A hearse back up to a garage. Two figures wait next to a casket. Sid and Dixon. Dixon says he didn’t have a clean shot and he took it anyway. He’s putting in for reassignment to the director of intelligence. Sid says if she had the shot she may have taken it. Dixon tells her that he knows what Emily meant to her.

Irina talks to Sloan. She tells him they may know why they wanted the genetic database. Sloan isn’t interested in databases. He wants satellite footage of Tuscany. He wants to know who murdered his wife. Irina says if he stops now, he’ll never forgive himself. He’s close to knowing what Rambaldi knew. Sloan wishes he had never heard that name. Sid expresses her frustration at not finding leads to Sloan/Irina. Sid says this debriefing of Elsa Caplan is only 10 pages long. Jack tells her that if she wants more debriefing to go do it herself. Sid talks to Elsa Caplan. Her son is keeping her sane. Even with the security detail it’s hard to feel safe. Sid says she needs more of her help. They want to bring her in for a regression therapy session. She says that she doesn’t want the government poking around in her head. Sid says they are out of leads. Mrs. Caplan becomes angry that they are implying that she isn’t doing enough. She gets her son and leaves. Irina goes in to see Caplan. She tells him they still need his help. They are looking for some specific. Caplan is in handcuffs – with chains long enough for him to work with. Caplan says he hasn’t heard from his family in 2 months. Irina gives him a cell phone and tells him his family is alive and to call home. He does. His wife, Elsa, answers the phone. He can hear her. She can’t hear him – Irina modified the cell phone. Sid talks about her conversation with Elsa to Vaughn. They are in bed. (Ucky in bed kissy stuff). Vaughn gets up and begins digging through a backpack. Sid tells him that the backpack is getting ridiculous. The middle drawer is his. He thinks it’s a great idea (I’m barfing). Sid says 2 calls were made to the Caplan house 4 months apart on a Monday night from the same number. Vaughn asks where the calls originated. Sid talks to Elsa again. She asks about the calls. They were traced to a reporter, Evanov, who works for an agency known for Russian Intelligence coverage. Sid tells her that Caplan may have been working for the Russian equivalent of the CIA. The fax received was one word. In Russian. In English it means End game. Elsa admits it was her. Evanov was her handler. She was told to seduce and marry Caplan. She says that Caplan is going to die. Her objective was to keep tabs on his work. She inserted a tracking device in his arm. It also has a suicide device on it. It inserts cyanide into his blood stream. The fax that said endgame means that the device was activated. Elsa is in tears and she says that she has just committed treason against her government. She wants Caplan back. She loves him. Sid tells Jack she has a lead on Caplan. Jack and Sid argue about Elsa’s status – enemy agent or defector. It will take Marshall 3 days to reverse engineer a locator. Sid says in 42 hours he’ll be dead. Jack tells Sid other enemy agents have turned themselves in before. Sid says Elsa isn’t her mother. Sid says Jack let Irina walk out because he thought she could lead them to Sloan – when did he start playing it safe. Elsa wants to know who has her son. Why is she in a cell? Jack watches via camera and orders no unauthorized vehicles. Sid activates a device on her watch that only she can hear. Sid tells her to tap out directions with her index finger. A guard comes to remove Sid. Elsa gives the directions. Irina goes to Caplan – it has been 24 hours. Caplan gives her flack because he’s doing difficult work. He tells her he needs access to a Cray supercomputer. Irina threatens his family. Caplan jumps her. Sloan shoots Caplan. He tells him a few days ago he would have done anything to keep him alive but now he doesn’t care. Irina tells him they still need Caplan. Dixon talks to his wife. He’ll be reassigned within the agency. Maybe Texas or DC. He’d be an analyst. She asks if he’d be happy not being in the field? He says as long as she and the kids were safe. She reassures him. Tells him that Sloan lied to him for years. And that it was Sloan who put Emily in harms way. Sloan says I’m not doing it just for that. I’m doing it for us. She says it’s okay. She understands. Fake Francie receives a call from Sloan. He asks if her source is still in place. Sid is driving and being followed. Jack’s people are following her. She pulls into a drug store and gets out. She heads inside. Weiss and Vaughn discuss Sid giving him a drawer. Sid calls Vaughn. They talk about Jack shutting her down. She tells him that she’s getting pictures developed. That there are some great ones. He can hang them next to the coat rack in the hall. But they guy isn’t sure they’ll all come out because she used the wrong film. Too slow or something. Vaughn moves across the room to Weiss computer. Weiss asks what? Vaughn tells him what she said about the coat rack. Vaughn says she’s never been to his place. He doesn’t have a coat rack. Sid makes her purchases and asks for the bathroom. She changes and struts through the store. She talks to a bunch of giggling girls. Sid makes friends with them – complete with southern accent. She walks out of the store with them. Her tail looks at them but doesn’t spot Sid. Vaughn gets it. She’s using skip sequence cyber text. First letter of each word. Sid is going to Russia. Jack talks to Vaughn and tells him that Sid knew that he was listening to their conversation and that by the time he deciphered it she’d be halfway to Russia. Jack says he is giving him the benefit of the doubt but that Vaughn has to tell Jack where she is when she makes contact. Vaughn asks why they don’t give her backup. Jack tells him that this isn’t a debate and just because he is comfortable with Sid, doesn’t mean he should be comfortable with Jack. Sid arrives at a western bar in Moscow. She talks to the bar tender. He tells her that everyone here has ridden the bull for 8 seconds and dismisses her. Sid naturally gets on the bull. She makes it. Then returns to the bar tender. The have a shot together. She tells him their mutual friend is Elsa Caplan. She needs the tracking device. They make a deal for her to get it. Jack goes in to talk to Elsa. She wants to see her son. Jack speaks to her in Russian. He tells her there is a trace of Ukrainian in her accent. He wants to know what her cover story to Caplan was. He asks if she was placed at Caltech as a student or graduate student. Elsa says you don’t know anything about her. Elsa says you are Sid’s father. Irina’s husband. Jack tells her this makes him an expert on someone like her. He gives her psychobabble about getting pregnant and thinking about getting rid of it but thinking it will redeem her. He tells her he cares more about her son than she does. She screams don’t you dare take my son away and dissolves into tears. Sid calls Weiss who gives the phone to Vaughn. Vaughn tells her Jack knows. Sid says Jack can’t see straight when he sees them together – he thinks of Irina. Vaughn says he’s going with her. She says he can’t. Weiss shakes his head. Vaughn tells her there’s an alley and to meet her there. Weiss tells her that Jack is going to shoot him in the face. Vaughn tells Weiss to give them a head start, then tell Jack. Fake Francie and Will kiss. Will has to leave. Fake Francie protests. Will hops in shower. Fake Francie pulls out his phone and removes a device from it then returns it. Marshall runs into Will at HQ. Marshal babbles about how far they have to walk from the parking lot in the morning. Fake Francie calls. She asks him about a recipe website and can he access it. She directs him to www.bouillebase.com or some such drivel. It’s a front for something else. She’s using his cell phone to access the CIA computer. Sid and Vaughn meet in the alley. They have 12 minutes. Vaughn brought gear. Vaughn tells her where the phone is coming from. They gear up. Vaughn gushes about how cool Sid was when she got away. Sloan watches the satellite footage of Emily dying. He sees where the shot came from. He sees that it was Dixon. He makes a phone call. He needs the recipient of the call to do something else for him. Sark is babysitting Caplan. Caplan asks why someone 22 or 23 is doing working for Sloan. Sark was sent to school in England at a young age. It made him very self-reliant. What he wants is that which he never had. Caplan asks if Sark is going to kill him. Sid and Vaughn run to the building. They creep through a dark corridor. A guard finds them. They fight. Guard goes down. Shots are fired. Sark is alarmed. He orders the guard into the hall then takes the disk from the computer. Caplan looks on. The guard pulls a gun on Vaughn. Sid sneaks up on the guard. Sid finds Caplan and asks if Irina or Sloan are in building. Caplan says no but a blonde guy is. Sid says Sark. Vaughn goes in pursuit. Sid explains to Caplan that if he doesn’t listen to her he’s going to die in 60 seconds. Sark runs through the corridor. Vaughn sees him and fires. Sid tells Caplan that Elsa works for Russian Intelligence. Caplan says he knows. The NSA recruited him 6 years ago. They had Intel that he was going to be a target. They recruited him out of Caltech. Sid tells him that he was injected with a Cyanide capsule. Caplan says she wouldn’t try to kill him. Sid says she didn’t. Her handlers did. Vaughn pursues Sark onto the roof. Sark isn’t there. Sid tells Caplan they have less than 30 seconds she has to remove it. Sid cuts open his arm and removes the capsule. Caplan says thanks. Caplan is taken in to see his wife. They hug and kiss. They say they love each other. Sid tells Jack she’s not in a position to ask favors but whatever he’s going to do to her, leave Vaughn out of it. Jack says that Vaughn is going to escort the Caplan’s to an island. Elsa has been granted defector status. She isn’t Irina Derevko. Sid says they downloaded the DNA database that was on the computer Caplan was working on. They have leads to Irina and Sloan. Jack tells her that if she goes around him again, he’ll have her transferred. The Dixon’s, Sid and Vaughn are at dinner. Dixon’s wife tells Sid she owes her an apology. Sid says she doesn’t have to explain everything. When she learned of SD6 she was angry. Their world forces people to lie, even to those close to them. Dixon tells them that he descended the transfer order. Marshall babbles to Jack about a bandwidth discrepancy on the computer. Jack says in English. Marshall says there was a data hemorrhage. Jack says WHAT? Marshall explains that it came from within the office. Not a hacker. The Dixon’s, Sid and Vaughn are on the street babbling about how the CIA has season tickets to the Laker’s games. Diane goes off to pick up the kids. She’ll see Dixon at home. Dixon picks up his car from the valet. He gets in, steps back out to talk to Vaughn. The car explodes. Fake Francie is seen putting something away with the burning vehicle in the background.

And The end.