Tonight’s epi began with a little bit of a background info on some of the Apprentice applicants. All of them have had come across hard times and they for the most part feel that this is the best opportunity for them to have a job, be it with the Donald Trump organization or maybe with luck, other employers out there might see them and offer them work if Trump doesn’t take them to the end.

All the applicants gather in the lobby waiting to be called into the boardroom by Trump, as we continue along with some of their stories and how they got to this point. After being called into the board room, Trump asks some others their background stories as well. Finally Donald says “Life is tough, Life is mean but the fact is, you thought you were doing well at one time. You can do better than that, you can really top it and that’s what I want to see out of you folks.” After they were given their pep talk, they break up into their groups of the guys against the gals and they head off to choose their group name and who will be the first project manager.

The guys head off and toss out some ideas as to their group name like Phoenix, Isacus, and Octane.......Octane, it is. LOL. Next, Gene is nominated as the group leader.......either the nominee didn’t think he could do it and this would get him out of there, or at least Gene’s neck would be out there for someone else to chop it off next time.......LOL.

Over to the ladies..........strangely enough, Phoenix was one of the first names thrown out.........someone found the name fortitude and looked it up to mean, strength of mind and having guts. All ladies thought it was a great name. Immediately Nicole volunteered to be the project manager for the ladies.

Both groups head out to meet up with Mr. Trump at The Trump Building @ 40 Wallstreet, across from the New York Stock Exchange. At this time, Each group said their name and who is the project manager for the first task, then Ivanka named the task for this was to design and build an ultra modern work will be judged on execution, on functionality, and originality.

Fortitude headed off to their office they were gathering thoughts as to what they were going to do with the space, you can tell the tension was thick and you could see what would happen come the board room.

The Octane team are now in their space trying to come up with ideas as to what to do with their space as well. Gene comes up with the concept of doing a green modern work space.

Back with Fortitude and the designer that just showed up to try to help them develop the space. The group went with a modern executive design for their space. After the designer shows up, the ladies seem to want to do their own thing. Nicole told Mahsa to get the paint AND the food, she immediately says that she won’t get the food......then in a PI, Mahsa has the nerve to say that as a PM, she won’t tell me what to do.........come on girl......poor Nicole is already behind the 8 ball with that woman. LOL.

Back at Octane, Gene is busy trying to get his troops in line when his designer comes in that he has had to leave the designer to sit alone while he finishes getting his troops under control. James, James, James.....even though he wasn’t the project manager on this, he definitely wanted to take control to make sure his design was first and foremost into the plans. Meanwhile the other real estate dude there that has been very involved with designs got sidelined and left to plan where the plants should go........sheesh.

Now over at Fortitude, another “disaster” so to speak was unfolding.........Mahsa and her ambition was going to get her back into trouble if she kept going at this Mahsa and the other girls were in charge of cleaning the space and getting the painting started. Meanwhile Nicole and Stephanie went out to get the electronics for the office space and to “lock down” other parts that were important. While Nicole and Stephanie were gone, Mahsa tries to take control of the project when it comes to the cleaning......Brandy and Poppy were doing the painting and correctly stated that it needs to be done that day, where as the windows could of been cleaned the next day, which of course went over like a lead balloon with Mahsa.

Back at Octane, Gene puts David and Clint in charge of the trees/flowers/plants for the office space. Clint heads to Gene to tell him that he would love to be in charge of ordering and looking after the plants etc. for the space........meanwhile, when he is about to do that, David reaches and grabs the paperwork for the plant place and says that he will phone them and order what he wants........can we say fight David went from a jolly kind of guy to an explosive un-rational one in zero to sixty..........holy cow!

When the ladies got back to Fortitude after getting the office electronics etc., Nicole, Poppy, and Tyana headed off to sort out the office furniture. When they get inside, they have 45 min to pick all the office furniture that they want. Tyana starts choosing what she wants for the office, lots of which is extremely modern and not of great taste.

Back at the guy’s office, David is beaking off again regarding window boxes and all sorts of stuff without listening to Gene the PM. In no such terms, Gene turns around and tells David to zip it and just stick to the plans. I, as most of you probably have it figured out that James is the know it all, and David is the mouthpiece/angry man that goes off like a rocket.........LOL.

Back with the ladies, Nicole isn’t fairing a whole lot better with Mahsa and Tyana and their little tantrums of how much they are going to be involved. Mahsa tried to take charge again with how they were going to go about the props room to get the stuff they wanted.......then Tyana had to get her in on the situation with picking this horrible picture that she wanted to use.

Donald Jr. shows up at the ladies camp to check on them. Nicole tells the problems with having Tyana on the team......Tyana overhears it and then zero’s in on Donald Jr. before he left the site to tell him how disasterous Nicole was as a leader. Cat fight in the making with this one.........LOL.

Now at the guys, Gene comes back with Stuert after getting office stuff to find that James still hasn’t done the painting around the monitors as Gene has specified. Gene asks him to take it down and do it the way he specified before taking off 4 hours earlier. Minor, but since Gene was the PM, guess it was his prerogative to get it straightened out.......LOL.

Inspection time...........

Mr. Trump shows up at the Fortitude camp first.........After seeing the space, he didn’t seem that impressed, although I did think that it was a pretty good layout.

Now at Octane’s space.........again, he didn’t look too impressed but did look equally stoic at both locales.

Up next...........boardroom

Back at Trump Towers, both sides are coming in to go over the task and to give their impressions of both camps. Both groups enter the boardroom and after Donald enters, he says that he didn’t like either concept very much.........not a good start to the first boardroom.

First of all Mr. Trump covers the problem of the carpet in the guys space and how that shouldn’t be a practice that is okay. It is a major liability problem. The next thing that was tackled was what David thought of Gene as the project manager. Next Gene was asked who was the weakest link. Gene said David and James. David then piped in with his and tried to settle the scores.

The real fireworks started when the ladies were confronted with the problems that they had on their team and team leader. Trump asked Brandy what she thought of the team and if there were a weakest person on the team.......she denied it and said that everyone worked hard, then Mr. Trump brought Mahsa in on things as he wanted her opinion...........that’s when the fireworks took off in quick fashion.
Regarding the project, both Ivanka and Don thought that the men’s plan was better as it was a more inviting and gathering outlay than the ladies considering that, according to Don, looked like a 200 year old Law office right down to the old haggard man in the picture hanging on the wall. So the guys won this challenge.

So now the real fireworks start as the ladies head back into the boardroom........

Holy cow..........Mahsa and Tyana are like tigresses when they are tackled. Poor Nicole tries to get a word in edgewise and has two barracuda’s attacking her throat............The other ladies leave the boardroom and head upstairs. Mahsa, Tyana and Nicole all head back into the boardroom. When the three re-entered the boardroom, finally Nicole started biting back but as it stood, too little, too late. Mahsa and Tyana are going to definitely be trouble makers for the team as it stands right now. Yes, there were problems with the design of the outlay.........Tyana was in charge of that........should she of been fired?? I think so, but I am not in Trump’s place. With regards to Mahsa, she definitely doesn’t follow instructions very well either.......could definitely be problematic in the future. But I guess Trump was right in firing Nicole if she can’t be that great of a leader from the start.........

All in all, Mr. Trump thought Nicole was a great person and in fact a leader so he is going to set her up for an interview with the Miss Universe Organization.

Well, that’s all for this week. I will be back next Thursday to give my and report on what happened in the boardroom.........until then, everyone have a great week!