Not if I see you first love - SARK SAID IT - (sorry was on the on previous clips and soooooooooo many of us wondered).

Vaughn and Weiss run while talking about Lauren's parents. Weiss stops and sits on a bench. Vaughn asks if he needs it can he crash on his couch. Weiss says yes he just has to dust off the cheese nips.

Vaughn has a map to where the box is. Lauren says they can't open the box if they don't have the key. Syd wants to go with Vaughn on the mission. Lauren asks if that is wise since it is a significant threat. Syd argues that whatever it is its related to her. Dixon tells Lauren that there is going to be an inquiry as to the boxes disappearance.

Syd and Vaughn meet with a man who has a massively scarred face. He tells them Stalin obtained the box but it eluded him. He sent peeps all around the room. They found a crystal device with a map on it in the desert. The archaeologists turned on each other. The map and men were reclaimed by the desert. He received a communiqué two days ago. Karmani is on a screen. They have a bio weapon. It is referred to as THE PASSENGER. Karmani discovered they were being followed. Vaughn notices that there are Omnifam symbols on the trucks.

Syd questions Sloane about this. He says the CIA told him to. Syd says that he should have given them the information. Sloane says it is in his reports. Syd doesn't trust his reports. Syd reminds him that if he violates his agreement they will kill him. Sloane says that when something happened he was reading the Iliad in the original Greek. All trucks are coded with something. All they need it the code.

Vaughn and Lauren are at dinner. He tells her that they got what they were after and are just waiting to see how it pans out. Lauren says she got him something. It is a watch. She got it because she forgot about his father's death anniversary. It is the watch his father gave him. She had it fixed. Vaughn says that this isn't working. He thought it would for a while but it's not. He wants to separate. Lauren blames Syd. Vaughn says it isn't. She says that if he is going to destroy her life he should be honest about it. Lauren makes a call and says they have a problem.

Lauren meets with Sark. Sark asks if she was made. She says if she had been made he would have arrested her, not dumped her. Sark says that Vaughn is central to the CIA's efforts to get the passenger. She has to stay close to him. He says that Vaughn was about to break up with Alice Williams. When her father died he recommitted. Lauren says she won't kill her father.

Jack studies a phone log and notices something. He looks around. We break for advertising.

Jack visits Lauren's mother. Senator Reed comes in babbling about something being stuck somewhere in committee. Lauren's mother goes off to a meeting but reminds the Senator to take his pill. Jack presents the Senator with strong evidence that there is a mole. The Senator comments other than Sloane. He says that they are too close to identify. He opens the file and sees it is his daughter. The Senator argues against it. He says she is a patriot. Jack tells him that there are flights that coincide with their ops.

Dixon says that based on the codes Sloane gave them; they tracked the codes to Gaborone at the consulate. The second floor is like a vault. The map is probably there.

Syd is at a party. Marshall gave her a choker to record the man's voice. They have to record enough parts of speech to get Mockingbird in Russian. Weiss will reconstruct the password and get it to Syd and Vaughn inside. Karmani is with Sark and in the building. Syd meets up with Vaughn. The guards are doing a two minute sweep. They have trouble with the password but finally get in.

Karmani tells Sark to go to Vienna and get everything ready. Karmani shoots the third man in the room. Sark says that was extravagant. Karmani says that he trust no one. Vaughn triggers a silent alarm. Karmani is alert. Sark shoots at Syd and Vaughn. As does Karmani but they elude them. A guard shoots at them. They use a piece of fabric to jump down. Sark tells Karmani that they got the crystal. Karmani says they will get them.

Syd says that The Covenant may have already discovered how to read it. Weiss is going to find out if project black hole has anything to read it. Vaughn tells Syd that when he gets home he and Lauren are going to separate. He's on Weiss's couch. She asks if that is what he wants.

Lauren logs onto her computer and notes that she was logged in when she thought she was. She notes the log in. It was Jack. She calls Sark with this information. He's seen her travel itinerary and call logs. Sark suggests that she eliminate her father. If she has other suggestions now is the time to bring it up. She doesn't. Sark assumes she will do it.

Marshall shows them how to read the crystal - it is like a kaleidoscope. They see the map but it doesn't match anything they can find. They go into Sloane and ask him how to read it. Syd gives him The Iliad. He comments that they found the third crystal. He says that Rambaldi coded much of his information in case if fell into the wrong hands. Sloane says that there isn't anywhere on earth Rambaldi and his followers wouldn't go to hide something. Dixon says that they searched everywhere on earth. Sloane laughs and says that the looked anywhere on land. They find the location underwater near Okinawa. Jack is going to give The Senator a courtesy call then they are going to the FBI.

Lauren goes in to visit her father. He is babbling about the burden he put on her and her mother. He shows Lauren the file and says it would break her mother's heart if she found out. It broke his. She says she is working for a just cause. He offers to get her out of it. He can say that he found a mole in the rotunda six months ago and is working on it. She asks if he would do that. She thanks him but says it only solves one of her problems. She pulls a gun and orders her father to get on his knees. He begs her not to do this but complies. Her mother walks in and says My God what are you doing. She takes the gun from Lauren and shoots her husband. She says Sark said she might back out. (OMG OMG OMG Evil Eyebrows MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Senator is zipped into a body bag. Photos are taken. Jack arrives. Mrs. Reed sips coffee or tea. Jack goes in to see her. He says he is so sorry. He asks what happened. She says she was out shopping, came back and he was sitting gazing out the window. He started to say that the government was ineffectual. He said that something would come out. That Lauren would be implicated too. That he had been asking her to do things. She went to the kitchen. That's when she heard the shot. These people that he was talking about, The Covenant, he made it sound like they were terrorists. Lauren runs in crying and says she is sorry.

A helicopter hovers over the ocean. Two divers jump into the water. Marshall guides Syd and Vaughn to the location. They go into a cave. Marshall says they will be out of radio contact until they resurface. Syd says the place has been fortified over the years to make sure no one ever removed the objects. Marshall and Dixon notice a signal. It is a second signal. They can't contact Syd and Vaughn. Vaughn offers to have the discs not resurface. Karmani comes in and says to put down the weapon. He thanks them for finding it. He says that Syd reminds him of her mother. He says that the passenger is Irina's legacy.

A gunfight breaks out. Syd and Vaughn put on wetsuits. The hose is cut. The motors they got in on are broken. They find an air tank but the regulator is broken. Vaughn says they can use it as propulsion. They hop on and get out. Marshall picks up their signal. Syd and Vaughn surface.

Vaughn says that Karmani is not showing up on any satellite or signal. It's like he disappeared. Syd says that she is sad that he and Lauren are going through this but she is hopeful and thinks that's sad. He understands. Vaughn asks if she wants to get a cup of coffee when they get home. She says yes.

Dixon offers his condolences on behalf of the task force. He will extend grief counseling when she wants it. She gives him a letter of resignation. Dixon says that she did what she thought was right based on the information her father gave her - that he was conducting and independent investigation. Jack comes in. Dixon doesn't accept her resignation. Lauren leaves. Dixon says that the forensics check out on The Senator's death. It appears to be a suicide.

Vaughn and Syd come in. They see Weiss talking to Lauren. Weiss goes to talk to Vaughn. Lauren is crying. Vaughn goes to Lauren while Syd watches. Lauren and Vaughn hug.

Dixon goes to see Sloane. He says he is here because they believed he was hacking into the office and using the information. Sloane asks if they found the mole. Dixon tells him that Senator Reed confessed. Sloane assumes that he'll get his agreement back. Dixon tells him that he was giving Rambaldi information to the Senator. And that he turned over several artifacts to him and not to the designated organization. Dixon says the agreement is revoked. He will be executed in two weeks.

Vaughn talks to Syd on the phone. He says it is hard for Lauren to deal with her father's betrayal. Syd asks if she's at Eric's. He says no. She says she guessed they won't be getting that cup of coffee. She says she is going to go and hangs up. She is in tears. (Vaughn you are a JERK!). Vaughn gets in bed with a sleeping Lauren. Lauren isn't really asleep.