Bachelor Pad – Episode 1

Meet/Greet, Twister and First Date

Tonight’s epi started with everyone showing up in limo’s and meeting up with each other in the house. Tenley was the first to show, followed by: Jesse B, Natalie, David, Gwen, Jessie, Jonathon, Nikki, Juan, Wes, Krisily, Elizabeth, Jesse K, Kiptyn, Ashley, Peyton, Michelle, Gia, and Craig M. After everyone showed up, Chris came in and greeted them all and introduced Melissa as his co-host.

The premise of the show is that each week there is a competition, the winner of that competition receives a rose......and is safe from elimination......that person also gets to choose three people to go on a date with. During that date, the first person also gets to pick another person to make safe from the elimination as well.

At this point, Chris dismisses them all to explore the mansion.......after running around, they find that there are bunk beds all in one room......that is the room that they will all sleep in together.

After everyone found the sleeping arrangements and sorted out who was sleeping where, they all got changed into their bathing suits and headed out to party around the pool. The guys seemed to be there for fun, but the girls immediately started hatching a plan as to whom to vote out first.

Next up.......Twister

Just like the popular game played but in jumbo format to accommodate 19 players......when the final 4 are standing, the board will be condensed down to accommodate them. First out was Ashley, and the final one standing was Craig.

Oh lordy, Elizabeth is back up to her old tricks.......teasing and thinking she has a better/more advantageous spot in the house than she does. Come to think of it, this is probably just the beginning knowing Craig takes her aside to have a little chat. As she admits in a PI, she is going to definitely play him for at least the possibility of getting a rose.

First night in the house..........

As they all head in to bed and say their good nights to each other......Tenley wakes up and catches Craig and Michelle together smooching. Then next morning, Tenley spreads the word that she is pretty sure it was Craig and Michelle hooking up from the night before. Of course, this gets Michelle extremely upset as she gets confronted in the bathroom with the other ladies present.

Date Card Arrives..........

“Sometimes you have to get a little cold to feel the heat......Now it is time to pick your dates, so which three ladies will be joining you?” Craig picks Jessie, Gwen, and Elizabeth. As the four of them pile into the limo, they head down to the beach where they get out and run into the ocean. On their way back up to the beach, Craig gives Gwen a piggy-back ride. They find a picnic waiting for them. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jessie are talking about kissing Craig in order to get the rose. Here goes Elizabeth again with her teasing and her weird mentality that the guy has to win her over.........come on already Elizabeth. Elizabeth heads off to sit on a rocky outcrop and Craig went up and sat with her. Again, Elizabeth started toying with him and telling him what she needed to remain on his good side.

Meanwhile back at the house.......

Kovacs and some of the guys were talking about Kovac’s and Elizabeth’s relationship outside of the house and strategy when it came to if and when they should vote Elizabeth off. Later in the evening, we see Krisily and Juan talking game......they both admit that this is a game for money and that is what they are going for. Jesse B and Natalie also find themselves being very chummy and talking about game as well. Sitting by the fire, Jesse and Natalie get into a smooch fest while they are talking game and the possibility of coming out of the house with not only money but each other as well. Natalie admits to that possibility in a PI. Juan and Gia are also talking game.......about each other giving the other the heads up if they see a possibility of one of them getting voted out.

Back at the beach.............

They are now done at the beach and pull up in front of the Greek theatre......They walk in and find the theatre only for them with Melissa standing there with another rose. Craig gave Jessie the rose, then Gwen and Elizabeth are leaving for the night. Craig and Jessie stayed for their own private concert. Going back to the house in the limo, Gwen and Elizabeth talk about how Jessie is safe and the two of them are still on the chopping block.

Meanwhile, back at the house..........

Jessie takes Elizabeth aside and tries to tell her that for the purpose of the money, they shouldn’t be exclusive as that would hurt their individual games.......although, as far as Elizabeth is concerned.....she has feelings for Jesse and more than what he has for her. Elizabeth lays down the law......she says that there are some women that like her and will support her to the point of voting Jesse out if he crosses her in the wrong manner. Bottom line, she threatened him with the chances of him being voted out. Jesse immediately goes to talk to David about it. David says that he has Jesse’s back and they will get rid of her if Jesse wants.

Jessie and Craig arrive back at the house. Michelle comes on in a PI of how pissed off she is that Tenley spread the rumour of the “kissing” or lip smacking that was happening and of how it was Craig and Michelle doing it, so when Tenley went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, Michelle cornered her in there and closed the door behind her.

Michelle: “I am really _________mad that you said that about me. You started the rumour. That’s not cool. I thought you were over it. You ___. You started it all, you did.”
Tenley finally got herself out of the bathroom. Elizabeth took her aside and talked about what happened in there and tried to calm her down. The incident spread through the house quite quickly............shall we say that Michelle will probably be voted out?? LOL

Morning of elimination...............

There are people scrambling all over the place. Juan was talking to Nikki and tried to apologize for what happened between them on one of the cruises......Nikki admitted that she doesn’t believe Juan and will try to get him out. Next, Krisily is talking to the girls and trying to get some of the bigger guys out of the house. David Good, Kovac’s names came up. Natalie took David aside to tell him that and now David started quizzing him on the backlash if Krisily was voted out versus Michelle. Next Elizabeth takes Kovac aside to convince him that he needs to be openly affectionate with her so that he won’t be voted out. Elizabeth is a nut case, crying all the time, trying to make Kovac’s feel bad.........sheeesh woman, get a grip. Kovac’s eventually apologizes to her saying that he said the wrong things and sorry for what happened.......again, Elizabeth got her way.

Next up..............elimination rose ceremony

Everyone goes into the deliberation room individually and pulls the one guy/girl’s picture out from behind the individual frames and drops the picture into the ballot box. The most pictures for each girl/guy are the ones voted out.

After the voting is done, Chris and Melissa calls everyone outside for the ceremony. As the names are called out, roses are given, the last two remaining are Juan for the guys and Michelle for the ladies. The two of them are put into their respective limo’s and are sent packing.

The weatherman had his own goodbye messages to Juan and Michelle respectively:

Juan – “Adios Juanito, adios”

Michelle – “There just weren’t enough roses for all of Michelle’s personalities, besides, it’s hard to put a rose on a straight-jacket.”

So until next Monday night.........have a good week!