2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Jack is sweating. He looks over his shoulder at the needle. He retrieves it from the floor. He checks the needles then begins tossing them in the trash. She finds the vial and hears something left. He puts the vial back in the case and closes the case.

He sits on the floor, back against the wall. Wayne tells CTU that the President isn't' going to make any decisions until he has details. Tony briefs on the deadly fast acting virus. The doctor tells them about the virus, how fast moving, the body delivered. She shows pictures of the body. Tony tells Wayne it looks pretty bleak. Wayne asks how this kind of viral warfare could be happening. Why are they being taken by surprise? The doc says that this is not a virus they've seen before. Tony says that if they have five hours to find these people and stop the virus they need all the resources possible.

Kim talks to her father about something they found. She reminds her father that she needs to talk to him. Tells him it is something personal. Chase comes in and notices that Jack hasn't shot up. Jack says that he is trying to ease off. Chase says now is not the time to be needing a hit. He asks why not methadone. Jack doesn't want this to go on record. Chase and Jack leave the office and Chloe notices - smirk on face. Chloe asks Chase a question. Chloe was supposed to get the list of Goss's associates. Chloe says Kim is working on it. Kim gives the list to Chase. Chase tells her he heard her talking to her father. He asks why she wants to tell him today. She says because it isn't a big thing. Chase says that he's a field agent and Jack is always talking about how he can't be there for her or her mother. Kim waxes poetic about him being happy his daughter found someone she loves. Kim is called away. She pauses outside her father's door. Chase watches as she goes in. Kim asks if he is okay. He says yeah. She says Chase said he was really stressed out. He says they just have a lot of work to do. He tells Kim to sit down. Chase watches from outside the glass office.

Kim tells her father that she is finding it difficult to keep things from him. She says she and Chase have been going out for a while and it is getting serious. She thinks he wanted to be the one to tell him but was afraid it would cause a problem between them. Jack asks how long they have been seeing each other. She says three months. She really cares about him. He's really surprised. He's sorry he's distracted by what is going on. She say's forget it, go back to what is going on. He is glad she told him. She leaves, walks by Chase and says told him. Chase asks what he said. Kim says nothing.

Michelle answers the phone. Sunny says they found something odd in his system. It looks like the virus was delivered in crystal form. It could be cocaine. It looks like they are delivering drugs; they are really delivering the virus. Kyle and his friend Tim bicker about Kyle delivering the drugs. Zach calls. He says they need to talk. Zach asks if he has the powder. Kyle says yes. He is told to come around that night.

Jack's phone rings. Michelle tells him that they have a last known address of Goss. Jack says send an LA PD team over to set up a perimeter but not to go into the house until Jack arrives. Tony asks about the address. He asks if they have anything better than 2 months. That is it. Tony says to put transmitters on Jack and Chase. He wants to analyze their interactions in real time. Kim hands Jack a medical kit health services set up. Chase babbles about Kim telling him and wanting him to know. They get into the SUV.

Palmer talks to his brother. He asks how serious it is. Wayne is saying that they are sending over breakdowns. Palmer says that to give CTU Carte blanche - whatever they need. He thinks they should cancel the debate. Wayne thinks that is a bad idea. Palmer says it is a bad idea to hold it while there is an imminent bioterror threat. Wayne asks him what he would do if he could focus on it. Palmer's opponent arrives. They hold a conversation in front of the press. Wayne gives an aide instructions. Palmer says they are ready. He asks what he was talking to him about. Wayne says they may have an opportunity. Palmer asks what kind. Wayne says not now, later.

Chase babbles about Kim. Jack says why do you think I brought her to CTU and put her behind a desk operating a computer. So she could be safe. She's seen what this job can do and she's dating you. This job killed his wife. You can't have a normal life and do this job. Chase asks if Jack is saying he shouldn't have a relationship with anyone. Jack says yes. Especially with my daughter.

The attorney calls Jack asking why they aren't moving Salazar after he killed his agent. Jack leaks that Salazar might walk but not to say anything about it to anyone. They think that Hector is the source of things. The attorney orders the guards to open the door. They go in to Salazar. Salazar is brought out. He speaks in Spanish. The attorney answers no I haven't found you a new lawyer. They hold a nightstick to his throat then hit him in the gut with it. The attorney says to talk. He wants to know about Hector. Salazar says that his brother's birthday is coming up and he doesn't know what to get him. Salazar says that if anything happens to him he will have the attorney killed, and his wife, and his children.

Wayne checks in with Tony on updated information. There is no new information. Palmer finishes with the press. Wayne tells Palmer nothing yet. They are trying to figure out who dumped off the body. They think it is Salazar. They think it might be a bluff to get Salazar released. Palmer asks about the opportunity. Wayne says let's talk about this later. Palmer thinks that either it fell through or he knows Palmer won't like it. Wayne asks what he thinks if he can get the opponents play book, all his prep for the night's debate. Wayne says not to worry about how they'll do it. Palmer says he is surprised at the question. Wayne says he isn't pulling a sherry and stealing it. This is falling in their laps. Palmer says this isn't the corporate sector he should know how his administration works. Wayne says fine, if that is how you want it.

Kim and Michelle chitchat in the bathroom. Kim asks if it is a problem working with her husband in the same office. Michelle says no and asks why. Kim tells her that she is dating Chase and her dad doesn't seem too happy about it. Michelle says that ultimately it is between her and Chase. Tony tells Michelle that Hector is operating about of northern Mexico. They need a list of his properties there. Michelle says that Chloe is waiting on that.

Hector talks to his contact. Palmer isn't canceling the debate. Hector says let's see what kind of hero he is with lives on the line. Hector sees Claudia arguing with her father. He asks why. She says it doesn't matter. He isn't happy with how she lives her live. Hector confronts Claudia's father. Hector turns back to Claudia and says not to raise her voice to her father ever again. He slaps her. She slaps him back and says how she talks to her father is her business. Hector pulls her back and kisses her. Claudia wipes her lips after Hector leaves.

Chloe tells Tony that they just arrived. Jack isn't going to use the transmitters it will take too long to wire. Tony says that he needs up to the minute information from her. Chloe says okay you don't have to yell (he wasn't yelling). Tony reiterates how important the information is. She again says he doesn't have to yell. Jack and Chase talk to LAPD. Jack and Chase are going in alone first. They will let LAPD when they want them to come in via radio.

Jack and Chase walk through a shooting gallery. People are talking and coughing in rooms as they pass. They see a woman shooting up. Rock music plays. A man comes out and says this area isn't open to the public. Jack says they aren't there to take anyone down. Just clam down. They shove the man against the wall. Jack goes past him. A gunfight breaks out. Jack yells Chase we have a runner. Jack follows. He heads down the stairs. The man runs past and fires at Jack. Jack gives pursuit. The man falls down the stairs. The man yells I'm clean I've got nothing on me. Jack tells the man he just fired at a federal agent. He asks who Goss is. He says that Goss is a dealer he scores from him sometimes. They ask who Goss's supplier is. He names Corrinchi in Tijuana. Jack says he is a low level dealer for Salazar. He says that Corrinchi doesn't even have the dope right now. He paid $10,000 for a kid to bring it up. The man names Kyle as the runner. Kyle's girlfriend watches as Kyle gets cash and runs after the landlord who threatened to evict them. Kyle runs to pay the man $1800 and tells him to leave his mom out of it. Kyle girlfriend eyes the coke while he is out. Kyle's mom asks where he got the money. Kyle says they needed the money he got it.

Tony says he wants everyone to find Kyle Singer. Where he is. Where he can be found. And he wants an open channel to field ops.

Kyle's girlfriend argues with him for dealing drugs. He says he isn't dealing them he's delivering them. She asks how his parents are going to come up with the money to bail him out of jail. He says it is too late. He's in this now. She says it's over. She can't be in a relationship with someone who would do this. He yells Linda. She leaves. Kyle's mom again asks where he got the money. He says forget about it.

Palmer visits Anne. He's having her security level upgraded. He needs her today. He asks about level 3 pneumonic viruses. He tells her that they are under a threat that someone will release a virus. Anne says she is familiar with Dr. Sunny Mazer who is handling the case. Palmer wants her to talk to Dr. Mazer and learn everything she can. She urges Palmer to leave. He won't. A secret service agent comes in. Wayne wants to see the President downstairs. He has something to show him.

Jack finishes up on the phone. He wants Chase to take Parker back to CTU. Chase argues. Jack thinks that Parker knows more information and they need to get it. Chase thinks that this is over Kim. Jack tells him he can't have it both ways. His daughter loves him. He orders Chase to take Parker back to CTU.

Palmer arrives to see his brother. Wayne pushes a folder across the desk. He says not to be mad. If he doesn't want it, don't read it. Wayne says there is something he needs to know. It's about Anne. Palmer says they won't play the race card or the girlfriend card. Wayne urges Palmer to read it. He says that there is something about Anne that if true could damage all of them.

Hector calls for an update. Kyle is with his girlfriend. And Ramon is waiting to come home. Hector says good. The man who Hector was talking to comes out of an office and Kim tells him that someone is looking for him. Hectors contact works for CTU!!