Vaughn and Syd kiss in a prison cell. Guards come in and they are taken out. They are escorted down a corridor past a man who looks out at them. Syd stares at him. They are taken outside and put against a wall. There are pock marks in the wall behind them. A firing squad lines up and aims. They close their eyes. The squad fires.

Dixon says that an account was flagged for minor clerical errors -and offshore account. It was run through Langley. There was nothing in the account. Someone wants to defect. In return he is willing to turn over information on The Covenant in return for getting out. Vaughn and Syd are sent in as Insurance investigators. They have 15 minutes for the exchange. Lauren asks Syd if she has plans next Tuesday. That is Vaughn's hockey night and she thought they could have dinner. Syd agrees.

Lauren is in a taxi the driver talks to her and comments on how the Covenant is about to be exposed. That is not good. They will have to go in and remove the defector. He asks what airfield Syd and Vaughn are using. He says that they can't take the chance that the CIA gets their hands on a defector. Lauren asks for 30 minutes to get the information he needs.

Lauren heads to a computer. She starts to pick up a file labeled North Korea. Vaughn comes up and asks what she is doing asking Syd to dinner. She is trying to be nice. Vaughn thinks it is awkward. Lauren says that the last few months were awkward and she is trying to be civil. Vaughn inadvertently tells her the air field. She calls it in to her contact - Dover.

A sniper shoots the pilots. We wee the plane number (by the way a reversal of 47 - 74 is in the number). Lauren's contact tells Sark the information. Sark asks how they know their contact at the CIA (he assumes is male) is reliable. The taxi driver tells Mr. Sark that he shouldn't burden himself with details. Sark tells his liaison with the covenant that he is a disappointment. And that he seems to forget the $800 million of his money that funds the Covenant. And that he thinks the work is ineffective, disorganized, and disrespectful to its benefactors. The liaison tells him he will go to North Korea.

On the jet the pilots begin coughing. Vaughn is reading Calvino. Syd is reviewing the file. Syd asks if he reviewed the file. Vaughn says of course he did. Syd says this isn't going to work. She asks what she did to him. He says she did nothing? She wants to know why he is being cold. She wants to know if she ruined his perfect life. They bicker about working together. Vaughn tells her that it's not working. Syd says when they get back; one of them has to go. The plane lurches down. Vaughn and Syd rush to the cabin. The pilots are dead. Vaughn gets in the pilot's seat. They are in North Korean air space. Vaughn says they need to abort. They are fired upon. Lauren waits back at the office. Syd shuts off the engines to thwart the heat seeking missiles. The missiles hit each other. The plane careens toward the ground. They try to restart the engines. They can't restart. It looks like they are going to crash (and cue ads)

We see a streak across the sky and men warming their hands over a fire. The military rushes into action.

Dixon asks where the state department is. Lauren asks Marshall what is going on. Marshall fumbles and says Agent Bristow. Jack tells her that Syd and Vaughn's plane was shot down my missiles. The North Korean government was not responsible so they think it is The Covenant. Whatever information comes in she'll be the first to know. Syd and Vaughn need their strength. Dixon tells the team that they have been ordered to stand down. Given the relationship with North Korea they have been told to disavow. Dixon says to screw them and pool their resources. Try to get Syd and Vaughn out. Jack left the room before Dixon says this.

Jack communicates with Irina via computer in his car. No cutsie voices this time. He tells her about it and she says she'll be in touch.

Syd tries to radio in. Coms are dead. Vaughn can't get to the artillery the door is jammed. They have eight hours until their meet if they go on foot. They hear noises. Military. They rush to the plane and prep to blow it up. Syd says they are 100 meters out they need to move. Vaughn sends a flare at the plane. The flare catches jet fuel on fire. The plane explodes. Syd and Vaughn run.

Jack is still on his computer in the car. He has a meet time in Syd's apartment at 8 pm. Sloane calls and offers assistance. He has ties to the Premier of China. Jack will let him know.

Syd tapes Vaughn's wound. He says ow. She tells him that's for being a jerk on the plane. They need to find transportation to the market to make their meeting.

Jack is in Syd's apartment reading a book. There is a knock at the door. A woman says Jack Bristow. His daughter is alive. So is Agent Vaughn. He asks if he should ask who she is. She tells him that he should be asking what she is going to ask in return to get them back. She tells him that she needs him to kill Arvin Sloane (I like her already!)

Weiss tells Lauren that Jack called, they are alive. He didn't say where they were but they are working on an exit strategy. Lauren hugs Weiss and says thank you. As he walks away she scowls. (Henceforth referred to as sucking lemons face)

Syd and Vaughn find a jeep. They work on getting it started. Vaughn says look, earlier on the plane. She says it's okay. He tells her that the only thing he used to be able to count on is how he felt about her. She was right. It's not working. She tells him that she slept with Will. Vaughn cracks that it's bad enough to be a fugitive in North Korea but he has to find out that she slept with Will. She tells him that she is moving on. Not with Will, but generally. They get the jeep started and drive off.

Lauren tells her contact that Syd and Vaughn are alive. He says he will pass the news along.

Jack and the woman are in Koreatown. A guard stops them. She says tell Mr. Kwan that the Black Sparrow wishes to meet with him then barges in. She tells him that he needs an extraction from Q Gong Province. He tells her that is more than he can do. She stabs him. A fight breaks out. She keeps the fork in Chow's hand and holds his head over a grill. He agrees to help. Jack says they'll be in touch.

Syd and Vaughn arrive in Gar-Li. Syd spots the man they are to meet with the 3 sugar cubes marker. Syd says to wait. Sark crosses over to the man. He tells the man he is agent Hollier with the CIA. The man asks which office his is with. Sark answers Portland (okay this is kewl - David Anders in his regular speaking voice - and he's from Oregon - snicker). The man says Gloria Estefan. Sark asks what about her. He likes her. He says this culture has no pip. Sark tells him that America will be glad to have him. He says these things keep him awake at night. Sark says he will sleep very well. Syd and Vaughn pop in on the conversation. They say he isn't CIA, he's Covenant. The military shows up. Sark says they are looking for suspected CIA agents from a downed plane. Everyone has something to loose, well except the defector who kicks the table over and runs off. Sark gets away. Syd and Vaughn are stopped by the military.

The woman says that Jack's wound isn't deep but near the liver. He asks which of her sisters she is. She says she hasn't been Ekaterina since she was a child. Katia is what she uses which means that his wife isn't the one who told him about her. She says that as observant as he was they were together for 5 years without him suspecting anything. She says that Mr. Kwan will deliver Sydney safely. Now he has something to do for her. Jack asks why and why him? She says that she considers it to be a preventative measure and why him is not for him to ask. They had an agreement. If he doesn't deliver, she will call off Mr. Kwan.

Syd, Vaughn, and the defector are in the prison cell. Military men come in and make them stand. One pulls a gun on Vaughn, yells and bashes hi on the head. Syd says she only speaks English - in Korean. She is smashed in the face. The defector says they are CIA. He works for them. He is thanked. Syd and Vaughn are beaten. Syd and Vaughn cower together on the floor.

Jack checks his gun. He heads inside and tells the receptionist that he has a three o'clock with Sloane.

Sloane receives a call from Katia. She has a message for him. Back off Irina. He isn't sure how to take that. She tells him that he isn't as protected as he thinks he is, even from his friends. Even fro the one he is about to meet. Irina calls Jack and tells him change of plan, abort. She'll let him know later. Jack meets with Sloane and tells him they will let him know more later. Sloane asks if Jack came all the way to Zurich to tell him that. Jack says that he had a meeting in the area. Sloane pours water and waxes nostalgic about an attempt on his life by K directorate. He says that you never forget what that is like to escape with your life. Jack says he has a plane waiting. Sloane tells him to get out of there then.

Vaughn tells Syd they aren't going to make it out of there. He tells her that there is only one person. The only reason he pushed her away. She tells him not to. She says she knows. They can hear them coming. They kiss. The guards come in and we are back at the beginning (I hate when they structure they eppy's like this by the way). And they are back in front of the firing squad. The guards aim. One man on the squad kills the others. He tells them that he is Mr. Kwan and is there to help them. They go after the defector. He tells them that he hoped they didn't think he was betraying them in any way. Syd belts him. They escape.

Syd and Vaughn bring the defector into the office and turn him over to Weiss. Marshall hugs them both. Lauren comes over with a plastic smile on. Vaughn goes to hug her. Syd looks on. Jack goes to hug his daughter. She asks how he found her. He tells her that her mother found her. Jack meets Katia. Jack says she warned him. Any trust he gained with hi in the past months is gone. Katia tells him one day soon Irina's intentions will present themselves to him. And when that day comes it will be unmistakable. She kisses him and says that was from Irina. They kiss again. Jack asks who that was from. She says he asks too many questions.