5:00 am to 6:00 am

Michelle tells the crowd at the hotel to stay calm and quiet. Someone panics as armed men approach. Michelle fires into the air and says no one leaves the building. She wants quiet and cooperation. She gets on the intercom and tells them in order to survive they need to listen and follow her instructions. An infections substance has been released. Help is on the way. If they try to leave they will be stopped by any means necessary. If they are in their room, stay there. If they are anywhere else, return. A woman sees her dead husband – the man Michelle shot – and becomes angry at her. She tells Michelle she was supposed to protect him.

Jack talks to Palmer. Palmer wants to know why the man with the virus went through Jack to contact him. Jack doesn’t know and they haven’t identified his virus yet. They think until a few hours ago he was in Vegas. Jack says who ever this is knows him and knows Alvers. Jack tells Chase to get a description from Alvers and cross reference with his files.

Palmer updates Wayne. Whatever he wants, they don’t have much choice but to give it to him.

Phillips tells Michelle he’ll do whatever she needs. He asks if everyone will die. She says a few will be immune. Tony calls and tells Michelle that the perimeter is set but they have to be prepared for when symptoms start showing up. She tells him that things got crazy and she had to shoot a man. Tony tells her they need to get a description from Alvers on the man who hired them. She goes off to do this. Health Services arrive at the hotel in biohazard gear and prepare to enter.

Michelle goes to talk to Alvers. He says he is bleeding; they had a deal (to kill him when he shows symptoms). She says he hasn’t told them everything. Alvers tells her that he saw the man who hired him in Chinatown. Michelle holds the phone to Alvers and Alvers gives a description to Tony and Chloe. Chloe works to cross reference. They get photos via a link to Michelle. They show them to Alvers. He keeps telling them no. Jack listens in. Alvers says he isn’t there. They have to widen the search. They discuss dropping the accent. Jack tells them to drop living and add presumed dead. Alvers is shown more photos. They find the photo. Jack says he knows him. A British agent loaned to them – Saunders – for the mission to Kosovo – the one that targeted the DRASENS!!!! (I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Wayne tells Palmer that the situation at the hotel seems under control. Swat is there and Health Services are on scene to test people. Palmer wants this story kept under wraps. He tells Wayne to use like Legionnaires Disease because he is afraid of panic. An aide recommends that they take the security level to red. Wayne argues that this will cause panic. They want to stop air traffic, highways, rail travel. Palmer orders that the airlines be alerted to a possible nation wide shut down but not to give the order until he says so.

Saunders is on the phone for Palmer. They put the call through. Saunders tells him to have the secret service to open the mail box across the street from his hotel and have them bring him a black package. Palmer starts to argue. Saunders hangs up. Palmer tells Wayne to have the secret service get the package back to him in 10 minutes.

Jack studies Saunder’s files. Chase wonders if the mission failed because of Saunders. Jack says Saunders was a patriot - something else happened. Jack calls a contact with British Intel. He wants a search on him. Check his contacts – people he knows. The man finds a Diane White – an escort. She passed a lot of intel to him. Jack says to patch everything they’ve got on her to his computer – she’s still in LA.

Michelle wants to go first with Health Services. They do a nasal swab. They should have the results in 2 hours. Phillips comes in next.

A secret service agent hands Palmer a phone that was in the package. They scanned it. It contains a chip that accepts only a certain signal and makes it untraceable. The phone rings. Palmer answers it. Saunders tells Palmer to hold a press conference some time in the next two hours, about any subject he wants but he must use the phrase “the sky is falling.” Wayne speculates that it is a signal for an attack or wave of attacks. Palmer thinks that it is a sign that he is in control. Wayne and Paler bicker. Palmer tells him to call a press conference.

Chase tells Jack Diane White isn’t at home. They analyze her clientele. Jack says the relationship makes sense. She tells him about her clients. He blackmails her saying he’ll reveal her clients. They speculate that’s how he made money. Jack talks briefly about the mission and says we left him behind. I left him behind.

Tony is on the phone about the virus. He asks if there is an antidote. Tony tells Kim that anyone infected – it is a 100% death rate. He says that when Michelle told Chappelle he should be there he barely spoke to him. Kim says if he needs to talk, she’s here. Chappelle comes in and Kim leaves. Chappelle says that he needs to move on. Tony asks if he is supposed to act like she’s already dead. Chappelle tells him if he wants to stand vigil to go home or to the hotel. Otherwise they need to stop this and use it as revenge. Chappelle is tracing the money from Saunders. If he finds anything suspicious he’ll stream it to Tony. Tony thanks Chappelle.

Chase and Jack approach a house. Jack breaks in the sliding glass door. He steps in the house and someone fires at him. He says don’t fire he’s a federal agent. The woman says so what he’s in her house. Jack shows his badge. She wants him to put his gun down. He does. She tells him to step into the open. He does. She takes a step, Chase takes her down. Jack aims his gun at her and says now they can talk. She wants to get dressed first. Jack follows her. She dresses in front of him. Jack asks about Saunders. She says that Saunders said she would protect her. She was young and stupid. He asks if her girls got information for Saunders. She won’t admit that she worked for him. Jack tells Chase to tell them they’re bringing her in. She wants her lawyer. Jack says he is taking her in to MI-6. She will be interrogated by a foreign agent.

Michelle goes to the basement. The doctor tells her Gael doesn’t have much time yet. She asks if he is in much pain. She wants to see him. The doctor says she doesn’t advise it. Michelle says if she’s been infected it’s already happened. That isn’t what the doctor meant. She enters the room. Gael is still bleeding. He has sores on his face. He asks her to do a favor. Contact his family and tell them that he loves them, that he died quickly – no pain. She says of course. She gets out her 9mm and sets it next to him. He says he was raised to believe that suicide is a sin. She says no one would blame him in this world or the next to end his suffering. He says that a few seconds more is all that he needed to stop it. He hesitated for just a moment because he was afraid. Had he not hesitated, he wouldn’t be going through this – or the people upstairs. She tells him he did everything he could. He is one of the bravest men he knows and she will make sure that his wife and kids know that. He picks her 9 mm back up and leaves.

Wayne tells Palmer that homeland security raised the threat level to red. The airlines have been alerted. Palmer begins his press conference. He knows the hour is unusual. So are the times. He tells them that the threat level is red and airline traffic is being halted. He says he isn’t taking this action because the sky is falling. He’d rather be prepared. God willing they will all remain safe. The press starts to ask questions. Wayne says no questions. Palmer stops and says he’ll let a few. This is a preventative action.

Jack delivers Diana White to MI-6. They have discovered that she owns the address Saunders was last seen at. A helicopter hovers outside the window and begins firing. Jack drags Diana to cover. Trevor is hit. He tells Jack that the file is on server five. Jack tells Chase to go. Jack says that there is no way Saunders staked the place out just to get Diana. MI-6 has information on their servers that exist no where else in the world. They have to get it. Chase and Jack head down a stairwell to the servers. A man is on the floor. Chase checks him out. Jack goes to the server. He removes a cover. Then he hears a beep and sees it. There is a bomb. They have no time. He tells Chase to go now. Chase says he’s not leaving. Jack says it is an order to go now. We hear the bomb begin counting down. Jack says he’s got it and tells Chase to go. The bomb explodes (we go to commercial).

Gael’s body is wheeled down the corridor. Michelle removes the sheet, looks and him and replaces it. She calls Tony and tells him that Gael is dead. She says that he was suffering badly. No one should have to go through that. There are children upstairs who will die in front of their parents. She says they have cyanide capsules. Tony tells her that is for field agents who are captured. She says that is the same thing here. Tony says he can’t make the call for mass suicide. She tells him that if she is infected she knows what he wants. She says they don’t have much time. Tony tells her he’ll see what he can do.

Jack calls Chappelle and tells hi that almost the entire MI-6 office was whipped out. Chappelle is tracing the money. Jack saved the hard drive. He needs a team to get the protocols from the Brits and strip information off the hard drive.

Tony talks to Chappelle about the suicide capsules for the people at the hotel. Chappelle says it is against every regulation in the books. Tony says yeah. Chappelle says do it.

One of Saunder’s men tells him that the hard drive was destroyed and Diana is dead. He says that CTU is making inquires about the bank in Cayman. The inquiries are coming from Chappelle. He is quite good at tracing money. Saunders says is he?

Wayne tells Palmer that MI-6 was attacked. Jack was there. He is fine. Palmer asks if his conference triggered the attack. They don’t know. Palmer wants the FAA to coordinate with Homeland Security. Saunders calls Palmer. Saunders says that he wants Chappelle killed and to have his body dropped in the train yard by 7 am. Wayne asks Palmer what he wants.