A beeper goes off. It is Lauren's. Vaughn is sitting next to the bed. He tells her that doctors make you wait and his father hated that. He was looking for his house keys and found his father's watch. He couldn't sleep he thought he'd go for a jog. She asks if he's all right. He says he's fine. They kiss. He goes off for his jog.

Marshall shows Weiss baby pictures to everyone. He sleeps except when he screams. The baby's name is Mitchell. Sid tells Marshall his tie is on backwards. Dixon tells the team that Shining Star is active and has acquired a bomb. They are shipping it to Europe. Marshall shows photos of what could happen if the bomb goes off. They traced files to Vancouver. Sid and Vaughn have to go there to lease vault space. The covenant may have acquired evidence of the North Korea Mission. They are doing an investigation of everyone to see if there might be leaks. Lauren and Marshall as scheduled first. Lauren has to go to DC. They schedule Weiss instead. Sid tries to get Lauren to talk to her. Weiss has a chat with Vaughn. Vaughn tells him Lauren didn't remember. She has a lot on her mind.

Dr Barnett receives a call from Sloane. He says he is sorry for his behavior before. He suggests they talk over dinner. He gives her the name of a restaurant. She says that wouldn't be professional. He tells her to consider it to be an office with food. He'll be there if she chooses she can join him.

Sid and Vaughn arrive posing as radio astronomers. Their escort gives them the sales pitch and shows them to a vault. They prepare to connect to the mainframe once they are alone. They start to connect but something goes wrong. Someone is there as well. They have put out a virus. Marshall tells them to disconnect before the virus contaminates their copy. The sales dude fires a gun and says please don't do this. Sid and Vaughn find him dead. They go after the shooter and run to a parking lot. A mustang speeds past them. They give chase in a fort F150 (is this a Ford Commercial?). Both cars speed in circles through a parking garage. Sid fires at the car. It doesn't stop. The mustang rams a car trying to enter. It is hit as the mustang pushes it out. Sid and Vaughn lose it trying to get out of the garage when they too are stopped by a car.

Marshall tells them they got 60% of the data. They ask how long before he can extrapolate the rest of the data. He tells them 12 hours. They don't have that time. Marshall has had twelve cups of coffee and has been declared free from suspicion by Langley. Sid and Vaughn talk. She tells him that yesterday was the day. The day of the anniversary of his father's death. He asks how she remembers that. She says she remembers what missing him does to her. Lauren calls, asks how his day is going then has to leave because she is being called away.

Dr. Barnett meets Sloane for dinner. She reminds him that they are here for professional reasons. She tells him that he gives proof that anyone can change for the better given the proper stimuli. He's made a remarkable transformation from spy to humanitarian. She talks about the Rambaldi device and the one word - peace. She says that there was 8 yards of parchment, what did it say? He says nothing. It was the equivalent of garbage. He says he threw it away. She says that he could have preserved it, etc and yet he threw it away. He speculates that she doesn't believe him. He tells her that he isn't her lab rat. There are some truths he will never learn from her (referring to the unbearable secret). She says this was a mistake and leaves.

Marshall gives Sid what he was able to get. He gives Sid and Vaughn a bomb detecting device. It works within 100 feet. It is the best he can do given his lack of sleep. Sid and Vaughn arrive at the location. They fire up the detector. They get something. Below deck of a ship. Someone fires at them. Dixon asks them to report. Sid tries to get inside. Vaughn has been hit.

And we arrive right back at Lauren's beeping phone. (I'll spare you the repeat). After Vaughn leaves Lauren makes a call. She tells Sark that it better be good. Sark is using a cloned phone. They need her to filter any information they get. She asks he called to remind her to do her job. He says darling it's not like that.

Back to the briefing room. (Again I'll spare the duplication). This time we see an uncomfortable Lauren. Sid tells Lauren that the implication that she is trying to undermine their relationship is unfair. She has done everything to respect it. She and Vaughn have a history; she isn't going to apologize for it. If they are having martial problems she should take it up with her husband. Lauren calls Sark and tells him about Vancouver. The prize is a plasma charge. They have to get there is three hours. They are sending agents. Sark says this will be fun sweetheart. She tells him not to be late or call her sweetheart. He says fantastic ambitious and domineering.

They arrive at the storage facility. They take out the guard. Lauren is a redhead. Sark asks how it feels to systematically ruin a man. Lauren goes in a vault. Syd and Vaughn walk by as Sark reads a magazine. Lauren tells Sark to prepare the car. We see the virus start. Lauren tells the salesman to kill the couple who come out or she will kill him. He fires at them. She shakes her head and kills him. Lauren heads for the roof. (And we're back to the car chase/Ford commercial). Sark and Lauren bicker about them being right behind them. Sark pushes the car into traffic and speeds away. Lauren tells him to stop the car. She climbs into Sark's lap and kisses him. They're in bed next (pant pant pant droooooooooooool).

Vaughn talks to Lauren. The pause in the conversation is because Sark is kissing her back. She tells Sark she is working. She looks at Sark then tells Vaughn she is being called away (droooooooooooool). She tells Sark that the ship docks in 16 hours. He tells her that she is amazing, before he means. He says typically this is where you return the compliment. She gets out of bed.

We watch Dr. Barnett leave again. Sloane follows her. He says that until he turned into a complete sob they were having a good evening. She agrees. He says that he sometimes regresses. He is sorry he snapped at her. She knows so much about him but he knows nothing about her. She doesn't understand how his manipulating their date gains his trust. He tells her his secret. He has betrayed people and only one didn't deserve it. She says what is this, you had an affair. He says it was Irina Derevko, Sid's mother. Jack and Emily never knew. He and Irina pledged to take the secret to their graves. Dr Barnett asks if Sid is his daughter. Sloane says that he never tried to prove it. He thinks that the strength she finds within he likes to believe came from him.

Sid and Vaughn arrive at the boat. Sark says this is a tranquilizer dart - the humanitarian work of the CIA. Lauren and Sark are Behind Sid and Vaughn. They fire because they can't let them go below deck. They are wearing hoods. Vaughn tells Sid he is fine. He's glad he wore the vest (well duh). Sark and Lauren head into the ship. She goes up. He tells her to meet him in the engine room. Sid and Vaughn follow the tracking device. Sid finds the bomb. She needs a minute it is secured. Vaughn tells someone to freeze. Looks like Lauren. He tells her to put her hands in the air and drop the gun. She does. He says to turn around. She does. He says to take off the mask. And we go to commercials.

Lauren begins to lift the mask. Sark has Sid and tells him to drop the gun. Sid tells Vaughn not to. Sark says if you love her put the gun down. Lauren stares. Vaughn drops the gun. She kicks Vaughn then fires at Sid as Sark gets away. Sark has the bomb. They split up and chase the pair. Sid gains on the hooded Lauren then loses her. Vaughn tackles Sark. Sark gets away and runs up a ladder. Vaughn pulls a gun on Sark and says give me the bomb. Sark arms it and says with pleasure. He tosses it to Vaughn. Vaughn calls in for help. Marshall and Dixon give guidance. He manages to disarm it with 2 seconds to spare.

Vaughn has a drink. Lauren joins him. She says he is an angel for waiting. Washington was awful. He phone rings. She apologizes. Sark says it killed you didn't it, seeing him drop the gun for Sidney. She says that now isn't a good time. She thinks he is questioning her dedication. He says he isn't questioning hr dedication. She hangs up and kisses Vaughn. He asks what that was for. She says I just miss you.

Sid is at her computer. Jack approaches. Sid's reply to the plasma charge is in their hands is Sark isn't. The covenant. Jack asks her if she wants dinner. She says she'd like that. They leave.