Epiphany of a Twist
by Rabbit

Last night, I was sitting there pondering how Big Brother was going to pack all the competitions into two nights since there is no show Saturday. Surely they wouldn't show the Food Comp, Nomination ceremony, POV comp, POV ceremony ALL on Tuesday's episode! They might, but that would just be jam packed from start to finish without showing us the strategy talk or the nominees campaigning etc.

So here's a twist that would remedy that and shake things up a bit. Thursday live show, Natalie is evicted (probably). They all go outside for the HOH comp. Julie Chen tells them that there is a twist this week. The HOH competition is extra sweet this week for two reasons. Everyone is eligible to play for it, including outgoing HOH (they've done that other years), and whoever gets it, will not have to nominate as EVERYONE else will be on the block. By the end of Thursday's eppy, we know who's HOH and who's on the block. Tuesday's eppy rolls around, and they show us the POV comp in which it is a Diamond POV. Whoever wins the DPOV takes themselves off the block and casts the solo vote to evict.

Tuesday's eppy would start out by showing us the POV comp, most of the eppy would be the strategy and nominees campaigning, with the end of the episode culminating in the POV ceremony!

Everyone in that house will have had TWO chances to save themselves. Win HOH or win Diamond POV. The comps would be cutthroat. EVERYONE would compete and it would shake up the alliances like you wouldn't believe.

With everyone on the block, the Houseguests will never suspect that 2 of them will be leaving the house that Thursday night!

That's my epiphany and I'm sticking to it!

*All content in this article is completely made up and does not constitute any truth, belief or endorsement by CBS or any of it's blah blah blah blah etc etc :)"