We start in Belfast with guards and people rushing out of a building. An alarm sounds. Military or police head up a stairwell. They attempt to disarm a bomb. They can't shut it down in time. Their best bet is to get it off site. They cut the motion sensor but that doesn't work.

We see photos of a blown up bank building. Daniel Ryan has taken credit for the bombing. He used to work for the navy. He has worked for The Covenant. He alerted the authorities to evacuate the building. Marshall has the previous bomb in his workshop. This one was upgraded. The deal with the Covenant is good for 24 hours if not he will set off another bomb. They want to pose as the Covenant to prevent a bombing and to try to find out Ryan's partners. Sid is going to question Lysinker. Vaughn and Weiss are going to outline mission.

Lysinker likes America. He says that Ryan has become an independent contractor. Lysinker says that the cigarettes are for crap but cable is wonderful. Sid wants to know everything he knows about Ryan. He says his contacts are Vladimir and someone else. Lysinker asks about Vaughn. Weiss asks about Lauren. Lauren is in Washington - with her father. Sid comes by and tells them she has the information.

At a bar in Ireland Ryan sits at a table alone and drinks. Weiss meets him. He places Ryan under arrest in cooperation with local authorities for transporting explosives. Weiss tells him that his friends from the Covenant aren't' there yet. Weiss takes him out the back door. A gunfight ensues as a car pulls up. Weiss is hit. He starts to get up but an in disguise Sid shoots him in the chest. Vaughn darts him after Sid tells him he's trapped. They secure Ryan and everyone gets up. Weiss says that's method acting.

Sid tells Vaughn that Ryan always does business with the Covenant at a certain hotel. Sid and Vaughn bicker about if to trust Lysinker or not. They are putting together a fake hotel room to put Ryan in. They're fine unless he tries the elevator. Marshall cues a soundtrack to make it sound real. They watch via a hidden camera as Ryan wakes up. He picks up the phone and dials. Jack takes the call. Jack gives him a message for his attorney. He cannot come himself. He is sending a colleague. Ryan looks around the room. Dixon sends Sid in. Ryan flips channels on the TV.

Sid enters the room. Ryan says he will do business with the other man. He appreciates Sid's hairstyle but he will only do business with the contact. Sid tells him that the CIA would have killed him. The glass is bulletproof. He is all over the news. They cue a news report and it is playing when Ryan checks the channel. Sid tells him to call off the second bombing. It will only serve make unwanted attention.

Ryan asks for a different contact. Lysinker tells her it is a trap - that contact was killed. Sid calls that bluff. She and Ryan talk. Ryan says that he loves poker. He can see a bluff a mile away. Ryan leaves the room. Sid pulls a gun on him when he is in the corridor. He pushes the elevator. Lysinker gets off the elevator. He says he was just coming to see him. Sid eyes Lysinker. He vouches for Sid. Ryan opens the envelope and studies the document. He tells Sid that they are acceptable - except that the details of the transportation all go through the North American Cell - he only deals with Mr. Sark. Lysinker guarantees this. Dixon and Vaughn lose it. Lysinker tells them that Ryan has never met Sark. Vaughn knocks on the door and says he is Mr. Sark.

Ryan mutters that they said he was a pretty boy. Vaughn asks where they can acquire the product. Ryan says that his partner will be on a specific flight. Twenty minutes into the flight he will be contacted. The associate knows Sark. They have to figure out a way to get Sark on that flight. Dixon tells Vaughn he played Sark now he has to shadow him on the flight.

Vaughn is on the flight. Sid tells them that all except two passengers are on the plane. Sark has killed these passengers and taken their tickets. No one has approached Mr. Sark. Sid goes to Ryan and tells him the deal is off. Sid tells Vaughn there was never a meeting. She thinks it was to get Sark on that plane. Jack says he will review the psych profile.

Vaughn contacts the flight attendant and tells her that there is someone he needs to take into custody. Is a marshal on the flight? She tells him no.

Sid calls Sloane and gets info on Ryan. The Covenant killed Ryan's brother. Sid questions Ryan wanting to work for them. Weiss brings up info on Ryan's brother. Sid looks at the photo of the brother. Sid says that Sloane didn't lie. The Covenant did have him killed. She tells him about the test the Covenant put her to. Kendall shows her a man he thought she killed. He had no identity. Jack speculates that blowing up a flight that the head of the North American Cell is on would be a very public act of revenge.

Vaughn sits down next to Sark. Sark asks him if he knows a word for arrogant. Vaughn cuffs Sark in the bathroom. Sark says that it strikes him as strange that a bomb maker doesn't show up for a meeting. Sid contacts Vaughn and tells him about the bomb. They find where repairs were done. Vaughn checks and finds it. He tells Sid to put Marshall on the phone.

The talk about Ryan lying to them. Jack says they must reveal themselves to him. Jack says if they can convince Ryan that Sark is in custody and will be prosecuted he might relent. Marshall studies the bomb in his lab. Vaughn asks why it is doing something. Marshall tells him it is rigged to the altitude. Vaughn rushes to the cockpit and tells them they can't go lower. The pilots obey.

Sid tells Ryan she is with the CIA. They wanted to get his technology. It was a con. They lift a wall to show him. Weiss and Lysinker approach. Lysinker tells him that he defected two months ago. Ryan wants more proof than a warehouse somewhere. They hood him and take him to the office. He says it is much more convincing. Dixon tells him that they know about the bomb rigged to the altimeter. If they help them disarm the bomb they won't file charges against him. Ryan says that the man he met with wasn't Sark. His associate knew Sark. They put out the word and got Sark on the plane. Jack tells him he will be tried as an enemy of the state and executed. Dixon tells him the deal expires in 10 seconds. Ryan tells them his brother was executed.

Marshall continues working with Vaughn. They need to encase the bomb in an airtight bubble. But first they need to move the Vaughn. Vaughn reminds him that the bomb squad in Belfast was doing when it went off. Vaughn tries to understand Marshall. Marshall needs to know what Vaughn is looking at. He says to get someone who does (betcha it's Sark).

Sid pours water for Ryan. She holds the glass for him. She says he's angry and has good reason to. She says the Covenant took his brother's life. Ryan tells her to come up with better words. Sid tells him that the Covenant held her captive for two years. They starved her, electroshock, hypnotherapy. All to convince her she was Julia Thorne. It may not convince him but she understands what it is like to have them take people she loves away. She says she is luckier than he is. The man she loves. They didn't kill him. He's on that plane. If he disarms the bomb she swears she won't rest until the Covenant has paid for what they have done to them.

Vaughn puts Sark on (told ya!). Sark and Marshall talk techno bomb talk. Vaughn cuts a wire Sark indicates. They find a cooler to put the bomb in. Sid tells Dixon that he needs a phone. He has to dial into the bomb to deactivate it. Vaughn and Sark put the bomb into a cooler. They tape the cooler shut. Ryan tells Sid that the red light on the detonator will turn green. Vaughn and Sark watch the timer as Ryan instructs Dixon on the code. Vaughn says that they've been screwed. It activates not only the bomb on the plane, but the bomb in Marshall's office. Ryan says that he was told that his brother was killed in a test of loyalty by Julia Thorne. He tells Sid that she killed his brother.

They work on evacuating the building. Jack goes in to see Ryan and begins to choke him. Sid comes in and finds him. Jack tells her to get the defibrillator. He was prepared to die let's see if he really was. The shock him and he comes back. Jack tells him to give them the codes to deactivate both bombs or they do it again. Sid calls the codes to Vaughn. It works.

Sark and Vaughn fight. Vaughn knocks Sark out then cuffs him. Dixon tells Jack and Sid that they have Sark in custody. Vaughn isn't overseeing; he's gotten onto another plane. Ryan is taken away. Sid goes out to her car and begins to cry. A car pulls up. It's Vaughn. They hug (ugh - mushy Sid and Vaughn stuff).