1:00 am to 2:00 am

Jack, Kate and Yusef are in a firefight with someone from above. Jack asks for the keys. Jack tells Kate to get out of the trunk and stay down. Jack and Kate make it to cover inside the building. Jack asks the Marine who these guys are. They’re hired by the Marine’s employers – must have figured out they didn’t get him the first time. Yusef has rearmed and is with the vehicle. He tells Jack there are at least 3 out there. Jack wants to call for help. The marine says that they do this his way – no call for help. Yusef tells Jack that he thinks there is another humvee that has arrived. Jack begs to be allowed to call and talk to his person on the inside.

Jack calls Michelle on her cell. Michelle says not to call on any agency numbers. Jack tells her that they were right. The evidence was false. Jack tells Michelle he wants satellite recon of their position. Michelle tells him it will take a few minutes.

Kim talks to the police about Mr. Rodriguez. The police say that he still has to explain what he was doing with a gun. Kim admits that it was hers. She tells him who she was, that she escaped from police custody and is a suspect in a murder.

The President and his staff view news footage of looting in the city. Palmer asks about the status of the National Guard. Palmer says to have General Boudin put troops on standby. There is discussion of using troops on US soil.

Carrie sees Michelle with satellite photos. Michelle tells her she is preparing files for the next shift. Carrie runs off the Tony to tattle. Carrie tells her that Michelle was looking at Satellite, and before that received a call that wouldn’t log on. Tony says it might have been division. He hesitates then says to find out what she was looking at.

Jack again asks Yusef what is happening. Yusef thinks they are repositioning. Jack is waiting on Satellite. Jack tells Kate that with CTU’s help they will get out of there. The Marine needs Kate to get out of the country. Her father’s CIA travel dispensation will allow him to do it. Jack says that he won’t let her get on that plane.

Carrie works on accessing the satellite Michelle is viewing.

Kim is with the police. She asks how her boyfriend is doing. Then how the officer is doing. The police tell her she is under arrest and should be quiet. She can make a call when she gets to the station. She asks who she is going to call. Her father was the man flying the plane when the bomb went off.

Carrie talks to Tony. Michelle has pulled over a hundred quadrants. They don’t know which one she is really looking at. Michelle goes to the bathroom and calls Jack. She counts 11 including the friendly. All are stationary except one and he is roving. She sends the info to Jack’s PDA. She tells her that Tony is watching. She leaves the bathroom and runs into Tony. Tony asks where Jack is. She says she doesn’t know. Tony asks if she is breaking protocol. She says no. She begs Tony to call Palmer. They argue. Michelle tells Tony to stop letting his ego get in the way. Tony tells her that he is her boss. Michelle again says she isn’t helping Jack and doesn’t know where he is. Tony warns that they are watching her.

Jack and the Marine look at the photo of the area. They plan their escape. Kate tells Jack that she knows how to shoot a gun. Jack slips her one. Jack tells Yusef they are getting ready to leave. He tells Yusef the positions.

Lynne argues with Palmer over when they are going to proceed. Palmer says that Jack has until the planes begin releasing the bombs. Lynne says the General wants pre-strikes. Palmer says no pre-strikes. The Chief of Staff says there is unrest in Georgia. There is a large foreign population there and people are becoming uneasy. Palmer wants to know where the National Guard is. The Chief of Staff says that there is a shortage of manpower. Palmer says they may be short of manpower. He wants the Georgia National Guard to all go to Marietta and tell the media this is where something is going to happen. The country will be watching their response. He will not tolerate racism and xenophobia.

Yusef is ready to lay down smoke. He unleashes the first canister, others follow. Jack, Kate, and the Marine prepare to leave the building. More gunfire. This time shooters fall. Jack yells for Kate to get down. She does. The rover is close by. Kate comes up behind him. She fires and kills him. Jack yells for Kate. He finds her and tells her they have to get going. The vehicle pulls up. Jack tells her to get in the front seat and stay down. Gunfire continues. The others get in. The SUV pulls away. The Marine has been shot. There is no exit wound. Jack wants to take him to the hospital. The Marine says LAX – cargo departures.

Palmer and his staff continue to watch the coverage on Fox news. What Palmer wanted is on all the major news channels. Palmer wants the law enforced. The Chief of Staff recommends a curfew – they can arrest all of them then. Palmer likes that idea. They tell him the country needs his voice.

Tony tells Carrie that LAPD called – there is automatic weapon fire in studio city. There are bodies on the ground and military grade weapons. Tony asks Michelle is that is the location. Michelle says yes. Michelle tells him the only way to get the proof is if CTU stays out of it. Michelle lets Tony stay on the open channel. Tony talks to Jack. Jack tells Tony that he is the only one the man will deal with. He won’t cooperate otherwise. He believes him because 10 commandos just tried to kill him for talking.

Kim arrives at the police station. An officer intercepts Kim and says he’ll take her before the officer who brought her in processes her. The new officer takes off the cuffs and tells her to have a seat. He looks at Kim’s file. He tells her she’s had quite a day. He recounts her day. He does tell her that they know that Gary killed his wife. She’s off the hook for everything that happened that morning. She learns that the officer was only hurt in the accident. She’ll be free to go.

Kate is on the phone. The Marine tells her that he’s headed for Jakarta. Kate asks what name to give them. The passport in his pocket says William Patterson. Jack asks him to not take chances and tell him where the evidence is. The Marine begins to choke. Jack finds a hospital only 4 blocks away and tells him to go.

Tony talks to LAPD. He wants to know who these men were. He then receives a call from Kim. She’s at the Sheriff’s office. Tony tells her that she must want to talk to her dad about this but is in the field. Kim learns that Jack is alive but she can’t talk to him for a while.

Jack and company arrives at the hospital. Jack and Yusef take the Marine into the hospital. They get inside. Jack tells the doctor he is a federal agent; the man has been shot in the neck and has information vital to national security.

Kim calls Miguel at the hospital. Kim tells him that the police know that Gary killed Carla and they won’t be charged. Miguel tells her he’s fine. He says he should have never let her talk him into all that stuff. He tells her that he’s in the hospital. He’ll be fine without her. He doesn’t want to see her anymore. It’s over. She wants to see him. He says he means it. The camera pulls back to reveal he has lost a leg at the knee.

Michelle goes in to see Tony. She says she knows the rules and she reports to her. She’ll understand if he fires her. Tony says that their job is to protect the president. Michelle says she wanted to prove the Cyprus tape was false. That Jack is in an impossible situation. Tony asks her where the proof is. He dismisses her.

General Boudin briefs the President. He tells palmer that the Joint Chiefs will be comfortable when Palmer locks down the mission. Palmer says his job isn’t to make the Joint Chiefs comfortable. Lynne and the Chief of Staff come in. There has been a fatality associated with the National Guard deployment in Marietta. The leader of the decent and a boy of Middle Eastern decent have been killed (by rubber bullets). The Chief of Staff recommends that they take a step back. Lynne says that if they step back they leave the families helpless. Palmer asks what the boys’ name is. Lynne doesn’t know. Palmer tells her to find out. The Chief of Staff tells him that it was a tragic accident. Palmer says the National Guard holds its ground. He wants that neighborhood protected.

The doctor looks at the accident. They can tie off the bleeders. But getting the bullet out requires surgery. The doc isn’t’ comfortable – it’s only a clinic he can be shut down. Jack reassures him. And reveals it’s associated with the bomb that went off. Yusef says he’s going to die. Jack tells him that he’d better hope he doesn’t. Jack won’t let the Marine be put under. The Marine tells him to stop. He’s not going to make it. He tells Jack where the evidence is. There is original tapes that the Cyprus recording is a fake and inside. But he dies before telling Jack. The docs try to restart his heart but fail. Yusef asks what they are going to do. Jack doesn’t know. Jack looks at the x-ray and crosses the room. He begins to dig inside the Marine’s body with a scalpel. The others look on horrified. Jack pulls out the bloody chip and says we’ve got it.