Vaughn orders the Swiss police to let them go, despite having a clean shot. The police stand down. Sid and Sloan get into a vehicle as Sark watches. Vaughn and a bomb expert tries to take out the bomb. There's a current, if they clip the wire it'll detonate. Accessing the remote trigger could set it off. The only way is if the remote trigger is encased in concrete - Vaughn asks for the bank manager.

In the car Sloan takes off his mask. He tells Sid he told her not to come after him. He warned her that he would kill her. If she knew what he plans were. That the plans are bigger than SD-6, bigger than the CIA. His betraying her; her betraying him.

Marshall looks up the safe info. Vaughn needs to know if it'll break the signal. Marshall, with hesitation says yes. They put the trigger in the safe. Vaughn transmits to Sid that the trigger is shielded and not to tell Sloan. They'll intercept shortly. Sark radios Sloan that there is a change in plans. That they'll meet in 5 minutes. Sid tells Sloan that the CIA has a hit list. 35 people out of 6 billion that they are allowed to kill, and he's one of them. She'll kill him and won't even be breaking the law.

Sloan opens the car door. Sid tells him you jump you die. A van pulls up Sloan, with Sark's help, makes the move from vehicle to vehicle. Sark shoots Sid's car. Sid crashes and loses Sloan.

Kendall says that officials from AMCORP are hiding behind the bank to keep from telling what was stolen. The trail has gone cold. Kendall reminds Sid that Sloan was in her custody. Sid asks if she was supposed to incinerate a bunch of people just to get Sloan. And that Sloan got away because he had satellite surveillance - which they don't have. Sid and Kendall argue over the satellites being tasked everywhere. Kendall says they're doing what they can. Sid says it's not enough.

Sloan tells Sark that the work Caplan is doing has to be done before Sloan's flight tomorrow. Sark says he'll conduct the preliminary test himself.

(More gaggy Sid and Vaughn lovey dovey crap) Weiss calls Vaughn. Kendall has something he wants to show them. Weiss asks if Sid is with him. Vaughn says no. Weiss asks if they're in bed. Vaughn starts picking up funky signals on the phone. He walks through the house. He traces down the signal, tells Weiss they'll be there soon.

Jack says that Sid's place is going to be cleaned. Sid says Will needs to be told. They need a list from Sid of every person who has been there. Sid doesn't understand how it happened - she's taken countermeasures. Jack talks to Marshall. Marshall says he bugged the house - but really he didn't. He made the bugging device. It has his signature - a superman logo with an M. Marshall made it for Sloan when he was at sd-6. It works on burst transmissions. Jack wants to know if he can reverse engineer it. Marshall babbles, then says yes.

Sloan looks at schematics. Sark says Caplan finished. Sark ran the test. Sark says that when we agreed to combine our resources you said you'd show me amazing things, but is a suitcase neutron bomb designed in the 16th century even a possibility. Sloan is silent.

Kandahar - A hooded man is taken from the back of a truck. The man is Sloan. His host asks forgiveness for the transportation - but in his position he can't be careful. The man says he doesn't do business with Americans. Sloan says he has no country. He is looking for partners who share his vision. Sloan gives the man a gift - it belonged to a 16th century warrior poet who united the man's lands. This is a treasure. The man wants to know more.

Sid works out in her bedroom. Fake Francie watches. Sid asks how it's going - about Will. Fake Francie says she hasn't slept with him. They both declare that the other has been acting weird. Fake Francie says you don't talk to me anymore. Sid says she just gets caught up in work. The phone rings. Vaughn says to get in there now. Fake Francie calls Sark to tell him that they found the bugs. Sark says they'll be looking for their LA asset give them someone.

They've got a lead on Sloan. He's with men loyal to Ahmed Kabir - who is close to the Taliban. They think they took Sloan into a valley. Sloan took a shipment of arms from Kandahar. They wonder why they're meeting. Sid says the agent for sd-6 got in and out undetected. They ask who the agent was. Sid says Marcus Dixon. Kendall says none of the papers from SD-6 detail that mission. The only person who can help them is Dixon. Sid says Dixon has made it clear to that he's not interested. Kendall tells her to convince him.

Sid goes to see Dixon. His wife says Marcus doesn't want to see her, and neither does she. Dixon comes to the door. Sid says she needs information. Marcus says no. As they close the door, Sid says it can stop Sloan. Dixon says they've made a decision as a family to move on and closes the door.

Vaughn asks Will if he has a suit. Will says yes. Vaughn tells him your briefs are good. The director wants a briefing. Will is to go to Sandy's Red Hots and ask for the special, no pickles. He'll be taken to the briefing from there.

Sloan talks to the man in Kandahar. The man wants to know how he knows so much. The man needs assurance that he can deliver on the promises he's making. Sloan says I expected that. I can provide a test. You pick the target.

Will shows up at HQ wearing a rumpled suit. Kendall briefs the team. Will is in the meeting. They are being told about Kabir. Will asks why they haven't already. Haven't they paid millions of dollars for information already and gotten nothing? Will provides an alternative plan. He shows them a picture of Kabir's ex who is in Mexico. She hates Kabir.

Kendall tells Sid and Vaughn that they'll be leaving in half an hour. Sloan tells Sark that Kabir's target is his ex wife. Sark is going to Mexico City. He seems shocked at the choice of targets.

In Mexico City Sark is in place and on the phone with Sloan. Sark says if Caplan is of by a micro-tesla it could go very wrong. Sloan tells him to do it.

Sid arrives at the embassy - in disguise. She enters (posing as an elderly woman). The woman their after works on the first floor. The device starts up. Sid finds the woman - she tells him that she's with American Intelligence and needs info on her ex. Weiss radios Vaughn that they've picked something up, bomb and Rambaldi. Weiss tells Vaughn to get out. Vaughn radios Sid and tells her to get out. The embassy will be evacuating. The woman won't go with Sid. Sid punches her and takes her to the car.

The device goes off. People left inside catch on fire. They begin running - flames on their clothes. They fall to the ground, in flames. Weiss says they picked up a hot spot - right behind them. Sid and Vaughn see nothing. Weiss says, wait it's gone. Sid wants to go back. They do. Inside the church/embassy they find piles of ash on the floor. Kabir's ex follows them in. She says she'll tell them where to find her husband.

Sark and Sloan watch news coverage of the terrorist act. Sark tells them that everyone was burned beyond recognition. That Kabir's ex is on the list of presumed dead. Kabir gives Sloan a gift of appreciation for destroying his enemy. Sloan tries to decline the present but is talked into taking it. Kabir will be wiring money into the account of his choosing.

The CIA's plan is for Sid to lead a team into the valley, capture the device and get it back. Sid says people are calling it a doomsday device. Marshall shows them the specs on what happened. Marshall says it works like a microwave. That there is no shield. And that this energy can take out computer circuitry and can take down planes.

Weiss tells Sid that they found audio and video transmitters in the TV of her bedroom. Sid calls Fake Francie that she's not going to make it home. Fake Francie says she's in the middle of something - uh huh- finding that LA Asset to give them.

Marshall uses a Predator with Schwarzeneger example to illustrate his latest device. A cold suit for Sid to wear while under the security cameras - it takes her body temp to room temperature.

Sid goes in, wearing the cold suit. Vaughn directs Sid to the room. The door he directs her to is not there. Sid thinks there was probably damage during the war. Sid runs into someone, fights them. Sid has been made. Vaughn tells Kendall to send the tactical unit in to get Sid. Kendall says the tactical unit won't be of use.

Vaughn goes to see Dixon. Vaughn won't take no. He tells Dixon that Sid has been captured because Dixon wouldn't help. Dixon's wife comes to the door, tells Vaughn to leave. Vaughn says that he's not leaving.

Sid is interrogated. Kabir says to admit she's CIA. Submit to a video. Admit it and maybe he'll spare her life. Sloan tells Sid to tell him what he wants to hear. Sloan says in many ways he'll always consider Sid to be his proudest accomplishment. Sloan kisses Sid's forehead. Kabir comes back and asks if she has reconsidered. A tray with what appears to be large spikes are put on the table next to her as incentive. Kabir comes back later and tells her that the tissue around the kneecap doesn't regenerate. Vaughn takes out Kabir just as he was going to drive the stake through Sid's kneecap. (YES!) Dixon is with Vaughn. They have the device. The trio makes their way out of Kabir's compound. Naturally a gunfight ensues.

Back in LA, Sid writes up a report of some sort. Jack tells her good work. Sid says she was lucky. Jack says she got the weapon. Sid points out she lost Sloan. Jack tells her they found these on a plumber whose name she gave them. But He was dead so they don't know if he was for real or set up. Dixon sits nearby. Sid says thanks. Dixon says he can't judge her for not telling him about SD-6. That he can't guarantee he wouldn't do the same thing in her position.

Sid soaks in the tub at home. Vaughn brings her a glass of wine. (I go hurl because of the lovey dovey crap again). Vaughn asks Sid to a hockey game (oh go you romantic stud). He says she can watch the zamboni. Sid says what we saw at the church - every time they think they've seen the worst - she sighs and sinks down in the water.

Sark says you create power and control and leave it in the hands of a complete stranger. Sloan breaks the statue Kabir gave them. Inside is a missing piece of the manuscript.

And The end.