11:00 pm to 12:00 am

Chappell asks Adam if the dealer is moving yet. Adam says no. The location is mostly rural. Chappelle says to give him space. They want to make sure he feels secure enough to take them to the buyers.

Choppers arrive at Chase's location. The pilot says that they spotted a car from the air. Chase says it is the Salazars. They have to leave right now. Claudia's father doesn't want to leave his daughter. Chase convinces them to leave. They all get on the chopper.

Wayne is in a conference room. He makes a phone call to Alan Milliken. He says that he always thought he had more balls than to threaten him through his brother. Milliken says that he slept with his wife. Milliken tells Wayne to step down. Palmer comes in and asks Wayne what he is doing. Wayne admits that he is talking to Milliken - trying to clean up his own mess. Palmer takes the phone and tells him that he is not firing Milliken. Milliken says that Palmer is three votes short on the bill he wants through. Palmer says not to threaten him. After hanging up he points out that they need to focus on Mexico. If Bauer doesn't get the virus, they may have an international crisis.

Adam wants to know why they don't take out Amador now. Tony says because they don't know if he had the virus or not. Adam brings up the next screen. Tony says wait. Too Late. A picture of the broker - Nina - is on the screen and Kim sees it. Kim hadn't read the ops brief. Tony has Kim leave the room. Tony says he's sorry he was looking the right tie to tell her. Kim can't believe Nina is involved. Tony tells her that Jack needed her to get the virus. Kim insists that Jack couldn't even pretend to work with her.

Jack and Nina kiss (sure he can't pretend). She says sorry Jack. She can feel he hasn't changed. She says he hasn't forgotten anything. He despises her and would do anything to get her to go along with his plan. She says she knows he is still with CTU so why would she let him set her up. They scuffle. Jack gets the upper hand. He tells her she can believe what she wants. He needs this deal to go through. He is a fugitive. He will honor her original deal; she gets $20 million and gets to keep breathing. She asks about her client. Jack doesn't care.

Hector finds the abandoned pickup truck. One of his men finds Claudia dead. Hector kneels over her body and holds her. Hector says they can't be far away - find them.

Tony says the Mexican authorities are pissed off they didn't notify them sooner. The phone rings. It is Hector calling Gael. Hector tells him about Jack. Gael tells him that Jack hasn't contacted CTU and may not. He says they don't know where he is. Hector calls Ramon and asks if he is still with Bauer. Hector tells Ramon they need to call this off. Edmonds got free. Claudia helped. She is dead. Ramon says they have to finish the deal. They promised their buyers. He tells hector that he needs to send some of his men to find Edmonds and send the rest to him. Jack calls Ramon and tells him that he needs to come. Ramon asks if she agreed. Jack says he'll tell him when he arrives.

Palmer is told that Sherry has arrived. She is shown in. Palmer asks her to take a seat. She says she'd rather stand. She asks how things are with Anne. He says fine. She is glad. He deserves a bit of happiness. He says she looks well but somehow a little difference. He decides she looks calm. She isn't sure how calm she really is. He says he knows how difficult the last three years were. She says it could have been worse. He kept her out of prison and away from public humiliation. She discovered that most of what she lost wasn't important anyway. He laughs. She asks what. He tells her that when he wanted her to back off she was a shark. Now that he's asking her back, he needs her to be a shark. She says that she can be whatever he needs her to be. She says she understands he is having problems with Milliken and asks him to tell her all about it.

Ramon enters the church. He asks why the handcuffs. He thought he was going to get her trust. Jack says it is going to take a while. She agreed to make the exchange that is what matters. Ramon tells him that Edwards escaped. Jack says that he should have let him kill him when he had the chance. Ramon tells him that Claudia is dead. Jack tells Nina that he needs her to open her files. The broker will want her to verify their funds.

Palmer tells Sherry that in Alan's mind it is a matter of pride. She says that he wants her to find something on Alan. Palmer says he's always known that she's known things about Alan that she's never told him. She says and you were too smart to ask. Sherry says that one comes to mind. But it is a big one. She tells him if he plays this, he and Alan Milliken will be enemies for the rest of their lives. Palmer states that as far as he's concerned, they became enemies when he tried to extort him. Sherry says I'll tell you.

Chase's wounds are treated. Sergio cries. His father tells him that his sister was very brave. They don't have to worry about Hector anymore. Sergio says but he liked Hector. Edmonds learns that they are pulling back the surveillance. They can't risk getting caught. The team leader tells Chase that it isn't his problem anymore. He's wounded and to stay with the boy and his father. Amador meets to acquire the virus. He checks it.

Wayne approaches Sherry. They hug. He asks what she's doing here. She's waiting for an office to be prepared. He's not happy to see her. She says of course he isn't because this is about his indiscretion with Julia. He wants to know what he wants. He says to do what she does for a few hours then say she couldn't find anything. She says if she does that the only way out if for him to resign. He says that's what he wants. Sherry says it's not what David wants and it's not what she wants. She says that Palmer needs someone like her around. Someone who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Someone who isn't afraid of pulling punches. She doesn't play that role anymore but he can. She feels good knowing that David has her. She going to fix this and he's going to make sure his brother gets reelected. Wayne says not to forget how Alan Milliken can be. She says she won't forget but he did when he got involved with his wife.

Tony gets an update from the field. Kim asks if he's heard anything more from her father. Tony tells her that she has to put her feelings aside. Kim says that for the last few years she's lived with the knowledge that the president pardoned the woman who killed her mother. That she is out here free. She wants Tony to promise to help punish Nina for what she did. Kim starts to leave. Tony tells her that he'll do what he can.

Chloe tends her baby. She's asked for keys. The person requesting the keys isn't authorized to have them. She has to go. She convinces Kim to cover for her and do her work at Chloe's terminal. The baby's name is Angela she was just fed she'll sleep.

Nina tells Ramon that Jack isn't who he thinks he is. That jack is with CTU and selling him out. Ramon tells her that they have put too much into making this deal. The phone rings. Jack tells her not to make a wrong word. Amador asks for the money. He gives her the routing number. Nina makes the transfer. Amador's man gives him confirmation. Amador tells them where to meet him. Ramon says good. He takes the phone away from Nina. Amador puts the virus in a vehicle. He makes a second call. He says in a foreign language that the exchange will take place in an hour.

CTU sees that Amador is on the move. Gael says that Adam was right. They should have moved in and arrest him. Tony says they have to wait for Jack. They don't know if he has the virus or not. They've been over this. All they can do is wait for Jack's confirmation.

Wayne asks if it is time to let the Mexican government know about what is happening on their soil. Palmer says not yet. Wayne advises him to call the president directly to tell him. Milliken calls and asks Palmer what he is doing having his ex-wife fabricate lies. Milliken says that he is looking at photos of Julia and Wayne together an hour ago. Palmer hangs up and says he's scared. Wayne says that Alan is dangerous when he is scared. Palmer tells him to tell the Mexican Ambassador that he will call his president directly. Palmer goes to see Sherry. He asks what Chagrin Falls and what happened there. She says it is something that Alan wants buried. She will tell him everything but she has a lot to do if she is to get it done on time.

Hector comes in. Ramon asks where Edmonds in. Hector says it is too dark to find him. Jack says that Edmonds came down alone. CTU doesn't have enough time to get down here. Hector asks why Nina is tied up. Ramon and Hector consult privately about the deal. Jack uses their conversation to dial CTU. He uses the phone as a one way to let CTU know where the deal will take place. Jack interrupts their conversation and manages to pick up on the phone that the exchange is going to happen at a mine. Jack has to cut the phone off. Tony gets what they need. Delta teams move in and are to set up a quarantine zone. Chase argues that they are keeping the teams three miles away. They are sending in a forward observer. The team leader and Chase bicker. Chase convinces him to let him go in.

Hector and Ramon continue to bicker. Hector tells Ramon that if it weren't for him he wouldn't be here. Ramon says that Bauer got him out. Nina murmurs to Jack that he can't control this. He takes her to the SUV.

Kim tries to quiet Chloe's baby with little success. Chloe comes in and asks what she did to her. Kim says nothing. Kim is going to redirect her calls back downstairs. The baby crying echoes through the office. Chappelle gets angry and charges upstairs. Tony asks Michelle to handle it. Chappelle tries to send Chloe home. Michelle tells Chappelle that they need Chloe for advance audio coverage. She is the best they have. Chappelle gives in. Chloe says she has work to do, what is she supposed to do with her child. Chappelle says to give her to Kim. Kim says what.

Chase talks to the Delta team leader. They go over the map. Chase tells him where he needs the men. Chase assembles the rest of his gear and heads off.

The Salazars, Nina and Jack arrive at a building. Hector asks where the rest of the men are. Ramon says they are fine. Amador will only bring one man. Hector and Ramon argue again over if they will be fine or not. Jack tries to urge them on to the exchange point. Hector says the deal is off. Ramon says to Hector if they don't give the buyers what they promised they don't just lose money, they lose respect. Hector says they have their lives. They are leaving now. Hector gives the men an order to leave. He has to yell to get them to move. Ramon says to Hector not to do this. Hector leaves. Ramon calls his name. When he keeps going, Ramon shoots his brother in the back (WHOA). Nina and Jack stare.