Sid is running down a corridor. She begins firing. She is being fired at. She climbs a ladder. Yells freeze. It is her mother. Her mother begins to move. Sid fires and hits Irina. A chopper arrives. Sid kneels next to the body and cries. Vaughn calls for a medic. Dixon hovers nearby.

5 days earlier.... Vaughn says that they’ll probably keep in debrief for a while. Vaughn goes off with a group of men for debrief. Sid tells Jack that Vaughn is innocent – he wasn’t committing treason – he was investigating Irina. Jack breaks the news to Sid that things didn’t go as planned in Panama. That Irina betrayed them and the CIA. Her meeting with Sloan was staged. She stole the Rambaldi manuscript. They planned this. Dixon goes to Irina’s cell where Sid is sitting on the bed. He tells Sid he heard about her mother. He’s so sorry. There is a briefing in 10 minutes. They are planning to get hunt down Irina and Sloan. She isn’t obligated to participate. Sid holds up Irina’s earrings. They found a note saying that she wanted Sid to have them. When Jack first started to tell her – she thought she was going to hear that her mother had died proving that she was a hero – that she was on their side. Dixon tells her that she can’t be blamed for trusting her own mother. Sid says she wishes that she had been killed. Irina, Sloan and Sark are on a plane. Irina tells Sloan that she still has loyal operatives. Irina says the extraction went well. Sloan is asking about her. Irina is happy to see Sloan. Sloan is happy to see her (and Sark looks like he needs a barf bag). Sloan asks about the genetic database. Irina tells him the she and Sloan will meet him after they have acquired it. Sloan says he will be in Tuscany with Emily. Emily is in remission. Leaving people she loved behind was tough on her – especially Sidney. Sloan says you know we loved her – as if she were our own (oooooooooooooooooh – I got suspicions there!!) Irina dismisses Sark – who closes his laptop and leaves. Irina tells Sloan that he’s fooling himself. That he may see himself as an honorable husband and father figure. But she (Irina) will never see that man in him. That is why they have this agreement. Sloan says Irina needs to get rest. Irina tells him to never talk to her about his love for Sidney again. Sloan restates that Irina should get some sleep. Kendall briefs the team. They think that while in their custody – Irina managed to make contact with Sloan, informed him of their plan to apprehend him and made her escape. Jack – with his record of accurate predictions on the actions of Irina – has been given operational control of the mission to apprehend Irina by Langley. Jack says that in all likelihood Irina and Sloan have formed a strategic partnership. Their single aim as of this morning is their apprehension. Irina was tagged with a passive tracking device. Marshall interrupts. He says the device they implanted wasn’t passive. Jack says it was. He removed the original in device in case she was swept for bugs. Without her knowledge – he injected her with a passive device that only transmits at a specified time. Marshall marvels at this. Then asks how he did that without her knowing. Sid gets a sick look on her face. Jack doesn’t answer. Jack says the device is programmed to transmit 12 hours from now. At which time they will move in to get her. Sloan is in Tuscany with Emily. Emily marvels at the house. Sloan tells her they closed on it last week. Emily says the past months have been like a bad dream. Sloan tells her he loves her. They kiss. Sid is on the firing range. Vaughn tells her nice groupings. They downgraded Vaughn’s security clearance. Jack managed to convince them to keep him field rated. Sid asks if he knows about her mother. She tells him he was right to investigate her mother. Vaughn says that she shouldn’t be part of the task force. No one should hunt down their own mother. Sid says she was never my mother. Vaughn asks if she really believes that. Sid tells him not to condescend to her. Vaughn says he isn’t (and I’m yelling yay! Trouble in paradise!) Vaughn says if she corners Irina and hesitates to pull the trigger it could cost her her life. Sid puts her goggles and earmuffs back on and says I won’t hesitate and begins to fire. Kendall tells Jack that he accepted Jack’s argument to trust Irina on his word. He now finds out that Jack didn’t trust her – or he wouldn’t have implanted the passive device. He blinded sided him. (Kendall yells and uses bad language) His pretense of an apology doesn’t fix it. Jack counters with from the moment she walked through the door he ordered Sid to deal with Irina over Jack’s objections. He used disregard for Sid’s emotional well being. As soon as they have Irina Kendall will have his title back. Marshall runs up and says he’s not sure who he’s supposed to address since. They both yell what is it Marshall. Marshall tells them the passive device the inserted into Irina just went active and they are tracking her. Sid and Vaughn are on a plane. Sid is briefing the task force. They have tracked Irina to Stuttgart but will not move in until they have the whereabouts of all three. Irina is undercover as someone from a pharmaceutical company interested in their genetic work. Sark overseas Irina and tells her where the servers are located. Sid and Vaughn track Irina. The company Irina and Sark are access is the German equivalent of the US Human Genome project. Sark spots a truck – and Vaughn getting out – despite Vaughn’s disguise. Sark leaves his point and goes in. Sid spots Sark going in. Jack tells them to hold position. Kendall says he’s happy with Sark and Irina. Jack tells him noted. Sark takes out surveillance. He tells Irina there’s a tactical team outside. Sark swept himself – he’s clean. He sweeps Irina – she’s not. Kendall and Jack argue on whether they should go in or not. Irina takes her shirt off. Sark overloads the bug with a pair of paddles from a resuscitator. Sid says if they don’t go in now, they’ll lose them. Sark and Irina continue to get the genetic work they came for. It is going to take 5 minutes. Irina tells Sark to make sure there is no trace there were there. Sark plants a bomb with a timer set to go off. Sid enters the building. She finds the dead man. Dixon and Vaughn are inside too. They climb a set of stairs. They encounter Sark. Sark fights them. Vaughn drops his gun. Sark picks it up. He shoots Vaughn in the shoulder. He moves down the stairs – prepared to shoot again. Sid comes through the door and shoots at Sark. Sark flees. Sid runs to Vaughn (go get the bad guy Sid). She sits him up. The bullet lodged in Kevlar. Kissy/touchy feeling moment between Sid and Vaughn. Vaughn and Sid run down a hall. Irina yells to Sid. They turn and run after her as she exits the building. The bomb goes off – blowing out the windows. Sid and Vaughn duck. Emily is chopping vegetables. Sloan gets off the phone. He asks what is for dinner. Sloan goes off to get a bottle of Merlot. His phone rings. Emily hesitates and answers the phone. It is Irina – she asks for Emily’s husband. Emily hands the phone to Sloan and says it’s for him – a woman. Irina tells him they have the file – but they were tracked. Sloan asks by whom. Irina tells him the CIA. Until they know more they have to assume he was exposed as well. Irina tells him to meet them at the airfield. Sloan tells Emily they have to leave the house. She has to trust him. Will briefs the task force team on what the German company does. It is rumored that they have cataloged the DNA of private citizens. Marshall tells them that if they have that information – they have the ability to design things that will target humans. Things that can be put into say drinking water. Jack says he will have the NSA add genetic material to their watch list. Marshall asks Sid why Irina called out Sid’s name before the explosion. Jack speculates that Irina wanted to save Sid’s life. Sid says she doubts that. Sloan and Emily are back on the plane. Emily is asking questions. She says she has been more than patient. He tells Emily it’s his plane – he owns it. Irina stands up and says hello. Emily doesn’t understand. Irina hugs Emily. Emily thought. Irina says that Sloan will tell her. She asks how long he knew Irina was alive. Sloan says he wanted to make sure everything was going to work. Emily asks what Sloan is doing here with a woman who died twenty years ago. He’s pursuing truth. Emily says well that explains it all. They are looking for the same thing. Sloan says that he is looking for a way for her to live cancer free. Emily says she is cancer free. Sloan says forever. Will and Fake Francie have dinner with Sid and Vaughn. Will is babbling about his girlfriend maybe being a quarterback in high school. Sid reminisces. She tries to remember the name. Fake Francie says I haven’t thought of him in years. Sid gets an odd look. Fake Francie hands Vaughn a wrapped box and says the other day I smelled something that reminded me of you. Sid is perplexed that she got Vaughn a present. Will tells her that is the weirdest thing in the world to do. Fake Francie makes excuses. It’s a tie (bet it’s got a tracking device or bug in it). Sid and Vaughn’s beepers go off – they have to go. They watch a security camera at the watch in Florence last night. The screen shows Emily. Sid stares and says she’s alive. She walked through the door told the guard that she is the wife of Arvin Sloan and will only talk to Sidney. Sid goes to talk to Emily. Sid says she spoke at her funeral. Emily says Arvin told her. Emily tells her that yesterday she feels the way Sid does now seeing someone who he thought was dead. Sid says her mother. Emily says she had no choice. The Alliance wanted her dead. Sid notes that he knew about his involvement in the alliance. And that she stayed with Sloan. Emily waxes poetic about finding out she had cancer and Sloan saving her life and not being able to deny him a second chance. Sid says and nothing has changed. Emily says she found out his plane – to find out what Rambaldi was working on. He rationalizes it by saying its for them, for her. She won’t have that on her conscious. Emily will help bring him in but she wants a guarantee that he won’t get the death penalty. She wants it in writing before she’ll tell them where he is. Kendall and Jack argue. Kendall doesn’t want it. Sloan may be hiding behind her. They can’t make that kind of deal. Vaughn says that Sid trusts Emily. Kendall asks why not threaten her with prosecution. Vaughn asks for what? Kendall lists conspiracy, fraud, aiding and abetting a terrorist. Jack says they need her. Kendall says find – it’s your call anyway. Jack sends Vaughn and Dixon to Florence and tells them that a tactical plan will be ready by the time they land. Irina is on the phone with Sloan. She is meeting with a man that can get them on a computer to decrypt the genetic information. Sloan asks Irina if she is interested in buying out the breadth of his assets – all the Rambaldi artifacts. Irina says she is either being set up – or she underestimated his love for his wife. Sloan says he wants out and is returning to Tuscany to be with her. Sid presents the document guaranteeing no death penalty to Emily. Emily signs it. Sid tells her she is going to have to wear a wire. The operation will be dangerous – but they will protect her. Emily tells Sid that she knows she disappointed her by staying with Sloan. Sid says she is in an impossible situation. Sid tells Emily that at the funeral she said she has always thought of Emily has her real mother. She meant it. Emily is at the villa. She babbles that he is going to know. Sloan arrives. Sid and Vaughn and the team wait outside. Sloan and Irina get out of the car and proceed inside – escorted by guards. The team moves closer. Sloan tells Irina that the database is in a safe. He hands her the combination. Sloan goes to see Emily. He tells her he’s sorry and there is no point in continuing if she’s not with him. Emily says he has said that before. Sloan says it’s different this time. Sid says they will move in when she says she is going to the wine cellar. Sloan says she was right to not trust him. He will never leave her again. Emily says she is here to say goodbye. He asks Emily if she remembers what it felt like when he told her it was over on the beach. She says to stop; she opens her shirt and shows him the wire. She pulls it off. She tells him the CIA has been listening. They are here. Sid says they have to go. Sloan tells him it doesn’t matter. He wants to know if she wants to come with him. Emily cries. The team heads in. Emily says yes she will go with him. The CIA blows the door open. A firefight takes place. Emily and Sloan try to escape through a secret door. Irina covers them. She tells Sark they have the disk and is ready for extraction. Sark copies. Sid goes into the tunnel – which is the scene we opened with. Irina falls to the ground after Sid shoots her. A chopper moves in. Irina gets up and runs. Emily and Sloan run to the copper. Dixon tracks Sloan, he fires but the copper flies overhead at that moment. Both go down. He hit Emily. Sloan cries. Irina and Sloan make it into the chopper. Sid runs to Emily (I’m crying here). Sark asks if she has the disk. Dixon runs up. So does Vaughn. Sid cries. Sid is in bed – with Vaughn. He asks if she is okay. She doesn’t want to talk. He kisses her and they spoon. A phone or alarm goes off. They get up in search of it. It is her mother’s earrings. Sid thought they were checked. Vaughn says they were. The earrings are transmitting Morse code. The message is encoded. Sid encodes it. Truth takes time.

And The end.