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Tony tells Michelle that Jack shot Nina - she's dead. Tony thinks Jack wouldn't risk the operation to get vengeance. Michelle isn't so sure. Chappelle wants the area secured and the surveillance footage pulled. Jack tells Chappelle that he shot her in self defense. Chappelle says that she was the only lead in an ongoing investigation. Jack tells him he's going to have to certify this shooting. Jack is told to go with Chappelle while he views the footage.

Kim tells Chase that he told her to leave the room and she heard shots. Chase tells her all that matters is she is safe. Kim has wanted Nina dead since her mother was killed. She isn't sure how she feels.

Alvers checks the virus. Amador watches a security camera - he is here. The man comes in. Amador was getting worried. He questions why such a limited target. The objective wasn't to cause maximum casualty. It was to send a message.

Tony tells the team that Jack shot Nina. Chloe naturally quotes regulations. Tony tells them to run all their leads again. They are operating under the assumption that Amador is in Los Angeles. Detonating devices were stolen from Russia. They assume that Amador and Alvers are arming these devices with vials of the virus.

The detonating devices are demonstrated to Amador and Alvers. Part of this depends on the direction of the wind. Alvers says this is better than he thought. Amador is asked how it went in Mexico. He didn't think he'd find out. Amador didn't think he needed to know. Amador is called on thinking that Jack Bauer turned. Amador defends himself by saying that it all checked out. But now all intelligence agencies are after him. Amador checks on his payment. Only half of the money is there. He is told that he gets the rest on delivery. Amador says that isn't what the deal was. After he hits the hotel he gets the rest of the money. The man leaves (my instincts are screaming the Drazens).

Chloe sees activity on a Zurich bank activated by a local server. Chloe, Adam and Kim work on it. Chappelle questions Jack. Jack insists that she was going for her gun. Chappelle doesn't believe it because Jack was partially obstructing Nina from the camera. Chappelle was willing to look the other way about the drugs but he has to answer for this to his superiors. Someone comes in and tells Chappelle about the bank. Chappelle wants to keep Jack out of this because of the ongoing investigation. Chase defends Jack. Chappelle says they will crucify him if they let Jack back in the field.

Wayne talks on the cell phone again to Julia. Julia is scared. They are questioning the maid. She is next. Her lawyer isn't there yet. Sherry hasn't said anything to the President. She said it was an accident. Palmer walks in and Wayne has to go. Wayne pretends to talk to Bill. He tells Palmer that Bill will support the healthcare bill. Palmer thinks that Wayne doesn't believe Sherry about Milliken's death.

Kim gives Jack information about his strike team. She asks about shooting Nina. He tells her that she was a treat. Kim says he had to do it, didn't he. He says yes. They hug and Jack gets in his SUV and drives away.

Wayne enters the darkened office Sherry is sleeping in. He tells her he knows about Alan Milliken. She says it's awful. Wayne tells her that he knows she prevented Julia from giving Milliken his medication. Sherry says that Wayne would have done the same thing. Wayne says that he wouldn't have been there. Sherry says that complex problems are sometimes solved with simple answers. Wayne wants to tell Palmer. Sherry says they can't he can't know. Sherry says that as long as Julia keeps her mouth shut they'll all be fine.

A detective comes in to question Julia. He offers his condolences. He needs to answer a few questions. Julia says that her lawyer wanted to wait for him to show up before she answered questions. The detective says the officers told him that she was in bed asleep. Julia tells him that they have had separate bedrooms since the stroke. The maid heard a car - a light colored Mercedes drive away from their driveway. She is asked if she knows anyone with a car fitting this description - she says lots. She is asked about the security system being off. She says the maid arms it before she goes to bed they should ask her. They did, she says she armed it. Julia says that her husband was a very sick man. The detective tells her that he may have had some help.

Tony briefs Chappelle on where they are at. They are updating the field teams as they get better information. Kim tells Chase they are too far north. Jack turns. Chase tells him all that matters is finding the virus. Jack asked if he told Kim about the baby. Chase says they talked about it. Jack asked how she took it. Chase says fine. He'd like to keep this between them if he doesn't mind. Naturally Jack minds.

Alvers arrives outside a hotel. He enters. Once inside he calls Amador. It will take him about twenty five minutes. Amador tells him to hurry he wants the money. Alvers says he wants it done right. He doesn't want to be one of the body bags they remove from the hotel.

Sherry receives a call from Detective Norris. He got her number from Julia. He asks if she was with her tonight. Sherry denies it. She says she was at district offices with President Palmer all night (liar liar). Norris tells her about Milliken's death. Sherry gives a fake oh I'm so sorry. Norris tells her that Julia says that she and Sherry caused his death. He asks a few more questions (indicating to me that he'll follow up on her alibi) Norris thanks her, he'll be in touch.

Wayne gives Palmer a virus update. CTU will be sending over a liaison to answer any questions he'll have. Palmer says he'll no doubt have many. He asks Wayne if something is on his mind. Wayne says he is just worried about you. Wayne says that he joined his administration because he thought he'd be an asset, not a thorn in his side. Wayne gets a call from Tony. They have a lead. Jack Bauer is leading the team.

Jack puts on vest while rushing into a van for an update. A man is moving through the building and through a corridor. He counts 15 people, none their target. They direct him to rooms across the hall that may be offices. He sees an armed man outside the southern most room. Someone comes up behind him and puts a gun to his head. He is taken into a room. The van loses the signal. Jack, Chase and the team rushes in. Amador shoots him and says lets get out of her. The CTU team enters the building. Chaos ensues. Chase reports in that target are neutralized. Jack is told that they're too late. They remove him from the room.

Chase checks Amador for weapons. They sit him down. Amador taunts Jack that he has no idea what he's up against. Amador says he knows who you are. Jack asks who? Amador responds I know Jack Bauer (I'm telling you - DRAZENS). You go up against him you're a dead man. Jack wants Amador to spill. All Jack wants to know is where the virus is. Amador doesn't know he passed it off. Jack asks what or who is he afraid of. They can protect him. Amador says can they? And his family? He couldn't even protect his own. Jack asks one last time where the virus is. Amador tells him to go to hell. Jack grabs Amador. Chase sticks a knife in Amador's palm. Amador passes out. Jack tells Chase when he comes to do it again.

Tony calls Jack. They put him on speaker so Chappelle can see. The virus was passed on. Whoever is behind this knows him very well. Tony says that isn't much to go on. CTU will check Jack's background. Jack is told they found the incubator. It is sealed. They found Amador's laptop. It has the full architectural schematics of the Chandler Plaza Hotel. They need to contain the building not evacuate it. Jack says no one goes in or out of that building. Adam has the head of the hotels security on the phone. He gives it to Tony. Tony talks to the man and tells him that there is likely a substance that has or will be released in the hotel. They fax him a description of Alvers. Michelle is heading up the team to go to the hotel. Chappelle assigned him. He tells Tony that as head of CTU he has to stay there. Michelle ahs more hours of disaster control training than anyone. She is heading the team. Gael is seconding. Tony tells her that he can get someone from division to second. Michelle says she should go.

Michelle tells Tony they are almost there. NHS is twenty minutes away. Tony tells her no one is going in without a bio suit. Tony orders her to wait before going in. Michelle tells Gael that thinks haven't been right between her and Tony since he got back from the hospital.

At the hotel the head of security makes sure the place is locked down. Alvers walks through as a maintenance man. Phillips says to check it out he doesn't remember seeing him. Michelle talks to Phillips. She wants him to begin checking guest rooms. She says they will come in as soon as hazmat suits arrive. Phillips says his men don't have those. She assures him they will bring them in when they come. Gael shows Michelle video of Alvers entering the hotel. Michelle says this is their chance to get him. She tells the team this; she can't order them in because it is against protocol. They enter anyway. Phillips let him in. He tells Michelle where he thinks this guy is. She is going to check it out.

Alvers climbs down a ladder into an air shaft. He removes the virus and detonating device from his tool box. He turns the detonating device on after placing the virus in it.

Michelle finds blood in a corridor. She goes into a door and finds a body. She is in a boiler room. She checks the room. She spots Alvers who pretends to be a maintenance man. Alvers tries to run for it. Michelle chases him down, beats the heck out of him and tells him to put his hands behind his head. She puts a cuff on him then tells him to cuff himself around some pipes. She asks where the virus is. She tells him that if it gets out he dies with everyone else. Alvers says that it is in the central ventilation shaft. Michelle communicates this to Gael. Gael finds the shaft. He looks around. The detonator is on the opposite side of a fan that he's on. Gael tells her that there is a timer it is armed. There isn't time to wait for NHS he has to try to get to it. Gael inches his hand under the moving fan blades. We hear a whirr. The detonator goes off and Gael gets a face full of virus.

That's it folks - Next new episode isn't until March 30th.