12:00 am to 1:00 am

Tony and Michelle talk and walk. Their people are ready. They are aware of what is at stake. Michelle tells Tony he doesn't have to keep reminding her. He says yes he does there is too much at stake. He asks if they have heard from Jack. Michelle says he is still with the Salazars.

Ramon tells Hector that he built their business and he won't let anyone destroy it not even him. One of the men says they can't stop the bleeding they need to take him to a hospital. Ramon says there isn't time. Hector moans. Ramon shoots Hector again. Jack says he is sorry but they have to go. Ramon says when they are done he wants him to have a proper burial. Nina tells Ramon that hector was right he works for CTU. Ramon tells Nina not to mention his brother's name, ever. Ramon tells everyone to get back in the cars.

Sherry is in the corridor as a briefing with Palmer breaks up. She knocks on the door and tells him she wants him to know that she has leverage. He asks about it. She tells him that it is better that he not have the details. She has refused a security detail. She tells him that it is because the person she is going to see might scare. She tells him that she still believes in his Presidency and that Alan Milliken can be stopped.

Tony gives a briefing. The exchange will take place in 30 minutes. Chase will be their eyes. Chloe wrote a program to capture what he says.

Chase moves in and sets up his gear. A car arrives at the building. Others arrive as well in a caravan. Jack tells Ramon that he has to get his men out of sight before Amador arrives. Ramon tells his men to get inside. He says to someone to keep their eyes open. Nina is still insisting that Jack is setting them up. She tells him that she was with CTU for 7 years. She points out two places where CTU will have a man watching. Ramon sends his men to check them out.

Adam talks to Kim who is still at Chloe's desk. He asks who the baby belongs to. Kim tells him Chloe. Adam says no it doesn't. He was with the search team. He did the background check. There was nothing on her medical history. It is definitely not her kid (interesting!)

Jack yanks a board off the wall and looks out of the building with a scope. Ramon checks in with his men. The first tells him that no one is there. They other don't respond. Nina says they got to him. He's dead Ramon and he's next. Jack asks what he said to him. The man checks in from the high ground. He sees no one. Ramon tells him to hold his position. Chase takes the man out. Ramon tells Nina no more lies from here. Ramon tells her that Amador is going to be there in ten minutes. One of his men will act as her body guard. His men in the hills have sniper rifles on her. If she tries to signal Amador they will shoot her.

Kim eyes the baby. Chloe comes in and asks how Angela is. Kim asks who the baby belongs to. She says it is her boyfriend's. She's hiding it from his ex-wife. She is seeing a man who is drinking and hurting the baby. Child protective services has been called but won't show up until tomorrow. Michelle comes in and says that they need Chloe. She asks if something is wrong. They both tell her no.

Sherry arrives at an RV to talk to Mr. Kelly. He offers her a drink. She declines. She says that we appreciate his help. He asks if we means the president. Sherry confirms she is representing the president. She asks if Alan Milliken was the man who hit and killed his daughter. She thinks he knows something but testified otherwise. She hands him a piece of paper and tells him that a week after his daughter died he received money to keep quiet. He says that he saw Milliken and got the license plate and everything. He told the cop but the cop told him that his daughter was dead -nothing he could do. But if he kept his mouth shut there would be a big payout. It was blood money and he took it. Sherry tells him that they will have a press conference and he gets to tell his story. He doesn't want to. She offers him money. He says that he doesn't want money. She asks what he wants. He wants his son - who is in prison for murder. They get him his son; he'll say what they want.

Nina tells Jack that he may have convinced Ramon that he is on the up and up but not her. It doesn't matter because when Ramon gets the virus he will kill them both. Ramon uncuffs Nina. He tells his men that if there is trouble to kill her first. Chase tells CTU that she has one of Ramon's body guards with her.

Chloe tells Delta commander that Chase is still on point. Kim calls Tony and says she needs to talk to him now, about Chloe.

Sherry calls David about pardoning Kelly's son to get him to talk. She tells him about Kelly getting paid off to stay silent about Milliken driving drunk and killing his daughter. Kelly's son Patrick has served four years of a life sentence. Palmer says that he will think about it. Wayne argues against pardoning the man. Palmer says that when he wanted to pay hush money to Anne's ex husband it was okay. Wayne says that he has Palmer's best interest at heart. Palmer says that when someone is fighting dirty the only way to fight back is to get in the mud.

Kim tells Tony that the baby is not Chloe's. She tells him the story Chloe told her. She checked with Child Protective services and there was nothing filed. Kim thinks she is unstable and about to lose it. Tony asks Kim to step back and take a look at things. Tony tells her that she is the only one who is capable of filtering audio streams. Tony tells her that she will keep watching the baby and to not distract Chloe. He doesn't like it either but they have to hope she keeps it together long enough to get the virus.

Sherry goes back into the RV. Mr. Kelly can't be found. She turns around, gasps and hurries out of the RV and to her car. In the distance car headlights turn on. Sherry struggles to get into her car as the car comes toward her. It is only an elderly couple. She gets in the car and starts it.

Chase tells them that he hears a car approaching. Two men inside a vehicle. Amador and his bodyguard. Amador has a case in his hand. Tony says that nobody makes a move until they know it is the virus. Nina meets with Amador. She asks to verify that it is the virus. Chase tells CTU that he removes a canister and unscrews the lid. Amador hands the vial to Nina. She inserts it into a device and tells him that it should take about five minutes to confirm it is the virus.

Chloe says they don't have enough audio filters. Adam goes to get one. Tony talks to Wayne. Wayne says he isn't happy and when this is over they will be reprimanded. Tony tells him that they need to focus right now. Wayne asks what is going to happen. Tony says that Amador will hand over the virus to Nina Myers. They don't know that Nina is under their control. Tony is pretty sure this will happen. Wayne tells him to make sure it happens.

Nina says that the signatures match. Chase tells CTU that it IS the virus. CTU orders Delta teams in. Ramon watches on the scope. Nina calls the bank to make the transfer and confirm the funds. Amador receives the confirmation. He says their business is done and shakes Nina's hand. Chase tells CTU that Amador has left. Nina is on her way. There is static on the line. Chloe thinks that Nina is getting away with the virus. Chloe decides to switch to a different satellite. Tony tries to get Chase. Chase finally copies. He can still see Nina. Ramon says let's go. He and Jack exit the building. Ramon takes the case and says good job. Jack says they should go. He aims a gun and Jack and says he won't be going. Delta is there. A gunfight breaks out. A chopper is overhead. A small explosion occurs. More gunfire. A storage tank is blown up. Chase says that Ramon has the virus and is heading between the buildings. Jack is in pursuit.

Julia receives a call from Sherry Palmer. Sherry says that she knows what her husband is doing to Palmer. Julia says that she can't do anything about it. Sherry says that yes she can. She can help Julia get away from Alan. She tells her that when she says that she can make something happen she can. Sherry wants to meet in person. Julia says she can't get out of the house without Alan wondering. Sherry is going to meet her at the house.

Chase and Jack give Delta orders. They think Ramon went down to the river. They head in that direction. Part of the team goes another direction in case he doubles back. They corner Ramon. Jack tells him that he has no where to go, put the cylinder down. Ramon doesn't want to go back to jail. Ramon holds the vial up. Jack says that he has authority to cut a deal. Put the vial down. He doesn't want to shoot him. We hear a whirr. An explosion happens between them. Jack asks Chase if he is okay then he asks for Chase's phone. Jack calls CTU they don't have the virus. The vial was in front of the bomb. The bomb was meant for Nina. That was Amador's plan all along. Nina got away. The team goes off in search of her and Amador.

Amador's vehicle reaches a curve. It is cut off by Delta. They tell him to get out of the vehicle. He exits and puts hands in the air. He is told to get on the ground. Someone opens fire on the delta guys. Amador takes cover. He gets out, drops his phone and crushes it. He tells his bodyguard to go.

Michelle tells Tony that the Delta team has been taken out. Amador got away. They lost Amador when they lost the cell phone signal. There is no satellite coverage. Jack tells Chase they need to find Nina.

Amador opens a case. In it he places THE VIAL!