7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

The authorities are still at the mosque. An ambulance arrives. An agent tells Kate that she has to step outside. Kate tells him not until Jack says so. Jack comes by and says she stays with us until she can make the final ID. Jack talks with a man from the mosque. Jack tells him about the bomb and why they need to find him. The man offers to talk to Ali if they find him in a way that Jack cannot.

Someone comes to get Jack. They found a trap door that weren't on the schematics Jack gave them. Jack says he's going down alone. They just lost one of Ali's men to a cyanide capsule in his tooth; they have to assume Ali would do the same. Jack goes down into a tunnel.

Marie receives a phone call from Ali. Ali tells her there is a change in plans. She is to go to the rendezvous point. IF he doesn't come - she is to continue their plan without him. Jack nabs Ali when Ali hangs up. Kate is there and screams that is Sayed Ali. Jack crams his hand into Ali's mouth and rips out the cyanide tooth. They cuff Ali.

Mason talks to Bob Warner. Warner thinks there is a mistake. Mason says there is no mistake. They need to know what kind of connection Marie had to Ali. Marie went to college in London - which was when her mother died. It hit her really hard. She ran away for 3 or 4 weeks. They got the police involved. Marie sent a letter stating that she was fine and needed space. When she returned, he was so grateful to see her, he stopped asking questions. When she came back, she was less politically involved. Mason explains that is what happens when you are radicalized. You are trained to stop talking about things, to blend into the background. Michelle pokes her head in. She shows Mason a scan of a burned document from the mosque. There is something in the corner. An expert takes a look at it.

Back at the Presidential compound, the interrogation of Stanton continues. The chief of staff informs Palmer that Jack is interrogating Ali. Palmer says to give Jack whatever resources he needs. Palmer muses that the secret service agent told him that Stanton received the same training to resist interrogation that he did, but that everyone breaks eventually.


Tony is on the phone trying to locate Kim. Mason loses it and tells Tony that he told him to divert all resource to the bomb. Tony says that he was using the sheriff's office. Mason yells that Tony is a resource and for everyone to focus. Mason storms off. Tony gets back on the phone to find Kim.

Kim meanwhile, struggles to get out of the trap she stepped in. She hides behind a rock when she hears something coming. It turns out to be a man. She asks the man (Kevin Dillon) who he is. He asks what she's doing out there. Kim says she was in a car accident and running away from the accident. She claims that she was scared and panicked. The man helps her from the trap. (Kim was probably safer in that trap)

Jack questions a rather bloody Ali. Jack beats Ali and asks him where the bomb is. Ali doesn't answer. Jack says he's wasting his time. Ali says you are wasting time. I woke up today knowing I would die. Jack makes Ali scream. Kate hears this outside in the hall and cringes. Another agent tries to escort her away.

The man tells Kim he'll take her to a ranger station. Kim says no thank you; I'll go back to the highway. He tells her where the highway is but says the terrain is rough and there are cougars in the area. His place is half a mile away and he'll put a roof over her head.

The aman from the mosque goes in to see Ali. He asks if what they say is true. He points out that the Koran says that killing innocents is strictly forbidden. Ali says we have different interpretation. The Aman says that it has been twisted. Ali won't give. Jack asks the Aman if there is anything he can say to Ali that will change his mind. The Aman isn't sure. Another agent tells Jack the phone number that was last dialed on Ali's phone. Kate jumps in. It's Marie's phone number. Kate wants to know what is going on. Jack tells her about Reza and 2 agents being dead. They don't know where Marie is. They weren't going to tell Kate until they had confirmation that Marie was the one who pulled the trigger. Kate gives excuses for her sister being there. Jack urges Kate to prove it to him. To call Marie and keep her on the phone so they can locate her. Kate agrees. Jack tells Baker they need to trace a cell phone call and the caller ID needs look like it's coming from Kate Warner's phone.


Jack takes Kate to the CTU equipment for her to make the call to Marie. Jack tells Kate to make the call; it could save the lives of millions of people. Marie receives a cell phone call from Kate (it says Kate's cell on Marie's phone - oh please). Kate asks where Marie has been. Marie says she's taking a drive, clearing her head. Kate says she's sorry for everything. Kate asks if they can meet back at the house, grab a bite. Marie says they found Reza, didn't they. Kate cries and asks what happened. Marie says you wouldn't understand. Kate asked why. Marie says people have to die for things to change. Someone on Kate's end says they have a lock. Jack goes off to get Marie. Kate screams someone could have been forcing her to say that, you don't know. Jack says that he's sorry.

The document expert explains technical stuff to Tony and Marie. "N34" is revealed. There is more, but it is harder to define. Tony tells Michelle to get anyone they can spare onto that sequence of letters and numbers.

Baker takes the image from CTU to Jack. Jack goes in to Ali and asks what it means. Jacks says they will cross-reference it against everything in their database. And that Marie Warner is being picked up right now. Ali says I am prepared to die. Jack turns on a monitor. Jack tells him men will kill his family if they don't tell him where the bomb is. Ali stares at the screen, which shows hooded men tying a woman and children up. Jacks says I hate you for making me do this.


The chief of staff goes in to Palmer. He tells palmer that Jack is threatening the lives of Ali's family. Jack wants them killed one by one until Ali talks. The family is in Ali's country. Security forces will do it to keep the bomb from going off. Palmer says he won't be the person who authorizes the killing of children. The chief of staff says that a few people may have to die to save millions.

Jack tells Ali that his wife has been writing letters to him everyday but doesn't know what to send them. Jack reads one - his son wants to grow up to be just like him. Jack tells Ali that he knows what it is like to lose someone close to you and have them die in front of you. Ali says he is doing Allah's work. Jack says no, you are killing millions of people. Jack is handed the phone. It is Palmer who can't allow Jack to do this. Jack says Palmer wouldn't be doing this. The other country would be. Palmer hangs up. Jack continues the conversation playing like Palmer authorized it and says so in front of Ali.

The Chief of Staff defers a question for someone asking for Stanton. Lynne asks to see him. She doesn't trust Sherry and doesn't think she should be there. He tells her to deal with Sherry herself - he has his hands full trying to keep the interrogation under wraps. Lynne reveals that she has learned of a flurry of communications between Stanton and Sherry. The chief of staff is shocked. He doesn't believe that Sherry could be a traitor to the country. He asks Lynne what her source is. She's been getting it through an intermediary but she's meeting with the person shortly. He urges her to go ahead with the meeting and keep him posted. (Bet the chief of staff is in on it).

Jack tells the government security forces to kill the oldest son first then goes in to Ali. Jack yells tell me where the bomb is. Ali doesn't talk. On the monitor - a man goes up to the oldest son, kicks over the son and shoots. Ali screams. His wife and other son scream. (and clueliss bets this is allll a set up).


Lynne arrives at her meeting with "the source." She walks along a dark, empty building (not a good sign). Sherry pops out and says "you're meeting is changed, now it is with me." Sherry says you think you've connected me to Stanton but that's exactly what they want you to think. They, meaning the people who are working with Stanton. Sherry claims that they've been feeding her information about her to try to keep Sherry out of things. Lynne asks why she's here. Sherry says to make a point. Lynne thinks it's a warning to show her how powerful she is. Lynne walks back to her car.

Ali fights his emotions. Jack gives him 10 seconds or they'll kill his other son. Jack starts to give the order. Ali stops him. They are going to fire over downtown and something I miss. Jack gets Mason on the phone. The bomb is at Norton Airfield. They're going to fly it over downtown. Michelle theorizes that they "N34" they found refers to a plane. Mason orders teams to the airport.

Kate stands back as Ali is taken through. Ali screams that killed his son. Kate asks how could he. Jack orders the satellite back on it's normal feed. Kate looks at the screen. It shows the children being released. Jack asks for Kate's help in talking to Marie. Kate agrees.

Marie walks into a building (or hanger). She hands something to a man who inserts it into a device (bomb?). He tests it then inserts it into the actual bomb. The bomb lights up. The man says now we pray. The bomb is put back into its case.

Next Time: Stanton tells Palmer they knew about the bomb weeks ago. There is a hostile military group between CTU and the bomb. And the bomb goes off?