1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

A pickup pulls up to a remote house with Bauer on the mailbox. Another pickup watches. Someone bursts through he door. A man is forced down the stairs. A hood is over his head. A man comes in and says so we finally have you Mr. Bauer. Bauer says do I know you. Man says that you will live to see the sunrise in the morning. You will be our delivery boy. We are putting a microscopic tracking device under your skin. We see a case of money. Bauer runs off. His moves are tracked. He is doing as asked. They see him stop. He moves a tree out of the road. Heís on the move again. He encounters a police roadblock. They keep tracking him as he goes off road. Through mud, a river and the woods. He gets back on the road. They find him again. A cell phone goes off. They are impressed with him. The man stares at the TV.

To be continued (that was the commercial folks

Palmer looks at his hand Ė this is where we left off. He collapses. People rush around. The secret service moves into place. The camera pulls back from Palmer.

Three Years Later:
A van moves down a busy road. A case in the back with a bomb in it is opened and assembled. The bomb is activated. The van moves off the road and up to a delivery dock. Something is removed from the back of the van. It is unwrapped from plastic. The van pulls away. The bomb is left behind and it blows. We see a dead body. A security guard calls for help.

Jack enters a secure area in a prison with his partner. A prisoner is being moved. He is in hand and foot shackles. Guards are on either side of him. Jack coughs. His partner asks if he is okay. Jack says he wonít be okay until this thing is signed. That isnít what he meant. The prisoner is brought into a room. There are last minute changes. He wants a lower level prison. And in Florida. The attorney says he knows that Jack spent 2 years of his life brining in Salazar but they have to follow the rules. Jack says he didnít lose a year of his life to bring this guy in and not have him talk. The deal is presented to Salazar. He asks if Bauer is there. They tell him to ignore Bauer. Salazar says Jack pretended to be his friend. He wouldnít do the things Jack did to bring him in. Salazar keeps talking to Jack and I miss some of it. Salazar asks for the pen. He signs the deal and tells his attorney that he did a good job but they are on to him and he canít keep his mouth shut. He uses his pen to stab his lawyer. Jack and the guards rush in. Salazar taunts Jack. The guards haul Jack out. Salazar yells what happens next is on you Jack Ė itís on you.

Men in Hazmat suits remove the body. A female doctor is there. Her name was on the body. The body is in an isolation case. She thinks it is a pneumonic plague strain. Tony asks Michelle something. One of the team members complains about someone touching his data. And that isnít done. Tony tells the guy to lighten up. Tony gets a phone call. Michelle is fretting over a job. Tony is headed to Langley.

The doc calls in. It is what she feared. She talked about this at a conference. She says this is a message. They blew the hole in the door to get their attention. Once the body is dead it is not contagious. He tells her to find out if there are any other victims around. Tony tells Michelle to start a level 1 protocol.

Jack studies the tape of what happened with Salazar. Jack thinks the timing of this was intentional. Jack calls Tony. Tony tells Jack about the bioterror threat. They think this is the first shoe dropping. They are waiting for someone to call taking responsibility. Tony asks Jack if he thinks it is Salazarís doing.

A motorcade arrives. Palmer gets out. He waves to the crowd. His hand looks fine. The crowd cheers. Wayne greets him. The advance team dropped the ball they canít get in there. Wayne fired someone over it. Palmer takes questions before the debate. This is the first time heís been back since the attempt on his life. Circumstances havenít allowed him to be back. Palmer stops. Wayne asks if he is okay. Wants to call in one of the resident doctors. Palmer says he is okay. The attorney runs after Jack and says that they have to get back to CTU. The attorney wants Jack to go back and talk to Salazar. Jack says he wonít talk itís a waste of time.

Jackís partner asks what Tony said about the dead body. The body was dumped at health services they are trying to id it. He asks again about how Jack is doing. Chloe calls Jack. Kate is calling. She found the leather Jacket he was looking for. Should she bring it by or will he come and pick it up. Heíll send someone for it. She says it is hard. She misses him. He says he is sorry. Sheís really sorry. Conversation with his partner reveals they arenítí really talking.

Tony and Michelle discuss looking for other cases. And putting bio facilities in the high-speed cache. A call from Langley comes in. Michelle hovers during the conversation. She asks if it is about her. They donít have a job for Michelle right now. Not until after the election. They need an answer from Tony by the end of the day. They are in a hurry to fill the post. Michelle tells him it is a move he canít pass up. She urges him to call back and accept the job. Sheíll go along with him as a wife so long as she doesnít have to cook. He doesnít want to go if they donít have a job for her. They will talk about it late.

Michelle goes to Kim with a search to do. Kim asks Adam questions so she can do her search. He is curt with her.

We are at a ranch. People are speaking Spanish and it is hard to follow subtitles and type. A woman asks if he said he had to break her. He says no it is you who had to break me. He receives a phone call. The say to give something 10 minutes to trickle into the system then make the phone call.

Michelle wants Adam to give Kim part of an id. They want Kim to work on it. Adam doesnít want to do it. Michelle leaves. Adam doesnít send Kim the file. Adam tells Kim everyone there earned their job. She got hers because of her dad. His system gets an error. She changed the tree ownership because he didnít do something. She says it wouldnít be her because sheís incompetent and only got the job because of her dad. He agrees to send her the file and she gives him his system back.

Jack arrives back. Chloe says that she couldnít get the date keys for him. Apparently Adam is at fault. He is completely anal and hates women according to Chloe. Jack tells her to just get it. Jack sits down loosens his tie and is sweating. Michelle calls to tell him the teleconference with health services is about to start. He passes on the phone call. Says he is only passing through.

Kim goes into a room with computers. She is busy at a terminal. Someone comes up behind her. Jackís partner kisses her neck. She is refreshing a drive. She asks what happened with Salazar. He says yes. She asks how her dad is taking it. He says okay. She says good she wants to tell him. He doesnít think that is a good day. She says no day is a good day. He agrees. He says heíll do it. They kiss.

The virus has been engineered to kill more rapidly. There is a latency period of 14 hours. By 24 hours the host is dead. By the end of day one there will be a couple of hundred cases. By the end of 1 week 9% of Los Angeles County will be infected. That is over 1 million people.

We see a bag of cocaine. A young man stares at it. His mother calls Kyle. His buddy Tim said he was at the pool. She needs him to take her to the doctor. His father is at a job interview. He asks if she can get someone else to do it. He has things to do. He grabs a duffel bag (where he stashed the drugs).

Palmer practices the debate. A practice question about Palmerís health is asked. Palmer responds. Wayne stops him. He tells Palmer not to be defensive about the question. And instructs him to remind them that while he was in a weakened state he found the people who made an attempt on his life and brought them down. A doctor comes in and checks Palmer. She wants to run more tests on him. He says no. She says to see someone when she gets back to DC. Wayne tells Palmer about the body found with the deadly virus. And that CTU is looking into it being a criminal action. Palmer tells his brother to keep an eye on this one.

Jack asks for the transcripts for Salazar. She put it in his directory. He wants it with the rest of the files. He tells her that if she canít get things right heíll replace her. She says she canít read minds and she did it the way she thought he wanted it. Jack blows up at her. His partner goes in and closes the door. Jack wants Chloe replaced. He says she is slow. His partner says he is acting weird. Jack tells him not to act like that toward him again. He reminds Jack he is about to fire Chloe for no reason. Jack gets on the intercom and apologizes to Chloe. He needs to talk to Jack about something else. Jack gets a call. They have something on Salazar. The talk with Jack can wait.

Michelle says that they are doing day checks from now on so one doesnít bleed into another if something happens. Jack and his partner go into the conference room. A mechanical voice says that by now they have their package. It is a level 3 virus. If they do not release Ramon Salazar in time they will release the virus. Jack thinks it is Salazarís brother who went into hiding when Salazar was captured. Jack says they need the id of the dead man. It is the only connection to the Salazarís. This man doesnít care about anyone including his own children. They have an id. His name is Goss. Someone associated with the DEA. Jack wants to find someone who sold to Goss.

A truck arrives at the ranch. The truck has ďthe ones they didnít use.Ē They assure the rancher is wonít affect his soil. They dump several bodies into a large hole. Salazarís girlfriend/wife turns away. They dump gas onto the bodies in the hole. He gets back into a jeep. She asks why her father is doing this kind of work for him. It isnít his job.

The attorney goes to Salazar. He asks why he killed Shane, his attorney. He tells Salazar that his ass will rot in this prison if he doesnít talk. Salazar says itís eating at you isnít it. What am I up to? You are waiting for a chance to beat me to a pulp. Do it to me. See if you can beat it out of me. Salazar steps into his cell.

The jeep arrives at a house. Claudia goes inside. Salazarís brother calls her. She says her father is the ranch foreman. When she came here Hector promised that her father and her little brother wouldnít be involved in his illegal businesses. He broke his promise. He tries to fix it with money. She says that is his answer to everything. She walks away. Hector makes a call. The man on the other end made the call to the FBI. He is watching the boy closely.

Kyle and Tim hang out at the pool. He went to Tijuana to get drugs, not to get laid. He brings up Zach a friend of theirs from school who was busted for dealing. Tim asks what he is into, selling drugs. A guy paid him $5000 to bring drugs over the border. He gets another $5000 to deliver it. Tim asks why he is doing this. He says his mother is on dialysis; his father is out of work. Tim thinks Kyle is insane. Kyle says it is no big deal.

Palmer arrives in a conference room. He asks when the FBI got the phone call. Palmer asks Wayne if they should cancel the debate. They are discussing if Palmer should remain in Los Angeles. Dr. Packer is there. She wants to see Palmer. He starts to say heíll see her later, and then changes his mind. Wayne asks if he is sure about that. Dr. Packer is brought in to see Palmer. She gives him pills to take twice a day. He doesnít want them. She asks what is wrong. He says it is just going to be one of those days. She asks what that means. He says nothing. They kiss.

Jack asks what is wrong with the system. The grid wonít come up. Jackís partner tells him he needs to control S out and get out of navigation. Jack goes to his office. Chloe asks what his problem is today. Chase asks Jack what he is doing. Jack snaps same thing you should be doing, solving this problem. Chase says he would take a bullet for him but it is time to hold up a mirror. He was undercover with Salazar for 6 months. He knows what they did to him, and what he did to himself. He is here for him. It is not time to prove that he is all better. It is about to hit the fan. He has to do what he has to do. He needs to get his head straight so they can do their work. Jack turns out the light with a remote control. He unlocks a door in his office. He pulls down a packet. He opens a small case. A tourniquet and needle are inside. He puts on the tourniquet, puts something into the syringe, as he starts to inject himself, Kim calls and asks if he is up there. He says yes. She wants to come up to talk about something. Heíll see her in a few minutes. Just before Jack puts the needle in, he yanks it back squirts out the contents and tosses it. He yanks off the syringe and throws the case.

Back to the commercial.
The man stares at the TV. Jack Bauer is about to receive something from the queen of England for thwarting a terrorist attack. They have Jeff Bauer, a contractor. They tell him they have made a mistake. One of the men asks if they should dispose of him. They tell him they can make it up to him. Does he like steaks? If they can have the package back theyíll be on their way. On his way back to the chopper he says nice truck. They open the case in the chopper. It is a drill. The FBI arrests the men. The radio announces that a pediatric hospital wonít have to close after all. They received an anonymous donation. And the commercial ends.