kara are running.
Willie goes outside to the couches & starts talking “loudly” at Frank
Frank:”you don’t need to raise your voice”
Willie:”I’ve been trying to save you’re a** all week and you’re going sling my name in the dirt make me look like a f****g idiot?
Frank:”you gonna chop my head off next week Willie?”
Willie:”I wasn’t going to chop your head off next week, I told you we’d work from week to week, That’s what I told you & you’re going to throw me in the dirt?”
Frank:” Willie Listen”
Willie:”I’ve been doing F****g doing everything for you”
Frank:” Did you not try to get some of Janelle’s players to vote against me by telling them I would go after them next week?”
Willie: jumping up from the couch “This is bull***t, mother****g bulls**t I’m just saying, I told you I had you this week, I was begging everyone in this G*damn place to keep you, then you’re going to go sling my name in the dirt. I said we’d go week to week I never told you I was taking you to final 3 or 2 you’re burning your own bridge, I might go home”
Frank: “I’ve not lied to you, but have you not lied to me?”
Willie:”when did I lie to you, I’ve been trying to save you, Britney have I not been trying to save him”
Frank:”were you not trying to line up Janelles players votes by telling them I’d go after them next week”
Willie:”another thing, you go to him saying I made homosexual slurs. I’ve never done that S**t”
Frank:”now listen I didn’t say you said any homosexual slurs but you mocked him with your hands in the air and a girly voice”(does jazz hands)
Willie:”he said he was going to take 24 hours off and as soon as he goes downstairs he’s talking to someone”
Frank: I’m not going to do the voice but you mocked him.”
Willie:”Oh My G*d! I’ll tell you what, I may be going home but people are going to see how shady you are and you’ll be going home right behind me”
Frank:”F***ing Willie, I have not lied about anything but you lied to me when you told me you were trying to get votes at the same time trying to line it up so I’d be going after Janelle’s team not you”
Willie:”I was trying to save you’re a**”
Frank:”you were lining it up so that I’d have some votes against me and I wouldn’t come after you next week, I was not going to go after you next week. So you didn’t have to worry about that
Willie up and screaming:”making me look like a piece of mother***ing sh*t”
Frank day 2 you told me I wouldn’t go on the block and I’m on the block, so I’m just saying your promised me”
Willie: stumbles over his words “I’m just done with it. I was never going to put you up and I wasn’t planning on sending you home, I told you that, Never ever had any intention of sending you home. I hope you go home this week I hope everybody changes their G*d damn vote and you go home cause you’re a shady Mother F**ker”
Frank:”I’m not a shady Mother F**ker. I’m a straight talking Mother F**ker”
Willie points at Kara “I hope you stay, cause he’s a piece of S**t
Frank:”Why do you have to attack me like that, I never said anything negative about you”
Willie:”I said I hope you stayed, she’s been crying to stay in the game and your f***king lying and stabbing me in the back”
Fran:”I did not stab you in the back”
Willie:”you telling people I do homosexual slurs”
Frank:”I didn’t say you said homosexual slurs, I said you mocked him in a girly voice and you did the double hand wave when you said it. It’ll be on the tape, people will see it when they get home. I never said slur”
Willie:” it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter dude I don’t know what I did to you except do everything to keep you in the house.”
Frank:” no you did not, you wanted it to go 4 to 5. You wanted it to be a close vote, you were willing to risk that. You told me you were going to save me but you wanted Janelle’s players to vote against me, you would look good and I would go after them next week, truth or not?”
Willie:”Joe, whose telling him this? You’re telling him this for what reason?”
Joe:”you tried to get him out earlier in the week”
Willie:”I’m done with it I’m just done with it, I hope you go home”
Frank:”I’m fine with that, it’s just a game”
Willie:”It’s just a game but you’re dragging me in a ditch”
Frank:”No you’re dragging yourself through the ditch,I’m speaking the truth”
Willie:”I’m a grown a** man, If I want to get some food , fruitloops whatever I’m gonna come out and eat it”
Frank:”Eat your f**king fruitloop”
(Rinse repeat…)
Boogie jumps into the fray ,"Who died and made your boss" he tells Willie he’s a bully that he is telling people not to listen to their coach they can vote how they want but you tell them how to vote. Let people vote how they want.
Frank:”Think they’ll call us into the DR soon?”
Willie;” I aint going to no f***ing DR.

12:18 AM

Dan talks to Willie in the HoH room and then send Danielle and Kara up to make a deal with Willie- they agree to a 2 or 3 week deal and Willie tells then he’s going to talk to his people and have them vote Frank out.
People scramble and deals are made an deals are broken.
Brit tells the HoH crew that Jani and Boogie are working together, and that Jani and Joe masterminded the whole blow up and that their best bet is to work with Dan.
Joe is campaigning for Frank to stay, he talks to Shane who agrees with Joe, but he has already told Willie he would vote however Willie wants him to.
Dan tells Kara to throw the Hoh comp, she doesn’t want to, is afraid to go on the block again.
As the house begins to settle in for the night Willie and JoJo up in the Hoh bed joke about making out with each other- Willie laughs and says they’ll do it on day 60.
2:45 AM all houseguests are asleep.