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Jack walks through the brush. Chase does as well. Chase kneels down. He spots something and checks with Jack. It isn't Jack. Chase goes in to check what it is. A man is dead. Nina tells him to stop right there and drop his gun. He complies. Nina tells him to give Jack a code 6 on the two way. Chase complies. Nina tells him to turn the radio off and hand it over. She asks who else is with them. He tells her the delta team went north. Jack sneaks up and bashes her in the head. Jack tells Chase to go to the airfield. Chase asks what he is going to do. He says interrogate her. Nina says no he isn't. When Chase leaves Nina says she can help him find the virus. Jack pulls out his phone and calls Tony. He tells Tony he has Nina alive and that Nina says that Amador is headed to Los Angeles. He thinks Nina knows something and is willing to cut a deal.

Chloe tells Tony that she is dealing with too many coms and needs to offload some of it to Adam's group. Tony tells her to go talk to Chappelle. Tony gives Kim an update on Chase and her dad. Chloe checks on the baby and goes in to Chappelle. He tells her to sit down. She says she isn't going to talk about it. He makes her sit down then confronts her with the stories she's told. She corrects her story and says that she doesn't have a boyfriend but she isn't going to tell him who the baby belongs to. He tells her that she brought an unauthorized person into the building that is a federal offense. He tells her that if they have to they will run tests to find out who the child is. Chloe won't talk. Chappelle asks a guard to come in and watch Chloe while they run tests on the baby (and oooooooooooooooooh what a thought in my head - what if the baby is Nina's?)

Wayne updates Palmer on Mexico. They lost 6 men on the delta team. Amador doesn't have a history of strikes. He is an unknown factor. An aide comes in and says they have reached Sherry. She says that when she went back, he was gone. She doesn't think he ran he was more than willing to talk. She thinks someone got there first. She ran back to her car. She was scared. Palmer wants her to come back. Sherry wants to talk to Julia Milliken. They argue about it. Sherry insists on going.

Jack arrives at the airfield. He is told that a C130 was rerouted and will take them back to Los Angeles. Jack tells Chase that they need to leave now. Amador is already gone. The plane is started up.

Amador is aboard a jet. He makes a call to someone. He has the virus and tells his contact to be ready.

Julia Milliken receives a call. Sherry tells her she is almost there. Julia tells her that he is in his room. He was on the phone. Julia tells her how to get to her without Alan seeing her. Sherry tells her to find a way to disable the video cameras. Julia doesn't know if she can. Sherry tells her to find a way. Julia looks at herself in the mirror and goes to see Alan. Someone called from Singapore. Couldn't calculate the time difference. She says she needs something to settle her stomach. She kisses him goodnight. He tells her that he knows she felt demeaned earlier but that is behind them. She says she knows it is.

Nina is shackled aboard the C130. Jack asks her to tell him what he knows. She says that he washes his deals on the west coast through a man named Alvers in Los Angeles. Jack gets on the horn to Tony. He asks Tony to run a check on the name Alvers and cross reference with Amador. That is all they have. Jack hands the phone back to Chase. Chase says to keep it. Chase is cutting off his bandages. Chase and Jack discuss Chase being left out of things. Jack says he expected Chase to follow orders. But he would have done the same thing. Chase is bitter because Jack held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Jack says he made a decision. They have to stop the virus. Chase tells him to keep pressing her; she probably hasn't told him everything. Jack knows but they want to check Alvers first.

Tony gets an update on a man named Alvers who knows Amador from the past. They tried to manufacturing weapons grade Anthrax in 1994. There have been 14 sightings of Amador and Alvers in Europe and Africa (hmmmmm wasn't that where Nina was?). Tony tells Jack that they have a match on Alvers. Now they have to figure out what to do. Nina says that they won't find Alvers before the deal. She knows more than she said. She wants help with a deal. Jack agrees. She says that Marcus Alvers is an amateur biologist and wanna be terrorist. She knows how to reach him through a specific prefix. Jack asks for the phone. Chase gets it. Nina gives Jack the phone. He gets a fast busy signal. She tells him to hold 9 for 5 seconds. He gets a tone and she gives him another number. The phone rings. When it stops ringing it will give him a series of numbers. That is an IP address. He doesn't get a number.

Chaos breaks out a CTU. The system is locked. (Nina is evil!). Adam doesn't know if he can reset it. Jack starts to redial the number. Nina tells him that it he only needed to dial it once. He unleashed a worm into the system. Tony tells everyone to shut down their sockets. There is a cell propagating worm in the system.

Jack tells Tony that Nina did this. She put it in a part of the drive she knew they would never upgrade. Jack says to get Chloe to fix this. Tony tells him there are problems with Chloe. Jack says now is not the time for that. She knows the system best. Jack will work on Nina. Nina wants Jack to turn the plane around and take her to Mexico. When they get there she will give them the kill go. Jack won't do it.

Tony tells Chappelle they need Chloe to stop the virus. Chappelle agrees he talks to Chloe. She says she can. She has Adam open two of the gateways. When he starts getting packet loss close them. She's headed to the computer room.

Sherry enters a gate and drives onto an estate. She parks and gets out of her car. She crosses the grounds per Julia's instructions and goes over a fence. She taps on a door. Julia answers it. Julia tells her that she isn't comfortable with her being here so tell her what this is about. Sherry tells her she knows about her marriage. She knows about her life. She likes the money. Julia tells her she doesn't need a drive through shrink. Sherry tells her this is about murder Julia asks why she should help. Sherry tells her that if Alan goes to jail she gets everything. Sherry tells her to check what calls Alan has made in the last two hours. Julia tells him he uses a cell phone. Sherry goes into the house after convincing Julia that they have to do this. Sherry sneaks into Alan's room. He is asleep. She picks the phone up off the night table. He stirs but doesn't wake. Sherry leaves the room.

Chloe issues orders. She wants everyone off the cipher volume. She asks Adam if the gateways are open. Chloe tells him that it is sad she has to do this knowing that he and Kim went behind her back. Adam tells her that she is the biggest rule freak there is. Chloe slips and says that she is protecting a friend. The virus speeds up and they open another gateway.

Sherry calls a source to track the calls on Alan's cell phone. She tells Julia to go to bed as if nothing has happened. Alan comes in and asks who she is talking to. He spots Sherry and scolds Julia for letting her in. Sherry tells him that she took his phone. She confronts him with Mr. Kelly. She says he is the man he paid off to keep silent and the man he made disappear tonight. They can talk about it and he can back off David.

Jack receives a call from Chloe. (I'm telling ya Chloe is in it with Nina). Chase tells Nina that if she tries to play Jack one more time, he's going to kill her. Nina says is that so. Jack puts Chloe on speaker phone. Jack tells her that if the system goes down, they stop dealing. He tells Nina to help Chloe. Chloe tells her that the worm is spreading fast. When they tried to separate something it sped up. Nina asks who this is. Chloe replies Chloe O'Brian. Nina gives her a logon id and tells her to hit escape 6. The virus slows down. Nina tells Jack that she slowed it down. If they don't turn the plane around agents around the world will start dying.

Alan and Sherry argue. She tells Alan that he is a small man. She says that his wife had to find another man because he isn't a man. He is a small man. He is a pathetic little boy. Alan gasps for breath. Alan asks for his medicine. Julia gets it. Sherry won't let her give it to him. Alan tries to grab the pills and falls onto the floor. (EVIL Sherry, true EVIL!)

Julia whispers that they killed him. Sherry says they didn't. Julia says they watched him. Sherry says that he was a sick man. She's free of him. Sherry tells her that there is one thing they have to be clear on when the authorities come. That it is an accident. Julia says no. Sherry says that she has to unless she wants to go to jail. Sherry tells her to go into the bedroom, wait about an hour, come back out like she was getting a glass of water and call 911. Sherry tells her that if anyone finds out she was here; they'll both go to jail. Sherry leaves. Julia edges past her husband.

Chloe tells Adam to stop whatever he is doing because it is making it worse. Adam tells her if they can't fix it they have to have jack reroute the plane. Tony calls Jack. Jack tells Nina that once the damage is done they're out of business. Jack asks for the kill code. Nina says take me to Mexico I'll give you the kill code. The plane starts to go back up. Jack rushes to the cockpit. The pilot tells him that Tony ordered him not to land. Jack pulls a gun on the pilot. Tony and Jack bicker about landing the plane or not. Tony says they have to have the kill code. Chloe interrupts and says she is getting something. Tony says he can't take that chance. Jack says they don't have time. Chloe tells Tony to shut up. Adam and Chloe work. Adam says that something worked. Chloe tells him not to what he's seeing on the screen isn't real. Adam insists that it is working. The system resets itself (I'm telling ya, Chloe's in on it - she was helping that worm along). Tony tells Jack they are back in business. Jack puts his gun away. He tells Nina that all their systems are back up and running. Nina doesn't believe him.

Chloe and Adam go back out and work on resetting something. Chappelle says to Chloe good work. They couldn't have done it without her. Chloe says she is going back upstairs. Chappelle says that this isn't going away. Child protective services are there. They are going to turn Chloe over to LAPD. Chloe says she'll tell him who the father is. We cut away to Kim looking down while Chloe tells him then cuts back. Chloe says she doesn't know who the mother is (I bet it's Nina!). Chappelle says to Child protective services that to hold on. They got more info. Chappelle says why didn't they tell them sooner. Kim and Chloe talk. Chloe tells Kim that the father is Chase.