Catching Up With True Blood

Season Two Episode 1 - Nothing But The Blood

The body in Andy Bellefleur’s car turns out to be Miss Jeanette and she’s missing some parts, her heart to be exact. Tara winds up going to the police station with Kenya and Sheriff Dearborn to give details on her connection to the corpse. Lettie Mae shows up and is distraught about the death. She rants and raves and says Tara has no faith. Maryann arrives to take Tara back to her house and seems pleased to see Lettie Mae there. Maryann gives Lettie Mae a verbal smack down and basically says Lettie Mae is worthless and a poor excuse for a mother, leaving her speechless.

It is revealed that Lafayette is alive and being held prisoner at Fangtasia in the basement. Royce, from the “AIDS burger” incident, makes an appearance as a new prisoner. He and Lafayette discuss the possible reasons for them being there. Meanwhile, Bill has his hands full trying to make Jessica presentable to meet Sookie and explaining her existence. When Sookie arrives, Bill attempts to tell her about Jessica but gets interrupted when Jessica appears wearing only a towel. Bill tries to explain Jessica, but Sookie isn’t totally satisfied because he wasn’t up front about the situation. Sookie questions her relationship with Bill and wonders what other secrets he is hiding.

Jason attends a Fellowship of the Sun gathering and meets Reverend Newlin and his wife, Sarah. They invite him to join their Light of Day Institute. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the $1200.00 to cover the “tuition”. They tell him to look for a sign from God. Sookie finds out that her Uncle Bartlett died and left her $11,000.00 which she turns around and gives to Jason. His sign from God came in the form of a big check.

Sam has flashbacks of his first encounter with Maryann which includes some freaky sex between them and the fact he stole a load of cash from her. The sex has a strange effect on Maryann as her body begins to vibrate, eluding to her being a supernatural creature of some kind.

Daphne, a young woman looking for work, comes into Merlotte‘s and Arlene urges Sam to hire her. Then a drunken Andy makes a fool of himself by harassing the bar patrons by questioning them about the murder. Sheriff Dearborn takes him off the case because he can‘t control himself. Maryann strolls into Sam’s office and he offers her the money he stole from her and apologizes for the past. She claims she’s not there for the money. Sam warns Maryann to not hurt Tara to get back at him. She basically says her being in town has nothing to do with him. She causes him to shift into a dog to show him she’s the one in control of things.

Unconvinced that Uncle Bartlett’s death was an accident, Sookie questions Bill about it. He admits he did it but that he loves her and can’t lose her. He says that he didn‘t think he would ever have these types of feelings again. His words bring tears to her eyes and she says she loves him too. They retreat to the bedroom for an evening of blood and lust. all but forgetting about the Jessica problem, for the time being anyway.

In the final scene, Royce is being taken upstairs by Eric for a chat. Royce smacks a silver cross on Eric’s face and Eric erupts into a rage filled slaughter fest, spraying a cowering Lafayette with Royce’s blood.