We open to Vaughn and Sid waking up together. (Gag). Sid asks how they are going to stay awake today. Vaughn wants to know why she doesn’t call him Michael. Sid is graduating today. She wasn’t going to go. She remembers why she killed herself writing papers and why she didn’t give it up.

Kendal won’t accept Sid’s resignation. There is a mess to clean up with the alliance gone. Sloan is still out there. Sid argues that she’s done everything they ask. Kendall has Jack jump in. Jack says, as much as he wanted her to have a normal life, she is too valuable to the CIA. She told them as a courtesy. Kendall tells her if she resigns, she loses the right to see her mother. They don’t allow civilians into the building. Jack tells her legally he’s right. Ethically he’s an ass.

Sid goes to see Irina. Irina congratulates him on her success. She still hasn’t seen her associates from SD6. Sid tells her she graduates today. Irina says she knows. She says she thought Sid would be more relieved with SD6 and the alliance gone. Sid tells her that she’s thinking of resigning and won’t be able to see her if she does. Irina tells her that if she makes this decision based on her, she’s a fool. And that if she stays, she won’t agree to see her anymore. Irina tells her to take care of herself.

A child runs away from a woman. He wants to see the Jellyfish. A man (Christina Slater) walks behind. The man is the child’s father. The woman asks where he’s at. He’s still at work mentally. The man asks for 2 more months. He says when Polytechnics goes public with the design he’ll slow down. The woman doesn’t believe him. She says to think about his father. Aaron (the child) is growing up and he’s missing it. The both look over Aaron is missing. His jack is lying where he was standing. The both go in search – panicked. Sark shows up. Tells him that he can help him find his son – and his wife.

Sid is in cap and gown (wait, I thought she was getting her doctorate, not her bachelors and if so WHY is she in a regular cap and gown? Details writers/ directors/producers – details). Francie tells her she looks beautiful and is proud. The phone rings – for Sid. It’s Sloan – congratulating her. He tells her about how disappointed he was in finding out that she and Jack were double agents. The two people he trusted most. Sid rushes to her room – and tells him that every time she sat across from him all she could think about was slitting his throat. Sloan says he can’t pretend that she wouldn’t feel that way. He says he helped her in pretended to be away for these 2 weeks. The intel she acquired to take down the alliance – was provided by him. He’s telling her because knowing that he’s alive is going to tempt her to come after him. He says don’t come after him – he’ll hurt her if she gets in the way.

Sid tells the CIA. Kendall and Jack tell Vaughn and Sid about Neil Caplan and the kidnapping of the mathematician, his wife and son. He’s a specialist in knot mathematics. None of the alliance facilities had a single Rambaldi artifact. Jack says Rambaldi planned for technological advances. Sid says he planned for this. She asks how many more people is Sloan going to hurt. She says it’s never going to talk. Kendall slaps her resignation form down in front of her. He says sign it and you’re out.

Sloan goes in to see Caplan. He gives Caplan his glasses back. Caplan asks where his family is. Sloan says cooperate and they’ll be fine. Caplan opens the Rambaldi manuscript. Sloan has been collecting Rambaldi artifacts for the last 30 years. Caplan is going to help him assemble them. Sloan says when they are done; he’ll be thanking him for giving him the answers to the entire universe has to offer.

Sid goes in to see Dixon. Sid wanted to come in and be the one to come in and tell him he has officially been cleared. They know he had no knowledge of what was happening at SD6. They want to offer him a position there. Sid tells him that he was her anchor. Dixon asks how long she knew. Sid says 2 years. She wanted to tell him so many times, but she was ordered not to. The CIA had no way of verifying what she knew in her heart. That Dixon couldn’t have knowingly have worked for a man like Sloan. Dixon says you lied to me and told me when it was convenient for her. He never wants to see her again.

Meanwhile – Marshall is walking along with another agent talking as fast has he can. He comes in and says wow. Vaughn welcomes him. Marshall says I’ve heard that before. Vaughn says this time it’s real. Sid comes in. She hugs Marshall. Sid says she knows he needs time to adjust – but they need his help. They need into Sloan’s computer. Marshall babbles about how it exceeded DOD standards and wiping everything but he thought he was working for the government and really wasn’t then says I’ll get to work on it (I love Marshall).

Dixon arrives at home. He kisses his wife. Dixon looks like hell. He tells his wife that they need to talk. He tells her he doesn’t work at a bank.

Marshall retrieves a few ram from Sloan’s computer. He’s address book. He checked one address recently – an address in Vanuyes (sp?) Jack goes off to check it. Jack walks through a dark building. He encounters a body with some sort of flashing red light.

Marshall explains that the red eye Jack says was caused by an interlobular implant. Kendall asks Marshall to explain. Marshall stumbles over Kendall’s title. The man was blind in one eye so he set himself up as a wet ware guinea pig. Kendall asks what Sloan would want with a wet ware expert. Jack says that all Alliance members were implanted with a tracking device. Marshall says that he retrieved 12 hours of data on the implant. He created a lip reading device. Sloan killed the man then said he contracted a C123 to transport all the Rambaldi artifacts. The unit that did the transport can be coerced into cooperating once they explain their legal rights to them. Sid says that interrogating the employees could take days. Sid says if I can get inside undetected I can access the flight data recorder and track where they went.

Aaron tells his mother he’s hungry. Sark walks in. He tells the mother and son that if Caplan helps them this will all be an unpleasant memory. Sark wants her to record a message telling Caplan that if he doesn’t cooperate, their son will be the first to die. Sark hands her the recording.

Sid goes to Mojave. Vaughn meets with a man telling him that he needs this shipped. The man says that for an accomplished arms merchant, he’s never heard of his name. The man’s goons pull guns. If he’s really an expert – he’ll know what kind of gun is pointed at his head. Vaughn names the gun and says if you were really going to kill me, you would have disengaged the thumb safety. The man smiles. He has a charter leaving for Asia is 30 minutes. The instructions are there for him. Vaughn watches the box get loaded onto the plane. Sid rolls out of it. She finds the flight data recorder. She uplinks and sends the data to Vaughn. A man walks in and finds Sid. He asks for her Id and starts to call it in. Sid takes the man out. Tells Vaughn she’s been made and to meet her at the Northwest hanger. Naturally goons come from everywhere. She fights them. One man is sucked into the propellers. Vaughn screeches up. Sid hops in.

Dixon is sitting in the dark during a storm and drinking. His wife pulls up. He asks where she stayed last night. She stayed at her sisters. The kids are there. She was shocked. If he had died that day – she would have buried a stranger. She doesn’t know if a single word he’s said to her is true. He says his love for her and their children are true. He thought he was working for the government – and saving the country. He vows to never lie to her again. He says that the CIA has offered him a job. She says that she can’t worry about whether he’s coming home every night. If he takes that job – he takes it alone.

Sloan asks Caplan if he’ll help them. Caplan says let my family go. Sloan says there is another way and plays the recording of his wife. Caplan says you want me to put these pieces together. And that you have the pieces. Sloan says you’re sitting in a warehouse full of them. Caplan explains that every piece has it’s own magnetic field. There is no room for error in the calculation. And the equipment Sloan gave him isn’t sensitive enough to accurately make the readings. Sloan mentions the magnetometer he’s developing for the Swiss Polytechnics. Caplan asks how he knows about that. Sloan says that he knows lots of things. Caplan says he can’t do that. They have it locked in a vault until it clears patents. Sloan tells him it’s in a bank 2 miles from where they are. Caplan is shocked that they are in Switzerland. Sloan tells shim that by tomorrow they’ll have what he needs.

Sloan calls Emily. He tells her 2 more days. He talks about a house with a garden and that he’s there right now and looking at the garden (he’s inside a warehouse and Sark is sitting nearby). Sark asks what happens when his wife is ready to move into a Tuscan Villa? Sark questions Sloan leading the team to get the magnetometer in himself. Sloan says he’s approaching the finish line of a 30-year odyssey. He’s not letting anyone do it for him.

Jack briefs the team. They are sending a team to an island off Bermuda where the plane went. But it went on to Zurich Switzerland. They have no reason to believe he stayed. If it did he would have hired local support – mercenaries. Vaughn says he dealt with a headhunter there while on a black op. If Sloan needed help – he would have gone through him. Kendall muses that if the headhunter knows Vaughn is CIA – he could tip Sloan off. Vaughn says he doesn’t – they were posing as a French crime syndicate. Kendall tells Sid and Vaughn to get on a plane.

A man shows Sloan a virtual mask for him to wear while leading his team into the bank. Sloan worries that the facial recognition software will measure he’s underlying bone structure. The man says it measures the distance between his cheekbones. That their prosthetics are lined with carbon powder. The systems database won’t find a match. Even an x-ray would be fooled.

Sid and Vaughn enter a bar. Sid grabs a pool stick. Vaughn chats with a man at the bar. Vaughn reveals that he’s not French crime syndicate. He’s CIA and they’ve tolerated them because they’ve been helpful. The contact gets snotty. He says if he knew the CIA was only interested in his list he’d have told him to go make love – with his mother. Vaughn decks the man. Sid pulls a gun and yells hands. Vaughn dumps a drink on the man’s head and hold’s a lighter near his face. The man reveals that they came. They had some men. The woman and child are downstairs.

Vaughn and Sid rush the guards downstairs. Mrs. Caplan and Aaron freak at the sound of gunfire. Sid and Vaughn take them out – they tell them they are CIA. One of the men has a cell phone. If Sark or Sloan contacted them directly – they can trace.

Marshall is babbling to other techs at the CIA. Marshall receives his first phone call. Sid needs Marshall to run a location trace on the phone she’s calling him on. Marshall tells Sid to hit ## Send. Marshall is getting 15 locations. Sid asks for Zurich. Airport, a cell phone. Marshall triangulates the location – new market street in Zurich. Vaughn and Sid race through Zurich. Sid is on the phone to Marshall. Vaughn is talking to someone else.

Sloan arrives at the bank’s parking garage. The bank president meets Sloan is disguise. As does the bank manager. They think he’s depositing $50 million. Sark is monitoring the facial recognition database. They cleared their system. Sark says he needs 10 seconds – keep him talking. On Sark’s go ahead, Sloan shoots the bank manager. Marshall gives Sid direction. Vaughn tells Sid she’s going too fast.

Sloan retrieves the magnetometer. Sid and Vaughn arrive in the bank. They tell the bank to lock down their vault – they’re being robbed. The guard shows them the monitor. Sid tells him that’s looped. Sark sees that Sid and Vaughn are in the bank. He tells Sloan that Sid is in the lobby near the entrance. Sid spots him. Sloan’s goons pull guns. Sid and Vaughn pull guns. Sloan says he warned her. He can’t guarantee her safety in a situation like this. Sloan says you must be the man Sark told me that Sid was willing to kill me for. Vaughn tells him she would have killed her for a lot less. They tell Sloan they have Caplan’s family. Sloan says the have the lower level rigged with enough C-4 to level a city block. Sloan says if he doesn’t walk out of here – nobody does. Sid says he’s bluffing. Sloan pulls out a remote trigger. He says he’s not the only one carrying one. If he doesn’t walk out – they will set it off anyway. Sloan tells them to lower their guns. Sid and Vaughn give. Sloan tosses Sid keys after she drops her gun. She’ll be driving him out of here.

And The end (have to watch next week folks – sorry).