2:00 am to 3:00 am

The General briefs Palmer and his staff regarding where the planes will be taking off from. Palmer tells the Joint Chiefs they are doing a good job of mobilizing their resources on short notice. Palmer tells them that Jack Bauer thinks the Cyprus audio is fabricated. The General argues that they will lose the advantage of surprise and their casualties will increase over time – to 20,000 troops. Palmer says we have no choice but to proceed with the plan as stated.

Jack tries to get through the Palmer and they won’t put him through. He leaves a message. Then calls Tony. They have a bad connection. Tony wants Wallace back. Jack tells him Wallace is dead but they have the chip. Tony scoffs. Jack says the man died to save the chip. Jack will be sending the chip to Tony. Yusef calls Jack over. There is a passive tracking device on the chip. That’s how they tracked Wallace to the warehouse.

Michelle talks to Danny on the phone. She doesn’t have time for him right now. She tells him to sit tight – don’t go anywhere. She seems frustrated. She has to go. He hangs up. Tony comes up to Michelle. They talk about the phone systems being overloaded. Tony tells Michelle that the President hasn’t been told about the potential that the audio was fake.

Yusef tries to disable the tracking device without damaging the audio. Jack is antsy – he asks how much longer. The people who tracked Wallace are at the hospital. Yusef continues working. Jack tells Kate to get against the wall. Yusef is done. Jack tells him to meet him in a park a few blocks from the clinic. Jack leaves the room. Kate tells him to be careful. The men pick up Jack’s movement and follow him. One breaks off to check Wallace’s body. Yusef and Kate hide from him. Yusef and Kate escape the room.

The Chief of Staff tells Palmer that the Governor called from Sacramento. He wants Palmer to deploy the military like they did in Marietta. Lynne tells Palmer that Tony is holding on sitcom. They ask why sitcom and she tells them the phone circuits are overloaded. Palmer says to put Tony on speaker. Tony tells Palmer that Jack claims to have evidence that the audio was faked. Separate recordings of all 3 men, which were edited. Palmer asks if this has been authenticated. Tony says no, they are going to work on it. They’ll have it within the hour. The Chief of Staff questions why Tony is changing his tune. Tony tells them that Jack had no choice. Palmer asks why Tony is so sure of this. Tony says he isn’t, but Jack is. They hang up. Palmer says he is calling off the attack. The Chief of Staff says they should talk over the consequences. Palmer says he knows the man – he trusts Jack. The Chief of Staff says that his enemies will exploit his weaknesses. They will call him indecisive. Palmer scoffs at going to war just because he’d be called indecisive. Lynne and Novak argue that these countries aren’t innocent. Palmer says he isn’t changing his mind. He wants the Joint Chiefs back.

Tony tells Michelle that he told Palmer about Jack. Palmer wants to keep them apprised of the situation. Michelle tells him that he did the right thing. Tony tells her to make sure the thing is real. Michelle thanks him.

Kate tries to make a phone call, she gets the all circuits are busy message. Kate and Yusef discuss if the US wants war or not. Yusef tells her she might feel differently if it was her family who was threatened. They part the vehicle. Yusef will keep an eye out for Jack.

The three men still track Jack through the clinic. One man orders the others to not kill him until he has the chip. They burst into a room where the signal is coming from. They find the tracker – but not the chip. One sees Jack running. They pursue. Jack runs. A car careens toward him. Jack fires and his hit by a taser of some sort. One of the men says to get him back inside.

The General talks to Novak. Novak tells him to brief his own staff. Lynne asks Novak if he’s heard anything about the meeting the vice president called in one half hour. Novak wants to know if she thinks it has something to do with Palmer calling of the military strikes. Lynne says yes but it could be a rumor.

Jack is on a cement floor. He’s coughing up something. One of the men opens up a set of surgical instruments. They receive a phone call. The man on the other end wants to know if they have the chip. The man on the phone says it’s Jack Bauer isn’t it. The goon, Stark, says they scanned his body and clothes, and induced vomiting to check stomach contents. The man on the phone says he won’t have it on him. He asks to talk to Jack and congratulates him. Jack asks who he’s talking to. The man says he needs the chip and to tell his helper where it is. The chip is for sale. Jack asks how he can start a war for money. The man says the only thing they have to agree on is the price. Jack says it is not for sale. The helper says he’ll break. The man says I’ve read his file – he’ll be hard to break. There is a time issue. The goon begins to torture Jack. A scalpel dipped in something (acid perhaps) is held in front of Jack. He is asked where the chip is. When Jack doesn’t reply he is cut with it.

Carrie comes up to Michelle. Michelle tells her that the chip is coming in. Tony wants her to run point on the analysis of it. Michelle is having trouble accessing a piece of software. Michelle needs her to disable the indexing function. Carrie says to send it to her computer and she’ll do it. They begin fighting. Tony calls Michelle to his office. He asks what they are fighting over. Tony wants to know whatever the bad blood is between them. It’s interfering with their job. Michelle tells him that at division they were friends. She introduced Carrie to her. He left his wife and children for her. She dumped him. He lost everything. He attempted suicide. Tony tells her it is unfortunate they have to work together but they need to get the job done. Tony hands the phone to Michelle. Michelle’s brother Danny is there. Michelle says to show him to her workstation.

Michelle asks her brother why he’s there. The phones weren’t working and he wanted to apologize. She urges him to leave. He says the whole thing with the bomb has him and everyone freaked. He spots Carrie. Michelle tries to distract him. He begins to yell at Carrie. The yelling escalates into Danny trying to choke Carrie.

Novak talks to Lynne. The meeting isn’t a rumor. The VP is calling cabinet members personally. Novak says someone is willing to meet with him. He won’t talk over the phone. Lynne wants in on the meeting. Novak reluctantly tells her where the meeting is.

Tony heads to check on Michelle. Michelle says she is headed over to IT – she still needs to access the software. She tells Tony that she just needs a minute. Tony tells her that Carrie is fine. Michelle asks if she’s going to press charges. Tony says he doesn’t think so. Michelle says she should have seen it coming. She babbles for a while. She says that nothing she’s done today is right. She can’t do this anymore. Tony hugs her. Michelle cries and says she so tired and so scared. They look at each other and kiss. Carrie comes up and tells Tony that someone is looking for him.

A liquid is splashed in Jack’s face. He screams. Jack is cut. He screams more. The man takes a drink of water and offers it to Jack. The plastic water bottle is held in front of Jack and a soldering iron is held against it. The bottle melts. The iron is then held against Jack’s skin. Jack yells but doesn’t break. One of the other men stops him and says you’re going to kill him. The man says not to touch him again. A cell phone rings. The man answers it. He is asked if he made any progress. He is reminded of the time deadline.

Novak arrives upstairs for his meeting. Lynne is there waiting. The man will be there shortly. Novak asks what she knows about section 4 of the 24th amendment. Lynne says that it provides that if the majority of the president’s cabinet feels his is acting irrationally, they can remove him from office. Lynne then says – the Vice President becomes president. They are talking about a palace coup. The contact arrives. Novak closes the door. He wants to know where Lynne stands regarding the president’s decision. She says she may not agree with it but it was his decision and the VP should be charged with treason. Novak tells her he was afraid she’d say that. Novak leaves the room. The man stops her. She realizes that Novak is with the VP. He says he can’t let 20,000 men die. He’s doing it for the good of the country. Lynne is detained in the storage room. Novak tells him not to let her out unless he hears from him – and only him.

Kate sits in the car and listens to the radio. Yusef returns to the vehicle. They’ve give Jack more time than he asked for. They have to get the chip to CTU. They start to back out and are nearly run over by a fire truck. Two men yank Yusef out of the car and call him a towel head. Yusef overcomes them. He pulls a gun and tells him to lie on the ground. More men show up. They begin to beat Yusef. Kate tries to intervene. She is knocked out.

Tony talks to Chappelle. He is on his way over with a couple of keys from division. Tony says they are busy. Chappelle says he knows Tony could use help. Tony calls Michelle. He asks about her brother. They have sedated him. He asks how she is holding up. She apologizes for what happened before – meaning the kiss. He say’s don’t. He’s not. She asks about Carrie. He tells her not to worry about it.

Jack is still being tortured. He passes out. Stark says to wake him up. Jack is woken up. Stark tells Jack he’s been on this side before. Everyone has a breaking point. Stark brings up Jack’s daughter. He asks Jack if he wants Kim to be an orphan. They taser Jack. The other man says he’s no good to them dead. Stark grabs the taser and holds it against Jack. Jack passes out. Stark says to wake him up again. Jack isn’t responding. The other man says he’s dead. They cut Jack down and begin CPR. Stark yells for the epinephrine.