We see a fly on the inside of Irina's cell. Irina catches the fly in mid-air with her hand. Syd waxes poetic about her mother and seeing her parents in the same room together. She's talking to Will. Talking about working in a team. He recounts them being ambushed, working together and surviving. Will says he and his parents survived the same thing. They both laugh. Syd tells Will that he was approved for research work if he passes some test. Francie walks in. Will and Syd stop talking. Francie says something to them but I miss it because my computer chooses to act up.

Syd talks to Irina on the roof of some building. Irina says that she was recruited at the age of 18. About how it was an honor. Syd and Irina hug. Guards separate them.

Sloan has Sark strapped to a chair. Sark yells. Sloan accepts them that the mission to Kashmir was a waste of resources. A glass ball is put in his mouth. If the strap is tightened more, the ball will break. Sark agrees to talk. He spits the ball out. Sark spills the beans about an artifact being destroyed.

Syd meets with Vaughn. Syd is being sent on a mission with Sark. Sloan updates the SD6 team. He tells them Sark has provided new intell (oh, is that what the scene up above was). Someone was led to believe the Sark betrayed them. A terminal is being moved most likely when an armed transport shows up.

Vaughn tells Syd that her counter-mission is to upload a program to wipe the program when SD6 turns on the computer. Sloan will think they installed a fail safe. Syd says she can install on the return trip. She and Sark are traveling separately so he won't be connected to SD6. Vaughn is going to be prepping Will for his psych test. Before Syd leaves, Marshall asks Syd to take some photos in Paris with her so that he can put himself in the photo because his mother thinks he makes worldwide trips for the bank.

Paris: Syd is made up like a surveyor complete with hardhat and orange vest. Sark tells Syd it's a shame they are traveling separately yada yada. He brings up Syd's mother and their prior relationship. Sark threatens Syd with I'll tell about you trying to kill Sloan. Syd cuts him off and tells him to get his head in the game.

Jack goes in to see Irina. Jack says he thinks that her moves are more long term. She is acting predictably. He bases this on their marriage. Irina brings up that they may still be married. Jack thinks that Sark is still working for Irina. Jack says that he'll see that Irina is relocated to a private residence on Puget Sound in exchange for Irina confessing what her true mission is. Jack gives her time to think about it.

Sark is undercover as a gendarme. He takes out a pair of men. Syd blows the truck. She repels down into the truck. The truck is empty. It was a decoy. Syd chases a mad carrying a suitcase. She runs across the tops of cars. She catches up to him and jumps on top of him. The man falls. Syd picks up the suitcase. Sark pulls up. Syd hops in.


Jack is introduced to Miss Cain (Faye Dunaway). She plugged a leak for SD6. She asks Jack where he would start. Jack says him. He is a likely suspect because if Sloan is out - he inherits the seat (or something like that). Sloan says that Jack will be happy to assist her as soon as she clears him.

Vaughn and Will talk about the psych test. Vaughn tells him that some of the questions are personal - punch someone in a bar if they asked personal. Vaughn advises him not to lie. They have arranged for him to take the test in a backroom at a front (the post office). Syd and Will talk about the test. And about lying to Francie. Syd says she got Francie tickets to the Hollywood Bowl for her birthday (and this is important because??). Vaughn strolls through the bar with the wife. Polite chitchat ensues.

Sloan tells Syd that the device has a fail-safe. The good news is Kuvay (sp??) doesn't have the device. But that he could still gain access to the computer system. Syd is sent into take care of this. The only one qualified to get into the computer without and electronic device (translation - do algorithms in their head) is Marshall. Marshall stutters that he isn't field ready. Sloan tells him he will be and that Syd will take good care of him.


Vaughn got Syd's debrief. Syd tells him that Marshall has a photographic memory. If he sees it, he'll remember it. Vaughn says they'll have to pull Marshall out of SD6. There is no other way. When they return - he'll be taken into protective custody and go through an extensive debriefing. Marshall will have the option of putting his mother under protective custody as well. Syd worries because SD6 is Marshall's whole life.

Ms Cain questions Jack. She asks when Jack was recruited. Jack says they were both displeased with the government. She asks how he felt about Sloan recruiting his daughter without his knowledge. She asks Jack whom he has been intimate with in the last 10 years. Jack asks where she is going with this. She says secrets are revealed through pillow talk. Jack tells her that there is only one way for her to find out. She laughs.

Enroute, Marshall hacks into the plane's onboard computer - to make sure that they haven't missed anything. Marshall has never been on a plane before. He was nervous the night before and memorized the 747-flight manual. Marshall freaks out over noise. It's a kid playing an electronic game across the aisle.


Syd and Marshall arrive at a party as a couple. Marshall is in a tuxedo. Syd is in a gown. Syd tells him that they key is to be inconspicuous. Wait - not a party - it's the London Philharmonic. They're target goes there every week, with a bottle of champagne. Marshall prattles at the man while Syd drops a pill in champagne. Syd needs to steal the key and get it back before intermission. Marshall gets wrapped up in the music. Syd has to nudge him for their mission.

Syd goes to a desk. She has been paged by their New York office and need access to the Jennings Aerospace server - an account SD6 has set up. Syd and Marshall meet up with a guard. Marshall begins speaking to them (we learn later) in ewok. Syd overtakes the guards - but not before Marshall is hit with a drug dart. Marshall beings to act loopy. Syd half carries him down the hall to the computer. She has to keep waking Marshall up. He falls asleep. She kisses him. He wakes up. And gets access to the computer. Just in time to pass out on the keyboard. Syd walks him back to their box. Their target wakes up at intermission. He says he must have dosed off. Syd tells him he wasn't the only one - referring to Marshall.

We pan back and someone is watching them through a pair of opera glasses. Whoever this is wears glasses. And rolls way in a powered wheelchair.


Los Angeles: Syd and Marshall leave the airport. Syd tells him that this car will take him home. Marshall asks if the driver will take the scenic route. He has pictures in his head he wants to work out. Syd hugs him before he gets in the car. Before he gets in, he tells Syd that he's never been prouder to "be one of the good guys." Marshall calls his mother in the car. He says he'll be home soon. He asks the driver to turn left here - there's a nightclub he wants to see. The car careens around a corner. Men approach the car with guns. Francie arrives at her surprise party (okaaaaaay).

Ms. Cain talks to Sloan about Jack. She is suspicious. All of his subordinates is afraid of him except Jack Bristow. She says he is hiding something. Jack goes in to see Irina. Has she thought about it? Irina says she isn't going to confess. Jack tells her that she was right. Even though their marital contract was founded on false pretenses - they are still married until it is annulled.

Vaughn watches Irina via closed circuit camera. He gets a call. Vaughn learns that they didn't pick up Marshall at the pick up point. Marshall is on a table. An Asian man in glasses asks Marshall how he enjoyed the symphony.