The Season Finale: Part One

Tonight’s epi began as usual with the usual rewind at the beginning to see what happened last week as well as a general look back at the season thus far. Then we see Liza, Clint and Brandy sitting in the lobby getting ready for the next firing. All three in their PI’s are giving us their feelings as they generally look back at their journey’s to get this far. The three of them are then called into the boardroom.....

Once they are all seated in front of Mr. Trump, Trump asks Brandy why she should be the next Apprentice. As she gives a rundown of her history and education, you can see that Donald is impressed. When Trump asks Brandy who is the weakest one, she replies that Liza is. Then Donald went down the line and put Clint and Liza through the same questions...Clint’s reply is that Liza is the weakest one. When it comes to Liza, she said her basic background and it was obvious that she didn’t have the backing and background that Clint and Brandy had. When asked, Liza said that Clint is the strongest player.....then Trump fired Liza. Clint and Brandy became the final 2 and one of them will be The Apprentice.

Up in the suite, Brandy and Clint found some champagne waiting for them. In a PI, Brandy admits that Clint is a strong competitor, very time oriented and very good at managing people. In a PI, Clint admitted that Brandy is no slouch....she is smart, she has passion and has a good education, so he is going to have to bring his A game to beat her.

The next day, Clint and Brandy head off to the Trump National Golf Club to hear what their next task will be. One of the teams will be responsible for putting on the dinner galla followed by a concert by the great Liza Minnelli.....The other team will put on a VIP golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin. Trump then brought in Anand, Steph, Mahsa, Liza, Steuart, and Poppy. With regards to Anand and Mahsa, Donald said that this is the time for redemption for them as Trump knows that they are great people....Brandy was given the choice of team versus task....she chose the team, so therefore, she is working with Anand, Steph and Liza. Clint chose the task which was the Liza Minnelli concert so he ended up with Steuart, Poppy and Mahsa. This leaves the task of the golf tourney for Brandy. Donald then brought a club in for Liza to take a swing and show off her skills to everyone. Trump was definitely impressed.

As the teams head off, we first catch up with Clint. Their task is to put on a Gala and dinner / concert for 500 people. Clint put Steuart in charge of the dinner with regards to getting the room set for it and everything involved with the catering and decorating of the room.

Next up is Brandy’s team and task delegations. Brandy’s team is to put on a golf tourney for 120-130 golfers, many of them are VIP’s including Kathy Griffin. Liza was basically in charge of telling the crew what is expected of when someone comes to a golf tourney for VIP’s.

Back to Clint’s team....he and Poppy are meeting with Liza Minnelli’s manager, Arthur to discuss the specifications and what requirements must be considered with regards to Ms. Minnelli coming to the concert. As Clint and Poppy make the “rider” list, they are finding out exactly the requirements that must be met.

As Brandy gets a tour of the golf course, she is finding out what is required of her to put the tourney on. As she continues along the tour with the head caddy, she is able to gain more knowledge of the tournament requirements from a caddy position, versus a player’s position, etc.

As Clint gets his team together in their war room, they begin to go over the lists and requirements with regards to Ms. Minnelli. While Steuart and Poppy are phoning in the humidifier order and other requirements for Minnelli, Clint is busy going over the graphics for the printed materials as it is his responsibility to make sure that everything is correct before it goes off to the printers.

Now that Brandy and her group are back in their war room, they are going over the specifics of what they are planning for the tourney day.....the awards, contests, and how they will pull off the gift bags. At the war room table, they discuss getting gift certificates and they felt that was the most beneficial for the prizes. Then Don Jr. shows check in on Brandy’s team to see where they are at with regards to the organization of the tourney. He says that he finds Brandy “in the weeds” with regards to golfing knowledge, yet she has Liza there. BUT....if she puts too much of the crucial things on Liza and she lives up to her reputation of being one of the weaker links on the team, Brandy might be setting herself up for a failure.

Then Don Jr. shows up at Team Clint’s war room.....As Don walks into the zoo, he shakes everyones hands and then has a chance to talk to Clint to find out why he wanted this task. As Clint explains, he wanted to prove to Don Sr. that he could do different things and isn’t as much of the renaissance man that everyone expects or thinks of him. As Don said in the finishing part of his PI, it will all come down to execution.....their members are use to things being done perfectly......

So Liza and Anand show up at a pro shop asking for materials to go into goodie bags for about 150 people. Anand immediately asks about the gift certificate idea that everyone agreed to in the war room, and almost immediately, Liza heads off on another tangent with regards to wanting golf clubs are looking at Anand and he is obviously really put out that Liza had to jump all over what he was doing and take everything into a direction that was never agreed upon by the project manager for the task........nothing unusual there!!.

Over at Team Clint, the group is back into the war room discussing the progress that has been made so far. The team has a Caterer coming for Ms. Minnelli and her band, as well as the catered dinner done by the club. As Clint and Steuart head down to look at their space, they discuss where they will set up the food, versus the stage and so on....

All hell is going to break loose when the rest of the group discovers that Liza went rogue and got the golf club sets Steph says in a PI.....Why in the world would anyone that pulls up in a rollsroyce want a $500.00 golf set? ......... Crisis one: Brandy is really upset that Liza went Rogue doing the golf club sets and now they don’t have enough time in the day to send them back to do the job right........

As Mahsa and Poppy head out to do errands to complete the rider for Ms. Minnelli, Clint and Steuart are in the war room when Crisis One happens and they get a call that the caterer for the Minnelli room has cancelled. When they contacted the caterer, the guy had the gaull to say that they couldn’t commit to them at that time........If you ask me, something smells fishy with that comment...........

Back in Brandy’s war room, they are discussing the VIP treatment for the guests and how to incorporate Kathy into the tournament. As Brandy phones Kathy, to ask her if she did a standup routine, Kathy didn’t think it would impress the golfers to prevent them from starting their day with a long excerpt at the beginning of the day........therefore Kathy will introduce the day to everyone, give a few brief jokes and then everyone will continue with their day.

Steuart is still phoning around for caterers for the Minnelli room without much success.....finally he finds a guy that will do it for him. Since they have the caterer on track, Clint remarks that he feels that they have all their ducks in a row.

Over at Team Brandy, they are phoning Trump to go through a couple of of them was who Trump wanted to play with him in the tourney. He quickly asked for Liza to play. It was very obvious by the look on Brandy’s face that she wasn’t liking that idea. Crisis Two: Trump wants Liza to play with him therefore Brandy can’t use Liza for the tourney day.....the one person who is a golf expert on the team. Once Brandy gets off the phone with Trump, she tells Liza that Trump wanted to golf with her the next day........Liza was completely elated with that prospect, which of course put Brandy in a worse mood and situation because of it.

The day of the tourney and concert...........

Team Brandy is getting the registration table set up and letting everyone know what is required of the crew. Crisis Three: The photographer is at the wrong location and is 2 hours they have to encourage the photographer to hurry up and get to where he belongs.

Over at Team Clint.........Crisis Two: The printed materials have the wrong spelling for Liza’s name on the posters as well as on the placecards that will be placed on the tables. Of course because it was Clint’s mistake, we get a PI from Mahsa as she goes off onto another tangent about how someone else is messing things up and how good she looks because of it........get off your high horse won’t be the apprentice.......get over it!! Meanwhile, the girls try to find a solution about the misspelling on the printed materials. At first Mahsa was only worried about the posters being misspelled and how much it would cost to have it corrected, then they found out that the rest of the printed materials were also incorrectly spelled. As Mahsa phones Clint to come up to the war room, she makes a comment that this will probably end his attempt at being the Apprentice as this is something that an Apprentice will be fired for..............

Next week is the continuation of the Season Finale...............We are given a few glimpses into what next week will entail regarding both of their tasks and the ending of both functions.....the arrivals to the functions of Ms. Minnelli and Kathy Griffin.......Stay tuned for that one!
Well, I guess that is all for this week’s blog........hope you enjoyed reading and hope you all have a great week ahead!!