We open AC/DC's "Back in Black" and Syd in black sexy lingerie. She struts into a room of men with a black whip. The jerk wants her in the red one. She returns. The pig continues stuffing his face. We then learn that Sid is on a plane. The pig gets on the bed after dismissing his lackeys. Sid straddles the pig. She strangles him. Asks him what was wrong with the black one. That it isn't her first day on the job. That it's not comfortable wearing these clothes. Then asks how to access server 47. She gets access and dressed at the same time. She leaves the bedroom gun in hand. No sign of lackey's or anyone else. She opens a closet door with a mirror inside. Scares herself. A lackey pulls a gun. She drops hers then fights the guy. She takes out the lackey. The pig comes out and fires.

We go back in time to Los Angeles - 24 hours earlier. This time our accompaniment is Lenny Kravtiz singing "American Woman" as Sid runs to make contact to CIA's Operations Center. Sid and Vaughn talk about "it." Sid needs him to tell her. Vaughn can't sleep at night when she's on ops. When he debriefs her, all he wants to do is kiss her. Sid admits that it's hard to keep her mind on things when they are together. The both agree that it's dangerous for them to be together, they shouldn't work together but they're great together. Weiss interrupts the flirting corner and tells them there is a meeting.

Kendall briefs the entire team. There are 12 arms of SD. Kendall tells them that Anthony Geiger has been selected as Sloan's replacement. They have no files on Geiger. Sid and Jack are to earn Geiger's trust and get back into the inner circle. Jack tells Sid that there is rarely an end to the story (hint hint Sloan will be back perhaps?).

Dixon tells Sid he doesn't like whatever is happening here. Sid introduces herself to Geiger. Geiger asks about Danny, Sid's fiancé that was killed. Sid explains how he died. Geiger asks what kind of doctor he was going to be. Sid says pediatric cardiologist. That he had a younger brother with a heart condition for which there was no cure. Geiger says that if people he worked for assassinated his wife, he would not come back to work the next day. Why did she come back? Sid gives him a it was my fault answer.

Sark tells Sid he came out of Geiger's office feeling as unstrung as Sid looks. Sid says she is fully strung. Sark has hacked files on server 47. Sid tells Jack that she thinks server 47 is a flaw and a central Alliance computer. Vaughn tells Sid that it's not on record because it's onboard a 747. It only comes down to refuel. Every other week, they provide the security expert with women. Weiss gives Sid transmitters.

Weiss gives Vaughn crap for smelling good. Vaughn denies he has cologne. Weiss persists. Weiss and Vaughn watch via a camera. Vaughn keeps saying he's going to kill this guy. Vaughn finally admits he has new aftershave. Weiss tells him to stop using it. And we're back at the fight/shooting scene from earlier.

Explosive decompression! Stuff being sucked out of plane. Sucked into the engine. Plane going down. Sid trying to hang on. Crawling to the closet. Vaughn and Weiss bug eyed watching camera. Sid struggling to put on parachute. Out she goes. Vaughn is oh my godding. Weiss tells Vaughn she's all yours.

Commercial (thank god, I can breathe now)

Will and Francie boiling lobsters. Francie's restaurant is making money after only 6 months. Will tells her that he has to quit. He has a job at a travel magazine. Francie is happy that he's working again. They kiss.

Vaughn tells Sid that they just got done with the hard drive. Kendall tells them that they just can't rush this. Jack says that each SD organization changes the codes each week. They don't have the current code for SD-6. Jack says he can get it. If it matches, the intell is correct.

Sid has dinner with Francie and Will. She asks what is going on. Francie tells her they made out.

Geiger is curious about an email Sloan sent. There is a program on each terminal that records keystrokes. Geiger asks the man who enters to replay what Sloan actually typed. They discover that Sloan typed that Jack and Sid are double agents then erased it.


Jack walks down a hall at SD6. He sits at a keyboard and begins typing. Geiger comes in. Geiger closes the doors. Jack calls Sid. Geiger wants Sid to come in. They need to talk. He tells Sid to take surface streets they're doing work on the freeways. Sid is in tears. She tells Vaughn that Jack has been compromised. Jack is strapped to a nifty chair (torture is undoubtedly about to ensure). Geiger tells Jack that he knows Jack and Sid are both double agents. There were so many red flags in their files he thought he was in a Russian airport. He just wants to know who they are loyal too. Jack tells Geiger that he remembers him. Something about a dinner and a woman with a clubbed foot. Geiger laughs. Geiger tells Jack (as he picks up alligator clips) that this will all go away if he tells whom he is working for. Geiger turns on the juice and electrocutes Jack.


Sid tells Will to get Francie and get out of town. Will says yes. Vaughn tells Sid that Kendall is back. Sid says that he won't make a move without confirmation. Sid meets Dixon in an oil field. Sid says there is a time to explain everything and apologize. She tells Dixon that SD6 has nothing to do with the CIA. That they've been lied to. That they work for the enemy they've been fighting. She tells him he has suspicions about her and he was right. SD6 is part of the alliance. She'd take him to CIA and show him the files if they had time. Sid tells him they have her dad and she's afraid Geiger will kill him. Sid is in tears. Dixon tells her that this is crazy. She can't go back there or they will kill her to. They need him to go back to SD6 and put a hidden file in the computer. They need the confirmation. If he gets in there, he's in the core of the Alliance computer. He will know its part of the alliance and not CIA. Sid tells him to hurry. Dixon takes the disk and drives away.

Dixon goes back to SD6. He logs in, follows the instructions and sees the words "Alliance Network computer." Dixon looks crushed. The team at the CIA waits. Dixon calls his wife to tell her he loves her. He isn't sure when he'll be home. He has the disable code. It's in an email. All he has to do is push send. Sid finally receives a message. The code is a match. The CIA rushes to action. Kendall gives a briefing. Simultaneous raids will be conducted around the world on SD facilities.


Kendall continues the briefing. Most SD6 people are desk trained. They have to be careful of the security force. That is who they want to take down. A convoy of black SUV's arrives at SD6. Geiger continues torturing Jack. Sid, Weiss, and Vaughn are part of the team to go into SD6. All teams are in position. Kendall gives the go. Marshall sits down next to Dixon and offers him pigs in a blanket. Dixon isn't interested. Gunfire and stun bombs go off everywhere. Lighting falls down. Sid makes her way through the chaos.

Geiger turns on the machine again. He babbles about how beautiful Sid is and tells Jack to imagine what he could do to her. Sid runs through corridors. Geiger tells Jack that this is his last chance. Geiger has the clip inches away from Jack's face. Sid comes in. She shoots Geiger. We hear about agents down elsewhere. CIA agents mop up and make arrests. Marshall looks at Dixon stunned. Sid promises Dixon that this will be over soon. She thanks him. He says don't talk to him. Kendall is told they have all alliance facilities. Sid and Vaughn exchange a look. They rush to each other and smoooooch.

Weiss comes up, says they kicked their Asses. Sid and Vaughn are oblivious to him. Sark is on the phone to Sloan! He tells him that Sid leaked the info to the CIA just like Sloan said they would. Sloan tells Sark to move on to phase 2. To check on their new asset. Sark confirms that the asset is in position. Francie is dead and some woman is in her place.