5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Palmer is holding a press conference. He tells the press that there is an imminent threat. But that they get them everyday and don't tell them about it. He is exercising his best judgment. That is what they elected him to do. Palmer is told after that Jack is still being held hostage by Nina.

Jack is still on his knees. She tells Jack that Terri had to die because she heard something that compromised Nina's escape route. Jack asks her about bombing CTU. She says she had nothing to do with it. Jack decides to not stay there and die. He gets up and walks off. Nina fires. Jack stops. Jack backs away. Nina is drawn out. Swat sharpshooter takes Nina down. They cuff Nina and call for the chopper.

Kim and Miguel are being taken to a police car. Miguel becomes combative. The police force the pair into the SUV.

Palmer is told that Jack is fine. They got to Nina first. Palmer decides to stick with their original pardon. He wants her returned to Los Angeles - to share in everyone's danger.

Jack whispers something into Nina's ear. Nina gives him a look. Jack walks away. Jack goes back to the crash site. There is a snake tattoo on a man's arm.

Reza is brought into an office. They are there to find transactions Bob Warner had with Ali. The CTU agent needs to access the invoice files. Reza is upset because Marie left him because he's sending her father to jail. The CTU agent tells Reza that if they don't find anything in the next hour - he's taking him back to CTU and chaining him to the roof for an up front view.

Ali meets with he lackey and they talk in Arabic and there are subtitles - all of which I miss because I'm typing. Lovely shots of bloody body under plastic. They ask Kate if she wants to suffer like he did. Kate says she doesn't know anything. She's already told them. The Lackey plays with a sharp looking scalpel.


Palmer talks to Jack on the phone. Jack tells him that the soldiers that attacked them at the crash site were either American or American trained. The coral snake tattoo is a signal of a unit out of Ft. Benning, GA. The unit tried to recruit Jack early in his career. Palmer never heard of them. Jack says that they are buried deep in the NSA Budget. Jack is headed to the address Nina gave them.

Michelle talks to Mason. Mason coughs. Michelle loiters all concerned like. She tells Mason she's sorry. He asks what Michelle is going to do tomorrow if the bomb doesn't go off. She hadn't thought about it. Mason asks if she's happy in this job. He says that he once wanted to be a teacher - but didn't because the DOD offered him more money. He admits he's made himself miserable all for the $5000/year more they offered him. He tells her to find something that makes her happy. That everything else is just background noise. Michelle leaves. Mason puts his glasses on and goes back to work.

Palmer asks for more information on someone from Ft. Benning Georgia. Stanton doesn't know anything. Palmer wants to know how he doesn't know about this. NSA is research gathering only - no military action. Stanton says he suspects that it is someone's pet project and offers to find out more. Palmer goes to Sherry and his Chief of Staff. He tells them that it is an American Unit. The unit is headed by a Colonel Palmer and financed by NSA. Palmer says he is going to arrest Stanton. Stanton is head of NSA. Jack was attacked. The chopper was shot down. All after Stanton arrived. They tell him he can't just arrest the head of NSA. Palmer tells them to find him a connection between the Colonel and Stanton.

Time for the Kim is stupid moment of the week. The cop is on the radio. He says he is brining the prisoners down. That the guy caused some problems. Miguel tells Kim to pull his bandana out of his pocket. Kim says it's crazy (yes it is - so don't do it). Miguel urges her to do it (don't do it). Kim gets her hands from behind her. They are still cuffed. The cop asks for info on the bomb. Kim has the bandana and lights it (told her not to do it). The SUV goes out of control, then airborne. And…


Kim climbs out of the crashed police SUV. The SUV rocks as she moves. She nabs the handcuff keys and unlocks her cuffs. She tells Miguel to hang on. She radios for help. Miguel says don't. Kim tells the dispatcher where they are and that the officer is hurt. Kim climbs back out, goes around to the back and clings to Miguel.

Terrorist torture guy has the scalpel to Kate's ear. Jack and company are prepared to head into the house. They can see 2 people in the house (and since we know that is Kate and torture guy Ali has probably split).

Marie shows up outside the office Reza and CTU agent is in. Marie begs to be let in. She runs to Reza and says how sorry she is. She wants to marry him. The CTU agent says they need to get to work and says to wait in the next room (why do I think that little sis is evil?).

Torture guy is cutting Kate's ear. Jack and company are in the house. Kate says that he doesn't have to kill her. He would be hundreds of miles away when they found her. Torture guy holds a gun to Kate's head. He hears Jack and company and opens fire. He yells that he has the woman and he'll kill her. Jack calls for the shield. They burst into the room behind the shield. They secure torture guy. Kate is freaking out. Torture guy goes into convulsion. It's cyanide. He must have had it in his mouth. Jack curses. Jack tells them to get fingerprints, photos everything. He wants confirmation that that is Ali.


Kim lies with her head on Miguel's chest. Miguel urges her to go. She says that she'll go when they get here. She's blubbering. Saying thank you. Sirens in the background approaching. Kim kisses Miguel and runs. She hides behind a nearby tree and watches the fire and rescue people for a moment before running again.

Jack brings Kate water. Kate is holding a towel to her ear. Jack puts his jacket around Kate. Jack asks her if he can ask her questions. How did she get here? Kate says she wanted to help her sister by hiring an investigator. Kate says they killed him. Jack confirms that there was more than one. Kate tells him the man was Sayed Ali. She describes Ali and doesn't know what he was driving or where he was going. Ali is Middle Eastern and dressed in all black.

Sherry tells Palmer that there was a back channel CIA operation that was brought back by an eyes only order issued by Stanton. Palmer says to contact the attorney general - get working on this from a legal standpoint.

Jack calls Tony. Jack wants a background check on Kate Warner. Tony informs Jack that he had the Warner family picked up and explains the situation. Tony asks Jack if Kate will talk. Jack says yes. Tony tells him that Bob Warner freelances for the CIA. Jack tells Tony to go back and work this form the beginning. These people are involved somehow. Jack clears the room. He asks for Kate to be brought back to the room.

Sherry works the phone. Chief of Staff find a way into the system. Sherry finds someone whose code is still active (but the man is retired). Sherry gives the code to the Chief of Staff. They can make a match between dates in the office and codes logged into the system. Palmer tells Sherry that he forgot how talented she is at this.


Michelle tells Tony that they haven't gotten everything over at the Warner office. Tony is having a hard time believing that this family has something to do with Ali (uhuh - watch out). And we have an awkward moment between Tony and Michelle. Michelle babbles about it being okay if he wants to go out with her and Tony babbles about how he was keeping her distance. Awww geeeee shucks (move on with the story please).

Kate tells Jack that Ali left after he killed the PI. She says he looked at her like she wasn't important anymore. Jack asks if they said anything before they left. Kate says it was soft and in Arabic. Jack asks how she knows Arabic. Kate says that their family used to live in Saudi Arabia when she was younger. When Marie got engaged to Reza she picked it up again. Kate thinks she heard the word prayer. Jack needs Kate to identify Ali for them.

Stanton receives a call. He goes to the hall. Someone tells Stanton that they have the code. The someone is Sherry! Sherry has to cover to get Palmer to trust him again. She tells him to not talk. It's more important than ever for him not to reveal her.

Reza is confused. Someone made an entry when he and Warner were out of the country. Except that it was from his laptop. And the only person with access - is holding a gun and shoots the CTU agent. (Told ya the girl was bad). She says she didn't think he'd find anything. Reza babbles about the last 2 years meaning nothing to her. Marie tells him he really is very sweet and then shoots him.

3 weeks from tonight - Kate is asked to ID Ali. Do whatever is necessary to find out what Stanton knows - and it involves those electric paddles they use to revive people.