Sloane is in shackles. He says he placed something powerful in that box and now the Covenant has it and it frightens him. Only keys from Rambaldi can open it. They have the keys and they can open it. They have the means of powering Rambaldi’s ultimate device. The telling. He says something about resurrection. It is as if Rambaldi is reaching through the centuries to deliver a message.

We see Sark and the Bumani using the device. Dixon wants Sloane to help. Sloane wants him to stay his execution. Dixon won’t do it. Sloane says he’ll talk to Jack about the passenger. Dixon emphasizes that there will be no deal.

Weiss tells Syd that here has been some sort of Cyber attack they are about to brief them on. He says he doesn’t blame her for hating him. She doesn’t hate him, she hates her. So does Weiss. Syd shares that Jack thinks that Lauren in the mole.

Dixon briefs the team on the computer virus that is attacking. It aims at hospitals and medical facilities. They think this is related to the passenger and that the passenger is a viral attack. Marshall says this is the mark of a hacker. He operates out of Berlin. His name is Cipher. Marshall says his own name in the hacker community is Black Kitty. He traced Cipher down via IRC communities. He shows them a pair of glasses. There is a sniffer inside the glasses that will hack into Ciphers computer and leave him a message.

The worm has reached Latin America. Sark has received a message from Lauren. They have learned the id of their hacker. They are taking care of it. Sark and Bumani bicker over Lauren and her trustworthiness. He warns that if Sark is mistaken they both will endure the consequences.

Vaughn says he could go with her. She points out he is going to Berlin. He says that he could not go. She says she doesn’t want to let someone else close to the CIA down. She says they already look at her like she’s a traitor, like they hate her. She says he has no idea how it feels to know someone close to you lied like that.

Syd and Vaughn are at a club in Berlin. Very Goth. Syd scans the club with the glasses. They find him. Syd sends the message. Cipher comes over to them. They tell him they took down the Syrian network for a week. Lauren is in the crowd. He says they have him confused with someone else. Even if they could they couldn’t prove it. Lauren aims a gun at him. They force him to sit down and tell him that they are CIA. He has unleashed a viral attack on medical facilities. He will be guilty of treason. Cipher is shot. Syd goes after the shooter. She sees a woman (Lauren) and follows. Then she loses her.
Lauren calls Sark and tells him that he gave the source codes and files to the CIA. Sark says they have to corrupt the codes.

Jack goes to Sloane and asks about the passenger. Sloane says it was a pretext to talk to him. He’s told him everything about the passenger. He tells Jack that he WAS working with the Senator – for a group INSIDE the US government called The Trust. Doing so was what secured his pardon. Jack hasn’t heard of this group? And he asks why they aren’t coming to his rescue. Sloane points out all the ways he’s been helpful in the last year. Sloane needs Jack to prove this group exists. He was serving his country not betraying it.

Syd tells Vaughn that Cipher is dead. She says that she thinks she saw Lauren. Vaughn asks if she thinks Lauren is Covenant. They bicker about Lauren being covenant versus The Senator being responsible for it all. Vaughn insists that Lauren is in England burying her father. There is a knock on the door and a blubbering Lauren rushes into Vaughn’s arms. She waxes nostalgic to Vaughn about her father. She has a big ole ring on her finger and explains her mother gave it to her. It was her father’s or something. Syd makes a call and checks on Lauren. She learns that Lauren went to Berlin a few hours ago.

Jack meets with a contact in the rain. He asks about The Trust. Jack asks where the funding would come from. He is told intelligence budgets are classified. Jack says that he needs proof the group exists. The man says that this will put him at risk, why should he do this. Jack says that it will put Jack in debt to him and remember how beneficial that is.

Vaughn and Syd work on uploading the data. Lauren activates her secret ring and screws up the data. Marshall tells them the data was exposed to a electromagnetic field. Marshall says they didn’t lose everything. He got the worm source code. It isn’t destroying everything – it is collecting information. They don’t know what they are after. He rerouted the data to them.

Bumani is peeved when he learns the cut off the stream. Sark says that he saved him from a Siberian prison. He overestimated Lauren’s abilities. She will regain the data.

Syd talks to jack about Lauren corrupting the information. Jack asks about Vaughn. Syd says it is like he can’t hear it. Jack says perhaps he can’t hear it from you. Jack goes to see Vaughn on the shooting range. Jack talks about his marriage to Irina. He says it was a happy time. There were moments when he became curious on how she occupied her time. Sometimes she told him. Sometimes she stopped what she was doing and gave him a kiss. It struck him that what if it was an evasion. He dismissed it as professional paranoia. He doesn’t regret marrying her. They have Sydney because of it. Once he has signs of her duplicitousness and betrayal he chose to ignore it. He tells Vaughn to be aware of the signs should they become apparent. Vaughn tells Jack that he never thought he was good enough for Sydney. He knows his marriage and his wife. He is definitely not Jack. He walks away.

Marshall says the Covenant was looking for DNA. XX chromosome. Female. There are 10 matches. Could be multiple people or someone using multiple ids. Marshall and Syd go off to brief Dixon. Lauren watches them and heads to Marshall’s lab to corrupt the data. Vaughn seems to be looking for her. Yup he is. He asks Weiss. Weiss says she is in Marshall’s office (oooh busted??). Vaughn heads to the office. She leaves and runs right into hubby. She says he was leaving a present for Marshall, well for Mitchell. She says she’ll see him in an hour for dinner. Vaughn follows her. Lauren makes a dead drop in a trashcan (sloppy!). Vaughn retrieves it – it is a list. He tosses it back in the follows her more. She takes out a disk but puts it back when she gets a call. Sark says no dead drop. Meet him in the parking garage. Vaughn calls Weiss and says to run a tap on Lauren’s cell phone. Lauren talks to Sark. Weiss says the call is encrypted. Vaughn says to run it through the filter. Lauren is facing Sark. Bumani wanted him to meet her in person. Weiss has the tap. They catch the tail end of a weird conversation but can’t figure out what it is. Lauren tells Sark that she’ll deliver the passenger.

Vaughn meets Lauren. She says that she was doing things. She got a call from her mother. Her mother was blaming her for what happened. Vaughn says he is sorry she had to go through that.

Dixon says the 10 names on the list are the same person. She was always treated by the same Doctor. Vaughn is on his way in. They are headed to the doctor in Milan. Lauren beats them there. She wants to talk to him about the passenger and pulls a gun on him.

The doctor fights back – throwing a vase at her. He runs. She chases. She shoots her way through a door. He heads to a computer/security room. She says good they have some privacy and belts him. She injects him and asks where the passenger is. A car arrives out front. He says that she is safe. Syd and Vaughn search the house. They find a vase with a Rambaldi mark on it. Vaughn heads upstairs.

A car with two men drives up. They shoot at Vaughn and Syd. Syd fights one of them. Vaughn is in an upstairs closet. He finds the key pad and works to get past it. The video screen reveals that Vaughn is outside to Lauren. She demands the doctor tell her what she needs to know. He says he’ll tell her. Syd is still fighting the goons. Vaughn gets past the door. He finds the doctor. An escape hatch in the roof is open. The doctor says he betrayed her. Years spent protecting her and he betrayed her. He sees Syd and says you are the one from the prophecy. You will protect her. They shoot him.

Lauren arrives with a disc in hand. She gives it to Bumani. She says it is everything he needs to find the passenger. She hopes that removes any doubts. Bumani pulls a gun on Lauren to kill her. Sark shoots Bumani. He tells her that he went to LA to warn her, not kill her. Perhaps she should trust him more.

Jack’s contact calls to tell him that he has left the information in the usual places. Dixon asks to speak to Jack in private. They talk about Dr. Barnett’s notes. He says that in one of her sessions, Sloane admitted to having an affair with Irina while they were married. Jack goes to see Sloane. He says he found no evidence of The Trust. Sloane finds that heard to believe. He says that some of his secrets will have to go to his grave. Sloane says that if he dies, they won’t get to the Passenger before the Covenant does. He has no idea how that will affect him or Sydney.

Syd tells jack that the passenger was a person not a thing or weapon. And that the doctor was protecting her from Syd. Jack reveals the entomology of the word Peace – to Irina. He thinks that Irina is the passenger.

Vaughn asks Lauren what she did while he was gone. She kisses him and says he missed him and goes to run a bath. Vaughn searches her bag then her drawers. He looks in a case in the closet. He finds a secret compartment and a black/red wig, a pair of weapons and a passport (BUSTED!)