Sidney drills into a wall. Vaughn is assisting. He puts a large egg shaped object in place. It's a receiver. They set it up. Below is a villa of some sort. Sid tells Marshall the camera is working. They leap down, parachutes break their fall.

Dixon tells them that the Chalet is one of Lysinker contacts. Lysinker has apparently hidden an agenda there. Lysinker doesn't know what is on the disk and didn't have the time or the technology to decrypt it. Marshall gives them the low down on the security system. Toni comings designed the system. If she designed the system, it has her signature - lethal response. Sid and Vaughn are told to be ready to leave as soon as they find Cummings.

Sloane is on the phone saying that Omnifam has enough to stop a Malaria outbreak somewhere. Jack enters the room and asks about Lysinker. Sloane asks if that is why he's there. Sloane says are you here about last week? He would have. But now Jack feels guilty. If his daughter's life had been in danger he would have. Sloane says that he's thought of how close Jack and Sid have become. And he thought of Emily. The work he does at Omnifam he thought would bring him peace, but nothing can erase the past. Jack says if that is how it seems the agency has someone he can talk to in confidence. Jack says that he can arrange a meeting. He has to stay focused as a double agent. Sloane doubts his state can be helped by a psychologist.

Sid says that when she looks ahead all she can see is Vaughn. The shrink asks her about North Korea. Sid tells her that they kissed, we kissed, he kissed her and she kissed back. She asks about it. The shrink asks if she thinks it is relevant. The shrink asks how she would feel if Vaughn left his wife for her. Sid doesn't want him to leave Lauren for her. She wants it to break up because they aren't right for each other. The shrink asks Sid if she is right for Vaughn. Sid asks if she's ever felt like someone is her soul mate.

Vaughn and Weiss are at a bar. Vaughn is asking for advice. Weiss says if he wants to be in a loveless marriage. Vaughn says it isn't. Weiss doesn't agree. They banter a bit. Vaughn asks Weiss if he thinks he can be in love with two women at the same time. Weiss says no. However he did have the same intense feelings for both sporty and posh spice. Vaughn mutters yeah who didn't.

Lauren is trying on clothes. The sales girl enters and exits. A knock on the door. Lauren says come in. Sark enters. He tells her that he is quite impressed with what an actress she is. At the time in the parking garage even he didn't realize that they were working for the same organization. He asks if she wants to put something on. She says that she is quite comfortable like this. Does he want her to put something on. He says of course not. He says that they are in the same predicament. Hence the death of his father. He is bankrolling this entire operation but is being treated like a worthless foot soldier. He's done research on her. Her contacts. Her skills. Sark moves very close to her. She turns her head. He says he also likes her perfume. He says that he knows three of them. She knows the others. He proposes they eliminate the cell leaders. The sales girl brings in a dress. Sark takes it from her. They will get the keys from the 6 cell leaders. They will meet with the covenant leader. Under threat that if they don't comply the keys will be turned over to the CIA. She asks what color his husband would prefer. He says he likes the black. She says red it his (I am soooooooooo panting at this scene).

Sid warms up a frozen entrée and drinks a beer. Her father is at the door. He thought they could talk business over dinner - which he's brought. Jack goes over Sid and Vaughn's cover. Dixon will be contacting her within the hour. Jack tells her Vaughn will be going. He says that it is her prerogative to ask to go with someone else. Sid talks to Dixon and says she'd prefer to go with Weiss. Dixon says he'll contact him and have him meet her in tact op.

A man is in a parking garage. Lauren approaches him. She reminds him that they've met in London. There is something she needs to discuss with him about the covenant. He says there are protocols. She says he wasn't worried about protocols last time. He dismisses his men. She tells him that the CIA is suspicious there is a mole and she needs his help. She asks if he has a minute. The grab each other and begin kissing. Sark watches this. Lauren pulls out a knife and stabs the man. (I might have to call her the black widow now - hehe). Sark gets out of his car. They move the body. He tells Lauren she's unbelievably good. She removes the watch. They are headed to Paris in an hour.

Sid and Weiss arrive at a club. They have cute fake South African accents. They are there to meeting Miss Cummings. They introduce themselves to Toni Cummings. She prefers not to shake hands. They are looking for security for their diamond mines. She tells them if they work together not to bring up God - after a comment of Sid's. She asks why she should risk her ass for them. Weiss says he can give her two million and spills diamonds on the table. Toni tells them well they don't need an ATM. Toni asks how they heard of her. They say they know about the system in Chamonix. Toni tells them that was her best work and that the diamonds won't cover this conversation. Sid shows her id. Weiss says that she can have good accommodations or poor ones it's up to her but either way she's coming with them.

Marshall tells Dixon that the chalet is virtually impenetrable. Marshall goes over the schematics with Dixon that he learned form Toni. There are three zones. He shows them an inflatable Kevlar ball. Once the system is out of ammo the neoprene they are wearing will protect them from the next system. The baby kicks and they ask Carrie if she's okay.

Sloane prepares some green substance and injects it into his arm (WTF??). Jack receives a call from Sloane. He says that perhaps Jack was right in suggesting he see a therapist.

Sloane meets with the shrink. He stares at her then says he is supposed to say something important. He says that she is prettier than he imagined. He checked up with her. He goes over her impressive resume. He is surprised that she ended up with the CIA. She says that they have a lot of issues here leading duplicitous lives. Sloane asks if jack and Sid are patients of hers. She won't discuss other patients. He apologizes for bringing her all this way. She tells him that she will be in Zurich for two more days. She urges him to call her if he reconsiders talking about whatever brought her all this way.

Dixon tells Sid and Jack about the dead Covenant agent. Sid thinks they know they want the agenda and are killing people off before they can get to them. Marshall isn't quite ready. Sid and Vaughn are told to take off immediately. Once they take off Vaughn tells her that he knows she requested Weiss for the last mission. He understands. Sid tells him that she wishes she could go back and as much as she still has feelings for him she won't be the other woman. Jack interrupts them. The agenda is in a bottle of Chateau Margot 1953 in the wine cellar.

Lauren receives a call from Vaughn. As she talks to hubby, Sark is strangling a man. She tells Vaughn she misses him and to be safe. Lauren takes the key. Sark leers at Lauren (I LOVE THEIR SCENES TOGETHER!!).

Jack is in position. Sid and Vaughn are clear at their position. Jack establishes uplink. He triggers something. He has established a laser link to the security system. Marshall is 5x5. Marshall tells Sid and Vaughn that they can go. He is going to take out the kill zone so they don't know they are there. Sid and Vaughn go into phase 1 of lethal response system. Sid inflates decoy. The gun runs out of ammo. Marshall tells them they have 4 minutes left. Weiss brings Carrie in. She's having a baby. An ambulance is on the way. Marshall freaks out. Carrie won't go unless they are married first. He tells Weiss that he can be certified on line in minutes so he can marry them. Sid is radioing in. (I'm laughing myself silly and trying to type - you people sooo owe me).

Sid initiates voltage reading. It is 5000 volts. Marshall tells them that it is too much their suits won't protect them. Sid drops a glove in test. They go anyway. Vaughn goes first. Then Sid. They try to stay to the center. The pipe they are using starts to break. Sid gets a bit of a jolt. They have cleared the second tunnel. They enter the acid kill zone. They fire off the sealant.

Weiss begins the wedding ceremony. Carrie is in labor. They say I do's. Carrie heads to the hospital. Marshall updates Sid and Vaughn and tells them he just got married. They enter the wine cellar and look for the wine bottle. They find it but someone enters. Marshall tells them to get out. They are fired at and chased. They make it through the acid tunnel as the sealant gives way. Jack kills someone on their back. They are clear. Marshall tells them he has to go his wife is having a baby (and my cat chose this scene to try to climb into my lap).

Sloane pours a glass of water. The shrink comes in and says that she spent 3 years studying him for her post doctoral thesis. She knows every decision he has made. She understands him. She can help him if he'll let her. They can try.

Sark and Lauren finish up. She's heading back to Los Angeles. He should contact the Covenant and notify her when the meeting is set up. He asks if she is worried he'll cut her out. She says not in the least, especially since she is keeping the watches. They kiss. (And he wasn't that friendly with fake francie folks).

Sloane tells the shrink he lies, he keeps secret, and he only tells what he has to. That skill is why he is still alive. One of those secrets involves Sid and Jack - the only two people left that he loves. This secret wears on him. It is central to who he is. He's kept it for years. He stops. She says you were saying. He appreciates her coming back. He can't do this. She says that it is important. He thinks she should leave - right now.

Sark is in St. Petersburg. McKennas Cole comes in. He tells Sark his hair is cool. Cole tells Sark that he is the man in front of the man. Cole asks where he got the hair. Sark tells him it wasn't a matter of choice - he was in US custody which is where he thought Cole was. Sark asks how he got out. Cole says that's a good story. They drink to Sark's hair. Cole tells him that he will be the senior most covenant member he'll be meeting with so what does he want. Sark begins to speak. Cole says this doesn't happen to be about the cell leaders he wiped out. Cole says it's amazing the stuff he knows isn't it. What should they do about the fact that they murdered their cell leaders? Sark says he was acting in the covenant's best interest. Cole tells Julian not to do that. He can see he's scared and has no need to be scared with him. In fact, he has a present for him. He gives Sark a watch. Then produces two more. And then the rest. He asks if he just blew his mind. Lauren comes out. He says that when he first pitched the scheme to Miss Reed she called him. They had his double thumbs up from the get go. Because the CIA is after the agenda. If they go that then they would get the names of the CIA. They made his life easier. Sark and Lauren will continue to work together - as leaders of the new North American cell. Sark thinks that sounds about right. Cole laughs at Sark and says that he is cockier than he is. He tells Lauren that she has to continue working for the US government. And to put the kabash on her husband's extra curricular sextivities. He hands Lauren a packet.

Sid arrives at the office. Lauren comes up to her. Lauren says that she sees what is going on between her and Michael. Let her make herself clear - stay away from her husband.

Next new eppy is three weeks - which looks good and OH MY what the shrink says.