2:00 am to 3:00 am

The C130 arrives at the airport. (big fanfare music by the way). Jack gets off the plane with Nina in tow. A man from division is there to take Nina in. Jack is going with them he doesn't want Nina out of his site. Chase is taking another car. Chloe calls Chase and tells him that the babysitter flaked out and they know that Angela is his daughter. His sister is out of town. Chase asks if Kim found out. Chloe says yes. Chase asks how she reacted. Chloe tells him gee I think she was pissed. Chase tells her he is on his way back to CTU to clear things up.

Tony heads a briefing. Chappelle tells them that Amador is on his way or already there with the virus. Their only connection is Nina Meyers who is being brought in. Adam says that they don't have much information. Chappelle asks why. Adam says they were behind. Tony says that they didn't update the European contact logs while he was down. Chappelle asks Michelle why - she was the ranking agent. She says she didn't think Europe was a priority. The Briefing breaks up.

Wayne tells Palmer that CTU thinks that the virus is on its way to LA. Palmer says they need to beef up security in case they target other cities. Wayne tells him it is being handled. Palmer is alerted that Sherry is there to see him. He tells Wayne to get a meeting together of the cabinet. Wayne leaves and Paler tells Sherry that he asked her there to help him, not go to Milliken's house. Sherry denies that she was there. Palmer says that she told him it was crucial that she speak to Julia personally. Sherry said that she changed her mind. They talked on the phone. She tried to get Julia to check Alan's phone regarding the disappearance. She wouldn't do it. Palmer doesn't believe her - Sherry doesn't take no for an answer. Sherry does a bit of talking to get out of it. Palmer tells her that was it.

The truck carrying Nina arrives at CTU. Chappelle greets them and tells them to take her to interrogation 819. Jack asks about the security configuration. Chappelle tells him not to worry about it. They're sending him to medical. Chappelle confronts him with the evidence that he has been shooting heroin. Jack says that he hasn't missed a step. Chappelle wants him checked anyway.

Kim is told that her father is back. She asks about Chase. Chase is a few minutes behind. Kim watches as Nina is brought through the office. Jack hugs his daughter. Nina watches them from over her shoulder.

Jack leaves Kim to debrief Chappelle. Kim stops him by saying she knows about his drug problem. She wants to know why he didn't tell her. Jack hugs her again and says he's sorry. He was embarrassed. It wasn't her problem and still isn't. She asks if it is over. He says it isn't. He needs to go into a program and get help. He tells her that Chappelle wants him to go to the clinic to be checked out. He tells her that he loves her. Chloe tells him that she's glad he's back, it was difficult without him. Chase comes in. Kim walks the other way.

Julia Milliken sits in bed. A maid enters the kitchen and finds Milliken. She yells for Julia. Julia leaves the bedroom.

Chase goes in to see Jack. Jack is having blood drawn. His hand is fine. Chase will catch up with the interrogation of Nina. Chase starts to leave then stops and tells him that he's about to find out something about him that isn't very good. Chase tells him about his daughter. Her mother showed up, dropped her off and left. Jack learns that Kim knows. Jack tells him to square this away with his daughter. He also says to keep him updated on anything Nina says.

They set up the video feeds to the interrogation room. One of the team asks isn't that going to be weird for you Tony doing the interrogation? Michelle asks why. He says didn't they go out (you mean she didn't know about Tony and Nina??). Tony comes in and tells them to do high res on her eyes - she's tired. They might be able to pick up a tell. Michelle mutters okay. Tony asks if they're all right. She says we're fine. Tony heads in to the interrogation room. They bring up the high res on her eyes.

Tony tells Nina that she knows what they want. They need to find Amador before he unloads the virus. Nina tells him that she already told Jack everything she knows. Tony says tell me. Nina quips first Jack now you what does this remind you of. Nina asks who the lucky girl is. She hopes he did a background check on her. Tony presses for the information. Nina says very decisive, she hopes the wife appreciates that about him. Nina claims she only knows the name. Tony goes over the man's medical history. He mentions HIV. In the room her readings spike. They think she's been having unsafe sex with Amador. They relay this to Tony. Tony tells Nina what they think.

Amador arrives at a club. He speaks in a foreign language at the door. He meets Alvarez there. They head to a private room. Alvarez doesn't understand why they had to go to all this risk. Amador says $250million. Alvarez questions if Nina is dead. Amador tells him that if the bomb didn't kill her, her buyers certainly did and he hands Alvarez the vial.

Chase goes to Kim. They haven't talked since he got back. He knows what she must be thinking. Kim doesn't know what to think. She says they've been going out for three months and he didn't tell her about it. Chase tells her that he didn't know until a month ago. When it ended she didn't tell him that she was pregnant. She called and told him that she was pregnant and in trouble. Kim is upset that Chloe knew. Chloe and his sister were helping him take care of Angela. He tells Kim that he loves her and he's falling in love with Angela too. Someone tells him that Angela is awake. He goes in and picks up his daughter.

Jack tells Chappelle that they'd better hope that Nina isn't spinning their wheels. She knows how to get around their protocols. Jack wants to see the files. Chappelle won't let him. Jack says he's played his game with the physical. They both know the blood work will come back with trace amounts of opiates. Chappelle tells him that someone from the inspector general's office is here to meet with him. Jack says this isn't the time. Chappelle says yes it is. If she passes him he can go back to work. Chappelle takes him in. She tells jack that they have to ask him a few questions to determine that the drug use was necessary. She asks how Jack met them and set things up.

Tony asks Nina what kind of deal does she think she's going to get. She killed Jack's wife. She helped smuggle a nuclear bomb into the country. What does she want? What is it does she get out of being a mass murderer? She tells Tony that his neck is bleeding. Tony reaches for his bandage. He gets up and leaves the room. He asks what they've got. The tech says they're only getting passive responses. The tech asks if they're going to take her down to 7 for a passive response test. Tony says it isn't secure enough. They bring in someone. Tony introduces her to Darren Richards. He joined them after she left. Richards brings out a BIG needle.

The inspector general person tells Jack that something doesn't add up. Why was he shooting up so many weeks before he met with the Salazars? Jack says these guys live in the drug trade. If he didn't he would be made as a cop. She asks why when he didn't even have a meeting set up yet. Jack asks what she is saying. She is trying to set up incontrovertible proof that he was doing this for the job. Jack loses his temper and says that he made it in and busted them, that is the proof. She says that she'll write it up that way but isn't sure it'll fly. He didn't tell anyone, not even his own partner. Chappelle turns off the recorder and says why don't they say that Jack started using in January after Jack has the meeting set up. Jack appreciates what he is trying to do but that isn't what happened. Jack says he started using in the summer. He has nothing to hide. They say fine. Jack asks if he can go back to work. Chappelle says not quite yet.

Amador and Alvarez meet with someone. The man yells. Amador says just be sure they give them enough time to leave the country before the let the virus out.

Palmer meets with his staff. He tells them that the statement that the domestic terror passing was premature. He asks if there is a threat or not. His staff says they can't say. Palmer says that they need to take military preparations in LA and all major cities. Palmer wants both overt and covert strategies presented to him. He wants these only distributed internally. Wayne is waiting for him when the meeting breaks up. Wayne tells him that Milliken is dead. He was found 15 minutes ago. All signs point to a heart attack. Palmer says that isn't possible. Wayne says he told him that Sherry was going over there an hour ago. Palmer says that Sherry made some calls instead. Wayne asks if that is what she told him. Palmer goes to see Sherry again. Sherry is sleeping on a sofa. He tells him that Milliken is dead. Sherry plays dumb. Palmer confronts her bout her going there. He says that if she's telling the truth she won't mind the police checking her phone records. Sherry counters with then they should check yours. I'm here because you called me. Palmer asks what happened. Sherry tells him she went to the house to see Julia. Alan interrupted and he had a heart attack. Palmer tells her that there will be an investigation. Sherry says the truth won't help either of them. She says that this will play out in the newspapers for the next six months. Palmer asks what she did to him. She says absolutely nothing.

Kim is watching the feed on her computer - Adam transferred it over. Adam doesn't think that Nina will give them anything. He gives Kim a list of cities that he was in. he tells Kim to cross check it against other suspects.

Chase stops in to see jack. Nina has given them nothing. Jack learns that Richards is in with Nina. Jack thinks it is a mistake to have anyone that hasn't worked with her before to be in there. Chappelle says that all Richards does is inflict pain.

Tony asks Nina for information. That they'll stop when she does. Nina says I think this is about it and makes her move. Michelle calls for someone from medical in the interrogation room as Nina has a seizure.

Wayne asks Palmer what Sherry had to say. Palmer tells him that Milliken has a heart attack. Wayne asks if he believes it. Palmer says he'd be a fool to believe anything she says. Palmer tells Wayne that they have to believe that Julia was somehow involved as well. Wayne says Julia isn't like Sherry. He leaves to prepare the morning brief.

Wayne calls Julia who is watching the ambulance crew. She tells him the police are here and she was about to talk to the police. Sherry was there and told her not to tell them anything. Wayne asks what really happened. She tells him that Sherry stopped her from giving Alan his angina medication. She tells Wayne that she killed him. She just stood there. Wayne tells her to call Alan's lawyer and don't talk to the police. She wants Wayne to help her. He says he can't.

The medical team arrives. The carotid artery has been severed. Nina is awake as they work on her. She manipulates the IV tube with her hand. Her eyes close. They say she's under. Tony tells them not to move her unless he hears from him. Tony goes in to tell Chappelle that Nina tried to kill herself with Richard's needle. Jack yells who is with her. As he says it a horn begins blaring. Jack runs upstairs. They find the medical team down. Jack yells to Chappelle to lock down the building. Kim lurks around and sees a guard down in the corridor (and is too stupid to call for backup). She takes the guard's gun and continues down the stairs. Kim finds an open door and goes through it (no back up - the twit). She sees Nina and says her name and tells her to drop the gun and put her hands on her head. Nina says Kim what the hell are you doing? You don't want to be part of this? She tells her if she leaves now she won't get hurt. Nina moves. Kim says don't move. Nina says that she won't use the gun. As Nina lifts her gun to fire, Jack plants a slug in her. He orders Kim to go up and tell them he has Nina. Jack looks at her and says you don't have any useful information, do you Nina. She says I do. Jack says no you don't and fires at her again. (Dang, we still have Kim with us.)