Season Two - Episode 2 - Keep This Party Going

In the basement at Fangtasia, Eric rips Royce apart limb from limb, scattering body parts and blood all over the place. Seemingly out of nowhere, he asks Lafayette if there is blood in his hair. (Seriously, he has highlighting foils in his hair and is worried about Pam getting pissed.) He then drags Lafayette upstairs to meet Pam and question him about Eddie and another missing vampire named Godric. Lafayette spills the beans about everything, including that he thinks Jason took Eddie, but Eric is not satisfied and sends him back downstairs. Meanwhile in Bon Temps, Bill and Sookie chat about how great makeup sex is but their conversation soon returns to the problem of Jessica. Bill warns Sookie that as a new vampire, Jessica will not be able to control herself and reminds her that Jessica is no longer human and not to be treated as such.

The next day finds Jason on a bus with a bunch of FOTS followers headed to the Light of Day Institute. The guy next to him is an All-American football player named Luke and they decide to bunk together at the camp. (Something seems off with this guy, he’s way to intense just to be going to a church camp.) When they get to the LODI, everyone is given a silver “honesty ring” and signed up for activities. Jason and Luke wind up on opposing sides of a Capture the Flag game. Luke is way too serious about the game, and Jason is forced to step up his play to win the game. Steve and Sarah seem very impressed with Jason. Later that evening, he is invited to perform in a role playing stint in front of an audience. He plays a FOTS activist and Sarah is a vampire sympathizer that turns out to really be a vampire. Jason breaks a flagpole in half and rushes Sarah, who falls to the ground. He flashes back to Eddie’s staking and tells Sarah he is sorry. The audience erupts with clapping and Sarah seems oddly turned on by the whole thing. (The look on Luke’s face is one of jealousy and disbelief.)

At Maryann’s place, Tara and Eggs play “getting to know you”. Turns out Eggs is a former felon and was homeless until he met Maryann. Tara seems satisfied that those things are in his past, not his present. Later at Merlotte’s, Maryann shows up for lunch and to visit Tara. Sam goes over to confront Maryann but winds up taking her order instead. (The woman can eat! She orders everything on the menu.) Sookie stops in to ask Tara to move in with her. Tara introduces her to Maryann and Sookie can hear strange chanting coming from her. Maryann does not seem very pleased about Sookie’s offer. At Fangtasia, Lafayette is able to use a metal rod from Royce’s leg to break his chains and escape from the basement. His attempt is thwarted by ditzy Ginger who winds up shooting him in the leg by accident.

That evening, Sookie and Jessica hang out together while Bill does some shopping. Jessica starts crying about her family, so Sookie takes her to see them from afar. But Jessica has other plans and leaves the safety of Sookie’s car for a face to face meeting with her family. At the Mall, Bill runs into Eric who advises him that he needs Sookie’s help to look for Godric. Of course Bill tells him no but the Eric makes it clear that he will use Sookie and Bill can’t do anything about it.

Maryann’s influence is being felt at Merlotte’s as the patrons begin to dance and get a little rowdy on the dance floor. The dirty dancing seems like its about to become a full blown orgy with all the hip thrusting and gyrating going on between everybody. Sam pulls Maryann aside and blames her for what’s going on. (Correction to my recap of episode one. It is at this point that Maryann does her crazy vibrating and turns Sam into a dog. I did my first recap from memory and confused Sam and Maryann’s first two confrontations at Merlotte’s. Sorry for the mistake.)

Back at Fangtasia, Lafayette is being watched by Pam and Chow while he practically bleeds to death. Eric arrives and says they can end it quickly for him or just let him bleed out. Lafayette asks to become Eric’s vampire. Eric, Pam and Chow lunge for him.

At Jessica’s house, she gets upset by her father’s reaction to her. He pushes her away from him and starts yelling at her. Jessica starts to lose control. Sookie tries to calm Jessica down but Jessica pushes her out of the way. Just as Jessica is about to take care of her father, an already angered Bill arrives in the nick of time. Sookie tries to explain what is going on but Bill screams at her and says that it’s all her fault and orders her to get out.