There was a fire in her apartment. Will survived but you. They found remains. DNA was a match. You were dead. We see the burned house. You were dead Vaughn repeats. Sid asks he got married. Vaughn says he did. They asked him to come back because they thought it would be best if someone she knew before reintroduced her. Sid asks about her father. He was with the CIA. Why not him. Vaughn says that he left the CIA before her father. Sid asks Vaughn he left? Vaughn tells her he is a teacher. Sid says this is going to take her a while. They want Vaughn to bring her back. She can imagine the investigation that is going on. Sid asks how much time she has before she has to go. Sid bashes him in the face. Tells him he isn’t Vaughn. Asks who he is. Is he working for Sloan? She fights him. Then runs. She is overtaken in a dark alley. She stops briefly then fights someone pursuing her. She is shot in the back by a dart gun by Vaughn. Sid turns to face him. Sid struggles and stares at him. She says don’t and falls to the ground. Vaughn holds her.

We morph through all sorts of sounds and a blurry screen to Sid waking up in a hospital bed with alarms going off. Dixon comes into t silence the alarm. He tells her she is safe and at the Stafford Naval Hospital. He tells her that it was Vaughn who came for her in Hong Kong and he told her the truth. She asks what happened to her. She asks where her father is? Where is her mother? She asks how could they find Will alive? What about Francie? She woke up like it was last night? She asks for Kendall. Dixon isn’t the director anymore. Dixon is (ooooooooooh). Weiss comes in. Asks how she is feeling. Sid tells him he looks great and has lost weight. Weiss cracks that he gave up all the foods he likes but he looks great. Weiss pulls Dixon into the hall. He tells Dixon about a transmission from Kingsley. He got the package and the chip and is going someplace. Sid tries to listen. Dixon tells Weiss to stop the train and have them recheck Kingsley’s ticket. Dixon steps in to tell her he has to get back. Sid asks for her father. Dixon tells her that her father is in prison. He has been in solitary confinement for almost a year. The National Security Council has ordered that without exception he is to have no visitors.

We go to a train in Lyon France. Kingsley is reading. A woman sits opposite him. She smiles at him. Two men enter the car. They begin shooting people. Chaos erupts. Kingsley pulls out his gun and fires back. He gets out of the car. We see bodies lying around. There are more men approaching him from the other direction. Kingsley is shot. The man says you know what I want. Give it to me. A man stabs him with a knife. Kingsley tells him his left shoe. The man says this is not it. That isn’t what he wanted.

Kingsley is stabbed gain. They check his pockets. Go through his wallet. The change is examined. A Coin comes apart. It is a chip and apparently what they want. Back at the hospital, Weiss sits next to Sid’s bed. Sid wakes up from a dream. He asks if Sid is okay. Sid says she thinks she knows where she was. And finally the opening credits.

In HQ. Sid tells Weiss that there are so many new people. Weiss tells her it is okay. Marshall tells her really slowly who he is. Sid hugs him and says of course she knows who he is. Marshall starts to read a poem. Carrie comes up. Sid hugs her. Carrie is pregnant. Marshall asks Sid if she can guess who the father is (go Marshall!). Sid asks if they are married too. Marshall says no and he and Carrie begin bickering over wedlock. Weiss tells her that Dixon is expecting them. Dixon wants to know what happened in her dream. She remembers being in a building. In Paris. And remembers the faces of three of her captors. Kingsley is somehow involved. Another agent we haven’t seen before says that there was a mass murder on a train in France last night. They hand Sid a folder and tell her that Kingsley built a drone for them that wouldn’t be detected by radar. The drone can be converted into a biological or chemical weapons system. He was going to test it. They ask Sid if she recognizes the building. They are considering sending her because she might know details of the building. Dixon and the other agent begin arguing over sending Sid into the field this soon. Dixon calls it asinine. The other agent argues for it. Sid tells them she is standing right there. She tells them that she might be willing to help in Paris but she wants their help first. She wants to see her father. The other agent says he doesn’t ever want to do her father a favor. But he has a heart and will get her in to see him this one time.

Weiss takes her to see her father at the prison. Sid is escorted to a visiting room with glass walls, a table and two chairs. He is brought in. He has a beard and mustache. He tells her she looks beautiful. He was charged with resisting authority. He became obsessed with her death and finding those responsible. So he contacted the one person he knew could help, her mother. At the time she was number 6 on the CIA’s most wanted list. Robert Lindsey (aka the other agent above) found out and questioned his loyalty. He chose to make an example of him in a CIA power play. He was told she had a memory of being held in Paris. Sid triggers an anti-eavesdrop device she got from Marshall. They have 90 seconds. She doesn’t remember a thing. She read Dixon’s lips when she was in the hospital. She made it up to have leverage to get in to see her. She has nothing. No life, no hope. Vaughn is married. He tells Sid that Vaughn was just a boy who was not good enough for her. He goes on to tell Sid that her only hope is to get her CIA clearance restored and get to his old files on her death. She has no choice. They CIA are dubious of her. If they find out she is bluffing it is over. Sid asks what was disturbing. Jack tells her that he new she was alive. He tells Sid that he loves her. Sid says she loves him too.

Paris. Weiss is leading the team! But they will take into consideration any insights Sid has to offer since she was “held” in the building. The team rushes into the building. Dixon tells them that it is clear. Dixon watches the satellite view of the building. We see dots rushing through it. Weiss asks Sid if she remembers this. Dixon advises that there are hostiles approaching. The team is under attack. Dixon orders all agents to abort. Weiss and Sid try something. We see blood and a body on the ground. It is one of their team. Sid finds another body and is then fired at. She sees a bottle. Then fires back. She pulls her shirt over her moth and throws the bottle. Sid begins running. Someone is about to slit Weiss’s throat. Sid fires at the man. The man runs. He lets Weiss go. Sid follows him. The man gets away. Weiss comes out and says that they are all dead. Sid admits to Weiss that she lied. That she made it all up. Weiss tells her this operation was on whether she came or not. They would have died anyway and he saved her life. Weiss tells her they have to go. Sid says she can’t go back. Robert Lindsey has it in for her father. This was obviously an ambush. The gunman who was going to kill him – she saw his face. That could lead to the chip. That could be leverage. Leverage to get her father free. All her names are 2 years old. Weiss tells her she isn’t going to like his suggestion. She should go talk to Sloan. Sloan negotiated a pardon. He works as a consultant for the CIA. He runs a world health organization – Omnifamine, located in Zurich. Sid says to listen to her. They never had this conversation. After the gunfight she disappeared.

Sid arrives in Zurich. She walks into Sloan’s office. He turns around and sees her. Sloan tells the guard it is okay. Sid tells him about The Covenant – the group the CIA has targeted. She needs to put a name to a face. He is going to help her. Sloan shoves a file in her direction. He tells Sid that the man is a Russian hit man. He had the file ready because he was expecting her. He guesses that she has gone rogue and is trying to win her father’s freedom. Sid slams Sloan into the table. She asks where she has been for 2 years she knows it was him. Sloan calmly tells her about how many people his company has helped. Sloan says the Rambaldi device delivered a message. It was just one word. “Peace.” He wasn’t expecting it. He chose to give information to the CIA that helped dismantle over 2 dozen terrorist cells. Sid doesn’t buy it.

Sid goes to a payphone. She makes several phone calls. All speaking in French. She talks to the only contact she has that is still active. He thought she was dead. Sid asks about the Russian hit man.

Dixon asks Lindsey about him listing Sid as an enemy of the state. This is why he didn’t want to send her out. He wants to use their resources to find her. Lindsey says she will be located. Dixon says he wants her alive.

The contact asks Sid if she needs back up. Sid says no, but she will need clothes. Sid is in a red dress with shoulder length hair. Rock music blares. Sid is in Prague. She struts down a dark street. More rock music. A car approaches. The Russian hit man is inside. Sid gives him a sexy smile then raises her gun, fires at the car. The car explodes. She tosses the gun away. She retrieves the chip. One of them is still alive. It is the hit man. He has a knife to Sid. Sid fights back. The hit man falls to the ground. Sid drives off.

She arrives back at HQ – in leather. Weiss gets up. She goes in to see Dixon. She tells them she has the chip with the plans. If they want it, they will release her father. She wants it in writing. She holds a blowtorch to the disk. Dixon says she will destroy the plan. At the last minute Lindsey says fine. Sid goes back to the prison. Vaughn is there talking to Weiss. He came by to see how she was. She asks if he’s kidding. She says he didn’t come to find out how she was. He came to see how he was. Vaughn says he buried her. Sid tells him what it comes down to is faith. She wanted him to say I lost faith. But that isn’t what he wanted. He wanted closure. Sid tells him she is horrible. She says that if it had been her she would have waited. She wouldn’t have given up on him. She says what an absolute waste that would have been. She walks away from him. Jack returns to the CIA – without the beard. Sid hugs him. (Gee I kinda liked the beard). Jack says there is something that he needs to show her. He takes her to where he can. He shows her a picture of a Russian diplomat. He shows her a film from a hidden camera he placed. We see Sid in a blonde wig with the man. It is how he knew Sid was alive. She has a knife and slits the man’s throat. Sid is shocked by what she is seeing.