6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Police arrive at the overturned vehicle. Kim runs. A helicopter flies overhead. Kim runs downhill. Kim hides under brush. Kim climbs into brush.

Marie retrieves her gun. Turns off the computer. Takes apart the CTU and snags the hard drive. It goes into her trusty purse. Sayed calls Marie (sweetheart, oh my). They have a problem. Marco was supposed to pick up the trigger. It's in a locker. He needs her to get it. He tells her the mission depends on her. She needs to change her appearance. Sayed arrives at a mosque.

Kate and Jack are Enroute to the mosque. Kate needs to identify Sayed then she'll be returned to CTU. Kate wants to know what is going on. Jack tells her that they believe Sayed Ali is heading up a terrorist attack on Los Angeles involving a nuclear attack. Kate is the only one they know who has seen Sayed Ali. Mason calls. They have a hard perimeter set up around the mosque. Mason breaks the news that Kim was in an accident. Jack is livid - he thought CTU was picking her up. Jack pleads to Mason to find Kim. Kate looks on concerned.

Palmer is told that the consensus at Justice is that there isn't anything actionable against Stanton. Palmer tells him he refuses to let him to continue to head up NSA. He says Sherry was right - his own people are turning against him (oh yeah, and she's real trustworthy). Lynne tells Sherry that she can't disturb the President. Sherry is upset that she's being shut out. Lynne tells her that if Palmer wanted their opinion he'd ask for it (mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrow).

The CTU team gears up in a parking garage. Jack and Kate arrive. Jack says Kate stays with him. Jack says they aren't going in hot or they'll have a crowd control problem. They wait until the prayer meeting is over and get Ali when he leaves with everyone else. Kate says she can go in. She can wear a Hija (sp?) to hide her face. She wants to help. Jack asks for the schematics to the mosque.


Stanton gets an "access denied" message on his computer. Palmer tells the Chief of Staff to do it. Military men move in. They place Stanton under arrest for conspiracy to commit treason against the U.S. Stanton demands to talk to the President. They tell him he'll have his chance. Everyone looks on in silence. Lynne goes in to see Palmer. She tells him that Sherry has been trying to reach him for the last half hour. Palmer says he knows. He'll talk to her. Palmer gets on the phone with Sherry. Sherry asks what he's decided to do with Roger (Stanton). Palmer says he's going to question him. Sherry says we don't know any more than we did before. Sherry questions acting without further intelligence. Palmer tells Sherry that she isn't part of his staff. She's there on his say so and on his timetable.

Tony and Micelle talk at CTU. Tony wants to talk about what they talked about before. (Egads more lovesick drivel). Tony says there has been something hanging between them since she started at CTU. Tony made a decision to keep personal and professional separate (uhuh - Nina had a lot to do with that). They are interrupted (yay) because Bob Warner is getting violent upstairs. Tony goes upstairs. Two men are holding Bob back. Bob tells Tony that whatever Reza told them was a lie. Bob wants to know where his daughters are. Marie went to the office. Kate is with one of the CTU agents. Bob wants to know why and what is wrong.

Jack gives Kate the schematics to the mosque. She has one shot. After she passes the men's prayer area their backs will be to them. If she spots Ali, she is to go past the women's prayer area and out a fire exit Jack will disable. Jack gives her a device to push if she feels in danger. Kate covers her face and heads across the street. She enters the mosque. She takes her shoes off inside after conversing with a greeter. She passes the men's prayer area. The men are knelt in prayer. They bow in unison at specific times. Kate stops to observe the men. She spots Ali. She drops the device. Picks it up and heads outside. Jack grabs her as she leaves.


The Chief of Staff says that Stanton's last call had a Virginia Prefix. They didn't get the entire number but it was a Langley number. Palmer says CIA. Palmer goes in to talk to Stanton. They know that Stanton issued an eyes-only memo to the General. And that it involved the terrorists who tried to take out Jack Bauer. All Palmer wants is to find the bomb in time. He offers Stanton a deal. If Stanton tells him everything - he'll bury it. Stanton can retire for health reasons with a pension and a writ of immunity. He can retire. Stanton denies knowing what Palmer is talking about. He doesn't know any more about the bomb than Palmer does.

Jack gives the CTU team instructions. Kate and Jack are going to cover the main entrance. Kate will show Jack who Ali is. They can't afford any mistakes. The team takes positions. Jack gives Kate binoculars. They watch the front entrance. Jack tells her that he thinks what she did in the mosque was courageous.

Kim is now walking - down a hill. Now hiking through more brush. She hears a noise. It's a cougar. Kim back to running. Climbing rocks. The cougar runs in her direction. Kim is caught by a hunter's trap. She fights to get lose. The cougar stands on a rock above Kim.


Palmer is being transported away from the underground office. SUV caravan driving down a road. It stops. Palmer indicates that secret service should hang back. He meets Ted - a secret service agent. Ted has a special ops background. He's put it to use in the Gulf War and other covert ops. Palmer asks if he acted under the direction of the CIA. Ted, with convincing by Palmer admits this is true. Ted is told Stanton was arrested yada yada. What Palmer is about to tell him can't be told to anyone else and is outside of his usual charge. Palmer wants Ted to extract information from Stanton. Ted asks how far is he allowed to go. Palmer tells him "whatever he need to go."

Michelle runs in. She tells Tony that their agents and Reza are dead. A janitor found them. The security camera shows that Marie was the only one to leave the building in the last 40 minutes. She was there at the time of the shootings. Tony calls Jack. Tony tells him to keep their convo one sided. Tony breaks the news to Jack and tells him that they have reason to suspect Marie is the shooter. Tony asks if Kate contacted anyone in the last hour or so. Jack says no, she's been with him. Tony urges Jack to treat Kate as an unknown. Jack says no, she's trustworthy. Kate asks if that was the office and is Her dad Marie etc okay. Jack tells her they are fine.

Marie - in a dark wig arrives at a place doing carpentry. Kate talks to the foreman. She needs to get something out of Marco's locker. They were going out and they fought and broke up and he has something of hers. The foreman says he can't. Marie turns on the charm and says she'd really show her appreciation. And she'd show it first. They go into the foreman's office and lock the door.


Ted is torturing Stanton. His feet are in water. Ted has electric shock paddles. Ted asks question. Stanton doesn't answer. Stanton is shocked. Another question and repeat. Palmer watches via closed circuit telly.

Tony goes in to talk to Bob. Bob asks why Kate is with one of their agents. Tony tells him that Reza is dead. Bob "oh God's" then asks about Marie. Tony tells Bob that they believe Marie committed the murders. Bob says it's a trick. Tony pushes a file across the table.

The prayers leave the mosque. Kate watches for Sayed. She can't see one man's face. (What do you bet he got away). Kate doesn't see him. The greeter leaves. He'd normally be the last one out. Jack questions Kate. He asks her if she'd tell him. Kate can't believe Jack. CTU secures and rushes the building. They think he's inside. Noises from elsewhere in the mosque. Someone - or something is on fire. They put the fire out. The clothes match the description. But the face is unrecognizable (bet it's not Ali). Jack radios that Ali has killed himself (that's what he wants you to think).

Marie finishes with the foreman. Jack says he has to get back with him. Jack says the clothes don't belong to this man. They're too small. Jack then radios to maintain secure exits. Ali is still in the building (uhuh, told ya).

Next Time: Kate sees Sayed Ali. Kim in a trap. Stanton tortured. Kate talks to Marie.