9 am to 10 am

Northwest Regional Complex - President Palmer consults with an aid on a Pentagon request. He is just as concerned about panic and mass hysteria as he is the bomb going off. We morph to men loaded cases onto a truck. I presume them to be weapons and/or the bomb. The truck is an "American Delivery" truck.

Meanwhile, Kim is still on the floor dealing with her abusive employer. Kim gets the girl and they run. Downstairs, the pair meets up with the mom, who ushers them out of the house. Abusive dad stops them, and threatens to kill them. Kim gets away driving a Ford Explorer. Abusive dad makes a call to track his car.

Jack is in a helicopter with Michelle. Michelle shows him pictures of several men. He recognizes one. Jack tells her once he's in to keep everyone at a distance.

President Palmer is told the press is asking why he cut his fishing trip short. Eric Rayburn gives Palmer a hard time about coddling the media. Palmer again drives home his point about hysteria.

Jack calls CTU. He wants to know if Tony has picked up Kim yet. George Mason tells Jack that Kim wasn't there. Jack is mad that Mason didn't tell him. Mason reassures Jack that they will find her and get her out of Los Angeles. Jack tries to reach Kim via cell phone. Kim's cell phone remains behind at her employer's house. Back at CTU, Paula is tracking something via computer. She asks Tony if they should be working from outside LA due to the bomb. Tony tells her they can't rely on the intell. Michelle, Tony and Mason consult on Kim Bauer. Mason says to send the nearest person. Tony reminds Mason that they made a promise to Jack that they would take care of Kim. Mason says to not lose the window and send a gopher over to the house.

Jack enters a garage. Someone spots him. Jack asks for Joe. Jack is told he's got the wrong place. Jack says to tell Joe Jack's back in town. Someone comes out (Eddie) and says Joe would love to see the man who put Joe in jail. A goon bashes Jack over the head. Jack insists that he has something to show Joe. Jack tells Eddie, to look in the bag. A goon goes to get the bag. The goon opens the bag - there is a head inside. Jack tells them, you don't have to worry about Goran testifying anymore. The guy smiles, Jack laughs. The guy says Jack's back.

We return from a commercial break. President Palmer holds a press conference. The President jokes that his own conservation policy is why he had to stop fishing. Palmer heads inside. He tells an aide to watch the situation with the press.

In Los Angeles, Kim encounters road construction. Megan cries that her head hurts. Kim turns into an ally (I cry, don't go down the ally you ninny). And you guess it; Abusive dad pulls forward in his convertible. Kim is trapped by a van backing up. Abusive dad asks where Kim is going with his daughter. He tells Megan to come to him. Dad uses the keyless remote to unlock the doors. Kim and Megan run. They manage to lose abusive dad by hiding behind a dumpster. Abusive dad tries to convince Megan that Kim will hurt her. Dad begins screaming Megan.

Jack is brought to a different location. One of the goons, Dave, asks what he's doing bringing someone today. Jack says I was with Joe in Gainesville. Dave wants to check Jack out. He's suspicious that Jack shows up today of all days. Jack's undercover name is Jack Roche. Paula tells Michelle that Jack's in and they need the fake data for him now. Dave says there isn't any data on Jack and that it means he's lying. Paula keeps telling Tony she needs to data. The goon prepares his gun. The records show up.

And we break for another set of commercials. Palmer asks Rayburn if they are making any headway. Rayburn tells him it's too soon to tell. Rayburn tells him he needs to think about what his plan of action will be if they do have a detonation. An aid comes in they have a problem. Someone is going live at 12:30. Palmer becomes angry. They suspect the reporter will go with his the rumor. Palmer tells the aide to tell the report that they'll grant him an exclusive interview.

Jack comes inside claiming he wants to bum a smoke. Dave loses his temper - says to get out. Jack says the fuse is too tight. Dave becomes angrier. Eddie tells him they have this thing going down today. Jack gets into a beat up car and pulls out cell phone. Jack calls Mason. He tells Mason that they're shutting him out and they should pick these guys up. Mason tells him they need Jack to get closer. A van pulls up. Jack pumps the accelerator on the junker car. The car won't start. Jack opens the hood. The goons eye him suspiciously. Jack watches the van over the open hood of the car. The goons toss bags inside the van. One of the goons watches Jack. Jack finds a different angle to watch the van.

Back at CTU, Paula tells Mason she's got the info he was looking for. We see a message that reveals probability of detonation 83 -93%. Mason picks up his gun and packs his briefcase. He leaves his office and goes downstairs. Tony asks Mason where he is going. Mason says Bakersfield. He claims that they're shorthanded so he has to follow up a lead himself. Tony questions Mason. Mason tells Tony to do his job and leaves.

We pay yet another visit to commercials. Kim and Megan are still hiding from abusive dad. Abusive dad is driving around in convertible. Megan is complaining of her head hurting where she hit her head earlier. Kim needs to go make a phone call. Megan doesn't want Kim to leave. Kim gets Megan to stay hidden in the boxes while she goes to make a phone call.

Kate Warner calls her financial friend. The finance guy needs a password from an account of Reza's. Kate tells him he wouldn't just leave that laying around. But Kate goes off in search of it anyway. Kate runs out to Reza's red convertible. She searches his jacket. Then moves to his briefcase. Reza is in the backyard helping set something up. He walks around the house as Kate continues to search the car. She finds Reza's planner, which contains his passport. She finds the password, writes it down and returns the planner as Reza spies her and calls her name. Kate claims they needed to move the car. Reza tells her she'd need the keys. Reza goes off on an errand.

Jack is still spying on the goons. The head goon is still suspicious of Jack. He wants to know what Jack is still doing there. Jack claims car problems. The goon tells him to get a cab. The goon gives him problems. Jack tells his buddy Eddie that the guy packed the fuses too tight - they won't blow. Jack punches the goon, and breaks the guy's ankle.

We return from yet more commercials. Kim runs across a street to a pay phone. She calls 911. 911 tells her to stay on the line. Abusive dad sneaks up on Kim at the pay phone. He tells Kim that the police are already looking for her - for kidnapping his daughter. Abusive dad says Kim's instincts were right for taking her away. But he's her father and he needs to apologize to her. Abusive dad asks where she is. Kim thinks about it. She tells him to go talk to Carla. If Carla says its okay, then he can talk to her. Abusive dad loses it again. Kim kicks him and runs. Kim tries to jump a fence. Abusive dad catches up to her. Kim is tossed around. Kim grabs a tire iron. She smashes a car window.

We leave Kim and abusive dad to find Kate calling her financial friend. She reads off Reza's passport entries. Her sister Marie comes in. Marie tells her Reza's parents are coming in early. Kate is sent off to pick up lunch.

President Palmer meets with the reporter. Palmer asks about the story the reporter is going to go live with and why. The President tells the report he's barking up the wrong tree. The reporter says that he thinks he's barking up the right tree. Palmer tells him that if he runs with the story of the threat - he'll cause panic. The reporter comments that there is a threat. Palmer hones in on he's asking for a favor - a favor that's good for the American people. The reporter leaves. He says he'll think about it. Palmer makes a call. He tells someone that they'll have to go ahead and deal with it. A secret service agent detains the reporter. They escort him away telling him there is something the President wants him to see.

Jack is still tinkering with the junker car. Eddie tells Jack he hasn't changed. That he's short a man and owes him for what he did to Dave (the goon). Jack asks what the job is. Eddie says that he'll like it.

Kim is still running from abusive dad. She returns to Megan. Megan isn't there. Kim panics. Kim begins running and calling Megan's name. She is nearly hit as she runs across the street. We morph to a van carried Jack, Eddie and the goons. Eddie tells Jack that today they are turning a government building into a cemetery. The building? CTU. And we reach the 10 am.

Next Time:
Jack tells them to evacuate CTU. Rayburn says they'll figure out it was Bauer. Mason tells someone to get out of the building.