The Claws Come out Once Again as One More is Sent Packing

As usual, tonight’s epi started out with a look back at last week and how Anand and Poppy were both sent home in one episode. Then we were shown what happened after Steph and Liza went back up to the suite. There was definite tension between Steph and Liza considering the stuff that was said in the boardroom between them. Liza was calling out Steph as a liar and Steph was calling out Liza as saying that she did more on the team than she actually did. Pull the claws back in ladies......LOL.

The next day, Clint went to meet with Mr. Barry Sternlicht, the founder and CEO of Starwood Properties as his reward for winning the perfume task the day before. As the two of them sat down, Mr. Sternlicht was able to give Clint some advice regarding goals to achieve and how he obtained the success that he has. Before parting, Barry gave Clint an envelope from Donald. Later Clint opened up the envelope to find a $5,000.00 gift card from Pier 1, of which Clint expressed how that would help immensely and couldn’t wait to share the news with his wife.

As everyone heads to the rooftop, Mr. Trump is joined by Jane Hancock from FLO TV and Ted Woodbury from AT&T to tell the teams what their next task will be. Their task is to make a 30 second commercial that will get people excited about mobile tv and want to try it. They will be judged on the following criteria: creativity, represent the concept well, and to make sure the message is clear and concise. The PM’s for the teams are Stephanie for Fortitude and Steuart for Octane. Don and Ivanka will be the advisors for the task.

As the teams head off to their respective war rooms for some brainstorming, we first check in with Team Fortitude and Steph is in fine form as she is taking control very early on. The first concept that Steph came up with is to shoot the commercial in an indoor stadium setting and also in an office setting. Liza tried to interject with an idea of her own as to another plan but Steph slammed that door shut and immediately set into motion her plan of which Liza was responsible to find an indoor stadium and the props / clothing needed for the photoshoot.

Over with Team Octane, Steuart immediately tasks Brandy to doing the presentation. Clint was put in charge of the creativity side and Steuart was going to be in charge of the editing. As Clint comes out of the bathroom, he claims that he has had an epiphany and thought of what to do with the concept. Basically he will be the odd man out.........meaning that he is the one and only without the TV gizmo and finally comes to his senses.

Back with Fortitude, the photographer shows up and immediately Liza gets her nails into him and tries to take that didn’t go over well and Steph finally got things settled. Meanwhile, Liza was suppose to find a stadium and office, of which she couldn’t do so Liza suggested just using the backdrops that they had. It was obvious that the photographer wasn’t impressed with Steph and as team Fortitude wasn’t organized, it was taking way too much time away from the shoot to get things sorted.

We meet up with Team Octane as they are getting themselves organized and are already shooting their first scene. Clint is the main character in it, and they head off to the AT&T store to shoot their next scene in front of the store. Then Ivanka shows up and gets an idea of what their concept is. As Ivanka watches what is happening and realizes that Clint has more control over the situation, she shares her concern as to whether Steuart is actually a leader or whether he surrounds himself with good people to help him.

Back with Fortitude, the black backdrop and the sky then show up at the photoshoot. Steph is obviously not happy with them. Steph says that she has to now re-create an outdoor stadium in the room with the cheesy backdrops. Chris the Photographer states in a PI that Steph is all over the place and that he doesn’t know how much longer he will be able to be patient for her. He’s calling it as literally being the high school version of film school. As the group gathers to film their scene in front of the outdoor sky backdrop, Don Jr. comes in to observe what is happening. As Steph and Don are talking about the schedule and her concept, in walks Liza with the “prop’s”......which end up being a little bit of clothing and a ball or two. WOW, she must of been shopping forever for them.......LOL.

Team Octane is now in the editing process of their project and are still brainstorming how they are going to pull everything off and what scene’s they will include into the final product. It is obvious that the editing of the scene’s are giving them the biggest problem. Steuart wants Clint to make the final decision, but as Clint expresses, he isn’t the PM so doesn’t want to do that and then loose it for them.

Now it is Team Fortitude’s turn in the editing room. As it turned out the scene that they filmed in front of the fake backdrop looked “fake” when all was said and done so they went back to the original scene that was filmed when Liza was out shopping for Steph said in a PI, she put Liza in charge of an outdoor stadium and office locations......she failed on both so they just had to go with the crap office scene that they first shot.

Judgement day............

As Team Fortitude enter the room, they find Mr. Trump, Jane and Ted waiting there for their presentation. The commercial goes on first, then Steph makes her presentation....they seem okay about it but no gushing. Then it was team Octane’s turn......after their commercial, again they made their presentation with Brandy she was making her speech, she definitely didn’t do it as smoothly as she did for the fashion show. When Brandy finished, Trump immediately asked her why she didn’t memorize her was obvious that it was something that bothered the committee.

Trump asked Jane and Ted of what they thought of Steph’s commercial first and they both thought that it had a lot of production value and energy, when asked about Steuart’s, Jane thought that Steuarts made better points with regards to what the product is about and where to get it.

Up next............boardroom decision

First up, Donald asked Steuart how he thought the team did with their task and then asked about Brandy’s presentation. Steuart definitely wanted Brandy to make the presentation because of her previous success with the Macey’s task, but did admit that there were some flubups with this presentation.......but again Trump kind of defended Brandy and stated that if he were in the fashion industry, he would of hired her in a hot minute.......LOL. Then Steph was asked as to how her task went. When Donald asked Liza who he would fire if their team lost, Liza stated that it was a tough call as there are only two of them left but he would say that it would probably depend on why they lost the task. When asked why the office setting versus just a table setting with food on it, Steph replied that there were no props available. According to Don, the pro’s and con’s of Steph’s team is that Pro....there was good energy during the commercial and presentation, pro, that the production value of it was great..........Con.......that the concept was inheritantly flawed considering using tv during an office meeting, and that it took 18 seconds into the 30 second commercial to get the brand and like info to come out. For Octane’s team, Ivanka read out the pro’s and con’s for them..........Pro’s......that the brand info was front and center in the commercial, high energy, several reasons to buy the product, location to purchase the product was displayed......con’s......they thought that it was a bit heavy, and inconsistent brand messaging. As it turned out, Team Octane were the winners. As the winning PM, Steuart will have the opportunity to meet with Kathy Black.

Boardroom cat fight up next..........

Steph started off saying that she has tried to stem her personal feelings towards Liza and if she hadn’t then the commercial wouldn’t of happened. Steph told Trump what she tasked Liza with considering the props, the stadium / office location and the backdrops.........none of which she came through with. Ivanka chimed in with the fact that Liza has only been the project manager once and at that, she lost the task, she doesn’t want to really step up and be a leader. As Ivanka stated, she thought that Liza was very vocal in the boardroom but out in the field, she doesn’t really want to take part in the task. As Liza says, Steph has had the concept all along that it is her way or the highway, of which Trump steps up and says that it is okay to feel that way when you are the project leader..........immediately we are treated to a shot of team Octane upstairs and Steuart hollering her........LOL. It seemed to go around in circles for a while regarding Steph saying that Liza failed on her part of the task by not providing props and a location, then Liza says that Steph completely changed the concept of the shoot without getting an okay from Liza.........gee whiz, come on ladies. Then Trump brought Don in on it and asked him if Liza was taking part in the project.....Don said that Liza was in charge of getting the props etc, and Steph was in charge of directing the shoot. But he also stated that Liza seems to sit around in the background until he shows up then she steps up or when they come into the board room, she will then become very vocal. This gets Liza going and she flat out denies what Don says. Don describes exactly the props that Liza comes back with.......2 shirts, shorts, hats and a ball. Not hardly props enough for a photoshoot like what they are trying to produce. Steph recounted what she had to work props but a white room, no walls, a curtain...........then Trump re-iterated what she said saying that she did have something......a white room, no walls and a lot of money to get your props with.......Steph immediately stated that she gave that money to Liza to get the props for the room. Oh we go around the merry-go-round again with the same crap from each of props, change of concept, da,da,da..........get over it already!!
Now Ivanka gets back into it again.........she told Steph that she had a bad concept but at least she came out and owned it........but her problem is with Liza and how none of her ideas have been adopted by a PM before.......Liza is then asked if she has a bad sales pitch. Finally it seems like Trump is getting pi$$ed off so he made it simple............he said that he wasn’t happy with Liza, but since Steph was the PM, she was fired because of the flawed concept.

Before the ladies left the room, Trump told Liza that he was not happy with her one bit and told her to get her act together. During the exit video for Steph, she said that she felt Trump made the wrong decision in firing her as she told Liza exactly what was expected of her for this task and it wasn’t done.

For the Rockport excerpt at the ending..........Stephanie was hired as a spokesman for the Trump brand......she gets to travel and spread the word about the Trump organization..........huh, not an apprentice but still hired within the Trump organization.......

Well, that’s all for tonight.........I don’t know if there is a new episode for next week, but if there is, I will be back...........if not, have a great American Thanksgiving!!