I have waited months for this and moment is finally here, the premiere of 24 – season 2. I’m looking forward to sitting on the edge of my seat for each twist of the plot. I’ve got the phone turned off and the VCR set. Check Jokersupdates each week for a recap of each new episode of 24.

8 am to 9 am "events occur in real time"

It’s dark. A car arrives outside a warehouse. People are speaking in an Asian language. Someone is being tortured. We hear screams. They talk about the dose being correct. The victim begins to talk. Someone goes down a hall. He enters a room with American Military personnel. They ask when. "Today."

Lake Oswego, Oregon. The President and his son are fishing. From the conversation, it appears that the President and his wife are estranged. The President is told there is a situation.

We morph to a child running through a house screaming. The girl runs into a room and hides in the bed. The bed is in Kim’s room. The child’s father enters the room looking for the child. Kim is dressed only in a T-shirt and underwear. The man looks at her longingly.

Back at Lake Oswego – the President is rushed back to Washington. He apologized to his son for cutting their trip short. Helicopters fly overhead.

We are back at CTU where we meet Paula, the new computer geek played by Sara Gilbert. She’s very eager. Mr. Mason is given a request from the NSA. Mason says this can’t be right. Tony asks what is up. He is told the NSA wants them to bring in Jack Bauer. We learn that Bauer is inactive.

We morph to Bauer (getting into an SUV for those who track vehicle changes). Then morph immediately to the President. A convoy takes him to an underground military facility while a helicopter hovers above. An aide, the secret service and military personnel the President is accompanied. The President is told they have a domestic terrorist alert. Some branches of the military, the FBI, and the CIA know about the threat. There is a nuclear device under terrorist control on US soil. The bomb is in Los Angeles and will go off today.

They show a suicide bomber and a Valentine’s bombing in the West Bank. The bombing was to make them think the suicide bomber was dead Vaheem (forgive me for incorrect names and spelling) was dead. He was spotted a few days later in Leon France. The group’s name is Second Wave. They aren’t officially recognized. Unofficially – the President is shown, but we are not.

We move to Kim. A Woman is preparing breakfast. The woman is ready to leave. The man fondles his wife while looking over her shoulder at Kim. After the wife leaves, he tells Kim she has a great body.

The President is connected to a Prime Minister. The President wants to know what he knows. Prime Minister denies knowing anything. Second Wave has several camps inside his country. The President tells the Prime Minister that a bomb will go off in LA. The Prime Minister says he doesn’t like all threats to the US being blamed on his country. The President promises retaliation against that country if a bomb goes off. The Prime Minister says if you do that you will have made an enemy of 1/3 of the world’s population.

Back in LA, the child, Megan, is skateboarding with Kim helping her. Jack watches them. Jack receives a cell phone call. The call is from CTU. Jack says he doesn’t work for CTU anymore and hangs up. The girl falls, no blood. Jack walks up the drive. Kim is surprised. She sends the girl, Megan, to the backyard to play. Jack just wanted to say hi, she hadn’t returned his calls. He just wanted to see her, hi missed her. She misses him too, she says every time she sees him, she thinks of her mother. They hug. Kim says she isn’t ready yet. Megan calls for Kim to "come on." Kim leaves her father. Jack goes back down the drive.

We are returned to the president. The report he is reading is lacking a casualty assessment. An aide says he needs to be talking to the pentagon. The President’s concern is protecting Americans.

We morph to a man in a convertible on the cell phone speaking in a foreign language. He arrives at a house, walks up to a young blonde woman. It is his fiancée. Her sister comes out of the house. There are wedding preparations in works. The sister questions his use of the company car to pick someone up at the airport with her father.

Mason is told to find Bauer. They want him now. They don’t care about his status. Mason tells them he knows how to get in touch with Bauer. We morph to Jack arriving home to a ringing phone. Tony is leaving a message saying it’s very important. Jack ignores the message – and others. Jack glances at his computer. He checks the desk drawer. He touches a gun there, and then picks up a photograph of his family. He holds the photo against his chest and lies on the sofa. Someone leaves a message saying she’s with the President. Jack lunges for the phone.

The President and Jack talk. The President asks Jack how he’s doing. The President needs Jack’s help. The have a situation that requires all branches of the government. The President knows he suffered a loss, but they need him. The President begs Jack to listen. Jack asks when they need him. The President says now.

Carla is at a table wrapping a present for Megan to take to a party. Kim says she can do it. Carla replies that her husband likes for things to be wrapped a certain way. Kim goes up to Megan. Carla appears to be flustered or nervous.

Tony is made aware of an information flow bulletin on the Internet. Paula talks to Michelle and asks if something is going on. Paula is told she’s trying to hard. Mason comes out, and says heads up. He wants all department heads. He just got off a conference call with the NSA. There is a nuclear bomb in LA. They do not communicate with anyone outside CTU. No going home. No calling friends, or families. Their priority is finding the bomb and protecting the public. Tony learns that they’ve already talked to Jack.

Casualty statistics for a dirty bomb is reviewed with the President. The President wants to know worst-case scenario. 100 square miles will be leveled. 2.5 million would die. It is again suggested that the President look at military options. The President again refuses.

We morph to a warehouse. Someone arrives. A pair of men weaves their way through the warehouse. There is a metal box inside the warehouse. Inside the box, a scientist prepares a bomb. We learn the bomb will be ready soon.

Back at CTU, Tony makes a request of Paula. Paula hesitates. Paula says she doesn’t know if she can do this, she’s only a programmer. Tony tells her this is what they brought her in for. She knows the system inside and out, just do it one task at a time.

Jack arrives at CTU. All conversation stops as he enters. People stare as Jack walks through the office. Tony is the first one to speak to him. Jack asks for Mason. Jack looks around, before heading to the conference room to meet Mason. Mason starts to introduce Michelle (a female agent). Jack asks what he is doing there. Jack is told about the nuclear bomb. Jack turns and leaves the room. Mason calls after him. Tony follows. Jack grabs a phone and calls Kim. He tells her they pulled him back into CTU and that it’s important that they leave Los Angeles together right now. Kim hangs up. Jack calls back, gets voice mail, and tells Kim to get out of Los Angeles. Tony tells Jack that he ‘s here because it’s a background match. Tony says they can go get Kim and get her to safety. Jack says I trusted CTU to protect my wife. Tony reminds Jack that he was there. Jack says he’s sorry and leaves. Jack walks across the parking lot while calling his sister. Jack gets back into the SUV (still on vehicle 1 for Jack). Jack spies a woman walking down the sidewalk with her son as he starts to start the vehicle. Mason panics about Jack leaving. Jack comes back in. He requests 2 specific agents to pick up his daughter. He wants to keep appraised of his daughter’s status by Tony. He doesn’t trust Mason.

Jack asks about the cells. Wall is the name mentioned. Wall is out of jail. Jack put him in jail. They want Jack to reestablish his cover with Wall.

The bride and groom to be are at a table with her sister. Kate – the sister – receives a cell phone call. It’s regarding a background check she requested on Raison – the groom. His finances are secure, but a name popped up, Ali. Ali has terrorist connections.

The President wants figures double-checked. An aide wants to know if he wanted to talk to the joint chiefs. The President says no and goes to confront Nerrik (again, forgive me for the incorrect name). He wants to know why there is a conference call set up with the joint chiefs. He did that in case the President changed his mind. The President says don’t double guess me.

At CTU, Mason is on the phone while Jack is briefed. Jack changes some data on his cover. He wants it to be conspiracy to transport illegal arms and not armed robbery. Mason balks at Jack’s attitude – i.e. not talking to him, waylaying a witness. A man is brought in in handcuffs. Michelle is dismissed. Jack reviews the man’s record. The man balks at helping them. Jack shoots the man. Mason freaks. Jack checks the man’s pulse. Then asks for a hacksaw.

At Kim’s nanny job, the dad is home. Kim watches as he gets out of the car, then rubs at a handprint. Mega plays with a Barbie doll. We can hear a fight between him and Carla downstairs. Megan looks scared. Kim closes and locks the door. The man jiggles the handle. Kim lies and says they were in the bathroom. The man questions this. He asks if they heard anything. Kim asks what he means. She is told Carla slipped and had an accident. He wants to talk to Megan. Kim doesn’t want to leave. He pushes Kim to the floor. Megan begins to scream and cry. She tries to run to Kim, he grabs her hand. Megan falls and hits her head. Kim looks on wide-eyed.

We end with Jack as he finishes shaving. It is now 9 am.