And The Winner Is.........

Tonight’s episode began with a look back at the season to start, and a more in depth look back to last week’s episode when Brandy chose the team members that she wanted, therefore Clint was able to choose the task that he wanted. Clint chose to put on the dinner and Liza Minnelli’s concert which left Brandy to organize the golf tournament. The celebs helping were Kathy Griffin during the golf portion and Liza Minnelli during the concert and dinner portion. The six returning contestants were Mahsa, Steuart, and Poppy who worked with Clint. Then there was Stephanie, Anand, and Liza who worked with Brandy. During last show, Clint used Steuart’s skills when it came to the organizing of the dinner and Steuart’s catering experience with setting up the ball room for the buffet dinner. Brandy used Liza’s knowledge of golfing to help her set up the tournament and the prizes needed.

The season finale continuation tonight started off with Brandy’s Photographer being late for the beginning of the tournament and for Clint, the fiasco resulting from the misspelling of Liza Minnelli’s name on all promo work.

When all was said and done, Clint managed to get the printer to re-print the placecards and the posters as well as getting everything delivered for the thousand dollars credit that he had remaining. In a PI, Poppy called Clint a very calm, cool and collected guy in times of stress.......she furthered her comments by saying that she was very impressed by him.

When all was said and done for Brandy, the photographer showed up at the last minute, she was able to get him in place in time for Mr. Trump to show up and all went well with that. Then Kathy Griffin shows up to be able to get her speech in.......but too late as everyone heads out onto the course to begin the tournament as Don Jr. shoots the gun for the shotgun start.

So because the day is so beautiful, Steuart comes up with the idea of doing two bars outside for the cocktail hour. Clint of course loves this idea. Clint put Poppy in charge of Liza, and Mahsa in charge of Kathy. As Clint has had a final meeting with his crew, they all know their respective jobs, including Steuart whom is basically in charge of the banquet and everything involved with it.

Meanwhile, out on the course, Trump and Liza are discussing the cons of being on a threesome when most teams are a foursome. After Brandy is made aware of the mixup, she heads out onto the course to talk to Trump about it.

Back at the clubhouse, we see Poppy and Mahsa setting up Liza Minnelli’s great room with all of her requested amenities.

Out on the course, Steph and Brandy are out schmoozing with the celebs. The photographer is in tow and taking pics as they tour around the course........Meanwhile, Brandy and Anand have found two more golfers to add to Trump’s threesome for the back nine.........this should even out the odds and give Trump a chance to win the tournament. Liza is still out on the course with Donald and thourally enjoying their time.

Back in the banquet room, Steuart is busy setting up things when Ivanka comes in to see how they are progressing. She is really amazed as to the decor of the room, how things are going smoothly, and before she leaves, she voices her concern as to how Clint would be pulling this off without Steuart.

As the golf tourney started winding down, Clint made his way out to the golf course.......he stops Mr. Trump as he is coming off the course to offer him a nice bottle of ice water. Brandy found that she put it........ “Clint, instead of concentrating on his task is standing like a stray dog beside Mr. Trump’s golf cart”

As Brandy’s crew assembles in the clubhouse, in walks Ivanka to see how things are going. Ivanka was able to take a look at the gifts to be handed out and was very impressed with the attempts of using the signature frame and getting pictures of each of the teams. As everyone came off the course, Brandy’s team was done with their task and were able to get freshened up and ready to enjoy the dinner and concert.

As Liza shows up, there was Clint and Poppy out to meet with her. So Clint leaves it to Mahsa to get Liza’s bags into the room and then he heads up to meet with Kathy Griffin. After introducing himself to her, he heads out quickly after making an error with her water.......

Meanwhile we see Mahsa getting Liza’s big suitcase out of the car, and Poppy bringing some food into Liza. Steuart is outside making sure the bars are doing fine, and finds some plastic containers out there that obviously doesn’t impress him........when he heads into the banquet room, he finds Clint there chomping at the bit to let people in. Steuart tells him that they still need 10 minutes......Clint heads outside to make his y’all speech..........yea, yea.........I can hear you now.......I am not trying to make fun of the southerners, but coming from the great white north, I find it a bit strange and endearing as well to hear the southern drawl and the y’all happening..........LOL.

Meanwhile Brandy and her crew have polished and spiffied themselves up and are enjoying making an appearance at the banquet. Don Jr. heads up to Clint and reminds him of how many lines he has going and that he should push the issue. Clint immediately reacts to that and tries to get more people going through the other lines that he has in operation. As Steuart said, you have over 500 people to get through the banquet line in under an hour.........the lines can only go as fast as what the kitchen can put out. As Clint stepped up to make a speech, it was obvious that he isn’t able to get people’s attention even though he tried 3 times.

To get the ball rolling, Clint introduces Mr. Trump who comes onto the stage to thank Brandy and Clint for their efforts and to give them kudo’s. Mr. Trump also was the one to introduce Kathy Griffin to the stage. It was Kathy’s responsibility to hand out the trophies / awards from the day’s golfing. When Kathy said the retail value of the clubs/golf sets, Steph says in a PI, that the people there pay hundreds of dollars a year to golf and they are only winning a 300.00 set of clubs........WRONG! When the awards are done, Kathy also introduced Liza Minnelli.

As both Brandy and Clint reflect back on their journey’s on The Apprentice, you are given the backdrop of Liza singing........New York, New York.

Up Next................The Boardroom

As Clint and Brandy enter the boardroom with their teams and get settled, Trump enters.........the first question went to Brandy as Trump wanted to know why she chose the team versus the task. Brandy wanted the team as she felt a closeness to Steph, she respected Anand, and even with Liza – she knew the golfing experience from her would help. Brandy also mentioned that she didn’t think she needed the extra pressure of trying to get along with Mahsa as that was something that would be hard to do. Then of course Donald brings Mahsa into it by asking her what she thought of what Brandy said, immediately Mahsa put Brandy down once again by saying that Brandy always brings personal stuff into each task.......where as Mahsa is business first. Then came the sticky question when Trump asked who chose the golf prizes.......Naturally Liza said nothing and it was left up to Brandy to explain that one. Trump was picking on Liza about the choice of prizes that she picked and said that he would fire her a$$ once would be the first time in history that he would of fired someone’s a$$ twice in a season........of course this got the room joking. Donald made a big point of how the clubs that were picked were from an unknown company......Brandy finished it by saying that all she knows is that she told the team members to get gift certificates and when they couldn’t, she trusted them to get the proper gifts. Lame if you ask for my .....

Trump then turned his attentions to Clint. He wanted to know why Clint chose the dinner to do versus the golf and Clint’s response is that he wanted to do something that wouldn’t be expected.....He wanted to take that task to prove to Trump that he could do the unexpected, he also knew the strengths of his team members and he also wanted to show Donald his communication skills. Immediately Ivanka jumped all over that one.....Again, the y’all comment came Trump said, 2 or 3 times is great, but Clint definitely went overboard with that saying and according to Ivanka, it made him look a little “un-polished”. Trump went on to say how impressed he was of both team leaders and thought that both of their efforts were outstanding.

Donald then brings Poppy into the conversation first by asking her who she would pick.....As Poppy said, she was very impressed with Clint, he instructed his crew very well and pulled things off.......but she would still pick Brandy and expressed that she had the pleasure of working with Brandy for many weeks. Anand picked Brandy, Steph was pretty brash when it came to her assessment of Clint’s behaviour, and that she absolutely thought it was the wrong thing to do.......Brandy said that she thought Clint’s actions screamed desperate.........Steph went on to say that in her eyes, it should be 100% the business world, you need an excellent businesswoman. Brandy is polished, she’s intelligent, she speaks eloquently, she has a great presence in every business environment that they have been in, she’s the business professional. Steuart was then brought into it and Steuart chose Clint. Donald asked Mahsa and she said Clint. She found that he had a spark, a charisma, a personality and when she was going around with Clint, she finally got it. Liza’s choice was for Brandy....when it came down to the final 3, Liza admitted that she told a little phib by saying that Clint was the strongest in hopes that if Liza was staying, then she might be facing Clint in the finale versus Brandy.

Ivanka was then brought into the conversation as her opinion of Clint’s team was warranted. She was extremely impressed with the execution of the was executed phenomenally considering they fed over 500 people in 40 minutes. She loved how he engaged everything, including the prizes and the golf part of the day. She also commented that the decor of the room was gorgeous.

Trump then asked Don what he thought of Brandy’s efforts........He thought that they did a great job, but the clubs and prizes just weren’t up to the caliber of what their clients are use to. With all of that said, the VIP’s and guests really enjoyed the golf tourney and had a great time.

Trump then dismissed the team members by saying that they all really did a great job and said that they are all going to be stars then followed that up by saying that if any of them needed a hand to make sure to let him know. They all left the boardroom, and we were left with Brandy and Clint.

After everyone left, Clint was asked first as to why Trump should hire him........He went through all of his education and he put it, “he is a CEO in a box just waiting to be put somewhere”. Clint mentioned the project that Donald currently has going in Scotland, when asked if he would leave Texas and go to Scotland, Clint replied saying that he would go anywhere in the world that Trump wanted him to.

Brandy’s response is that she has a great education, Trump knows her background by now and her ability to complete tasks.........she commented that she was no class valedictorian, but she is very passionate and has worked very hard to get where she is at...........Immediately Trump asked her what she felt of Clint’s answer.........she replied saying that she felt Clint is a great competitor and she knows that she is as well, but she also feels that if they interacted on a more personal level, that they would really get along and that she would really learn a lot from them. She also made fun of it by saying that she would maybe be able to teach them something along the way. Brandy was then asked if she were to become the apprentice, what job would she do for Donald. She says that she feels absolutely positive that she could complete any task that is handed to her, but would like to work alongside Ivanka, Don, or Erick as she thinks that it is the next generation of the Trump is really where it is at in moving forward......She remarks that Trump is an amazing individual that everyone looks up to, he has the charisma, and is unbelievably magnetic. Maybe it is time to learn more from someone that is in the next generation of the Trump name.

When all is said and done, Brandy is the next Apprentice. Of course Clint was completely deflated and let down, but Brandy was so excited as she skipped off to the suite to meet up with the other team members.

It was so weird that there was no finishing comment from Clint. Also of note is that not all the people were there to congratulate the new Apprentice, nor was it announced live. Could they of figured out that it wasn’t that great of a season and nothing to brag about??