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At long last - here we go!

Gael is on the phone. He tells the security chief for the hotel that the virus was released. He needs to know how to shut down the fans. Phillips asks how deadly it is. Gael says they are just taking precautions. Michelle asks how much was released. Alvers says enough to kill everyone in the hotel. His assignment was this hotel. There are other vials. Michelle calls Tony. She gives him the news. They have to close the building nobody in or out. Tony says their people will hold the perimeter. Alvers told them there were 11 vials. Tony asks how Alvers got out. Michelle reveals that they are in the building. Tony tells her that health services are bringing gear. They can get her out. She refuses. She says there are 7 agents plus hotel security. She has to coordinate this. She is ranking officer. She can't leave. She tells Tony she has to go and to call her when he has a working protocol. Jack questions Amador. Amador refuses to tell Jack anything. Jack says they found the incubator. If he doesn't speak they'll put him in the room with it and open. Amador says then he'll die. Chappelle tells Jack that there are 11 other vials. Their only source of information is Amador. Jack says that all he can get out of Amador is that it is someone who knows him. Chappelle wants Amador brought back to CTU for a session with Richards (the torture man who was with Nina). Jack cuffs Amador to a radiator (now that's a good move - not). Chase says that the virus works like an aerosol - the particles hang in the air. Jack says they can contain it inside the hotel because the windows don't open. Tony talks to Health services. He tells Chappelle that they will have total containment. Chappelle orders shoot to kill for anyone who leaves the hotel - no exceptions.

Michelle tells Phillips that nobody leaves the building and to shut down the elevators and air conditioning. Phillips worries about people with cell phones. Michelle says they are aiming a jamming frequency at the hotel. CTU's cell phones operate on a pinhole frequency and can get out. They also need the fire alarms shut down. Michelle says to Gael that he wouldn't be exposed if it weren't for her.

Phillips stops an employee and says that an irritant was released into the system. He needs him to stay. The man wants to go home because his wife is a week overdue.

Amador gets free (told ya that cuffing thing wasn't a good idea). Kim calls Jack and says that Amador left the building (okay so the cuffing to the radiator is intentional). Kim tracks him and tells Jack what direction he is heading.

Palmer asks Wayne how many people are in the hotel. Wayne tells him about 1000. Palmer tells Wayne to have the governor prepare the National Guard but not to have the Guard move until they hear from him. Sherry comes in and says she has a problem but also has a solution. Sherry tells him that Julia Milliken is saying that the two of them killed Allen. Palmer asks if she did it. Sherry says that he's been surrounded by people who tell him what he wants to hear and protect him. But for once she's going to tell him the truth. She says that she was there. Julia was going to give Allen his medication. She stopped it. She told the police that she was with him. She supposes that he will be contacted by the police regarding this. She tells Palmer that if he doesn't say she was with him, she'll tell them she was acting on his behalf using all necessary measures.

Amador drives away while removing his handcuffs. He watches his rearview mirror. Jack and Chase run parallel to Amador's path. They put a transponder in Amador's bandage. Tony worries that this could backfire on them. Jack thinks that Amador is heading for his contact. Tony tells Jack that Michelle can't work on compiling a list of contacts because she is in the hotel. He has Chloe working on it.

Amador makes a call. He tells his contact that he was detained by CTU agents. The contact asks if Jack was one of the agents. Amador says yes. The contact says you know what to do. The contact talks to another man and tells him to place the device and make sure it is destroyed.

Tony talks to the doctor. He tells her the virus was combined with another agent. She says that they won't know anything until they can analyze the second agent. Tony asks about exposure length - the doctor says it doesn't matter. He asks about the 10% survivability rate. She says they'll do what they can to help her.

Gael and Michelle monitor readings around the hotel. Floors 1 - 5 show 30 parts per million or greater. The lobby is just as bad. The whole hotel is contaminated. Michelle starts to make a phone call. She stops. Gael's nose begins to bleed profusely. He tells her to get back.

Michelle rushes in to see Alvers. She asks what they did. Incubation was supposed to be 14 hours. Alvers asks what he gets. He says that he knows what the virus does. He doesn't want to die like that. He wants to be killed when the symptoms start.

Wayne goes in to see Palmer. They don't know how much of the virus got out or how far. He recommends putting out an announcement. Palmer says not yet. Wayne says LAPD says that Sherry is a flight risk. He says that if he calls the AG's office, the problem disappears. Palmer says it widens the conspiracy. Wayne says to stop tying his hands. Palmer wants to talk to the chief of police. He tells Wayne to get him out of bed and bring him to him. Wayne leaves.

Chloe continues the list. Adam tells Tony that Caltrans is shutting down roads around the hotel. Kim has Michelle on the phone. Michelle tells him that Gael has begun to hemorrhage. Alvers told her that the agent he added speeds it up. Gael is isolated in a room in the basement. She wasn't exposed to Gael's blood but she is breathing the air. She tells him they have to focus on stopping this and keeping people in.

The employee asks Phillips what is going on. Every door he's tried is locked and there are people outside with guns. Phillips tells him things are fine. They have to stay calm and hope for the best. The employee goes down the hall and looks for a way out.

Gael continues to bleed. Michelle calls him. He says the bleeding stops and starts. He is feeling week. She says that health services will send in a doctor as soon as they get there. He says they have to get them there soon. They'll have a hard time keeping people in the hotel once people wake up. The employee hears this and sets off a fire alarm. The employee searches through a desk drawer. He finds keys and a gun. He takes both.

Michelle tells Phillips that she thought the fire alarm was disconnected. So did Phillips. Michelle tells the desk clerk to call people and tell them it was a false alarm. She tells others to man the doors - no one gets out. Phillips goes off to override the alarm.

Amador tells his contact that he's doubled back on his route a few times now. Bring him in. The contact says to park a few blocks away and look for a silver ford. Amador wants cash. Kim communicates with Jack. They continue to follow.

The employee hides when he sees security. Michelle is in the lobby telling people that it was a false alarm. Phillips tells her that the alarm has to cycle. People ask why they can't go out. Why are there people outside with guns and gasmasks? Michelle tells them that a dangerous substance was set off outside the hotel. It isn't safe to go outside. People want to know why the phones don't work. Michelle says to go back to their rooms. Phillips says that someone got a fire door open. Michelle heads off to investigate. Phillips tries to get people to go upstairs.

Michelle approaches the employee. He pulls a gun on her. She tells him that a toxic substance was released outside. He says she is lying. That he knows about the man in the room. She says that's right. That's why he can't go outside. She says that everyone will get sick. Most of them will die. He just wants to get out and go home to his wife. She tells him that anyone who leaves can spread the disease to thousands of people. He'll give it to his wife. She gets the gun from him. She says that they have to isolate him.

Phillips says that there is a problem. Someone is bleeding from the nose and mouth and they can't stop it. It is an Asian woman.

Wayne brings in Chief Hendricks. Palmer asks what he knows about the Milliken case. He knows what Julia said. And that Sherry said she was here with him. He asks if Sherry was here with him. Palmer says yes she was. Wayne hears this, his eyes dart. Chief Hendricks thanks him and starts to leave. He asks Wayne if there is a reason he can think of why Julia would have accused Sherry. Wayne says that in a moment of crisis people do inexplicable things. Wayne and Palmer eye each other. Palmer goes in to see Sherry. He says that he told him that he told the Chief that she was here. She says no one will know. He says he will know. She reminds him that he brought her here to do the dirty work. He says that he didn't know she'd kill someone. Palmer says he despises her for what she's done and he despises his role in doing it. He tells her to get out of his sight and leaves.

Amador walks down a street. Jack asks if the follow cars are in position. Amador finds the silver ford. He gets in. The driver hands Amador the money and his travel papers in a silver suitcase. Amador opens the case. A bomb goes off. Jack and Chase rush toward the burning vehicle. Jack wants the area cordoned off. Jack's phone rings. It is Amador's contact. He says that he knew Jack was better than Amador. He reminds Jack that there are 11 other vials. They will be released if he doesn't follow his demands. He says that he needs contact with someone jack knows.

At the hotel more people get sick, a man panics and tries to break a window. Michelle draws a gun on him and says that she will shoot him if he tries to leave. He tries. She shoots him.

Jack calls Palmer. The man with possession of the virus wants to talk to palmer. Jack says if he doesn't talk to Palmer, he will release more of the virus. Palmer agrees to speak with him. Jack puts his through and listens in on the conversation. Palmer must follow the instructions he receives over the next few hours or more virus will be released. The man tells Palmer that he isn't in control of his country for the next few hours. He expects palmer to use the full power of his office to fulfill his wishes. The man says that he'll be contacting him and hangs up.