10:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Chase is still hanging. The goon picks up a device and demonstrates that it is electrically charged. He is asked how many more are coming? Are the American or Mexican? Chase doesn't answer. He is shocked.

Adam shows Tony where Jack was last. It will take at least two passes to line up the satellite. Tony says that is too long. The phone rings. Gael takes the call. It is Hector. Tony is having the call traced. Hector tells Gael that there was a second bidder, Nina Meyers and they lost. Bauer is going to try to get the virus. They put Jack on. He gives Gael the dealer's phone number for Gael to trace. Hector tells Gael that they have Bauer's partner. Gael says that he doesn't have access to field ops. Hector tells him to find out. Gael advises that they should keep Chase alive until they know more.

Tony goes to Kim and tells her that they heard from her father. He is alive. She is also told that they have Chase and are holding him. If they don't get the virus they will go in for Chase. Kim thanks him for not keeping it for him. Michelle asks if he told her. Tony says about Chase yes, about Nina, no. She doesn't need to know about that right now.

Ramon asks how long it will take to trace the phone. Jack says 10 minutes. Hector goes off to check chase. Sergio comes up and tells Hector that Claudia is going to take him and her father away. Sergio doesn't want to go. Hector tells Sergio to go inside and act like everything is okay. He will talk to her.

Jack catches a moment with Claudia. Claudia tells him that Chase is holding on. Jack tells her if she finds a chance to get out, take it. Get Chase, call CTU and have them come in.

Hector confronts Claudia about leaving. Claudia tells him that Sergio was being bad. He wanted a gun like his, she said no. He got nasty. So she scared some sense into him. Hector says that he is a good boy. Claudia tells Hector not to encourage Sergio to play with guns.

Chappelle asks Tony if they are back in touch with Jack. Tony confirms this. They are tracing a number for Jack. Jack will call the shots. Tony tells Chappelle that there is another player in this, Nina Meyers. Chappelle thought that they had her restricted to North Africa after the President gave her immunity. Tony says they did. Apparently she slipped out. Jack is trying to get her to help him. Chappelle says that she killed his wife that has to be a hard sell. Chappelle is told that Kim doesn't know and he wants to keep it that way.

Michelle comes in and says she owes him an apology. He tells her she doesn't. She had an obligation to report it if that is how she felt. But she should know he wouldn't put the unit in jeopardy. Tony receives a call. Michelle leaves. Chloe is on the phone. She says she can't just leave. She is in the middle of a crisis.

Chase's torture continues. Hector cuts him down. He is hauled over to the corner. Hector tells him that CTU doesn't have his travel plans in their computer. Did he come down her on his own? Hector shoots him. As he leaves Hector tells the goons that if he doesn't crack soon, use gasoline.

Palmer asks if all agencies are up to date. He is told yes. The Mexican government is cooperating. Wayne comes in. He tells Palmer that they have lost another vote. Everyone Milliken supports is leaving them. They won't get health care passed. Wayne tells him that they won't get the vote through unless they give in to Milliken and fire him. Wayne tells him that this is his fault. His affair with Milliken's wife was stupid and wrong. Palmer says yes it was but they aren't going to let Milliken hijack something that is good for the country. They need to find a way to get to him.

Chloe tells someone to push them all off the stacks. She tells Justin to follow her instructions. Chloe goes outside. The woman at the car tells her that there was a family emergency. Chloe gets a baby out of the back seat. She tells the woman that now there are two family emergencies and that her job is in jeopardy. She returns to the building.

Jack receives a call from Gael. Gael tells him that the dealer is 7 miles north of Palo Verde. Hector says it must be highway 14, they should go after him. Jack tries to convince them that they can't ambush him unless he has the virus. Jack wants to go in alone. Ramon says no. He will accompany Jack.

Claudia checks on her brother. He can't sleep. They hear a noise. Claudia checks. It is Hector. Sergio now seems to be asleep as Claudia gets something. Ramon and Jack leave. Claudia leaves the house. She talks to her father. Claudia has a knife. She tells her father to do something to the trucks so they can't follow them and get Sergio. Claudia continues to where Chase is being tortured. She asks one of them for a light then bashes him in the head. She drags him off.

Wayne meets Milliken's wife at a restaurant. He thanks her for meeting him. She assumes he is there because her husband wants him fired. He says that he is here for his brother. She says she loves it when he gets all noble but this is out of her control. Wayne says that it isn't. That everyone thinks he dominates her but he knows better. They say they missed each other. She kisses him. Wayne says not to do this. She asks if he thinks about her. He admits that he does but it doesn't mean anything. She says she thinks about him and it does mean something. She says she likes being Mrs. Alan Milliken but that doesn't have anything to do with them. She asks him to come back to her. She says it worked once, it can work again. Wayne says that it never worked, not for him. She says then she is afraid she can't help him.

The goon douses Chase's hand with gasoline. Claudia comes in and says to back off, that hector thinks he might talk to him. She tells Chase to tell them what they want or they'll burn him alive. She slips Chase the knife. He breaks free. The goon gets covered in gas. Chase washes out his wound. He uses a hot poker to cauterize the wound to stop the bleeding so he won't die. Claudia helps him up and they leave. Her father gets Sergio in the truck and tells him to stay down. He helps Claudia and Chase into the truck. A pair of men come by. They ask where he is going. He says hector wants him to pick something up. They go to look in the back of the truck. Chase shoots them. Hector hears and leaves the house. A gunfight breaks out. Hector yells for Claudia. He hops in a truck. It won't start - the wires have been pulled. Chase thanks her as they drive away. Claudia has been shot in the head.

Chloe has the baby under her desk. Chappelle asks if the delta teams are in place. She says yes. Chappelle says to be sure they know this is subordinate to getting the virus. The baby coos. Chappelle asks what that is. She says nothing. Chappelle asks if it is hers. She says yes and it isn't interfering with her work. She was hit by unprofessional behavior by her babysitter. Chappelle says to get rid of it or find someone to do her job. Chloe snaps back that parents are a protected group.

Jack and Ramon watch a vehicle go past. Jack counts how many people are there with a night scope. Ramon wants to go along. Jack tells him that he can't. He has been trained for this. Ramon can watch using the night scope. Jack tells him when he gets in the building to go back to the main road incase they mobilize. Jack leaves and heads for the group. A vehicle comes by. Jack hides. Ramon watches using the night scope. Jack gets closer to the building. Ramon follows a bit. One of the men hears a noise and goes to investigate. He pulls a gun and sees nothing. Jack is in a dark corner. He hears that the funds are ready to be transferred where is the virus. Nina is told that he will call her with the location in half an hour. She will transfer half the funds at that time. She doesn't like jumping through hoops. Jack jumps out and says that he is unarmed and wants a meeting with their employer. He says Nina's name. Gunshots ring out. Jack takes out one of the men. He tells Nina to drop her gun and get back in the church. She complies. He tells her to take a seat. He tells her that if he wanted to kill her she'd be dead by now. He tells her to put the briefcase down. Nina slugs him with it. (YAY!)

Adam rushes upstairs. Chase has just called in. He tells them an approximate position. The truck broke down. There are delta teams in the area. He will be bringing two people with him and the body of the woman who helped his escape. He tells them that Jack is with the Salazars. Claudia's father cries. They tell Chase to hang on for ten minutes.

Nina ties Jack up and asks if he is alone. She says that her buy is paying her two million once she delivers the virus. Jack tells her the Salazar's will pay more. She asks how much. Her goon helper says the guy should be dead right now. He tells her ten times that. She asks what happens when her buyer doesn't get the virus. He'll hunt her down and kill her. He tells her that with that kind of money she can disappear. She thinks he is with CTU. He tells her no, what it ever got him. He had to sell his soul to the Salazars. She asks about Kim. He says most of the money is for her. He says he can't go back. He rolled Ramon Salazar out of prison. Her goon says enough wasting time. Kill him or he's calling in. Nina points the gun a Jack's head. She holds it there. She shoots her goon instead. She asks Jack what he's up to.

Wayne goes in to see Palmer. He says he went to see Julia, just to see if she would help with Alan. She said no. Wayne has been thinking and he doesn't have an alternative. Let him resign. Palmer says he may when this is all over. But he's not going to because Milliken is forcing his hand. There may be an alternative. Wayne asks what. Palmer says that Milliken wants to play dirty then they can. Palmer wants a moment. Wayne leaves. Palmer makes a call … to SHERRY! He says that he needs her help. He is downtown he can't talk on the phone. It is about Alan Milliken.

Jack watches Nina on the phone. She crosses the room to Jack. She says he really did break Salazar out of prison. He isn't the same mind. She says that for twenty million dollars she'll keep an open mind. She rubs her hands on his legs. She asks if he can forgive her for killing Teri. He says all he wants to do is finish the job and go on with his life. She says convince her. They kiss.