It was a dark and rainy night -- literally. We start in the rain and the dark with armed men and a big truck. Time to move Irina (aka Mom). She’s shacked at both wrists and legs. Assistant Director Kendall introduces himself to Mom.

We move on to the all-important decision of what color walls Francie’s restaurant should be when Dad comes to pick up Syd. Francie buys the Will was on drugs theory. Jack suggests red for Francie’s walls after muttering something about the color white meaning death to some cultures. Syd is amazed that the CIA will deal with Irina. Says she’s their problem now, not hers. (why don’t I believe her?).

We are sent to London. Sloan is praised for his actions and head of SD-6. A tray with a vial and a needle are set down in front of him. They offer condolences for the death of his wife. This is the initiation procedure. The inject something into his neck. Applause.

Syd tells Vaughn that Sloan is now a full board member, that his wife knew and she thinks he sacrificed his wife for that seat. Syd then says that her mother used blackmail on people. The evidence, i.e. dirty pictures and the like, are on a disk. Syd is told to retrieve the disk. We learn Weiss is still in the hospital. Vaughn is feeding his fish. Kendall comes in. Irina won’t talk to anyone about anything. Syd is the only one she’ll tell anything to. Syd refuses to talk to her. Vaughn is told to compel Syd to talk to her mother or he’s going to be charged with harboring a fugitive and helping Syd escape.

We come back from a commercial break to Will pleading guilty to drug charges. He is on probation and community service. If he fails to complete any, he will go to jail. Vaughn and Syd plan her counter-mission. Vaughn says "or you can ask your mother the contents of the disk." Syd resists talking to her mother. Vaughn tells Kendall Syd won’t talk to Irina. Vaughn and Kendall go back and forth. Vaughn says, "Once she got done with my father. He could only be identified by his dental records."

We are sent to Rabat with Syd and her partner. Syd comes in wearing a slinky dress, glasses. She talks to desk clerk as a distraction. Syd gets the desk clerk in the elevator with a needed key and knocks the guy out. Meanwhile, Vaughn pays Irina a visit. He asks her about the computer disk. She doesn’t respond. He asks if she’s familiar with it. She doesn’t respond. Vaughn tells her that Syd won’t talk to her unless it appears that Irina is cooperating. Irina speaks – noting that Vaughn called her Sydney, and not Agent Bristow. Irina tells Vaughn he looks just like his father.

We flash back to the gizmo update with Marshall (who reminds me of Roddy from Big Brother 4 for some reason). Vaughn says they need to contact Syd even though she is in the field. She may trigger the alarm. Vaughn asks if there is a fire alarm on the wall. The fire alarm is a fail safe. Vaughn thinks the info from Irina is for real. Syd is supposed to pull the alarm before opening the safe. Syd hesitates. Kendall tells her to pull the alarm. Syd doesn’t do it. The safe opens. And then an alarm sounds. Syd retrieves the disk, but not before someone arrives. Syd fights the men and gets past them. She heads for the stairs. Her partner intercepts her. They get on elevator. The CIA misses the intercept.

Back in Los Angeles, Sloan tells someone that SD-6 has the blackmail disk. They have information on someone now, photos of the man’s daughter. The man is willing to pay big bucks to keep it quiet. Syd tells Vaughn that she’s willing to talk to her mother. Vaughn tells her not to, that Jack was right. Syd tells Vaughn she doesn’t need to worry about her.

Syd arrives at SD-6. Sloan thanks her. Syd asks what is on it. Sloan replies that it is a human manifestation of weakness. Sloan wants to talk to Syd about her mother. He is there for her if she wants to talk. Jack tells Syd that the disk was sent to alliance headquarters in London. Syd is going to ask her mother what is on the disk. Jack tries to talk her out of it.

Back from another set of commercials, Will is picking up trash for community service. Will saw Francie with some guy in a suit. She’s dealing with the underworld to get a liquor license. Will says he’ll help her out. Syd goes to visit Irina. Naturally she has to follow a secret, traced route to get there. Once inside, Syd is taken to Kendall, who takes her to see dear ole Mom.

Irina looks at Syd and says, "You didn’t pull the alarm." Then admits she wouldn’t pull it either. Syd cuts right to business, and says they need to know what is on the disk. Irina tells her, and tells her to go after the man. Syd leaves her mother and we see her crying.

Back once again from commercials, The CIA tells Syd about Fortsun (my apologies for the spelling). Syd is sent to Helsinki to get a camera. Syd walks through wearing a black wig with a cigarette between her fingers. Vaughn tells Syd that Sloan is there. Vaughn asks Syd if she wants to call it off. Syd says no. Sloan and Fortsun chat then go outside. Syd narrowly escapes detection. Sloan wants the camera in exchange for keeping Fortsun’s daughter’s "deprivations" quiet. Syd is downstairs trying to beat Sloan to the camera. Vaughn tells Syd they are on their way. Syd is in. Then she finds the camera. She grabs it and tells Vaughn to meet her at the extraction point. Syd is in the hall when the elevator opens. She hides and waits for the pair to move by. Syd scales the side of the building and meets Vaughn. Fortsun is surprised that the camera isn’t there. He is shot in the leg. Sloan says to think about where it might be.

Syd arrives in Los Angeles with the camera. A female agent, Vicki, tells Syd that her mother wanted to pass along that she was proud of her. Syd goes to see Irina. Syd tells Irina that she isn’t her mother. Her mother is Laura Bristow who died in a car accident 20 years ago. That Irina is a traitor. She will address her as Agent Bristow, and only answer questions she asks. When Syd leaves, we see Irina smiling, but it is an evil, Mona Lisa like smile.

Next time: One double agent facing 2 cross roads in her life. When the 2 men in her life meet.