9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

A case is taken into a building. The pilot is taken as well. Jack tells the crew that all fingerprints must be processed on sight - the have no time to send them back. They ask the pilot where the real bomb is. He doesn't answer. Jack requests a translator. (Yeah, and the bomb is in that truck Marie was seeing off in the last episode - you watch).

Mason is pulling out clumps of hair. They drop on the desk. He looks at himself in a mirror. He is notified that they reached Jack. Jack gives him an update on the scene. Jack needs them to reverse time satellites to trace where the plane came from. Mason gets a bit loopy. Jack yells to get Mason's attention and tells Mason if he can't do the job - he needs to step down. Mason says there is no one else. Jack suggests Tony. Mason says he's fine (no he's not). Jack accepts this. Mason tells Jack there is another problem. There was a seventh commando. Jack says that makes sense. Some of the gunshot wounds he examined were from close range indicating that they knew the shooter. The others fought and had time to react. The seventh didn't escape - he was the shooter.

The pilot has no ID on him. He struggles. Jack wants to know where the translator is.

Kate talks to her father. She asks if they told her about Reza. Warner doesn't believe what they told him about Marie. Jack needs Kate to act as a translator. Kate tells her father she loves him.

The chief of staff learned from Palmer that Sherry is involved somehow and it involves a nuclear threat. Palmer confronts Sherry about what Stanton just told him. That Stanton knew about the bomb for weeks and was waiting until it is on US soil. That the commando's were killed. Sherry does a series of "oh my God's" Palmer asks Sherry if he telling her something he already knows. Sherry says no. She says she didn't meet Stanton until that afternoon. Palmer says he knows that is not true. He tells her to stop it. They are on the brink of nuclear war and she is putting people in jeopardy. He tells her to tell him if she knows anything. Sherry says she got a phone call a few months ago in the middle of the night from a friend at NSA who says that Stanton wanted to meet her. They met at a party. He wanted to recruit her. He wanted to know who was loyal to him and who wasn't. He wanted to know where Palmer was weak. She told him. She only did it to gain his confidence. She wanted to gain access to him. She wanted to protect him.

The pilot says that they promised him money for his family. (Kate is interpreting). Sayed Ali is 'they.' Jack asks if he knew anything about a second bomb. Kate continues. The Translator arrives and replaces Kate. Baker takes Kate back to the controlled area. Jack resumes the second bomb questioning. The pilot doesn't know anything. Kate eyes a group of people entering a hanger. It's people from the airport who are being checked. One looks like Marie. Kate begins to walk in that direction.

Kim is blithering in Lonnie's bomb shelter. She can't believe the bomb went off (it didn't you dolt - he's a pervert and you fell for his trick). Lonnie is going to try to pick something up on the radio. Kim blubbers. Lonnie gets a radio station in, the pulls a cord. He tells Kim that he couldn't get anything. That the radiation is interfering with the signal. Kim wants to know what's going to happen to them. She keeps blubbering. Lonnie tells her not to be scared. That they're safe (Kim, your not safe, run).

Mason goes to see Carrie Turner - a new assistant that's been sent. Mason begins coughing. Carrie will be taking over Paula's responsibility with the computers. Mason asks her to refresh the computer models. Carrie asks who she reports to directly. Mason says him. Carrie says you don't look like you're going to be around much longer. Mason manages to cough out Tony Almeda and Michelle Dressler. Carrie is shocked because she used to be Michelle's boss (you watch, Michelle's gonna go bad egg on us). Mason collapses.

Kate enters the hanger where they are checking airport employees. She scans the people. She rushes toward a figure she thinks is Marie. A guard stops her. Everyone has to be searched before they can leave. Kate uses her badge and Jack's name to get past the guard. Kate tells the guard to get in touch with Jack and tell him that Marie Warner is there. The guard radios. Kate goes outside. She turns and finds Marie. Marie asks for Kate's badge then pulls a gun. Marie says you always treated me like some helpless animal. Kate asks what happened to you. Like she couldn't get by without Kate looking over her. She opened her eyes. She was pathetic. She was filled with hierocracy like their father who works for the CIA. Kate says he doesn't (you'll recall - he does). Marie asks if she knows what kind of suffering they cause. Kate says they turned their lives upside down for her when their mom died. That she's about to become the biggest murderer in history. Marie asks for the badge. Kate says no. She pleads that there is a bomb in the city. Does she really want it to go off? Kate doesn't believe that she'd shoot her. Marie goes to pull the trigger. Jack shoots Marie in the leg and tells Kate to stay down. Marie screams.

They take screaming Marie off. Kate asks why they don't treat her - give her something for the pain. Jack tells her they will - when she tells them what they want. That they have to use every advantage to stop this bomb. They take Marie to a room and handcuff her to a chair. Jack goes in. Marie whimpers. Jack asks where the real bomb is. Marie tells him she's not telling him anything. Jack tells her the pain is so severe because the bullet is lodged in her arm next to the bomb. Jack grabs her arm. Marie screams. Jack tells her tell them where the bomb is and we'll give you something for the pain and treat you. Jack tells her that she doesn't want to kill innocent people. Marie replies that no one in this country is innocent. That she is willing to die. Jack doesn't believe her. He's seen people who are willing to die - looked them in the eye like he is her right now and she's not one of them.

Kim and Lonnie are still in the bomb shelter. Lonnie goes to check the radio - again. Kim asks if he has any sugar. Lonnie tells her it's on the shelf in the back corner. Marie pokes around and asks if the TV is hooked up to the same antennae. She turns on the TV while Lonnie has on headphones. She sees that things are normal. She grabs the sugar and return to the table.

They find the ID of the seventh commando. Captain Jonathan Wallace - led a unit in the gulf war and an assassin unit in Malaysia. Michelle is getting ready to send it to Jack. Carrie says hello to Michelle. Carrie chitchats. Michelle tells her to stop it. She's not her boss, she works for her. Carrie says fine, give me an order. Michelle tells her that there is a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles, start by analyzing these and hands her a stack of stuff. (my guess, the girls had a thing together). Tony watches this take place. Carrie leaves. Mason asks to see Tony. Mason says it's time to step down. He's not feeling so hot. Mason tells him what to tell the others tomorrow. Mason hands him the access codes for CTU and division. Tony says he can't accept it. Only the director can do that. Tony IS the new director. Chappelle Okayed it. Michelle watches Mason leave.

Tony is in Mason's old office. He asks for his access codes sent upstairs then goes to address the troops. He tells them that Mason was exposed to a lethal does of radiation that morning. He has left and won't be returning. On a normal day they would be mourning Mason, Paula and the others who died. But they have a job to do and sends them back to work. Michelle tells Tony that Jack is still questioning Marie Warner.

Jack asks them to give Marie Demerol. They need her lucid and she's starting to go into shock. Jack needs Kate to help. He needs her to remind Marie of the things she used to love. That the old Marie is still in there. Kate approaches Marie. Kate strokes Marie's hair. Marie says to get away - she doesn't need her. She tells Kate she can help her to stop being part of the problem. Kate asks if she would kill her and their father. Marie says I killed Reza and I loved him, why wouldn't I love you. Kate tells Marie that she can help stop this horrible thing from happening. Marie says no. She cries. Jack asks Kate to step back. The Demerol is starting to wear off. Jack says they'll give her more if she cooperates. Marie asks Kate to make him stop. Kate tells HER to make her stop. Marie tells Jack that the bomb is in a suitcase in the van (it's a panel truck and it's white). The van is headed downtown to the Arco towers. The van is green. It is set to go off in 3 hours. She knows because she saw it. Jack asks her to describe the timer. Marie says she can't. Jack says because there is no visual timer on a bomb like that. Marie says she's telling the truth then says to send people to the Arco Towers immediately. Jack questions the change in timing she's giving. He asks if he has three hours. Marie screams that she's not lying. He wants to know why she wants him and his team to leave so fast. He says the bomb is still there. Jack radios this to the team and orders a grid search - saying the bomb is still on site. Kate tries to comfort Marie. Marie says they wont' find it in time; they're all going to die.

Palmer consults with his Chief of Staff. Coleman is on an isolated feed. No one knows about it except the three of them. Palmer, Sherry and Coleman (on a monitor) . Coleman tells him that he has been working with Sherry to build a case against Stanton. They kept Palmer out of it for Plausible Deniability. What they were doing was illegal; it could have blown up on them. Coleman shows Palmer evidence that Sherry is telling the truth. Sherry met him at a hotel in Hilton Head. Sherry says she doesn't care what he thinks of her. That she did it to protect him from Stanton. Palmer says he doesn't have time to figure out if she's telling the truth. He wants her gone. Sherry says he needs her. She puts her hands on his arms. Palmer removes them and tells her that if she resists in anyway - he'll have her arrested. He asks them to escort her to her car.

Lonnie prepares the bed, babbling about having enough blankets. He tells her it's all going to be fine. They chat about where she grew up. She eyes something for a weapon, asks for aspirin. When Lonnie turns, she smacks him over the head and demands to be let out. Lonnie gets the upper hand and tells her he wasn't going to hurt her. He just wanted company. Kim says she doesn't want to stay. Lonnie asks if she's not good enough. Kim says that's not it. He thinks she thinks he's psycho (ummmmmmm, yeah). Kim says I haven't had time to get to know you. Lonnie opens a box and pulls out a gun. Kim looks at it wide eyed. He gives her the gun and tells her there are cougars out there, if she sees one, fire a shot and they'll take off. He opens the door and gives her directions on how to get to the highway. He asks if she'll come back sometime. She says she doesn't think so.

Jack drives the hummer across the airport. They are experiencing a firefight someplace. One hostile is down - in front of - guess what- the white panel truck. They find the nuclear weapon. Jack watches the tech examine it. This is the real one. Jack issues a level one local evacuation. The bomb is armed. The tech doesn't know.