Episode 2: Sweets in The Square

As usual, this epi started out with a run-down of last week’s epi and what happened in the boardroom.

The project this week is SALES........bottom line, the team that makes the most profit will be the winner. The PM’s for the teams are Poppy for the ladies and David for the men.

Tyanna and Mahsa come back from the boardroom to lots of hoopla and cheers from the ladies in the room upstairs. In a PI, Tyanna chimed in with her rhyme of ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead.......nice comments from a “mature” person.......LOL.

David immediately steps up to be the project manager and one of his teammates says that this could be the kiss of death for us........hmmmmm, could be true!!

For the men, David put James and Alex in charge of costumes/uniforms........Since James is from New York, he became pivitol in arranging where to set up for the best exposure.

For the ladies, Masha was in charge of location, Stephanie in charge of sales, and Liza in charge of Accounting.

As the guys head out to set up in Union Square, there is absolute chaos.......James called it out by saying that and the fact that there is absolutely no sales strategy at the moment, which of course doesn’t get rave reviews from David whom promptly states that he will take care of it. In a PI, James admits that the overly aggressive style of others out there just isn’t his style and he is quite uncomfortable with it. As their sales strategy isn’t working well, the guys choose to move from the area that they originally set up.

Meanwhile, Fortitude is arriving in the square and basically just set up in the location that the guys vacated. The ladies originally set up with balloons on their cart in the beginning, then as they realized that they needed a cohesive scheme happening, one of the ladies headed out to find some pink tank tops and feather headbands for their hair. With my here, they looked quite redicilous, but to be honest, they also started selling the sandwiches, so I guess their gimmick worked well.

Back with the guys, Alex and James headed out to find costumes or some kind of gimmicky thing to wear for the whole group, so they headed to a costume place nearby. They ended up grabbing some barbershop vests, some hats, and some wigs, and headed back. The guys new spot was set up by the playground and they weren’t doing well with sales till then. In a PI, David comes on and compares Alex to a puppydog. As he put it you can’t put a puppy dog in New York and expect him to make some sales........he just isn’t cut out for it. The guys finally realize that the girls settled into their old spot and now they are ticked. The guys left the corner that they were on and set themselves up at the Evelyn’s Playground......of course their sales were suddenly hooped as there were no kids playing at the time. The guys then decide to change locations once again.

Later in the day, the ladies are still at the square when sales started tanking when Don Jr. shows up and see’s that their strategy has one major flaw........they aren’t catching the flow going in and out of what is probably the busiest subway station in all of New York, because they are set up 20 yards away and no one is walking over to the subway.

Meanwhile with the guys, they have made the decision to change their location once again for the 3rd time. The guys ended up setting up in Father Demo Park as James thought it would be a great evening place. In a PI, David said that he had 2 good looking guys that were selling great so he “unleashed his stallions from the barn”............oh lordy, he really said that..........good grief. This guy is sounding that he is one sandwich short of a picnic, a screw loose........you make your own analogy at this point......LOL.
The next day, the guys get set up first and head back to Union Square where they first set up the day before. The guys have finally set up and the women arrived to find their sweet spot taken. No worries, they set up immediately beside the guys. LOL. As James said, it quickly turned into a major dog fight. The women moved back to the Evelyn Playground where the guys were for most of the day before. They started selling their sandwiches like hot cakes.

Because the ladies had such little stock left after selling bunches to the kids and parents at the park, Tyanna and Liza took the remaining stock back to where the guys were and just started handing out free icecream when the guys were trying to make a sale. Tyanna looked like she was having a blast which needless to say, totally ticked off the guys, especially David...........

Up next.............boardroom

There was a bit of humour in the boardroom at the beginning when Trump asked Poppy how she thought they did with their sales, because Donald said that they were all good looking women and if Trump were to buy an icecream sandwich.......between David and anyone of the ladies, Trump said that David wouldn’t have a _______ chance...........I bet you all could guess what was written in that blank line.........LOL. Which of course brought humour through the whole room.

Then Donald asked Poppy who she thought was her weakest player, she tried to be coy and not throw anyone under the bus, but Trump asked it again, so she had to give a name and said that Liza was the weakest sales person. This of course starts another cat fight in the boardroom as Liza starts naming off what she has done for the project.........mind you, she didn’t say the pink tank tops, just was there in the crowd when they were mentioned. Donald interrupts Liza in the middle of her explanations and says that she is in deep trouble......Trump then asks Brandi who she thought should be fired.......she also named off Liza. Donald immediately turns to Liza and says that she is fired........he waits a couple of seconds, then says that he is only kidding. Once Trump lets that out of the bag and everyone catches their breaths, Liza is totally pissed that the rest of her crew don’t think that she is a strong person on the team. Meanwhile the look on Mahsa’s face was of utter shock.........probably the first time that he was able to shut her up in that boardroom. Then Trump asks Liza if she thought that Poppy was a good project manager..........Liza said that Poppy should be fired if the ladies lost. Then Donald asks Mahsa if Poppy was a good leader...should she be fired. Mr. Trump then asks Mahsa if she thinks they won........she answers with I know we won, well that sent trump loose on her and set her in her place. After putting Mahsa in her place, Trump lets loose on the guys.

Mr. Trump asks David who the weakest players were and David said Alex and James. Alex because he is like a puppy dog, James because he is a weak seller. When James tried to defend himself by saying that he knew the locations to go to and went to get the costumes to make them look like one unit. David immediately piled on more busses to James’s back by saying that he has a single speed, slow motion. Trump actually stuck up for James by saying that he didn’t see him as a slow motion kind of a guy. David then fired back by saying that James puts him to sleep.......James fires back saying that that concept is so utterly absurd. Then James returns the favour and piles a bus on David’s back by saying that for someone that is so erratic and emotionally charged and susceptible to breakdowns, he thinks it is absurd for David to criticize how James handles himself.

Results, ladies sold 1,800.00 in profit and the guys had 1,500.00 in profit. Poppy then has a chance to meet with Jack Whelch who for many years ran General Electric as her reward for being the winning project leader. As the ladies head upstairs, the men are still vanquished to the boardroom where a guy will be fired.

Once the ladies leave the boardroom, Trump says that he is disappointed as the guys had one more sales guy to help them out with the task, yet the women won overwhelmingly considering the percentages. David once again calls out his strongest sales guys as Anand and Steuart, and the weakest sales guys as Alex and James. As the rest of the guys exited the boardroom, Trump asked James who he felt should be fired and he thought it was definitely a toss up between David and Alex. David made critical errors with regards to the project, but Alex was the weakest person on the team for the last 2 tasks. Trump directly asked Alex if he thought he was out of the other guys league.....Alex didn’t think so but he did leave some doubt on the table. James was asked how David did as a project manager.......James admitted that there was confussion, no plans were made or followed through with and James felt that there was reason to fire David. When it all came down to it, Trump said that it was a sales project, and since Alex made the least amount of sales, he felt he had no choice but to fire Alex.

There was an update at the end of the end of the show on Alex and of how he walked off the set of The Apprentice and walked into his dream job as a construction manager. Good for him. Hopefully this trend of updating these people and seeing the success stories will continue...........

Next week’s previews look great.........David looks like he is going off his rocker again...........Mahsa seems to be scared of dogs but not willing to keep her mouth shut.......let’s see where it lands her this time in the boardroom. Until Thursday.............have a great week everyone!