Berlin: Two men get in an elevator. A man mopping the floor watches them and reports where they are. Others set off a device. The device blows. The elevator crashes. The men panic. The elevator stops. Then is jerked upward and through the roof. It is attached to a helicopter. The helicopter leaves.

Los Angeles: Sid finishes a test Jack is giving. They are testing to see if she is still under the influence of any brainwashing techniques. Jack explains that some electroshock techniques can cause amnesia. Sid says she slit that mans throat. He tells her that her remorse is premature. If the CIA finds out about it - they will detain her and she won't be able to assist in finding out what happened to her. Jack is going to make contact with Irina providing she is still active.

Weiss helps Sid move into a new place. She's going to be living by herself. Francie has been dead for 2 years but it feels like yesterday. Will is in witness protection. All her friends are gone. Weiss tells her not all her friends. She's near the beach and has Weiss as a neighbor. Sid asks about Vaughn's wife. What is she like? Weiss tells her that Vaughn dropped off the face of the earth. He was out of the country for 6 months. Weiss says he could barely convince him to come back to the CIA. Weiss tells her not to worry about that because it won't happen. Sid says that it won't happen because of her. Weiss nods.

The men in the elevator were CIA agents. The CIA gets a call informing of this. One of them men is put on a table. Someone has a surgical saw. The agents were working undercover at an aerospace firm. They were kidnapped by the Covenant. A Russian group. Dixon doesn't like the idea of sending someone in alone to pick up the package. Sid says she'll go. She wants to. Dixon says to run the op tech with Marshall. Dixon asks her to stay. He wants to send Weiss. Sid says the best way for her to feel normal is to get back to work. Dixon tells her she is not the only CIA agent who has lost time. There is a group. Their next meeting is at the end of the week.

Munich: Sid enters a theater. Weiss tells her that it is clear. She uses a flashlight to locate the package. She puts on gloves before handling it. She tells them it is a box. She sweeps for explosives. She opens. Dixon tells her to proceed with caution. (We have much moaning from the dirty pic on the screen). Sid's hand comes up with blood. We see a face. It is Klein's head. There is paper in his mouth. The writing is in Russian. It is a list of demands.

Los Angeles: Dixon tells them they still need to bring back Klein's partner. They covenant wants to trade their agent for SARK! The CIA considers Sark for trade. They have drained him of all intell. Sid argues against it. Sloan thinks that Sark may have killed someone in the covenant and they may want revenge. Dixon tells them that Sloan has been providing accurate info for more than a year. Dixon authorizes the trade. Sid and Weiss are ordered to escort Sark. (Whooooo Hooooooo Sark gets out!). Sid and Jack discuss the NSC guy's agreeing to this tray. As they talk they come across the plaque that lists agents killed in action. Sid's name appears. Jack says he'll have that adjusted. Sid asks where she was buried. He says that she was cremated. Vaughn spread her ashes as sea.

Vaughn is at a campus - speaking in French. He is a teacher. Sid enters the room as class is dismissed. She asks if he is a French teacher. He says yes. Sid says she knows he is considering coming back. If he is hesitating because of her - don't. She can handle it. Vaughn tells her that she gave up because he didn't have faith. After she died, he used to talk to her like she was still around. Whole conversations about nothing. The weather, should he get a new car, should he have another drink? Then one day she started answering. He knew rationally he was a guy staying up late talking to his dead girlfriend. But he couldn't handle it. He tells her that he was so in love with her it nearly killed him. He doesn't regret moving on with his life.

Sloan's office: A meeting with someone is being arranged. Someone's wife is a vegetarian and he wants her attended to. He dismisses his assistants and Jack comes in. Jack tells him that the sheer audacity of his turn around would be laughable were he not so dangerous. Sloan was wondering when he would show up. Sloan says that he never thought that the Rambaldi artifacts would contain a message of peace. Jack babbles about Sloan assembling a weapon only to get a message he could have received in a fortune cookie. Jack says if he gets info on where Sid has been, he will halt his mission to get the government to change their mind about Sloan. Sloan asks if it is so hard to believe that he have a change in heart (ummmmmm yes!). Jack says that every morally questionable thing he has ever done was to protect Sid - Sloan doesn't' have that same excuse. Sloan tells Jack he investigated Sid's death/disappearance too. Sloan gives Jack the file. Jack asks if this is his official denial that Salon was involved in Sid's disappearance. Jack tells him that he made the biggest mistake of his life because he is going to bury him.

Sid arrives at the prison to talk to Sark. Sark says it couldn't possible be her. She tells him not to start out this way. Sark asks whose body it was they removed. Sid says she read the transcript where he confessed to killing Francie. Sark tells her that then she knows he has been cooperative. Sid says that the explosion is a cover-up to abduct her. Sark says if he understands - she has no idea where she has been for 2 years. He laughs.

Mexico: The Sonora desert is the site for the exchange. The two men will be released simultaneously. Sark tells her that the covenant is as much a mystery to him as it is to her. He asks if his life is in danger. They exchange signals. The exchange begins. A set of 3 cars approach the group. Sark and the CIA agent stop. A helicopter approaches. It is one of theirs. Delta Force! The NSC has countermanded the exchange. Sark and the CIA agent are lying on the floor. A gunfight ensues. Dixon scrambles to talk to Lyndsey. They were trying to get their agent back without losing Sark. Dixon is ticked because they used the CIA agents as bait. The Covenant reaches Sark and the scientist. Both get in the car. The car leaves. (Whooooo hoooo Sark got away).

Los Angeles. Lyndsey in the men's' room. Sid is waiting for him. Sid says they should have gotten that hostage back. They would have gotten him back had he not informed. The fact that he plays golf with the president doesn't impress her. He threatens her with jail.

Sark is in a dark room with one light. A Russian brings in a bottle of wine and two glasses. Sark thinks that it is his last drink. The Russian says that it seems that Sark owes him. Sark says how much. The Russian says $800 million. Sark says he has nowhere near that much in his nest egg. The Russian says yes he does.

Vaughn is back, but his field rating needs to be updated. Dixon asks if there are any considerations they want taken into place. Jack says he found out why they are interested in Sark. They showed up at a bank in the Cayman Islands. Sark's thumbprint was needed to access the vault. Sark had no idea he was entitled to the contents. A Russian diplomat was murdered. His murder was never found. The diplomat was a descendant of the Russian Romanov family. The money in the trust went to Mr. Sark - the diplomat's son! (OMG!). Weiss says something was traced to a nightclub. The hostage is still alive. Sid is told to go with the hostage rescue team. Marshall begins to babble about how Sid should go in. Dixon tells Marshall to run the op tech with Sid.

Jack and Sid talk. Sid is upset at Jack for revealing the murder. Jack tells her they would have learned about it on their own so there was nothing to lose by telling them. Without that tape they can't link it to her. Sid can't believe that she killed the diplomat and 8 months later the covenant wants Sark for his $800 million inheritance. Jack says it is looking likely that they are responsible for her disappearance. Jack is to make contact with her mother that night. Jack and Irina communicate via Private message online. Jack is in his car. He asks for background on Adrian Lazary. She will upload to an FTP drop site. She says she misses him. He misses her too.

Frankfurt: Sid is in the club. She makes her way to a VIP room. She approaches a man on a sofa. He says she is very attractive for a chemist. She thanks him for meeting with her. She says she can triple his sales by making his drug more addictive. Sid dances with the man. They talk about where she learned her trade. She says she was a bio-chem. major at Harvard but they won't be asking her to make any speeches. She needs a liter of his product. If he doesn't see demand go up he's out nothing. He hands her a small vial of product. He says if she is going to walk out with it he will need collateral. She says she didn't bring money. He says he will take other things in trade. She holds a needle to his neck and threatens aneurysm. Sid goes to the control panel. Vaughn stops her. The code will trigger something. The code translates into something else. They translate the code and get in. The team goes in. They take down guards. Sid gets a pass card. Sid stops them before the agent is hurt. Sid has the prisoner. The man who was ready to torture the prisoner begins babbling that she kept her promise. She would kill him. He was her favorite. Sid lowers her weapon (I have chills). She never broke. Sid rushes to him and asks who is he. The man dies.

Los Angeles: a pilot says that he remembers seeing a missile approach warning. Then he remembers waking up in an Iraqi hospital. He doesn't know where he was in the missing 18 months. A woman tells a similar tale. They can't let go. They have dreams. They don't know if the dreams are real or the mind filling in blanks. Sid is welcomed to the group. Sid says it helps to just listen. She tells them that she has been back for a week. One of them asks if the dreams and nightmares have started yet. She goes to Dixon. She says she can't believe that group. She appreciates his concern. Dixon stops her and introduces Lauren Reed. Dixon tells her that Lindsey has returned to Washington as a result of Sid's confrontation. Lauren tells her that in addition to being the new liaison. She is Michael Vaughn's Wife.