First let's make the introductions of each team.

Austin Daily Press - Austin, Texas
Cory Nunez and Amy Hildenbrand, with Cory’s girlfriend, Melani Feinberg.

Crepes Bonaparte - Fullerton, California
Christian Murcia with his fiancée, Danielle Law, and his childhood friend Matthew Meyer.

Grill 'Em All - Los Angeles, California
Ryan Harkins and Matt Chernus accompanied by friend Joel Brown.

Eliminated Week One
Nana Queens - Culver City, California
Janel Prator, Shanel Prator, and hometown friend Rick Wilson.

Nom Nom Truck - Los Angeles, California
Misa Chien and Jennifer Green and David Kien, joined as manager.

Ragin' Cajun - Hermosa Beach, California
Stephen Domingue, Joey Quebedeaux and Jazmina Banionis.

Spencer on the Go - San Francisco, California
Laurent Katgely, John Desmond and operator Jesse Vera.

The episode starts with a recap of episode 1 where we ended with Nana Queens going home. Grill Em All vows never to be in the bottom again.

We join the trucks about six miles outside of Santa Fe as they start preparing. Many teams are discussing if they should alter their menus based on local cuisine. Nom Nom contacts the local press and gets them to agree to run a small mention of them in the paper including their location. Nom Nom has contacted a local place, Ecco, that sells espresso and gelato and gotten permission to park in front of their business. Given the bad weather as they approach, the awning in front of Ecco will make things a bit more comfortable for Nom Nom and their customers.

Spencer on the Go starts making calls to find a local restaurant to source from so they can get their specialized items without having to purchase in huge amounts. They all meet up with Tyler in Santa Fe at the Santa Fe Plaza, which looks like a typical town square and there are snow flurries in the air. The teams are all thinking about hot food and items that will sell well in this weather. They are told there will be a twist, called a Truck Stop in this competition, and to keep their cell phones handy. They are also given only $300.00 this time to purchase supplies.

As all the trucks take off to go source supplies, Spencer on the Go is stuck. They need to find a jump start to get their truck going again. A cop comes by but he has no cables or a jump box, so he calls in and tries to have an officer sent over to help. Most of the teams decide to change their menu slightly; dropping items they think might not sell well or are too expensive. With careful shopping, everyone stays within budget. Spencer is still stuck back at the plaza. Someone comes by looking for Nom Nom and Spencer on the Go tells them that Nom Nom went back to California because it was too cold for them. The police finally get Spencer back on the road and they head out to pick up supplies. Nom Nom sets up in front of Ecco and is very excited about partnering with them for the weekend. Austin Daily Press makes the odd decision to try to form an alliance with Grill Em All, against the advice of the rest of the team. Austin Daily Press and Grill Em All are both setup at the plaza and doing great. Crepes Bonaparte, known as “Fancy Pants” to the other teams because of their outfits. Nom Nom was successful in getting in the newspaper and Ragin Cajun decides to try to gain from that but ends up quite a ways down the block where the foot traffic is much lighter. Spencer on the Go finds a local restaurant to source from and ends up saving money.

Nom Nom has a line around the block and is doing huge volume but Ragin Cajun is not getting much business at all. Sadly when Stephen of Ragin Cajun gets upset, he goes from Crazy Cajun, in a fun way to just crazy in a scary way. Spencer on the Go did well during lunch time but then business seemed to fall off. Ragin Cajun feels they might do better at the plaza. Ragin Cajun is starting to sound desperate which only makes people leave. Day one ends with some teams having done very well and others have struggled to even get rolling. Grill Em All, Austin Daily Press, Crepes Bonaparte and Ragin Cajun are all at the plaza. Spencer on the Go is at another location but it is not made clear where and Nom Nom is parked in front of Ecco.

At the start of day two, Tyler is meeting up with Eric Destephano who is the owner and chef of Coyote Café. Tyler calls all the teams to inform them of the Truck Stop for this leg. Since chilies are such a huge part of New Mexican cuisine, the Truck Stop for this leg is to send out one person to get chilies and then to create a special using them. They are told a local chef will be coming to each truck to try their special and the best dish using chilies will win immunity from elimination. All the teams seem pretty excited about this turn of events.

Grill Em All had purchased chilies at the store anyway and decide to make a burger with chilies, black bean chili, fried egg and chopped tortilla strips and call it the “truth or consequences” burger. Ragin Cajun goes for a chicken avocado tortilla soup. Spencer on the Go does surf and turf chilies, stuffing one chili with shrimp mousse and one with braised lamb. Nom Nom is so busy they cannot leave the truck to go get chilies and they decide they do not need immunity so they pass on the challenge and just keep selling sandwiches. Austin Daily Press has no clue how to cook chilies or what to do with them so they notice a man selling chilies and it turns out he has been doing so for twenty years. So after picking his brain and getting him to donate some chilies, Austin Daily Press comes up with Green Chilies, Eggs and Ham pressed sandwich. Crepes Bonaparte gets some already cooked mild green chilies and makes an egg, avocado and chipotle crepe.

Chef Destephano comes around to the trucks to try the specials.

Austin Press - Sandwich is good but needs salt and little more flavor.
Crepes Bonaparte - They forgot the chipotle and avocado on the crepe.
Grill Em All – Eric loves the burger and was impressed they used other indigenous ingredients.
Spencer on the Go – Delicious and creative but it might be a little too hot for some.
Ragin Cajun – He loves the soup and says it is very creative with the avocado.
Nom Nom - Has no green chilies so he just hopes they did well.

The trucks are all trying to sell out of product before the end of the day. Ragin Cajun starts walking all over to drum up business. Grill Em All decides to try to drum up business and spots a tour bus; he calls his guys and tells them to put every burger on because he has hijacked a tour bus. He has apparently forgotten his alliance and sends no business over to Austin Daily Press. Austin Daily Press realizes that maybe an alliance with a competitor is not the best idea. The trucks close down at the end of day two and they all seem pretty confident, with the exception of Austin Daily Press.

Elimination Day
They meet up with Tyler on the morning of the third day to face the accounting.
In first place with an unbelievable $3045.00 in sales, Nom Nom. They also win plane tickets and hotels for a trip to Santa Fe.

$1770.00 Crepes Bonaparte
$1306.00 Grill Em All
$1096.00 Austin Daily Press

One of the two remaining teams won immunity and one will be going home, so it is no longer about sales but about which team had that winning chilies dish. Tyler still reveals the sales though and it is:

$1058.00 for Spencer on the Go and $745.00 for Ragin Cajun

Chef Destephano joins them and announces the winner of the Truck Stop is Spencer on the Go. Ragin Cajun is going home. The trucks are heading 500 miles southeast to Ft. Worth, Texas which is news that thrills Austin Daily Press as they feel they will have home turf advantage. The preview seems to indicate they all get a quarter of a cow.