8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Jack and a convoy of Police cars make their way to the airport. Tony checks in with Jack. Tony still hasn't located Kim. Jack says they have to find her - she won't seek them out. Tony says he'll get every resource they can spare on it.

Kim asks how much further the place is. She owws over her injured foot. The guy says that they really need to get her to a hospital. She won't go over something they think she did that she didn't do. They reach the guy's house/cabin (dark, creepy - you get the idea).

The President goes in to see Stanton. Palmer asks if Stanton is ready to tell him everything he needs to know. Stanton doesn't answer. The President tells the secret service agent helping him to torture Stanton to continue. Before Palmer leaves - he says that they knew about the bomb weeks ago. Palmer stops. He dismisses the secret service agent. Palmer asks what he meant "knew." They let it in the country and tracked it all the way. They allowed it to pass through customs and second wave to get their hands on it. Stanton says that a special ops team was tracking it the entire way. It wouldn't have been set off. They were to track it all the way and stop it just before it went off. Palmer accuses Stanton and company of trying to start war with the Middle East. With trying to hijack the presidency. Palmer tells him to call the team and have them stop the bomb immediately. Stanton says they can't. No incoming communications as of the last 3 hours. Palmer asks where they were. Stanton says Norton Airfield (where Jack is headed).

Kim asks to take a shower. The guy says don't stay in too long. There isn't much hot water. He reassures her there is a lock.

Tony says he wants transport to pick someone up. Mason yells a heads up. Second confirmation - the bomb is at Norton. Mason wants every agent on this. Tony and Michelle exchange a look. The police convoy races to the airfield. Mason calls Jack. He tells them there is a new wrinkle. There is a hostile paramilitary unit between them and the bomb. Coral Snake Unit headed by Samuels. Jacks says its' the same unit that took out their plane. Jack asks why the military unit is helping terrorists. Mason says they aren't. They want to be the ones to secure the bomb. Jack asks why they can't call them off. Mason answers that they went dark 3 hours ago. They will treat anyone approaching as hostile. They are a rogue unit. Mason tells Jack that he is their best bet for getting past them and to the bomb.

At the airfield - they put the bomb in the plane. Marie is told to drive north as fast as she can. The man says that he will be flying the plane. As Marie starts to leave - Jack and his convoy pull up. Marie goes back in asking what are they going to do.

Jack tells Kate that they need her a little longer in case they need help with Marie. Jack has Baker take Kate to a secure area. They give Jack the schematics and brief him. Jack gathers the team. Hostiles in a large uncontrolled area. Everyone wears ID. If you leave, you have to check in. Jack tells them they will go in with 3 units. The team starts to move into place.

Mason tells Tony they have a problem. Division wants to shut them down and run everything from down there. The location still isn't secure. They are still suffering intermittent packet loss. Tony says they don't have time to give division a tour. Masons says he knows but to get prepared.

Kim dresses after her shower. She winces over cuts on her face. Kim leaves the bathroom and tells the guy that she's felling better. She asks why he lives up there. He says he's sick of the whole LA scene. Too many people. She asks why he doesn't just move to a small town. He asks why she can't go back to LA. Kim tells him about her father and that a nuclear bomb will go off in LA. He says he knew it. He's been saying for a year that this is going to happen. He assures Kim that they're far enough away. Kim asks about the fall out. He says don't worry about it. I've got something to show you - after we eat (uh huh, bet he has a bomb shelter - you watch).

Lynne tells Palmer about Jack and company arriving at the airport. She doesn't think it will go well with 2 paramilitary units ready to face off. The chief of staff tells Palmer there is a new twist - a connection between Stanton and a Senator from Michigan. Sherry knows the Senator, Palmer wants her brought in. They question her having access to the secure database. Palmer tells them not to argue.

Tony asks why it's taking so long to get the tail numbers. The guy is having problems reading the burned paper. Michelle asks why division is doing this now. Tony says it's just the way Chappelle does things. Tony speculates that they will see the shape Mason is in and yank him.

The team finds combat boot prints leading in but not coming out of a building. The team heads in. Jack directs the team with hand motions once they are in the building. Jack goes up a flight of stairs. We see a man's body at the top of the stirs. And more of them. Everyone is dead. Jack spots a tattoo. It's definitely Colonel Samuels's men.

Mason buttons his cuff and tries to put his jacket on. He's in a great deal of pain. Tony gives division a tour. Division questions running a risky mission with data that is mirrored at division. Michelle argues that missions are run on more than just data. Mason shows up. He says they aren't shutting down. They have too many protocols in place right now. Mason pawns off the goon from division onto someone else. He holds his arm - still in pain.

The creepy woods dude shows Kim a spiral staircase. We finally learn his name is Lonnie. She goes down the stairs with him. Through a short tunnel. He opens a door. He tells her it's a bomb shelter (told ya). She asks if he did it himself. He says yes - took him 2 years. He's a coffee junkie and has a whole coffee set up there. Along with dynamite and explosives. Kim runs. Lonnie yells where you going and chases after her. Kim sits on the sofa. She tells him she's just a little claustrophobic. He asks what is wrong. She says she doesn't think she should be there with someone who lives alone with explosives and guns and stuff. She thinks she should just go to her Aunt Carol's house. Lonnie says if you have to go go (which means she won't).

Sherry is brought to Palmer's office. She gives Lynne a smug look. Lynne gives her a card that will give her access to the systems room. Sherry asks what made the president change his mind. Lynne instructs her to not talk to the personnel once she is there. Everything should go through her. Sherry cuts to the point and accuses her of positioning herself in front of the president. Lynne says she doesn't like her and she doesn't like her being there. Sherry replies well now we're communicating.

Lonnie gives Kim a bag of stuff. He tells her to stick close to him - it's about a fifteen-minute walk to the highway. Just before they leave, a car pulls up. It's a park ranger. Lonnie goes outside to ask what is up. Ranger tells her that he's following up on a missing persons case. Someone who was in custody for kidnapping and murder. Lonnie tries to divert the ranger. Lonnie tells the ranger he'll keep his eyes open. The ranger leaves. Lonnie questions her about kidnapping and murder. She says she didn't do it. She thanks him for being there.

Palmer gives Sherry instructions on what he's looking for. He tells her Lynne can set her up with a workstation. Sherry tells him that Lynne has been very helpful. The Chief of Staff tells Palmer that they found the Coral Snake command posts. All members of the team had been killed before they got there. They did not find the bomb. Palmer goes in to see Stanton. He tells him the team is dead and the bomb is gone. Stanton is shocked. Palmer wants to know who knew. Six commandos are dead. Stanton says there were seven.

They get the tail number at CTU. They get the hanger it's in and call Jack. Tony reads it off. Jack sends the team to the hanger at the far end of the airport. Marie leaves a truck that drives off. She wishes the pilot good luck. Marie opens the door. The pilot starts the plane. (You didn't think they'd get the bomb this soon - did you). Marie leaves the hanger. The plane leaves the hanger as Jack turns the corner. The plane speeds down the runway. Jack and his team give chase. They try to head him off at the end of the runway. A hummer pulls along side of the plane. Jack fires at the plane. The plane is still going. Jack fires again - this time hitting the pilot. The plane slows. The team rushes the plane. Jack yells for him to put his hands above his head (by the way - the bomb was prolly on the truck that Marie was seeing off - you wait).

Mason coughs. The man from division tells him to see someone about that. Mason goes to his office.

Lonnie turns on a police band radio. He's looking for anything about her APB. He'd hate to get her out there and have a roadblock. Lonnie says OMG - it happened. All the LA stations went to static. Ventura says there has been a flash. Kim doesn't believe him. He puts the headphones on her and says listen - and she gets static (tell me she's not that dumb - on never mind we are talking about Kim here). Lonnie rushes them to the bomb shelter.

A bomb tech works on the bomb. The trigger has been set to permanent default. It doesn't look good for disarming. Jack says to clear the north runway. If they can't disarm it, they have to get it away from Los Angeles. They accidentally set off an expedite command on the bomb. The tech pulls something. The bomb isn't a bomb. Jack radios that it is a decoy (told ya).

Palmer goes to see Stanton again. Palmer tells him there is no bomb at the airport. He asks if there is anything he knows that could save lives. He pleads with Stanton to tell him know. Stanton says to ask Sherry. Palmer has him repeat it. Palmer says Sherry is who he wants to talk to.