Someone is Sent Packing and we Get a Cliffhanger Ending

Tonight’s epi as began as usual with a look back at the last week’s ending to give us a look back in time.....then when Liza came back to the suite and was welcomed back, in walked Mr. Trump with an explanation of what would happen next.

Liza and Brandy are Fortitude once again, and Steuart and Clint are Octane. After getting the teams in order, Donald said that the next task was to fly to Westchester, Pennsylvania to the QVC headquarters, where they will pick their products to showcase, sell as much as possible as the team that has the most profit will be the winners. The advisors for the task will be Juan Betancourt and Catherine Roman.

As the winning project manager from last week, Steuart meets with Cathy Black, the CEO of Hearst Magazines where he gets some one on one advice about operating a company in these hard economic times.

As both Octane and Fortitude take off in their respective heli’s to Westchester, Steuart mentions to Clint that Clint is like a 20 year younger version of Steuart’s dad complete with the country a PI, Clint remarks that Steuart made a froidiant slip with regards to the comment about Clint reminding him of his father.......Clint finished his remarks off by saying that Steuart is just too immature to be the apprentice. Clint says that they are going to have to figure out what they want to sell and get to selling it. It seemed like the guys talked the whole way there, yet the glimpse that we had of the ladies, led us to believe that they were silent the whole trip.....hmmmm.

At QVC, they meet up with David Miller whom introduced the Isaac Mizrahi products that were available for sale by the teams. The ladies chose either the belt or the watch as they were watching the presentation, meanwhile the guys were interested in the watch and the purse. The guys decided to use the time slots as a bargaining chip to get what they wanted. When the presentation was done and the teams split up to have a pow wow, the ladies decided to go for the watch and the men the purse. When the two teams met up at the table, they negotiated as to who was going to get what. Clint managed to talk the ladies into taking the earlier time slot, thus giving the ladies less time to prepare, in place, the ladies got their first choice of the watch........remember.......the watch wasn’t really ever on the guys radar.......Clint just managed to talk the ladies into something thinking the ladies were getting the better deal. LOL. After the negotiations were done, the guys immediately said, “Okay, we’ll take the purse” letting the cat out of the bag regarding their strategy. Catherine and Juan were there for the whole negotiations and by the end, Catherine admitted that Clint dominated the whole negotiation.

The ladies immediately went into their war room and got their strategy in motion. They priced the watch at $69.50 and started working on their pitch for the on air selling pitch.

Meanwhile the guys were meeting and deciding on their selling price as well. Clint really wanted to keep the price less than 200.00, yet Steuart really thought that it would sell for over that amount. In a PI, Steuart started mocking Clint and his twang accent with regards to Clint making comments on what their sales pitch should be and how beneficial the purse would be. IMO, not very professional and quite obvious that the editing of Steuart has changed with this episode.......could that be a forecast of things to come?? As the guys go through the process of getting their selling pitch in order, Steuart bursts into laughter while listening to Clint find the words to describe the purse. In a PI, Clint admits that Steuart is the little brother that he never wanted in a funny immature kind of a way. After much haggling, the guys agree on the price for the handbag at $194.97.

Gabrielle, the on air host for QVC, comes to meet up with the men to discuss the sales pitch and how the guys want the product to be showcased. This is when the editing of Steuart is exceptionally crappy, IMO. In a PI, Steuart puts Clint down once again, saying that he isn’t sophisticated enough to live the metropolitan type of lifestyle....etc.... Clint puts the bag up to show Gabrielle what he would like done during the presentation, then Steuart comes out with the line, do you want me to finger it......come on are 27, not 19......grow up. It was obvious that Gabrielle all of a sudden became very uncomfortable with Steuart’s line.

Meanwhile, Albany, the on air host for QVC, shows up to talk to the women about their product and sales pitch. Once Albany asked who her guest would be, Liza immediately went to their charts and found out that the demographic for their sales were 85% Caucasian and 7% African American, so Liza decided that it made more sense with Brandy as the guest. Once the “race” point came into it, then you could see that Albany and Brandy were both put off by Liza’s train of thought on that. Once it was decided 100% that Brandy was going to do the sales pitch, then the ladies started working on their catch phrases to get ready for their live performance.

Up Next........rehearsal time

The ladies were up first. As Liza sat down in the control room, Brandy took her spot in the was extremely obvious that Liza was very nervous and things weren’t going so well for her. Liza was more interested in getting a sign placed right versus actually doing their rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump meets up with Isaac to watch the show......the ladies are up first. The start of their presentation was a definite debacle.....Liza wasn’t giving the correct instructions as to when the ladies were to start their presentation.......all she kept saying is that “you’re up, you’re up” come on, what’s that all about?? Brandy and Albany got started on their presentation and did well, until Liza got into the picture again with her . The ending of the presentation was weird as there was no real good bye to Brandy at the end that was actually seen on just went into the next presentation. The ending obviously stumped Mr. Trump and Isaac who were watching the presentation.

Octane is now in their practice mode and getting ready for their presentation.....I have to say here, that Clint definitely makes a better producer than Liza. He seemed way more in control and was calm throughout. The guys were making a great presentation that obviously swayed Trump and Isaac in thinking that they were great. The guys ending was timed perfect and all in all, presentation wise, the guys definitely pulled it off. As far as Isaac’s impressions, he thought that Brandy was smooth, the guys purse priced too high, Brandy’s watch may of been priced too low. As an ending comment by Trump and Isaac, they both agreed that the sales is what mattered.

Up next.........the boardroom

After everyone was seated, Donald first asked Liza how she thought she did as the PM and she commented that she thought she did a brilliant job, meanwhile, when Brandy was asked, she thought that Liza did a good job. Trump asked Brandy why she was the co-host and she differed the question to Liza.....all Liza could do was to recite the stats. When Liza brought the racial card into the boardroom, it obviously made everyone “uneasy” to talk about it. Steuart was asked about Liza’s comment and he admitted that it surprised him that Liza would do that. Then Catherine brought up the question of the negotiations at QVC, and that is when the cat was let out of the bag regarding their game plan of getting the time slot the guys wanted and yet not giving up the product that they wanted. The ladies sold 77 watches and made $2,998.38. The men sold 25 handbags with a profit of $2, the ladies kicked their butts and now the men are fighting for their life in the boardroom. Immediately the ladies got really excited in that they thought that they wouldn’t be fired......then Trump lets the cat out of the bag and tells them not to get too excited as there will be 2 people fired tonight......The ladies leave the boardroom to wait in the lobby for their turn to return to the boardroom.

Donald first asks Clint, since he was the PM, why shouldn’t he be fired......Clint responds by saying that one of the two guys are going to be the next CEO of something and that Clint is a CEO right out of the box. Then Trump turns the question to Steuart who says that he is a tried and tested CEO as he has owned and run his own business for the last 3 ½ years. When asked as to why Clint should be fired.....Steuart admitted that he didn’t think that Clint would be able to make a go of it in New York as he just doesn’t have the metropolitan saviness......then Trump says that if you have IT, you know, the IT FACTOR, then you can do it anywhere. Then when asked about the price factor........Clint remarked that he came up with the lower priced point factor, versus Steuart with his price advice of over 200.00. Donald then asks Juan whom he thought would be the choice to be made......Juan thought that Steuart would suit the company better knowing that he has the “metropolitan” way about him....Immediately Clint disagreed and cited that he has the experience to back him up, experience that Steuart hasn’t gained as of yet. Clint also said that during tasks, even when he hasn’t been the PM, and Steuart has, Steuart has asked him what to do with certain situations. When Trump said that he is big on education, Clint responded that he is an attorney, a real estate broker, a CPA........then Trump asks Catherine her opinion.........She remarks that she feels that Clint has “a bigger toolbag” of which to draw from, experience that he has that might not be shared by others.....and since the Trump Organization is worldwide, maybe another location other than New York would serve Clint better. Donald then asked Steuart his education.....he has a minor in finance and a minor in marketing. Trump sees that both of the guys are having a hard time trying to one up the other one and remarks that he feels that they are both great guys.....he carries on to remark that there is no looser tonight, yet, he turns to Steuart and says that he’s fired.

As Steuart gets into the elevator and then into the taxi cab, you hear Trump telling Amanda to bring them in as he is going to fire someone right now..........

That is the cliff hanger part that I mentioned in the opening. What do you all think will happen??

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight.......hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and time spent with family and friends........Have a great week everyone!!