12:00 am to 1:00 am

Jack and Kate run outside. Kate wants to know what is going on. Jack asks if he trusts her. She says yes. He rushes her into the car. Carrie finds Tony in the hallway. Tonyís ankle is hurt. Carrie goes to call security and get a medic.

Jack and Kate make it through the gate as the guard receives the call saying to stop them. Jack races off and gets away. Jack tells her that the US is getting ready to retaliate against the countries responsible for the attack. Jack received a call saying that if he delivered Kate he would get information. Jack asks her to think about it. Heíll protect her but needs her help.

Tony learns that Jack got away. Carrie and a medic tend to Tony. Carrie doesnít think Jack was working alone. Carrie tells Tony about Michelle distracting Baker.

The President leaves Air Force One and gets into a limo. The Chief of Staff updates Palmer on the preparations. The President is put through to the White House. The British are on high alert. The planes are going to drop off their payloads in over 4 hours. Palmer says not to notify their allies. They may call the planes off. Palmer tells the White House that the tape may not be authentic. CTU Los Angeles is verifying information. Palmer orders them to not say anything to the ambassador. The chief of Staff is concerned that they are basing this on the theory of one man.

The police surround the liquor store. Kim says she canít stop the bleeding he needs to go to the hospital. They need to let the police in right now. The gunman is crying. Kim says they need to get out. Sheíll tell the police his story. Kim tries to talk the man into walking out. The liquor storeowner convulses. The gunman says please donít die.

Jack tells Kate that Tony was just put in charge of CTU. He thinks itís authentic and is following proper protocol. Jack scans the rearview mirror. He says they are being followed. Jack begins to try to evade the tail. He corners the car. Yusef Auda has been following jack because Jack was obviously not in agreement with Tony. He is trying to protect his country Ė which is innocent. The man offers to help Jack with whatever he is doing.

Michelle asks Tony how he is doing. Tony asks her about talking to Jack right before Jack took Kate from CTU. Michelle asks if Tony is interrogating her. Tony asks she was helping Jack. Michelle says no. That Carrie doesnít know what she is talking about. Tony says that what happens there is his responsibility and asks again. Michelle says no. Tony asks why Carrie said she did. Michelle says that Carrie doesnít like her and wants her out. Tony asks if it is interfering with her work. Michelle says no.

The police try to contact the gunman by phone. The gunman is freaking out. Kim tries to calm him. The phone rings. She reaches to answer. He tells her not to answer. Then picks it up himself. They ask who is in there with him. The gunman begins babbling about the bomb and wanting to keep his wife safe. He talks to his wife. He tells her to leave. Itís not safe in the city. He says heíll have the police take her where it is safe. The gunman asks the police to take her to Monterrey. When his wife gets there heíll let Kim go.

Jack arrives at a warehouse. He pulls guns from the back of his SUV. Heís going in alone. He tells her if anything happens to use the cell phone on the center console. Jack leaves Kate. He walks around the corner and up to a car. Itís empty. He enters a building, and hears a noise. He orders a man to put his weapon down. The man complies then puts his hands on his head. He tells Jack that the metal detector Jack has will pick up a piece of shrapnel in his rib cage. The man is the missing member of the marine squad that was attacked earlier. Jack asks why he took out his squad. He was responsible for 2 things. To make sure the bomb didnít go off and to make sure the Middle Eastern countries got blamed. They were prepping for war. The man says that the people who hired him attacked him. The manís foot touches an electrical cord on the floor. The man wants safe passage from the country.

A man comes up to the SUV holding a gun. He orders Kate out. She complies. As she gets out another Yusef pulls a gun and kills him. Jack gets a gun and says you were right there was another guy. He talks to the man and says that his helper is out. The Marine wants Kate as a hostage to get out of the country. Kate canít authorize a flight on the company plane without Bob Warnerís approval. And CTU still has bob. The man starts to leave. Jack says to wait. He calls Yusef and says to bring Kate in.

Palmer and his staff are at District HQ in Los Angeles. The Chief of Staff wants to know where Jack Bauer is at and how to get in touch with him. He wants to talk to Jack himself. He needs hard evidence to either support the president or talk him out of it. Lynne checks her cell phone and shows him the number. The Chief of Staff calls Tony. He asks for Jack. Tony tells him that they are looking for him themselves and explains what happened. The Chief of Staff says that he wanted to talk to him about the recording. The President wonít proceed with action until he hears from him. He asks to be notified when they hear from Jack.

Tony calls Carrie in to see him. Michelle watches her go. He asks where they are regarding Jack. Carrie says they are watching and monitoring but have heard nothing. Carrie asks if he talked to Michelle. Tony asks if they have a problem working together. Carrie restates that they were talking together conspiratorially. Tony asks Carrie to put a filter on all of Michelleís communications. He wants to know if Jack tries to contact her.

The gunmanís wife is taken away. She cries. Kim asks what is going on. She wants to know what happens next. The gunman says that she started all of this by pointing a gun at her. He asks if she was going to rip the place off. She says no. He points the gun at her. She says she should have never pointed the gun. She was afraid. He asks what she had to be afraid of. She tells him her ďdaddyĒ died tonight. That he was there where the bomb went off. The gunman drops the gun. The police call. They want him to cooperate. They want him to let Kim go. The gunman is distracted. Kim sees her chance and tries for an escape. The back door is bolted closed. The gunman yells that heíll kill her. Kim makes it out the door with the help of police.

Yusef Auda asks the second attacker if there is anyone with him. Yusef pulls a gun. The attacker says no. Yusef knocks him out. Yusef radios Jack and says that they will make a sweep path it will take a few minutes. The marine says that he was at Benning when Jack was recruited. That Jack would make a born killer.

Carrie uses her computer to monitor Michelleís activities. Michelle gets an error message when she tries to do something. She tells Carrie that sheís getting an error message on part of the server. Carrie says her side is fine. Michelle has to go take care of something at the serve. As she leaves, Carrie distracts someone nearby with an errand. She then applies the filters to Michelleís computer.

The Chief of Staff tells Palmer that Jack has taken a material witness from CTU. He may be suffering from an emotional lapse. Palmer says it may be necessary. The Chief of Staff urges him to continue to prepare for war. Palmer says they may be able to avoid war. He orders him to continue to search for Bauer.

Jack asks for assurances that the marine will call. The marine wonít give it. But he tells Jack that heís the last person he wants tracking him. Kate and Yusef enter. Kate asks what is going on. Jack says she has to go with him. Jack isnít going. Kate is stunned. She says that he gave his word. Jack tells her that if she does what he says Ė she wonít get hurt. Kate looks at Jack and says youíre giving me up arenít you.

Michelle is back at her computer. She gets a call from Danny who is asking her if its safe there. The guy wants to know what she knows. Michelle says that he knows her situation. Michelle tells him everything is fine. He asks about the kids. She says to call Carrie Ė maybe sheíll tell him. He says heís not talking to her and hangs up. Carrie has heard everything.

The gunman is in the store alone yelling donít shoot me, heís sorry. The police tell him to come out. The man asks if his wife is okay. Kim stands with the police. The police prepare to rush. Kim wants them to give him more time. The bomb has given them more calls than they can handle. Gunshots sound. A medical team is urged in.

Lynne and the Chief of Staff proceed with a videoconference with the Vice president. The meeting with the ambassador didnít go well. The VP wants to know if they are proceeding. The Chief of Staff informs him of the Cypress Recordings. The VP asks if they think the President is doing the right thing. The Chief of Staff reluctantly says yes. The President will be contacting him when he is ready to proceed. Lynne asks if he agreed with the VP. He did. They ponder what to do about it. The Chief of Staff doesnít know.

The marine orders Kate into the trunk of a car. Kate says no. Jack tells her to get in itís for her safety. Kate complies. Jack and Yusef watch the marine as her prepares to go. Yusef tells him that the tracker is in place and has been activated. Gunfire rains down upon them from overhead.