A man walks down a corridor speaking on a cell phone in Russian. A pair of guards walk on either side of him. The man enters an elevator. The guard makes a woman and her baby wait for the next elevator. The elevator goes up, stopping between floors. They hear a pinging. A guard starts o go up to check it out. An explosion happens and the elevator starts o crash - ala Speed. The car stops. They breathe. Another explosion and the car crash to the bottom.

Someone opens the door to the crashed car and removes something from the man. The someone is Sark.

The man was Yuri Carpechev, a high level Russian arms dealer. Irina listed him among contacts when she was debriefed. Jack says that Sloan had dealings with him at SD6. Jack tells Irina that Carpechev was killed, presumably by Sloan. Irina asks Jack why Sid hasn't left the CIA. Jack tells her that Sid refuses to leave as long as Sloan is free. Irina says that it is believed that Carpechev has a Rambaldi manuscript. Sloan must believe that Carpechev is storing it in his vault, this is incorrect. Carpechev sold it to someone else - another of Irina's contacts. The manuscript is a study of the human heart. Rambaldi was obsessed with immortality. Irina suggests her coming out for a meeting with the contact for the manuscript. Jack says no. Irina argues that Sloan thinks she is dead or has escaped and is in hiding. Irina reminds Jack how valuable the manuscript is and says that if they catch Sloan, Sid could leave the CIA (uh huh, your living a pipe dream Irina).

Sid and Vaughn on ice. Vaughn is teaching Sid how to play hockey (okay, gag me - can we please break these two up?) The issue of Sid's mother comes up. Sid says sooner or later they have to have a conversation about her mother. Vaughn says there is nothing to talk about, he'll never feel sorry about her. Sid's cell phone rings. She has to go in. Vaughn says of course you do - it's your day off (yay, trouble in paradise!)

Sid arrives at her meeting. Her thumbprint is required on confidentiality papers saying she won't talk about their meeting today, it she does it would be a felony. She is asked if she is familiar with the name Vladimir Progosky (sp). She says no and is shown a photo. Sid says no. She is asked if Vaughn was seen using a pay phone when they were in France. Sid says no. Did he purchase cigarettes? Sid says he doesn't smoke. Did they enter someplace (sowwy)? Sid says that is none of your business. She wants to know the context. She demands to know what he wants and who he is. The man questioning Sid is Mitchell Yeager. He is investigating potential threats. He is investigating Vaughn. Vaughn has been in contact with a high number of unapproved foreign agents in the last 3 months. He is attempting to make contact with Progrosky - who is a known assassin with ties to at least 3 terrorist organizations. Sid protests. She says there is a reason for this. Yeager says that is why I'm here. He tells her Vaughn doesn't know this investigation is taking place. If she tells him, she will become a suspect as well. Yeager restates his question - are she and Vaughn intimate.

Kendall Questions Jack on his request for Irina to make contact with Sloan. Kendall doesn't think that Washington will approve it. Jack argues that Irina was key to their success in the Kashmir mission, without her it would have been an embarrassment. Kendall protests that Irina could be being helpful just to convince them that she is trustworthy. Jack says if she lies to him again, he'll know. Jack tells Irina that Kendall approved the op. Jack introduces Irina to Marshall. Marshall thinks that its cool she's Sid's mom. Marshall babbles about putting in a subdural tracking device. Marshall injects the tracking device. When Irina doesn't flinch, Marshall says, "Wow, you're tough."

Sid is still being questioned. Has Vaughn made any large purchases recently - not that she is aware of. Has Vaughn changed his cell phone more than twice in the last 6 months - Sid has already answered this, and no. Yeager says they have traced 4 different cell phone numbers back to Vaughn. (You may remember several episodes back, Vaughn and Jack traded cell phones or something to cover for Jack when Cain was investigating him in SD-6). Does Sid have access to Vaughn's personal computer? Sid reminds Yeager that they don't live together. Yeager tells her that they think Vaughn has some sort of encryption software and has downloaded this to his personal laptop computer. If he has, he has broken the law. They want Sid to make a disk image of his hard drive and bring it back. Yeager gives her a disk to use. He tells Sid that he knew her mother. That they went to the same parties. That she wasn't what she seemed. He reminds Sid that her mother killed Vaughn's father. Sid protests that he wouldn't be trying to get Irina. Sid says she won't spy on Vaughn. Yeager asks Sid what her priority is - national security, or her new boyfriend?

Sid storms down the hall. She sees Weiss and asks him if he has seen Vaughn. Weiss mutters that's all she is to him, a conduit to Vaughn, has she ever asked Vaughn where Weiss is? Sid is just looking for him. Weiss asks Sid if she knows what is up - Weiss was just paged to the briefing room. Sid says no.

Bangkok - Jack is in a strip club. Irina enters (all sexed out). A guard checks her. She enters a room where a man holds a girl's hand down while another taps a knife into the table around her fingers. The girl is whimpering. Irina speaks to the man with the knife. The man thought Irina was dead. Irina says to let the girl go - play with her instead. Irina lays her hand on the table and says why not, I love games. The man begins the knife routine around Irina's hand. He doesn't miss. She takes the knife and stabs the man in the hand, tells the guard not to draw his gun as she holds the knife to the man's throat. She asks about the manuscript he purchased. He no longer has it, he sold it to Chang. Irina rushes away after taking a swipe at the man's throat. A guard comes after her. She tosses a knife at him. Someone comes after her. Jack shoots. Irina runs off. On the plane, Jack and Irina talk. Irina didn't see the fourth man Jack shot. Irina reminisces about Sloan coming to the house. Jack says Sloan changed because of Rambaldi. Irina says she shared a similar obsession for years. Irina doesn't know how Jack avoided getting caught up in it. Jack says he had something that held his attention away from it. Irina says Sid. Irina then thanks him for raising their daughter.

Back to trouble in paradise (yay). Vaughn asks Sid if she knew about the mission her mother went on. Sid says her father told her. Vaughn asks if it was courtesy (him telling her). Sid says she just told her. Vaughn thinks its weird. They introduced Irina back to the world and didn't involve them. Sid tells him they can't be involved in every mission. Vaughn asks to use Sid's shower. He leaves his briefcase on the table. Sid gets the disk she was given, pulls out the laptop and starts the laptop.

Will tells Fake Francie that she can't tell anyone. He tells her that Sid works for the CIA. That no bank sends their employees around the world like that. That he has seen her in action and she's amazing. Fake Francie asks if Will is an agent too. Will says no, I'm an analyst. Fake Francie says wow. Will sits straight up in bed. It was a nightmare. He's in bed next to Fake Francie. Will gets up the next morning. He says hi to Vaughn who is reading the paper. Sid and Francie have both left. Will tells Vaughn about his nightmare. Vaughn tells him that having dreams and anxiety is normal in the beginning, but it goes away. Will says the anxiety - Vaughn replies, no the dreams.

Irina is in China with Jack. They gain access to a facility as an inspection team. They interview an official. They put the man to sleep, gain his security card and enter a room with the manuscript. Jack cuts open the case the manuscript is held in. They remove the manuscript and leave.

Sid watches Vaughn. He puts a piece of paper in his jacket pocket. He asks if Sid talked to Will - he was freaked out this morning. Sid asks what that was? He tells her work stuff. Sid takes him aside and asks if he is keeping secrets from her. He tells her we've just started dating; there probably are things I haven't told you. Sid says, no work things. He tells her due to protocol there are things that he has to keep secret. Then says he doesn't like her questioning his loyalty. Sid says this isn't about loyalty. When she asked about secrets it was obvious. Sid says secrets will be a problem between them after everything they've been though he should know that. He shows her that it was the key to his apartment. He was going to give it to her.

Sid goes in to see Yeager. She returns the disk it is empty. The fact that she questioned Vaughn makes her sick. Yeager tells her that by choosing not to assist she is implicating herself in his activities. She can be prosecuted as an accessory. Sid says yes there are implications. Would you question someone you love. Yeager says we have an answer to the intimacy question.

Sark goes in to see Sloan. He tells her that Irina was seen the night before in a club in Bangkok. Jack tells Kendall that Sark made contact via anonymous emailers. Sark took the bait they set for him. Jack says he'll need delta force.

Sid watches Irina. Sid asks about her going to Panama. Irina wanted to see Sid. The mission is going to be dangerous. Irina wanted Sid to know that she loves her. Sid says she knows this. Irina needed to say it. Sid says that Irina is coming back.

Fake Francie questions a hypnotized Will in bed. She asks him if he accessed the satellite /images. He says he used them in his reports. Fake Francie asks for details. Will gives her numbers from the /images - the satellites orbits and access codes (or something like that). She tells Will all he'll remember is having the best sex of his life and brings him out.

Jack briefs Irina. Irina won't have the manuscript with her. The team will be nearby tracking her. They will storm the vehicle. Irina tells Jack that if they find the tracker they injected in Irina's shoulder - they'll suspect something. Jack removes it - without Kendall or anyone else knowing. They decide they need to get to bed. The kiss and well, get to bed.

Weiss tells Sid that Yeager is about to file charges against Vaughn. Sid wants to tell him. Weiss stops her. They probably have his phone taped (along with her breaking 6 different laws). He reminds her that agency cars are equipped with GPS navigators. Sid asks if he can access the system. Weiss says yes. Sid drives down an alley. She calls Weiss; she's found his car. She goes into the bar it's parked at. Vaughn puts an envelope on the counter. Sid sees this. She pretends to use the phone. Vaughn is looking at some sort of record that was in the envelope. Sid sits next to him. She asks what he is doing here. He asks if she is following her. She asks what his is looking at. He says it is private, only for him. Sid reminds him of who they work for and tells him nothing is private. She tells him he is being investigated. And if they find out she told him, she will be targeted. Vaughn says he isn't disloyal. Sid asks why he's been meeting with these people without authorization. Sid wants to know if there is some sort of explanation for what he has been doing.

A van approaches a site of some sort. Two men and Irina get out. Jack reminds inside. Jack contacts Kendall. A limo approaches. Sark gets out. Kendall watches via satellite. Sark opens the door no one is inside. Sark tells her that for security reasons Sloan couldn't come. Sark says if she gets in, he'll take only her to Sloan. Irina won't get in. Sark starts to walk to the door. Irina tells him it's a big vehicle it can fit them all. Sark agrees that the two men can go with them. Kendall seems amazed she pulled off getting to take the guards with her.

Vaughn now understands why Sid was questioning her loyalty. He says there is a secret. It hasn't been easy for him to collaborate his father's killer. He has been investigating Irina on his own. He has been going through logs and calls for the Kashmir mission. He wanted to see if she was signaling others. He paid for it all himself. He downloaded the encryption program to read KGB documents. He had to investigate. He couldn't sleep at night without knowing.

The limo speeds away. Sark eyes Irina in the rearview mirror. Kendall and Jack track the limo. They lose the satellite. Someone has hacked the signal. It's Fake Francie with the codes she got from Will. Jack has to track from his end. Kendall tells Delta team to go. They have the limo in sight via a helicopter. The limo speeds to a tunnel. They lose visual. The limo comes out (you watch, different limo). The chopper corners the limo. Someone gets out (Sark?) his head lowered. It isn't Sark. It is someone else - told ya! No Irina in the back. Jack says to check the Rambaldi Manuscript. Sark shoots the guards and tells Irina to get out of the car.

Sid asks Vaughn if he found anything. He says she is clean.

Irina is out of the limo. The CIA scrambles for the manuscript. Sark escorts Irina to a van. Sloan is inside. She thanks Sloan for extracting her. She pulls the manuscript out of the back of her shirt and climbs in. They drive off. Kendall accesses the pouch. The pouch the manuscript is in - is empty!

And The end.